How can we become thankful servants and worship Allah the way He is supposed to be worshiped? What is the correct way?


Question: How can we become thankful servants and worship Allah the way He is supposed to be worshiped? What is the correct way? 


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Destur. We cannot worship Allah as He deserved to be worship. This is the holy prayer of the Holy Prophet (asws) when he says, ‘Ya Rabbi, I cannot worship You the way that You deserved to be worshipped.’ Because who can praise Allah the way that He deserves to be praised?

We can say SubhanaAllah,  awam people say SubhanaAllah – Glory and Praise be to Allah. When Evliyaullah, His friends they say SubhanaAllah, it is different from the way that we say, because their experience is different. When the Prophets of Allah they say SubhanaAllah, their experience is different. When the Angels that are, say qarabi’un, they are close to Allah, they are carrying the throne, when they say SubhanaAllah, it is different from us. This wahhabi ideology is saying, ‘everyone is the same. You say Subhanallah, we say Subahanallah…Eh, everything is the same.’ It is not the same. Because everyone is a knower, but there is a knower above every knower. What if Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala Himself says, ‘Subhan to Me’ ?  Which in the Quran e-Kerim, He does. And that very famous Surah, which Surah? Where He is saying, ‘I have transported My servant from the masjidul….’ (a murid answer: Surah Isra) Surah Isra. And Allah is praising Himself, cos He has brought His servant from the masjidul Aqsa, travelling, going to the Israk, going to the Mikraj. So, Allah swt praising Himself is it the same as us? No.

So this whole idea now, if you say, ‘La ilaha ilallah,’ whose La ilaha ilallah? Munafiqs’ La ilaha illallah? They can say. Munafiq can say La ilaha ilallah, you know? May Allah protect us from that. We should say La ilaha ilallah, the way the Evliyaullah they say. Because they are saying it the way that the Prophet (asws) is saying. But Allah swt, when He says there is no Lord except for Me. Now, nothing else can be higher than that. So how are you going to be a thankful servant? How are you going to worship Allah? This is why we are following Prophet, this is why we are following Sheykhs. Prophet (asws) has said very simply, ‘pray the way I pray.’ For a person of high understanding, every movement, every speech, every look of the Prophet (asws) it is a prayer to His Lord. So they are going to watch everything that the Prophet does (asws) and they are going to copy it because it is a prayer. If you have some intelligence, you are going to look at your Sheykh and you are going to say that as well. Because that one is learning from that one who is learning from that one who is learning from the Prophet (asws). That time, we will be close to learning how to be thankful. Because we don’t know how to be thankful too. Do you think to be thankful is just saying, ‘thanks Allah.’? ‘Thanks a lot.’ American style: ‘oh thank you. Thank you Allah.’

What does it mean to be a thankful servant? So many, we are taught to say thank you when we are given something, correct? Especially something good. We are not taught to say thank you when we are not given anything. We are not taught to say thank you when something not so good is given to us. This is wrong. Your understanding of shukr is as our Grand Grandsheykh is saying, Sheykh Abdullah is saying, Sheykh Effendi repeating it, because it happened. What happened? When it happened? That is a blessing. Anything that happens to you, if it happens to you, it is a blessing. It is enough to know. But to come to that understanding, you have to have sohbet, you have to have zikr, you have to be reminded. Because if you are not in the sohbet of the Evliyaullah, you are in the sohbet of dunya. If you are not listening to the sohbet of your Sheykh, you are always listening to the sohbet of your ego. There is no middle ground,  there is no way where you are just going silent and you are just spacing out. That time you become crazy. You are not here, you are not there. You have to be in constant sohbet. Then that time you will train yourself to learn how to think, to learn how to speak, to learn how to say, ‘alhamdulillah,’ to learn how to give shukr, to learn how to pray.

So many they pray and they worship  when they want something, 24 hours they’ll be praying an worshiping because they want something. But when something is given, majority they stop praying. They say maybe, ‘alhamdulillah shukr,’ or ‘thank you,’ and that’s it. They walk away. Maybe they spent years praying, asking for something, and when it is given, immediately they forget. They stop. Now if you look in the eyes with the eyes of Evliyaullah, which one brings you more blessings now? To get what you want and you stop worshiping to Allah or to not get what you want but you are always worshiping to Allah swt, which one has more blessings now?

Eh, we are seeing that with Sheykh Effendi. People are always asking him. Well, he prays. When it happens, of course it happens because of Allah swt, but because His beloved friend is asking. You ask, it doesn’t work. His friend is asking, that’s why you are going to His friend. So many even forget to say thank you. Suddenly when it happens, they say, ‘Allah is the One who is giving me.’ Of course we are not saying otherwise. We never say why you don’t say thank you too. But so many they don’t say thank you. So many, either they have to be reminded or grudgingly, we are not asking for anything, but look the mentality now. Say for example, man has some sickness, or his family has some sickness, they spent thousands of dollars going everywhere, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, they couldn’t find, they couldn’t do anything, they go to one Sheykh, the Sheykh opens his hands, suddenly it is finish, it is gone. Now they say, ‘oh Sheykh, thank you so much.’ Then what do they do? ‘Thank you very much Sheykh. We love you.’  And it’s finish. That’s it. They Sheykh never ask for nothing. In the old days, for thankfulness, at least they are going to get one tray of sweets to give to others. To say Thank You. Or they are going to cut one lamb,  to feed to others. And because I say this, people are just going to do that. They want something so big and they say, ‘well one tray of sweets, so I’m going to bring one tray of sweets. Isn’t that what he said?’ Okay, we don’t need anything. We don’t want it. So many times people are giving things to us and we give it away. We say we don’t want it.

So, once we are getting what we want, that is the nature of the ego and our sheytan to make us to forget. We should not be like that. So when we observe and when we follow, we will learn how to say ‘please,’ we will learn how to say ‘thank you’. We will learn how to make a dua, and we will learn how to say, to give shukr to Allah swt properly. That time, insya’Allah, we will learn something. Fatiha.

be thankful to Allah

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
12 Ramazan 1437
June 17, 2016. 

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