The Distinction Between Hakk and Batil Is Apparent


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Hakk is never working for dajjal. It’s only batil that is working for dajjal. Hakk is distinct from batil. There is no confusion. What is batil? What is batil? Batil is something that clearly it displeases Allah swt. It may please us, it may please our ego, it may please our people, it may please the philosophy and the trend of this time, it may please ideologies, but it is not pleasing to Allah and His Prophet. Clearly not only it is saying, but clearly it has been practiced for fourteen hundred years that there is no deviation from that except for this time.

Can anyone say we are confused unless they want to be confused? Can anyone say Hakk is the same as batil, batil is the same as Hakk, and we don’t know. Can anyone say that? You can say that if you are only cheating and lying to yourself, when you are completely blind and you don’t want to look, that time when you close your eyes you may even deny the sun, but the sun has been shining for thirteen hundred years clearly.

What is Hakk? Hakk it is running to please Allah swt. It is running to love what Allah love and to leave what Allah leaves. This is Hakk. Can anyone be in any doubt that  majority of things that is happening in our time it is pleasing to Allah swt? Christians, Muslims and Jews, believers and unbelievers, Sunni, Sufi or Wahhabi, it doesn’t matter, I’m putting everyone in there, can anyone say that majority is running to please Allah, majority is running to love what He loves and to leave what He leaves? But  you may ask who speaks for Allah these days? Everyone speaks for Allah. Correct? Everyone speaks. You turn any Facebook, any Muslims is speaking for Allah. Every scholar is speaking for Allah. Every Imam is saying, ‘we are speaking for Allah.’ But we’ve never had this kind of chaos in fourteen hundred years. Only now. because for thirteen hundred years until the fall of the Khilafat, nobody speaks for Allah, except for who? Those who are given authority. Who gives the authority? First it is the Khalifah. He speaks for Allah, because only he is the shadow of Allah on earth. No one else. Sheykh ul-Islam, only Sheykh ul-Islam speaks on the behalf, that the Khalifah must take consultation from that. Who else? The Evliyaullah, the friends of Allah, they speak. There is no Khilafat. Now the Khilafat is veiled.  There is no authority. So everyone may speak for Allah. There is no Sheykh ul-Islam because everyone is declaring that they are Sheykh ul-Islam. So we have many Sheykh ul-Islam and they are not in agreement with each other.

This religion is also based on Ijma, on consensus. Now, nobody wants consensus. Everybody wants exception. No one wants ijma. Everyone wants exception. ‘Okay majority is going this way but I’m exception, my group is exception, this time is exception, this country is exception,  black is exception, white is exception, brown is exception.’ Everyone is exception. Nobody wants to be jamaat. And when nobody is in jamaat, there is going to be disaster. There’s going to be a disaster because no one is in the jamaat. When they are not in the flock then it’s easy for the wolves to catch you, even if you are very very strong, strongest in the flock, but you are not within the flock, you are outside, the wolves will get you very easily.


Ahle sunnah wal jamaat, because the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘My nation, as long as they are in the majority, they will never deviate. So when you don’t have a majority, that’s when you see every kind of deviation. Every kind of deviation. That for thirteen hundred years every kind of deviation that came out,there was a Khalifah, there was a Sheykh ul-Islam, there was the Evliyaullah. They were ruling. Islam was ruling. Shariat was ruling. Like a snake it comes out and the Khalifah put the stick down, it goes underground. Don’t think only now there ISIS. There was ISIS fourteen hundred years ago, There was ISIS eight hundred years ago, there was ISIS five hundred years ago, there was ISIS two hundred years ago. And they did more damage. They massacred Muslims until the floor of the Haram e-Sharif was thick with blood. They were massacring Muslims until the floor of the Rauza e-Sharif it was thick with blood. They massacre every Muslims that is not belonging to their sect. They say killing it is not only halal, it is wajib, it is incumbent on you, you have to kill them that is not belonging.

Were there this kinds of ISIS type of people that is coming up? Yes. Khalifah was there, he knocked it down, it goes underground. He knocks another one, it goes underground. The Khilafat is there. Everyone is coming out. Now you have the enemies of Islam saying, ‘very good. Now we must support every deviation that is coming out. We must support them So they come out and they can rule. That way, Muslims will never be in a jamaat anymore.’

Don’t get too excited, ‘oh Muslims reaching to two billion, two and a half billion, three billion,’ it doesn’t matter. Even if the Muslims are seven billions, they are worthless, they are powerless. Their blood is cheap and they are under the feet of the unbelievers. Isn’t that what is happening today? This is what is happening. So the important thing is to be in jamaat. But the jamaat that is following what? Siratul Mustaqim. Not anyone’s Siratul Mustaqim. Right now, the scholars especially they are saying, ‘there’s no one Siratul Mustaqim, there’s thousands of Siratul Mustaqim. Pick your choice.’ In fact they say, ‘you cannot only have one. There is no such thing as monolithic Islam, one major group that is deciding everything.  It has always been split. There has always been chaos, so let it be.’ And the scholar number one to make new ruling, new fatwas, new ways, new ijtihad that you have never heard of in thirteen hundred years. There is a hadiths for that, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘you will hear in the ahir Zaman scholars, and they will teach you things that your grandfather and your great grandfathers have never said, have never practiced.  Run away from them. Run away from them because they are the worse ones that Allah has created under His dome.’ And now you are seeing, it seems scholars today they are racing with each other to see who can make the most bida’at. Yes, we are saying the word bida’at now. They are racing to see who is number one to make the first bida’at. To please who? Allah and His Prophet? No.To please the enemies of Islam. To please the west.

‘There must be reformation in Islam,’ they are saying. They are already doing it. Those calling themselves ahle sunnah, those calling themselves followers of Sheykh ul-Islam, they are the first, number one making a bida’at. Forget about those ones claiming other things.

So nobody likes us too much. Because we are old school. We are following slowly, patiently, the way of the Evliyaullah, the way of our Sheykh that has been handed down for fourteen hundred years. Not looking right, not looking left. Just keep on ahead. And we want to die in this way. It doesn’t matter to us if the whole world follows or nobody follows us. It doesn’t matter. Because we are not here to please the world. We are here to please Allah swt. And Allah’s pleasure and Allah’s displeasure is not according to how you are feel inside. Because Allah swt He has selected people who represent Him. Otherwise, everyone is going to say, ‘no, I am the representative of Allah.’ This is exactly what is happening. Everyone speaks for Allah now. Isn’t everyone then claiming to be His representative? Everyone is claiming to be His Khalifah.

We have reached to those times, and there are still people of Hakk who are fighting against this batil. They are maybe a small group. Maybe their words is not reaching anywhere. It looks as if  from this eyes, nobody is listening. Just as it was fourteen hundred years ago when one man out of a desert and just a handful of followers majority of them they are poor and they are powerless. And he is sending warning and he is sending invitations. Because he is what? He is the one who warns and he is the one who gives good news. To who? To the superpowers. When did the Holy Prophet (asws) give the namaz e-Sharif? When he defeated everyone? All the kufr? and he is sitting there in Mecca with the conquest of Mecca? No. When? When he just entered into Medina. Correct? Maybe even earlier. But not even the people in Mecca they take him for serious. They said, ‘what is he going to do? They have nothing. Only have a few people.’ And he is giving a warning and he is giving invitation to the superpowers. And within his lifetime you see the superpower falling. This has happened and repeated itself in Islamic history. It’s going to happen now.

So there are small group of gharib. Nobody is looking to them for anything. They may just not even do anything. Just sit down, make some zikr, make couple of sohbet, make some fasil. But they are being supported by Allah. We are not running for any position. We are running to enter into that list: Today we have fought against batil. Today we are standing up for Hakk. Today, again we are renewing our faith to say, ‘we are not with dajjal. We are with Mahdi (as). We are here to hold on strongly to the shariat and holding on strongly to the Tarikat and to step on our ego.’

So before anything happens, it is going to be completely dark. It will seem like there is no hope at all. Complete darkness. That’s the time Mahdi (as) is going to come. Other things, specific that Evliyaullah from time to time they may give, like I said before, you are reading that ‘secret’ because nowadays secrets are so cheap. People giving secrets on Facebook. People giving secrets on internet. Do you think it’s worth something? You think it’s worth something? Huh! You can read those secret hadiths. Enemies of Islam are also watching it. Dajjal is also watching it. You think they are not going to come to conclusion same way you are? So there is something else that is hidden there. Correct? There is something else that is in there.


May Allah keep us in clarity, to know what is Hakk and what is batil. We are following tightly our Sheykh. He is Sheykh Maulana Khalifah. We are not. We never claim to be his Khalifah. We never even claim to be his murids.  We are the murids of SahibulSaif. Definitely, insya’Allah ar-Rahman we are going to stay in his way until we pass.  Those who wants to come, you are welcome. Those who wants to leave, goodbye to you. Al-Fatiha. Amin. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Shawwal 1437
July 7, 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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