The World Is Dividing, Make Sure That We Stand On The Side of Hakk


Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin. Wasalatu wa salamu ala rasulina Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain nahmadulllahu ta’ala wa nastaghfiruhu wa nashadu an-lailaha ilallahu wahdahu la sharika lah wa nashadu anna sayyidina Muhammadin abduhu wa habibuhu wa rasuluhu salallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa azwajihi wa ashabihi wa atbaihi.

Khulafail Rashidin mahdin min ba’di wuzerail immeti alal tahkik. Khususan minhum alal amidi khulafai rasulillahi ala tahqeeq. Umara il mu’mineen. Hazreti abu bakr wa umar wa uthman wa ali. Wa ala baqiyati wa sahabai wa tabieen, ridwanallahu ta’ala alayhim ajmain.Ya ayyuhal mu’minun al hadirun, ittaqullaha ta’ala wa ati’uh. Inna allaha ma allathina-ttaqaw wal-lathina hum muhsinun. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. Wa Salatu wa Salamu ala Ashrafil Ambiya’i wa Imam al-Mursaleen Sayyidina wa Mawlana Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain.

All praises are due to Allah, Lord of the Universes. All praises are due to Allah Who is the First, the Last, the Manifest, the Hidden, the One who has Might and Power over all things. All praises are due to Allah Who sent Sayyidina Muhammad (asws) as the Seal of Prophethood and Mercy to the Universes.

And may all peace and blessings be upon the Imam of the Prophets, the Master of the Messengers, the Intercessor of the Day of Judgment, the Sultan of Creation, the Grandfather of Hasan and Huseyin, Sayyidina Muhammad (asws). And upon his noble family and blessed companions, especially upon the Four Khulafa-e-Rashideen, Hz. Abu Bakr el-Siddiq, Hz. Umar el-Faruq, Hz. Osman el-Ghani, and Hz. Ali el-Murtaza, and all those who follow them until the Last Day.

Hoja lake1.jpg

Ya Ayyuhal Mu’minoon! O Believers! Welcome to you on this Holy Day of Jummah, the First Jummah of the Month of Shawwal. Welcome to you as the guest of Ramazan has departed from us. We are asking our Lord, Allah (swt), to accept our weak service in the months of Rajab, Shaban, and Ramazan, and to accept our tawba and grant us forgiveness. And we are thanking Him for giving us the ability to fast and pray in the Holy Months, and we are asking Him to let us reach to these Holy Months again in our life.

O Believers! We finished the Ramazan, and we passed through the Eid. Our Sheykh, Sahib el-Sayf Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani (ks) is telling us to take accounting of our Ramazan, saying: The Ramazan is finished. Those who didn’t take care should’ve thought better. It passed. The Ramazan passed and it took your good deeds and your bad deeds with it and it sealed it and it’s going to be there. Ramazan is going to complain about some people on the Judgment Day. Fasting is going to complain too. Eh, you should check, we should check ourselves to see where we are, what we did, to regret, to run back, ask forgiveness, try to catch up. Not too much to catch up but Allah’s mercy may reach. We don’t know anything. Anyone who is claiming to know something, they are the most ignorant ones.

But Allah (swt) is telling us, ‘Run. If you did the mistake, turn around. Turn around and don’t be arrogant and stubborn like Sheytan.’ That’s what it is. If the person is carrying as we said in the beginning of Ramazan, ‘Don’t fast only from eating, drinking and different activities. Fast from anger, fast from proudness, fast from arrogance, fast from stubbornness, fast from jealousy and envy. Fast from these things. Get rid of it.’

So Ramazan is there to train us to become obedient servants to our Lord, Allah (swt). Ramazan is there for us to train our egos to stop from chasing after sheytan and being disobedient creatures. For the one who is continuing the discipline of Ramazan throughout his life, then every day is going to be a day of Eid for him. As our Master Hazrat Hasan al-Basri (ks) is saying, ‘Every day in which Allah is not sinned against, it is a day of Eid. Every day that a believer passes through in obedience to his Master, remembering Him and thanking Him, then that day is an Eid day for that believer.’ And the friends of Allah they speak the truth.

The religion of Islam is founded upon obedience. Allah (swt) is saying in the Holy Quran: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Surely We have revealed to you the Book with the truth, therefore serve Allah, being sincere to Him in obedience. (39:2). Sadaqallahul adzim. And in another ayat He is saying: O you who believe! Obey Allah, obey the Messenger, and your rightly guided leaders. (4:59).

And Rasulallah (asws) is saying: Whoever obeys me has obeyed Allah. Whoever rebels against me has rebelled against Allah. Whoever obeys my Amir has obeyed me. Whoever rebels against my Amir has disobeyed me.

obey your rightly guided leader

This is Islam. This is the Islam that was followed for 1400 years by the Muslims. They were obedient to their Lord, to their Prophet, to their Ruler, and as a result, there was peace and blessings from Allah (swt) that was descending on them everyday. Just as Allah (swt) promises in the Holy Quran when He says: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Indeed, those who have said, “Our Lord is Allah” and then stand straight – the angels will descend upon them, [saying], “Do not fear and do not grieve but receive good tidings of Paradise, which you were promised. We were your protecting friends in the worldly life and in the Hereafter. And you will have therein whatever your souls desire, and you will have therein whatever you request. A gift of welcome from One Forgiving, Merciful. Sadaqallahul Adzim.

So for 1400 years, the believers were under the protection of this ayat. They were given honor in this world and in the next life. And the world of Islam was under the protection of Allah Almighty.

So what happened today? Today’s Muslims, they love to recite this ayat, and they want to be under its protection. But they have dropped the condition through which Allah (swt) is promising His Protection. The ayat is saying that the protection is for those who say their Lord is Allah and then stand straight. So many have taken Lords other than Allah. They will say, ‘Allah is my Creator.’ But they have taken other Lords, they have taken other ones who are going to tell them how to live their lives, how to give them a lifestyle. They have taken other Masters other than Allah. And what does it mean to stand straight? It means not to deviate, not to talk from two sides of the mouth. It means to obey.  It means to obey according to the condition set by Allah (swt). To obey Allah, to obey the Prophet, and to obey the Rightly Guided Leaders. But today’s Muslims, they have left obedience and standing straight completely. And today’s Muslims they have taken that ayat to say, ‘because Allah says obey your leaders,’ any leader that comes to them even if those leaders are disobeying to Allah swt, they say, ‘we will obey.’

Standing straight means to stand for Truth, to stand for the commands of Allah (swt), and to not change according to what is popular or what society wants. Yet we find that the Muslims of 21st century, especially the scholars, they are leaving obedience to Allah and His Messenger and are instead trying to change Islam to please the enemies of Islam. They are fitting into the category of people that Hz. Hasan al-Basri (ks) described when he said, ‘Verily, you will find the believer standing straight, upon one way, showing the same face; whereas you will find the hypocrite changing colors, trying to be like everyone around him, running with every wind.’ And this describes the majority of the scholars in the world today.

We are finding so many different kinds of Islam that people are trying to invent, dyeing in the colors of sheytan’s fashions, and trying to say it is Islam. We are seeing gay Islam. We are seeing feminist Islam. We are seeing ISIS Islam. We are seeing sect after sect, group after group that is deviating from Sirat al-Mustaqim, that is going against to the commands of Allah and His Prophet.

So where did this Ummat stop standing straight? Because Allah (swt) is saying, for those who say our Lord is Allah and stand straight, there is protection for them. The Ummat stopped standing straight when it left obedience to the Amir. When it said, ‘we only want to obey Allah and His Prophet. But we do not want to obey the Khalifah.  We don’t want to obey the Amir that has been appointed to us. We want to appoint our own Amir.’ And so, the Khilafat was removed. And when that pillar was removed, slowly the Muslims left obedience to the Messenger. After the Khilafat fell, the Wahhabi ideology took over everywhere. And people say, ‘I am the same as a prophet. That Prophet Muhammad (asws) came just to deliver the message, and he did that, and now he’s dead (hasha astaghfirullah). So we don’t need to obey him, because he is gone. We only have to obey Allah.’ And today’s scholars are even stopping us from obeying our Prophet. They are saying, ‘whatever the Prophet has left, whatever the Sahabis have left, whatever the Tabi’ins have left, whatever the Tabi’in Tabi’in have left, they are all inadequate, it is all incomplete. We are here in the ahir zaman to complete the religion because for 1300 years, Prophet and his waris, his inheritors (asws), they did not know better. We know better. So we have to change everything because now we know better, we live in a different world.Because Allah did not complete the religion, and now we have to.’ So we have scholars behaving worse than wahhabis, becoming Prophets, deciding what is for Islam.

People stopped obeying their Rightly Guided Rulers. So they stopped obeying the Messenger. And now we have reached to the time that people have become brave enough to say, ‘we don’t need to obey Allah anymore. We don’t need to obey His commands. We can do as we like. We can make Islam into what we like. We can be Muslims the way that we like. Allah cannot interfere into our lives. The Prophet (asws) cannot interfere into our lives. This is our lives. Not their lives,’ following in the footsteps of the Jews and the Christians, step by step. But because of this, we have reached to the worst time on the face of the earth. Instead of the protection of Allah (swt) raining down, the curse is coming down.

As our Sheykh is teaching us saying: Nothing is waking up today’s heedless, headless, arrogant and stubborn people. The world has never seen such a thing like that before, never and ever. It’s going to enter into the history books, “The worst arrogant creatures that lived on the face of the earth. Eating and drinking their Lord’s favors, twenty-four hours they are in need of their Lord and twenty-four hours they are rebellious to their Lord.” This is what’s entering. And the angels are putting curses on those ones. All other creatures that are being servants to Allah (swt) are putting curses saying, “You are the Ahsani Taqweem, the most perfect ones that have been created, knowing all this you are running after your ego in the very short time that Allah has given to you in this dunya? Changing the eternal life for this couple of days of life? Curses to you.” Animals are putting curses, the water is putting curse. Everything that is serving the man is saying, “Haram olsun. It is forbidden for you to eat from me. Allah (swt) has ordered me to serve you with my favors but it is forbidden to come to you from me. On the Judgment Day I will ask my rights.” And the words of SahibulSaif is telling the truth.

O Believers! How can we escape from this curse? We have to return to obedience. We have to stand straight. Just as the obedience was destroyed in the last century by first leaving obedience to the Rightly Guided Leaders, we have to first run back to them for safety. And the Rightly Guided Leaders in the Ahir Zaman that we have to run back to, they are the Sheykhs, they are the inheritors of the Holy Prophet (asws). They are the ones who are holding on to the Shariats and the sunnats tightly. They are the ones who are not going to let you to run with your ego. They are the ones who are going to save you from the sea of destruction that is coming. As the Prophet (asws) is saying in his Hadith Sherif: Verily my Ahlul Bayt are like the ship of Nuh. Whoever gets on it was saved, whoever turns away from it perished. This is the reality that is in front of us.

O Believers! We are in the Days of Shawwal. And the 3rd of Shawwal, it is the day of the Battle of Uhud. We have spoken so much about the events of that battle, what happened that day. But we cannot forget the central lesson of that day. Through obedience, the believers will find safety. Through disobedience, disaster comes. And that disobedience, it does not just affect the ones who made the mistake, no. It affects everyone. When the archers made that mistake on the Mount of Uhud, it was not just them that were injured and killed. When they left their post, most of them, the Beloved of Allah (swt) was struck and his blessed teeth became shahid and he almost lost his life.

We are living in a Jamaat. And we are trying to live in a Jamaat just like the Sahaba-e-Kiram were in Jamaat with Rasulallah (asws). We must be obedient. Because if we make a mistake, if we commit a disobedience, then the consequences of that are not just going to hit us, it is going to come down to everyone in this jamaat.

osmanli jamaat

We have passed through the Ramazan, and we have passed through the Eid. We are looking at this world, we are seeing unthinkable cruelties that is happening everywhere. We look at the Muslim world, we look at the east, we see tyranny and oppression running wild. We are looking at this country where we live, where we are claiming to be free and brave, and to stand up for truth,  but we are only seeing cruelty and injustice toward the weakest members of society. Where people are still judged by their skin colors, where people are still judged by what they wear, where people are still judged not by their spirit but what separates us. On every side, we are seeing the darkness of dajjal spreading everywhere and casting its shadow over everything.

This world is dividing. This country is dividing. We should make sure that we stand on the side of Hakk. This is not the time to run toward more confusion. This is the time to run toward Hakk. This is the time to run toward certainty. This is the time to run toward the People of Hakk, to sit with them, to listen to them, to obey them, and to find protection. That is our job in the Ahir Zaman.

We are ending with the words of our Sheykh who is saying: We must escape from this world. From Dunya to Mawla. That is the direction that the believer must turn to. The believer must know, “I am reaching to Maghrib time but I don’t know if I am going to reach to Fajr time.” That’s how a believer must prepare himself. And saying, “Ya Rabbi! If it is good for me to die then take my life clean. If it is good for me to stay then keep me in this life.” Everything is under the protection of Him. We cannot protect anything. We cannot protect even our own selves. He is the Protector. We must turn back to Him and we must insure ourselves with that. If we don’t insure ourselves with that then you can insure yourself with the whole world’s insurance companies but they cannot reach to you. Impossible. They cannot reach to them. Impossible. If we insure ourselves with Allah and His Prophet (asws), if we insure ourselves with Allah, His Prophet (asws) and His beloved ones, then we have found safety in this world and safety in the hereafter. If we don’t, if you don’t, then live as you like. If these words are not suiting you then leave them here. I will take them to myself.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Jumma Khutba by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
 4 Shawwal 1437
July 8, 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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