How do you know if a hadith is authentic?


 Questions: Some muslim always say that they don’t know if  a hadiths is correct or not, so they reject it. So how do you know if a hadith is authentic? 

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We follow an Imam. The Imam is doing all of that. These foolish people they don’t know what is sahih, what is this and what is that. They get into that whole big mess. I never see a single person who goes inside a restaurant and say, ‘there are so many different choices, I don’t know which is the best, so it’s better for me not to eat.’ I never see a single person who says, ‘I don’t know if this water is halal or not, I don’t know so it’s better for me not  to drink.’ Everybody knows how to take care of themselves very good when it concerns with their own nafs. But when it concerns other things, suddenly they become the most stupid and idiot people.

This is what the Imam, the mujtahids they did. They collected all the hadiths and they studied them and they are able to bring out the best that is beneficial and relevant to the people and they give. You collecting hadiths, you are just a collector of hadiths. You understand? If you collect hadiths, that does not make you a person who is qualified to become a Faqih, because you are just collecting hadiths. You don’t have the skills and you don’t have the authority now to make fatwas, to make legal rulings. Do you understand?

A lawyer is a lawyer. A judge is a judge. A judge makes ruling, but not every judge makes the ruling. Then there are, in dunya, nobody ever thinks otherwise, nobody ever says that everyone is equal. In dunya everybody knows, even in America, that there is a knower above every knower. Correct? Just because you are a judge, doesn’t mean that you have the right now to make law in this country, can you? No, supreme court judges do that, and there are thousands of them? Hundreds of them? It’s only a handful of them. And they cannot just make law anytime that they want to or change anything that the legal corpus in America, the body of legal rulings in America, suddenly that they just change anytime that they want to? They cannot. They have laws that is on them too.

But everyone looks at Islam to be so cheap, because there is complete chaos now. it’s anybody’s game now. Anybody’s game. Anyone now can just get a course here and there and there are thousands of these courses even online, you pay a little bit of money and you have the degree to become a scholar and to have your own following. Correct? Then to make your own fatwa through internet too. WhatsApp Sheykhs, they have. Now everyone is doing it because there is complete chaos now. like I said, it is anyone’s game right now. There is no control. Imagine if such a thing were to happen in America, concerning the law, that anyone can just make laws, anyone can question, anyone can judge. What’s going to happen to this country? Complete Shut-down 24 hours. This is what’s happening amongst the Muslims.

So you have these faqih, these  high level scholars, I don’t want to use the word  ‘Jurist’, very fifty cent word. We use very simple word so everyone understand. This highest level scholars, and there are levels of scholars, and these are the highest ones, no one can reach to them, not now not ever and they have made that legal rulings and they are not  supported by regimes, they are not supported by their families, they are not doing it for anything else. Most of them they are going against to their regime because their regime wanted  to give them high position to be part of the regime and they pulled themselves out and they are martyred because of that. Of course today’s scholars they are stepping over each other to stand next to a tyrant, to take a photo opportunity with them and to say, ‘I’ve been in this house and that house, and this leader and that leader.’ Correct? And they are claiming that they are better and more equipped and more intelligent than these ones? because they are not only knowledgeable, they are very holy people, they are friends of Allah. And their rulings and their knowledge is not only for them and for that time, but for all times, for all people. Especially Imamul Adzam Imam Abu Hanifah. He is making rulings for the whole ummat, East and West, North and South. Not only for Arabs, not only for Medina not only for this, for everyone until Judgment Day. Until Judgment Day.

So those ones who are saying that I don’t know if this is this or this is that, they are just being stubborn and arrogant and blind. Because all these is already been done hundreds of years ago. That’s why Muslims move forward. Muslims today, two billion muslims, the riches people on the face of this earth, they cannot take two steps forward, because for over twenty years, twenty five years,  fifty years, hundred years, just looking at that moon they cannot even decide which day is Eid. If they cannot decide on something that is so easy and something that is supposed to be celebration, you think they can decide on things, on issues that are weightier? That has more gravity? That are more difficult? No. because they are not doing it out of the concern for the ummat too, the scholars are. They are doing in out of the concern for their own countries, for their own nationalistic interest. They are not doing it for the ummat. They are scholars serving their own regimes. Correct or not? Serving politics.

So those ones who don’t want to follow and they said they don’t know, they are just being arrogant and blind. Because that wheels has already been made for us. It’s not just one wheel. They put an eighteen wheeler for us that we can go far distance with so much power.  If you don’t want that, if you want to reinvent everything, go ahead. One day, with this kind of direction, you’ll make a bigger deviation, and you may end up in kufr. Because there are so many people who did that. First they say, ‘okay, yeah, yeah, we don’t want any mazhabs. We accept everything,’ these ones they don’t say we accept everything, they say, ‘we are higher than mazhabs. Only Prophet (asws).’ Okay, but they are reaching to Prophet only by their own ego, their own self and their own idiocy. Because of that, they cannot see the whole picture, sheytan tricks them, dunya tricks them, enemies of Islam, their nafs tricks them. They say, ‘we follow only Allah. Not even Prophet (asws). He is just a man. He’s a man. I follow only Allah.’ They start following Allah but they follow Allah according to their nafs not according the Prophet  now, and later they say, ‘I don’t understand this Quran words saying this. I don’t understand this. This is wrong,  this is wrong, this is wrong.’ Then they deny even the Quran, they deny Allah.

inside is blind

You guys are not in the news? You have now very strong people declaring first their faith, showing to everyone their faith and showing everyone how strong they are and how smart they are on YouTube and all these kinds of things. Then later they lost their faith. And same, they are going to say on YouTube,  ‘I lost my faith. Now I denounce Islam.’ Because the one who has no Sheykh, his Sheykh is Sheytan. That’s all. Take it or leave it. WaminAllahu Taufiq, al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Shawwal 1437
July 7, 2016. 

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