When babies are taught to say ‘Allah Allah’ they start rocking back and forth but why do they say it’s wrong when adults do it?


Question: When babies are taught to say ‘Allah Allah’ they start rocking back and forth, but why do they say it’s wrong when adults do it?

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Because they are ignorant and they are stubborn and they are arrogant, diseases of the Ego. The proof can be right there in front of them but they are going to be stubborn even if Holy Prophet (asws) came, and if you still have that quality of Abu Jahil, stubbornness, you are not going to accept. Holy Prophet (asws) is Rahmatan lil Alameen, everything is created for his sake. But he, even he has no permission now to move the heart until the person moves his own heart, and Allah is looking and Allah gave permission for that.

So now understand why the ego is important, why the ego is very dangerous, why the ego is that enemy inside of us that we may build and build and build, collect and collect and the enemy inside is just taking and taking and taking and destroying from the inside. You look around and say,“I build such a huge palace”, but the foundation is gone, everything inside is gone. Take care of your backdoor, take care of the enemies inside first. If you understand the enemies inside, you understand the enemies outside. Same principle we are looking. Man understands his ego, he understands other people’s ego, that time that same ego that everyone has, it doesn’t matter if it is a individual or group or a nation, which in the past Naqshbandi order training Sultans and Pashahs, you understand your ego, you can rule the whole nation that time.

So the people who don’t want to accept that because they have the characteristics of Abu Jahil. They are just very stubborn. You can bring them a thousand proofs, they are still going to be stubborn. What can we do? We pray for them. What can we do? We pray for them. We don’t have, we cannot correct. It is a wrong. In these days there are so many they are forbidding Zikir. They saying “Zikir, don’t make Zikir”. We are yet to be invited to this community in any Masjid that is allowing us to make a Zikir. We came one time and they almost threw us out. “This is haram, haram, bidaah”, they say, isn’t it? you were there, you were there (Sheykh points to some murids at the Dergah). We were invited.We don’t go knocking on people’s doors to say “Can I make Zikir at your Masjid? ” No. We have our own place, we are happy doing what we want. We are inviting people, as you see today’s activity? We invite, we invite the whole community. We invite the whole state. If we can invite we invite people. But how many are interested to remember Allah? Doesn’t matter, any people come we are not going to throw them out. But we went there and they threw us out almost, eh. We prayed Maghrib, people following us, they coming in and say “pssst pssst pssst, it’s wrong. Don’t follow, you have to renew your Shahadat and you have to pray again with us over there”.

So it is stubbornness. It is very sad because there is so much more that ummat can do rather than doing all these foolish things. But it is a truth. Not only here, so many different places. And Allah is giving a severe warning saying in the Quran e Kerim “Is there anyone more tyrannical, who is more oppressive than that one who is forbidding Zikir in the Masjids of Allah”. It’s an open Ayat. How many Masjids of Allah they open for Zikir?


We are coming forward. We want to be part of this community. We are part of the community. Invite us. We are going to wait and see. How many are going to come? We don’t wait for you to invite us we invite you. That’s why we have this, event, isn’t it?  We invite people. How many are here to show if anything solidarity, unity, community, Jamaat, just talk.

So we don’t like to interfere. We don’t like to make trouble. We don’t make fitnah nothing. We just stay by ourselves and we do what it is. We are there. We are reaching out and we are doing. What more needs to be done? The other hand has to now reach. Because it is not our way also to be concerned about that, to be fighting. It’s not our way also to go up and to do that kind of arguments and debating. We are just here to learn more about ourselves. That is primary. We are running out of time. We have to learn to know ourselves. Big events they  are going to come. Huge events they happening. If you don’t know yourself you cannot prepare for that big Tsunami.

Big Tsunami is coming and people are still arguing why are you wearing these clothes, why you wearing that clothes, why you wearing Turban why you not wearing Turban? What difference that it make, Tsunami is coming, you got to learn how to swim. You got to run to different places. You got to learn how to breathe under water. This is what it means by having good teacher that is going to balance and give you what is going to benefit for that time and for that place. We are not going to turn back the clock. We are not like some groups who say that, ‘no no this is all haram. We have to turn, to live like real Muslims. We have to live like how the Arabs did 1400 years ago.’ There are groups that came out who did that. They couldn’t even carry it. They say, ‘no we have to destroy. It’s year one again. Everything that you are doing it is wrong.’ They’re destroying graves of Sahabi e- Kiram. They’re destroying Tombs of Ahlul Bayt. They’re destroying everything. They’resaying ‘Haram, bidaah, kufr, shirk!’ and now they are putting shopping malls, public toilets where Sahabi e-Kiram they are buried. ATM machines, Star bucks, Victoria Secrets in Kaabah in Meccah Mukarramah and in Medina and Muslims are going to see, ‘Oh this is great. This is wonderful. It’s just like LA. It’s just like Time Square.’ You think that time Allah is not watching to see who is sincere who is not,who is liking this and who is not?

Prophet (asws) is saying,’in the Ahir Zaman, this barefoot and naked Bedouins they will race with each other to build tall buildings in the deserts.’ Horns of Sheytan coming from Najd. It’s another thing that we must know. Because we don’t agree with it. We don’t like it. We don’t like it when people say that we want, we must destroy the Tomb of the Prophet (asws). We don’t like it. We cannot say, ‘what can I do?’. We cannot. That is the honor of the Prophet. Right now they are planning for that, on the other hand Muslims are being busy why they are having Victoria Secrets. So there is reason under a reason under a reason. If you take from the root, if you can destroy it from the root then the whole tree is going to fall. If you are not taking from the root cause, the tree may go stronger, it’s not effective. Tariqats, Nashbandi Tariqats is attacking the root cause of our separation from Allah, separation from each other.

So it is ignorance, and if they are sincere and they don’t know and they want to find out there are tons of literature out there to explain because this is a practise for 1400 years. Man is saying “I have never heard that before”. That is a reason? You mean you have to know everything for something to make sense to you? Before you reach consciousness, you don’t even know your own name. So what?  because you don’t know something it doesn’t exist? What kind of arrogance, what kind of foolishness is that? It used to be, it used to be especially during Mewlid times, in Kaaba, you have different circles, the Halaqas of people making Zikir especially during the birth of the Holy Prophet (asws). The, for example the Qadri Tariqat, people start making the Zikir in Hadra. They finish, another Tariqat is going to begin. They finish, another is going to begin over and over and over again, Naqshbandi Tariqat is going to start, they are going to end and the whole night they are going to have a procession, making Ziyarat of the Holy Prophet (asws)’s home. These days the home is turned into public lavatory or a library. He used to visit Hazrat e Hamza (ra). He loved his uncle. He used to visit the grave. He used to sit down and speak to his uncle every Juma. Sheytans they destroyed that grave. And they make it into parking lot. Just so people don’t go there, because that is a Shirk, because it can lead you to Shirk. Everything can lead us to Shirk. You are not looking at the Shirk that is inside of you. Of course that time you are going to look at everything as a Shirk.

So what can we do? This is also the miracle of the Holy Prophet (asws) since the Ahir Zaman, the nation will be very wealthy, they will be very educated, they will know a lot but, huh, they are just going to be arrogant and stubborn.

InshaAllah may Allah get rid of this arrogance and stubbornness from us. It’s not a matter of, ‘okay you have a different ideology, so different, different, different. We are living here in this situation it is okay.’ But understand that kind of idea was not even tolerated during the time of Holy Prophet (asws). It was not tolerated during the time of the Hzarati  Umar, Hazrati Usman, Hazrati Ali, differences in beliefs and differences in thoughts. There were so many groups that came out during the time of Hazrati Ali. The Kharijiz came out, they prayed five times a day, they believe in everything, but they say, ‘we don’t follow a Khalifah. We don’t accept Khalifah tul Rasool.’  And Hazrati Ali said, ‘Stop. Ya Hazrati Mawiyah we have to finish these ones first.’ And they did. After the Holy Prophet (asws) passed, during the time of Hazrat e Abu Bakr, there were so many groups almost the whole of Arabia they turned they became Murtad . They turned back. Some declaring Prophets. Some women declaring women Prophets. They did not say “Well don’t. Let everything to be ok. Let’s all be united. Let’s all unite”. Wrong ideas.

So we have to know what is right, we have to know what is wrong. Haqq is clear Batil is clear. People are confused, if they are sincere to find out, there are ways. Allah will send. Allah will send InshaAllah. 

Ahlil Haqq

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
September 22, 2014 
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