To know what knowledge is for you and what knowledge is not for you is itself a Ma’rifat


Question: The Quran is saying, ‘nobody is carrying the burden of anybody else on That Day’ and in another ayat it is saying, ‘those people who is carrying their burden and another people’s burden.’ What you can say about this?


Oh he’s asking me for tafsir. One ayat is saying, ‘no one is going to carry the burdens of another one.’ Another ayat is saying, ‘those who is carrying their burden and another people’s burden.’ I mean it’s pretty clear to me.

Auzubillahi mina Sheytan ir Rajim, BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Wa La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billahil Aliyyul Azim. Medet ya SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani. There are a lot of things, so many things, that it looks like it’s knowledge. So many things for us to know. But, how do we know what is for us and what is not for us? To know what knowledge is for you and what knowledge is not for you is itself a Ma’rifat in these days, is itself a hidden wisdom in these days, because we have been born and raised in this dajjalic and sheytanic era, where we are taught knowledge, any kind of knowledge, but we are not taught manners.

What is manners? It’s not just to lower your voice or to put your hand on your heart or to walk backwards. No. Manners is knowing your limits. Knowing when your limit begins and where it ends. That is manners. Whether it’s with the person, ‘this one is elderly, my behavior must change.’ ‘This one is ignorant, my behavior must change,‘ or to ideas, ‘this is medical knowledge, my knowledge is just very little and for me to understand everything it is impossible. So I must consult with a doctor and the right doctor to the right illness that I am suffering from, not just from any concern that I have about medicine,’ or systems, or histories, or, name it. Whatever brand of knowledge it is, to know where your limit begins and where it ends.That is edep and that is something that is completely not taught or put into any stress in this century, ever since the fall of the Khilafat, because everyone is running after knowledge.

Whether it’s knowledge that concerns you or doesn’t concern you, they say ‘never mind, just run.’ Whether it’s knowledge that is forbidden for you or not, ‘doesn’t matter, just run.’ What do we get now? We get a lot of malayani; knowledge that does not concern you. And that is a sign of what? Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the sign that Allah is not happy with His servant is when that servant is busy with things that do not concern him, malayani.’

Now, take this for example: everyone is running to gain more knowledge but they don’t know knowledge about themselves, they don’t have knowledge about Allah. For knowledge of yourself and Allah you have to have edep, and edep is to say, ‘now, I cannot find this knowledge through these ways, I have to find it through these other ways. Not through these teachers, these other teachers because those teachers, it finishes over there. The one who is teaching me Tajweed cannot teach me about manners, cannot teach me about Allah.’ You understand? ‘Those who teach fiqh they cannot teach me about the remembrance of Allah, myself and to know Allah.’ Those who teach Tauhid, same thing, Tafsir, same thing. And we are talking about religious knowledge. Now when it comes to knowledge of the heart, it is very specialized, as it is very specialized for knowledge of the heart in the medical field, correct? It is very specialized. You are a doctor, but the doctor of the foot is not going to perform heart surgery. He cannot, he must not, if he does that, he’s going to be, what? He’s going to be a murderer. He’s going to be charged.

But now, we’re looking, every knowledge it is teaching us, every knowledge it is for everyone, young and old, male and female, those who are Sultans and those who are street sweepers. It’s for everyone. This is one of the tricks and the traps of Dajjal in these days.

share knowledge

Because to know knowledge that concerns you, that, you have to learn. To believe that not every knowledge concerns you, which Muslim out there is going to say, ‘what, you’re telling me, I cannot study this?’ Immediately the arrogance is comes out and says, ‘no, I can study. You don’t tell me what to do.’ And that destroys the wisdom. So you have people who are very knowledgeable but they are not living the knowledge, they cannot apply that knowledge, and it is it the knowledge that is malayani.

Now, especially in this way, in the way of SahibulSaif, in the way of Tassawuf, in reality the doctor is only going to give you medicine according to you, what you need. He may have millions of medicines, everything is there, but he’s only going to take what you need. He’s not going to give you every medicine. What happens when you take every medicine? You die, you finish. You understand? The man might think, ‘but I need this medicine and this medicine.’ Doctor says, ‘this is the medicine for you right now, maybe later it’s going to change.’ But the man is very impatient. Man is in a rush, and rushing it is from sheytan.

So, in our way, the Quran is a medicine, correct? The Hadiths i- Sherif is a medicine. In our way, and I’m saying to you what I’m doing, we are very careful, that we don’t even open up Ayats and Hadiths that our Sheykh has not opened up. It may be interesting, it may be filled with knowledge, it may even have, someway, somehow, come into our teachings. But our Sheykh is not opening it up, it’s not necessary. It’s like the doctor who has medicines. This medicine, you cannot ask him, ‘why you are not opening this medicine, maybe it’s going to make me to see better, to hear better, to taste better,’ he says, it’s not for you. If you try to do it by yourself, it might be harmful for you. Definitely it’s going to be harmful for you.

One time, during Sheykh Maulana’s time, Hazretleri, may Allah raise his station, Sultan ul Awliya, and may his himmet and his Medet always be on us, somebody, someone, opened up that Hadiths to him,  saying, because that person hates our Sheykh so much, as there are still people today they hate, although our Sheykh has left, they’re still hating him. And they cannot put their hate, they put their hate on me. So, it’s okay, that is Sheykh Effendi‘s Sunnat, and they used to call him Abu Jahil, Abu Lahab. And they say, ‘didn’t Prophet (asws) say, give a Hadiths, describing those Turks?’ There is one hadiths, what’s it saying? Do you know that one? He’s giving a very bad description. He’s giving a very bad description, saying that they are very evil, they’re going to do so much harm, da, da, da. You understand? And that one is mentioning that hadiths to point the finger at our Sheykh. And when Sheykh Maulana heard it, I remember, it’s in a recording, he says, ‘why he’s opening that hadiths?’ He is saying, ‘we are not opening it yet, why is he opening it? That is not the meaning that He’s putting there.’

So, now, we are in a school. If you are in a vocational school, you’re learning something. You’re learning how to build a building. There are so many knowledges about architecture and about construction, but you are under a teacher.  You cannot now jump above the teacher. You cannot just take some knowledge about architecture that is out there and  you’re going to bypass your teacher, and you are going to say, ‘this is it, it’s knowledge, teacher.’ You don’t do that in real life, in this school of Tasawwuf,  you don’t. Do you understand? One of the reasons it’s not so advisable to do that is that you are going to be responsible. You are going to carry that burden, because every knowledge comes with responsibility. Have we finished the knowledges that our Sheykh has talked to us about? You understand? So, anyway, leave that aside. We need to concentrate on things that matter to us. What matters to us now? What is the important thing for us now? What is?

To know what is for us, what is most important for us, it is essential so that Allah swt will be happy with us. And in these days, we need Allah swt to be happy with us, because these are very dark and confusing times. And if we don’t know that Allah is not happy with us, we are in a very bad shape.

always fear Allah

Be simple. Be easy. Take what you understand and practice it. And every night, to ask, ‘what have I done today to make my Lord happy?’ We know so much Quran, so much Hadiths, so much zikr, so much hidden knowledge, so much Tasawwuf, but to ask yourself this very simple question, ‘what have I done today to make my Allah happy?’, and to answer it sincerely, that is a forgotten knowledge.

Then to ask, ‘what have I done today to make my Lord to be unhappy with me?’ and to answer it sincerely. Don’t think that just because we’re saying, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah,’ we’re going up and down, Allah is going to be happy with us. How do you make Allah swt to be happy? So many times, we worship just to ask something from our Lord. We worship to ask something. We go to the presence of the Prophet (asws) to ask something. We go to the presence of the Awliya Allah only to ask something. And 99.99% of the time, is to ask for something for our lives here in this dunya. Correct?

So, to ask ourselves, ‘what did I do today to make my Lord happy with me?’ and to be sincere about it, this is a very forgotten skill. And to understand, ‘what did I do today to make my Lord to be unhappy with me?’ ‘I tried this much, ya Rabbi. I woke up and I worshiped you. But my worship is no good for nothing, because,’ don’t be fooled to say, ‘oh, I’m the worst one, I’m the worst one,’ now this kind of talk is on everyone’s lips, ‘oh you know, I’m the worst one. I’m the worst one here. My ego is finished.’ The fact that someone can say your ego is finished, it’s showing that you ego is up to Sidratul Muntaha. Now it’s using another trick and another trap now. Because to say you are nothing is so easy, but your behavior is going to show whether you’re something or you’re nothing.You say, ‘I woke up and I worshiped, but I came dragging into Your Presence, ya Rabbi. You are eagerly waiting every night, to see who is awake to answer Your call, but I was sleeping, and I’m asking for Your forgiveness for that.’ You’ll become beloved to Allah swt, because you are understanding yourself. You’re not saying, ‘I’m going to worship, ya Rabbi, give me this and give me that.’ It’s going to come anyway. We don’t ask for the straw. We ask for the wheat. The straw is like this dunya. The wheat, if you take it, you can take some of it, some you can store, some you can even plant again and it comes out. What is that? When we are working for Akhirat.


Now, we are all very concerned about so many things in this world. We have to be careful, because these are times of confusion. If you are concerned about things that does not mean anything to you, if you are concerned about things that does not concern you, then Allah’s happiness, satisfaction is not on us, we’re missing that protection, then whatever we touch that time, it is going to be a curse. May Allah protect us from that.

Your answer, it’s easy for me to give an answer to that. You understand? But first, we have to understand what we’re asking, why we’re asking, where we’re going with this answer. To say that, ‘I just want to know,’ or, ‘this is interesting to me,’ that is not good enough. It’s not good enough. What are you going to do with this knowledge? That is something to question. But from the sohbet we just gave, I gave so many answers to that question already.  What it means when you carry your own burdens and what it means when you carry other people’s burdens, plus your own. Correct? So, we must be busy with what is for us, insya’Allah ar-Rahman.Wa min Allahu Taufiq, al Fatiha. SelamAleykum

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
23 Shawwal 1437
July 28, 2016.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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