Muslims Lost the Spiritual Value of Ramazan



Medet ya SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani Medet. We are asking support from our Sheykh, SahibulSaif  Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani to send us something. Not for us just to sit and to speak. Not for us just to sit and to hear but to send us something that is going to bring benefit to us here and Hereafter. This is necessary.

Auzubillahi minash sheytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Tarikatuna Sohbet wal khayri min jami’at. This Tarikat it is based on association. This Tarikat it is based on association. This is association. One person speaks and others they listen. They take and they put it in their lives and they watch themselves make progress.  This Tarikat is not based on other things. It is not based on how much we pray, it is not based on how much you make a zikr, how much charity you make, it is not. It is based on association. Why is that important? Because the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Deen i-Nasihat – Religion it is advice.’ If there is no advice, there is no religion. And the Evliyaullah, of course they are giving advice, but due to their good manners they say, ‘we don’t give advice, only Prophets they give advice. We just have association.’ But they are the inheritors of the Prophet, our Sheykh, and what they give, we sit, we listen with an open heart. We come with our glass empty, not to come with it full. Then we take and we put it in our lives and we watch and we see.

The sohbet too, it is not just something that you are going to pay attention fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, half hour. What is the use of that sohbet if you are not putting it in your life to use it when you need it? Like Sheykh Effendi is saying, we are giving you the weapons and the ammunition against to sheytan, against to our own ego, against to the dunya and the desires. Now, what makes a murid now not able to take that sohbet and to use it when you need it? For example, you are train to fight, but when it comes for you  to fight against your enemy, you forget everything, you put your weapons down. How you ever going to now to be able to defeat that one?

Which enemy are we defeating? First, we are stepping on our ego. Just to sit and to listen, it is against to people’s ego. Don’t look at that as something that is really small. Majority of Muslims they are not train just to sit down and to listen. They have to be busy with something. Listen, how to listen? So many ways of listening. You can listen like a hypocrite, you can listen like a foolish one, you can listen like a believer, you can listen like a Sahabi. Our role models are the companions of the Prophet, that when they sit and they listen, when their bodies don’t move, that means their heart they are completely open and they are absorbing what is there and they are paying attention. So listening, it is not like they are saying, this western culture, it’s very passive. No. Listening it is a very active situation. You have to take and as you listen you have to put against, fit against what you believe and how that is going to make you to understand what you believe deeper, or it’s going to make you to throw away what you believe that is not fitting to what Allah and His Prophet (asws) has put.

So this is Sohbet. And the Sohbet, especially in the month of Ramazan, forget about Sohbet, muslims I’m watching, it’s been happening a lot lately, lately means for decades, but for the past few years, it’s like everyone has gone crazy. The whole world has gone crazy. Ever since SahibulSaif and Sultanul Awliya passed, the whole world has become crazier and crazier. Not every year, every few weeks. First people to go crazy are the Muslims.


Masha’Allah, very good, Ramazan. We are fasting. We are supposed to look at our ego, we are supposed to contain it, we are supposed to step on it, but in so many Muslim countries, they eat more in the month of Ramazan then they do outside of the month. They spend more in the month of Ramazan then they spent outside of the month of Ramazan.  They watch more television in the month of Ramazan then they do outside. They think more about food, they think more about clothes now that Eid is coming. We are entering now into the last ten days where Leylatul Qadr, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, there’s a night that is hidden in the month of Ramazan, that is the night that is better than a thousand months, that is the night that the Quran was revealed. Now, they are making new style, just to make a fitnah, they are saying, we are celebrating Quran being revealed and they are putting it different dates.  But this religion is not based on opinion. This religion it is based on Haqq and it is based on Ijma, consensus. Consensus, if we are talking about just at the level of fiqh, just the consensus of the Scholar, it doesn’t  matter if there’s one scholar or two scholars or even a hundred scholars saying something else, but if the majority is not agreeing to it, you cannot take it, you have no choice. Did we have a choice when Allah created us to say, you are going to come as a man or a woman. Did we have a choice? No. Did we have a choice of our skin color? No. But people are playing with the religion and they are playing with the month of Ramazan.

And the system of capitalism, and the system of capitalism that is feeding on our ego is saying, ‘this month of Ramazan, let your desire to run wild. Let your wants to run wild. Let your appetite to run wild. Spend as much money as you want, not to give to charity although this is the month of charity, but make more debt in this month, just to show off new clothes, new furniture, new house, new food.’ And now I’m looking here and there, they are especially making new Qibla, in this month, for the Muslims. A new Qibla, a new direction. What is that? Television. Non-stop showing Ramazan special programmes, but 99.9% of it, it is completely dunya and garbage. They are putting in little bit of religion here and there, little bit they are inviting their scholar to come to speak, to give a quote, a shine, just a veneer of religion, but it’s all about dunya. And people are breaking their fast watching television, this new qibla. Watching it, whole night long, never finishing. It’s not to say television is going to….No, you have to stop. Because now, you have to pray Terawih. You have to pray Tahajjud. 

When we were growing up, it was already bad enough. Now, it’s even worse. At least when we were growing up, I’m not talking about hundreds of years ago, when we were growing up they used to have the Quran reading competition, because this is the month of the Quran. International Musabaqah tilawatul Quran. They used to have it, every year, they used to have it in Malaysia. International. So the whole time, say a little bit after  Isya’ right until twelve o’clock, one o’clock, you have people, Qaris, readers from all over the world, reciting Quran. All thirty days. That our parents used to say to us, no need to watch TV, we are just going to turn to just that channel, listening to the Quran, and the kids are going to grow up understanding and appreciating this month of the Quran, the month of reading the Quran, correct? Because the Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the one who reads the Quran and the one who listens to that one read, they get the same reward.’ You are not going to take that one who read’s rewards, you are going to have your own rewards. That one who reads, he doesn’t lessen his blessings. You are going to just listen. You think you understand? It doesn’t matter now because the Quran e-Kerim is the words of Allah swt. You think you can ever understand it hundred percent? Like what this sheytan Wahhabis are saying, ‘only if you understand Arabic you are going to understand it.’ So many Arabs, they don’t understand. It is the words of Allah swt. So many of us we don’t even understand our own language. Saying something, you don’t understand what we are saying.

So now the month of Ramazan, when you are filled with different activities, different feelings like that, the blessings will come. And you will grow up feeling that it is different. It is different not because you get to eat more, not because you get to eat more special food, because whole day, Muslim countries, I’m not talking about one or two communities, I’m talking about nations, whole day, busy about what to cook. Whole night, just sitting down, eating. Now new style tarawih they are making, how many raka’ats they are praying? Eight raka’ats. Eight raka’ats they are praying, three hours, you think that time you have any energy, after filling yourself up like that to stand in the masjid with this new style, eight raka’ats, spending one juz, three hours , four hours sometimes and in the middle of the Tarawih prayers, to stop everyone and to collect money from them. To collect money for what? Ah, another big thing, Zakat. Zakat ul-Fitr. Oh, if you understand the games that they are playing with the zakat money. Because everyone when i it comes to that, they go by the law of the country, they are not going by Allah’s law.

The zakat, common knowledge, I’m not talking about any advance knowledge and fiqh. Only eight categories of people that they are allowed to take that zakat. But you are protected by that law when you collect charity to use for whatever reasons your organizations feels it should be use. Then that becomes what? You are going against Allah’s order then. What blessing is that going to come? So, month of Ramazan, I’m watching again, Islam it began strange, it’ll end strange. The sun will rise from the West, the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying in the ahir Zaman. Evliyaullah is saying,  the sun of Islam is going to rise from the west. We see certain things being practiced more in the west then it is in the east. Of course there are so many wrong things. But certain things, at least this obsession with food and everything, I don’t see it too much here in the west. Not too much. But in the East where they are feeling for the first time the power of economics, the power of money, the power of finances, you get a little bit more richer than your parents or your grandparents, correct or not?  then you start to go crazy with it because first you are tasting. But this is the month of charity, this is the month that you are supposed to look for those who are less fortunate. People are not spending more for others. They are spending more for themselves. They are neglecting the poor, they are neglecting the orphans,  they are neglecting the widows, they are neglecting people who have less.  You cannot have both. You cannot be chasing after just your own desires in the month of Ramazan and also give to charity. Because once you have generosity, you cannot use that generosity for yourself. Generosity is for others.


So what happens now? we see exactly like what it was in the first jahiliyyah. The first jahiliyyah, it’s not because people were suffering so much. It’s because the Arab society at that time they were gaining more power economically, they start to figure out that, ‘oh we are wold players in trade, internationally,’ they start to have a little bit more money, and what happens when you are not giving the fourth pillar of Islam? The whole faith comes down. You think you are worshiping, but one of your pillar is missing. How can the building be up when one of the pillar they are missing? What happens then, like what it was in the first jahiliyyah? They start to enjoy life more. They start to trade more and they start to neglect the poor, the orphans, those who have less. They start neglecting them. And their rights are taken away.

So a huge business now with Ramazan, correct? Huge business. Yes, people becomes generous, but they become only generous to themselves or to their love ones. Then what are we teaching to our children  now? This is the month that, don’t worry, you fast for twelve, fifteen, sixteen, eighteen hours, but after that you are going to have as much food as you want to eat, as many things as you want. Then where is the balance? Use to be, we enjoy that at least in the day of Eid, special food that you are going to have, that you never eat in any other time. Not even in Ramazan. But now, everyone can afford to eat the Eid food every single day, not even in Ramazan. So where is the specialness? Where is that?

So while there are more Muslims than ever, more people fasting than ever, they’ve lost it. We’ve lost the spirit now. Because people are just concentrating and being obsessive, being so busy buying new clothes, wearing nice things, buying food, buying furniture, buying all these kinds of things, especially in Muslim countries, especially watching that sheytan box, television. And then just serving your ego, then instead of getting better, they get worse. When sheytan comes back after the month of Ramazan, he’s going to say, ‘oh, I didn’t miss anything.’ He’s going to say, ‘now it’s perfect time for me to plant.’ Which is what we have been saying before. You want to prepare for the month of Ramazan? Prepare for the month of Ramazan in the three Holy Month, in the month of Rajab, in the month of Sha’ban, Allah is already giving us that opportunity to prepare ourselves for that. then you are going to have that feeling that is going to continue, insya’Allah.

This is for me, this is for you. This is for anyone who wants to take. If you don’t want it, leave it. We’ll take it. And we are watching, instead of things getting better, we see everyday things starting to get worse. May Allah forgive me insya’Allah. How are you going to have love when you are going to have so much selfishness? Those who are saying, ‘we are only for love,’ how are you going to have love when there’s so much ego involve. How are you going to have love when there is so much stinginess? How are you going to have so much love when there is so much disobedience, and there is so much stubbornness and arrogance? It’s impossible. You think that the two they can exist together? Impossible. May we not get carried away, insya’Allah. Yes, the time is coming near, and we should be preparing ourselves. WaminAllahu Taufiq, al-Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
18 Ramazan 1437
June 23, 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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