Open Our Heart To The Rahmani Qualities That Is Coming Down From Our Sheykh



Either speak with the support of your Sheykh or don’t speak at all. Because you may speak according to your ego but others are looking like you are speaking from your Sheykh, you are going to be crushed with that burden and others around you is going to be crushed with that burden too because they are following the wrong way. If you don’t know how to step on your ego, if you don’t know how to step on that fire and still be cool and to speak what he is sending, not what you are feeling, you don’t know how to do that, you need to go back  to get retrain. Because from Haqq it may come, from Rahman it may come, but our dirtiness turns it to become not Rahmani, to become sheytani, to become Nafsani. The zikr that we are doing, if you are doing it with ego, the zikrullah, to say Allah, you are doing it with your ego, that zikr becomes a zikr nafsani. That time you are not going to get the Divine lights that is coming, you are going to get the fire. Not Nur, Nar coming.

It’s the Urs. What is that? We spoke earlier. What is Urs?  This is the Urs of our Sheykh. Four years since he has been veiled. He is reunited. That is the meaning of the Urs. He is happy. He has returned. Now we are waiting for his return. We are happy that he is reunited. We are not happy because we are separated from him. Don’t take the Urs to be a time for celebration. We are still separated. Don’t wait for the Urs to feel something. If we are not feeling it everyday, if we are not feeling our Sheykh’s presence, if we are not feeling our Sheykh’s absence when we are doing our own work everyday lives, and you are thinking one time a year you are going to come to remember him and get a bit emotional? It’s not going to work. That is just show.

We are not here for a show. We are here to learn taqwa. To know and to feel and to understand that Allah swt He is watching us at every minute. We are here to have ihsan, the completion, the beautification of our faith. To know that  Allah is seeing us. To worship, and for believers, worship is not restricted to five daily prayers and fasting, worship is every intention and every action that you make for the sake of Allah, it becomes a worship. So, for the believer, his worship it has to be in every moment. For the believer, the taqwa, he has  to feel outside of the holy days and the holy months. He has to feel, like I said, the presence and the absence of your Sheykh, because to understand his absence and his presence, how do you understand his presence, to know that what you are doing, you are saying your Sheykh is going to be happy or not? Of course, the way that I’m talking right now, so many Wahhabi minded people is going to say that this is shirk. Let me go one step further, to know that the Prophet (asws) is watching us. Because our Sheykh and the Prophet (asws), they never point to themselves, they only point to Allah. And whatever that they are teaching us is to make us to come closer to Allah swt.

Remember the teachings of our Sheykh because he is teaching us taqwa, he is teaching us ihsan, he teaching us that whatever that we are doing, to know that Allah is watching us. Whatever that we are doing to know that we are seeing Allah, to know that if we cannot see Allah, Allah is seeing us. This is the beautification of our faith. This is what the Urs must give us more boost to understand. And when we feel that he is not here, there is nothing wrong with him, there is something wrong with us. We have disconnected. Find out how we have disconnected and reconnect.

Seyhim 4.jpg

Allah swt is closer to us than our jugular vein. But we have put seventy thousand veils between Him and ourselves, that even when He is close to us, we are very far away from Him. Look to find the way to remove them.

Our Sheykh is beyond the mountain of Qaf. They are preparing. They are preparing for the end of times. We are here. Four years have passed. How much have we prepared? Four years have passed. Where were we last year, where are we this year? Don’t be so emotional and don’t be so depressed and say, ‘oh, I’m such a bad one. I’m such a dirty one. Ohhhh…..’ beating yourself up for other people to say, ‘poor baby. Yeah you are, no, you are not bad, you are good.’ Don’t play games like that.You fall, you get up. I never see anyone who is saying, ‘ohh, I cannot come to Dergah, I cannot make zikr, I’m such a bad one,’ I’ve never seen them when they fall down physically in this world that they don’t get up, they’re just sitting there ‘waah…waahh…!’ they’re still crying. They get up. Every normal, common sense human being is going to get up. Not only he’s going to get up, he’s going to see where he fell and he is going to make sure that he doesn’t fall in the same way again. You are going to do something. You are not going to wait for magic to happen.

We are waiting for our Sheykh’s return. What are we doing while we wait? Like what we spoke about before, what is the higher maksud? What is the higher purpose than to make Allah swt to be happy with us. Our goal is to make Allah to be happy with us. Our goal, in order for Allah to be happy with us, is to make His most beloved one to be happy with us. And to reach to that station, we are asking that those whom the Prophet (asws), whom they love, we are asking them to be happy with us. We are asking them to be happy with us. We are asking to find a way to enter into their hearts. It’s not by sitting around imagining so much, crying so much, feeling so much. We are servant. The highest title anyone can get is to become a servant to Allah. The highest title that the Holy Prophet (asws) he is saying ‘I love that name best,’ is Abdullah. Are we learning how to be a servant? Are we learning how to become a master?

Servant speaks in certain way. Servant sits in certain way. Servant eats in certain way. The Master speaks differently. The Master sits differently. The Master eats differently. Today, ‘oh why I have to be a servant? I want to be a Master!’ Because they are teaching that kind of arrogance. So you don’t want to be a servant to Allah, then what do you want to be? Prophet? This is what is become, new style, most of the scholars claiming to know more than the Prophet and the Sahaba e-Kiram and the Imam and the mujtahid. Everyone, knowing, claiming, finding a new way, a new Sirat. But that is not Siratul Mustaqim. That is the Sirat that has deviated, that is pulling the anger of Allah swt.  Where are we, that we deviated in this way? Have we deviated in this way of SahibulSaif? Have we pulled the anger of Allah? If our aim is to please our Lord, by pleasing the Prophet and pleasing our Sheykh, it’s very simple. What have we done to please our Sheykh? That time you don’t need mystical knowledge. You can just see. You know, ‘what are the things that I have to fix.’ You are going to run to try to fix it. Your heart will open that time.

One of the first sign that you know your Sheykh is pleased with you and that you are pleased with him, your heart will open and it’s not going to be angry. Especially if someone is trying to pull your honor down. You are not going to be angry. Especially if someone tries to pull your honor, whatever you think your honor is, let’s talk about that later, especially if that one is a murid in a  Dergah or in a jamaat, How many more sohbets we have to hear from Sheykh Effendi for us to understand and accept it is coming from our Sheykh. So we are not accepting it, because you are trying to hit, especially when you go to Holy places. The Dergah is a Holy place. You are supposed to think. Pull yourself back and  say, ‘why this is happening to me?’ you  are going to pull yourself back. Someone is trying to insult your honor, you are going to say, ‘this is coming from my Sheykh. I’m just going to sit and I’m smiling. If it is true, it’s going to fix me.’ If it is not true, why do you have to be bothered? This is the behavior of a servant. But those who have such high honor, they have the behavior of master. Oh nobody can say nothing, nobody can look differently. Nobody can pass in front of them and say, ‘ops, why is that one doing that?’

When we are going to have some more intelligence? Maybe the Sheykh is making that one to do it to you. Maybe he’s going to make that one who just come yesterday, let’s forget about others who have some authority to do something. Someone is doing something especially in the days of Sheykh Effendi I remember, I know when something is just moving along and something is a little bit out of order, something out of the blue, extraordinary,  ‘ops,  I pull back,’ I said. My heart starts shaking. This is coming from the Sheykh. I must at least  examine myself completely. You are not going to lose anything. You are going to win. This is the behavior of a servant.


Four years have passed. Time is drawing near. If we are still stuck with so many things from years ago that we still have not gotten rid off, then we are going to be a little bit of a  trouble. Not little bit. big trouble when the time comes. Because everyone is feeling, whatever I’m doing doesn’t matter, I’m only doing it to myself.’ Wait till whatever that you have done, you will see that it’s going to affect those ones whom you love. That time you will cry. That time you are going to have regret and say, ‘why didn’t I just get up  and go? Why didn’t I just get up and step on my ego? Is it worth it? No it’s not.’ You want to be a baby? Sit down there. But when we are underground, six feet, no one is going to say, ‘oh you are the son of this, you are the daughter of this, you are the murid of this,’ or, ‘you are a baby, so I’m not going to touch you.’ No. The ground will grind you. It’ll grind you, turn you into a ground, it’ll grind you.’

If the earth response to the Sahaba e-Kiram when they were burying Hz Fatima, when the Sahaba e-Kiram they got very emotional and they say, ‘O Earth! If you don’t know who you are about to welcome, who we are about to bury, understand that this is the daughter of Rasulullah (asws). If you don’t know, she is the wife of hz Ali (kw). If you don’t know, she is the mother of Hasan and Husain.’ And a sound coming from the earth saying, ‘O Sahabi,’ let’s speak common language, ‘O Sahabi. Mind your own business. She is entering with whatever she has prepared. Whatever that she has put. You worry about yourself.’ We should worry about ourselves. We should not be putting wrong things into our graves in this year.  We should not put the fire of regret into the grave. We should not put all the scorpions of jealousy and anger into the grave. We should ask for understanding and ask for forgiveness.

It is not hidden knowledge if what we are doing is going to please our Sheykh or not. We should run for that.  InsyaAllah. Cos the time is very near. Signs are showing everyday. Time is very near. May Allah forgive me and bless you for the sake of SahibulSaif. May Allah accept our weak service. May we be ready for him. May we wake up from this ghaflat and this rebelliousness and this anger. May we wake up from this jealousy. May we wake up from this nafsani behavior. And may we open our heart to the rahmani qualities that is coming down from our Sheykh, to be put into our hearts, and into our lives, insyaAllah. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya, and SahibulSaif, al-Fatiha. Amin. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Commemorating the 4 years Urs of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
25 Ramazan 1437
June 30, 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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