What happens when you die while committing wrong actions?


 Question: What happens when you die while committing wrong actions?


If you are not getting rid of that, if you are in ghaflat, then you are in big trouble. You are in big trouble in dunya. Sheytan doesn’t have to spend so much energy on you because that’s enough ghaflat. With that ghaflat, you’ll be able to do everything.

Why is it forbidden in Islam, why is it haram in Islam, to drink liquor, wine? It’s haram but it is not haram to drink orange juice or vinegar or grape juice. Why it is haram? It makes you to lose your ownself and do things without understanding with your own willpower. You lose your willpower. You will be drunk and you will be not knowing, you will be not doing things with intelligence. You lose your intelligence. When you get drunk, you have just lost your intelligence. Go and check, even if he is a President, doesn’t matter. Very good gentleman, mashaAllah,  appearing very nice, talking very nicely, very good lady mashaAllah, lady kind, lady, it’s a big word let me not enter to that part, lady appearing everywhere, nice talking nice da..da..da, get two glass of drink and look what happens. Why? Because you lose your mind. Sheytan overtakes you, so you get drunk. You get drunk. The heedlessness is a worse drunk station than a man who is drinking. Because from drunkenness, if you drink this liquor,  sometimes later, you see it is a different person right in front of you. If he is not talking, he starts talking non stop. If he is a quiet person, you see he does unusual things. If he is a modest person now you see he is taking off the clothes. Whatever is in the ego that time, the desires of the ego appears and surface completely up now and running to do hundred percent wants that time.

So there is no control. Because there is no willpower now.  You are under the authority, complete hundred percent in the hand of your ego and direction through the direction of sheytan. Doesn’t matter who you are that time. You can be a porter or you can be a king or queen, you lost yourself. You do things that sometimes you’ll regret all your life, that time what you did. But even if it’s that, that drunkenness in Islam, next day you wake up the drunkenness leave the body so the body comes back to the normal activity again, your intelligence comes, your willpower, everything is there now and you said, ‘what I did yesterday?’ How I act last night. In the old days people they were feeling shame. They don’t go around telling people what they did that night. Now they don’t care. Because they are all like that now. All drunk. And they sheytan continuously giving, saying,  ‘drink more now. It doesn’t have to be only night time, drink day time too. Not only daytime, morning time too. Not morning time, midnight too.’ Morning, zuhr time, that time, this time. Sheytan is not letting but no matter what happens, they wake up next day because now, no workplace accepting a man going to a job drunk. Even if he works in the bar he cannot go drunk. What kind of nonsense is this? I’m working in the bar and I cannot go there drunk? You cannot.

So if a person comes to you sense this,  and understanding the reality what he has just done yesterday, and understanding that he has done a crime, it’s a big crime. What is crime? What Allah forbids you, you run to do. That is a crime. You just lose your honor. Because honor, when you lose your honor, when you break your promise to your Lord, you have just lost your honor again one more time through that forbidden action. So many is saying, ‘Sheykh I’m a very honorable person.’ How many times a day you break the orders of Allah swt? Check yourself and you see how much honor you have that time. Of course we got to speak like this because I speak a little bit more harder coming ahead days, because still in ghaflat, Mukmin and believers.

What we are saying, if you are drinking, which is haram to you and next day you wake up and you say to yourself, ‘what I have done? I did wrong. My Lord has forbid me not to drink and I’m drinking and I’m doing this wrong action,  and I’m smoking and I’m getting drugs,’ don’t forget anything that it gets you drunk, in Islam, it’s not some foolish ones they say, ‘it is only wine. Because  He (Allah swt) mentions wine. He didn’t mention Johny walker or vodka or rum or run or gin or bin.’  Sheytan has another game from that side. So the Prophet (asws) is making sure that you understand because Allah (swt) is saying, ‘whatever that Prophet has allowed, has teach you to do run to do.  Whatever he forbid you from, run away form it.’ So  the Prophet (asws) didn’t left that ayat close like that so he said, anything that it makes you drunk, liquid or other kinds, it is forbidden and it is haram. Anything.  Now you understand, insya’Allah. Later  don’t say to me, I’m not drinking, I’m just using drugs. I don’t see any ayats saying, ‘don’t use the drug.’ Yeah there is that kind of  foolish people around.

Sheykh Effendi qs

There is more foolish people than that. One day, I was travelling with this Sheykh, another Sheykh, to somewhere, and he was in my car. And we are going to travel from New York all the way to North Carolina. And some times later in New Jersey Turnpike, he just took out a cigarette in the car and he put it in his mouth. I said to him, ‘don’t you dare putting that on.’ He said, ‘Sheykh, we’ve travelled a long time, I’m going to smoke.’ I said, ‘You are not going to smoke. Not in my car.’ He said, ‘you mean I’m going to go all the way down without smoking.’ I said, ‘you don’t have to. I can just drop you off right here next to the highway  and smoke much as you want. Stay there, you don’t have to continue.’ So he is understanding the seriousness, how serious I am because first he checked every side, he sees it’s not working and he knows I’m going to stop the car right in the highway, I’m going to turn and get out if he put the cigarette. Then he started talking back and forth with me about the cigarette that is not haram, and this is a Sheykh. So how can you understand the murids in these days that they are smoking cigarettes? They like that kind of Sheykh. They run to get the fatwas from those Sheykh. That’s why they don’t like my kind of Sheykh saying, ‘this kind making haram everything. This is the only enjoyment we have, taking the private part of sheytan, putting it in our mouth and enjoying it, and this sheykh is making it haram, he is worse than haram.’ 

Now, that part too. Because with liquor you can only damage your own self. With cigarettes you damage others too. That’s worse than the haram. So now, this Sheykh is going back and forth and I said to him, why are you standing and you are arguing about this? You are following Rufai Tarikat right? He said, ‘yes.’ I said, ‘was Ahmed er-Rufai smoking?’ He goes to me, ‘I didn’t see him, I wasn’t there.’ You see, look at the arrogance now. You talk about Ahmad Rufai (qs) all the time, but when it comes to the forbidden action, you didn’t see him if he was smoking or not. That is sheytan and that is a crime too. Doesn’t matter if you are a Sheykh. Then I said to him, one more step ahead, then I said to him,  ‘let me ask you a question.  Did you ever read a Hadiths e-Sharif that the Holy Prophet was smoking?’ You know what he said to me? Sheytan has continuous authority on some people. He said to me, ‘I have never read a hadiths that the Prophet wasn’t smoking.’ How was it? I said to him,’I stop here talking to you now. Not a single word anymore to you. But, just one more word, don’t put cigarette in your mouth. When I make a stopover in the toilet time you can go into the toilet and smoke there. When I come back to the car, I tell you, ten minutes, if you are not there, I’m just going to continue. Because I know that you are spending  time with cigarette.’

So, that works. Alhamdulilah. But look how sheytan is driving the man from where to where. You lost your faith that time. The faith it is not in the heart that time, and as Holy Prophet saying, the Kufr and the faith both cannot stay in the same heart at the same time. When you are committing the kufr, kufr is the wrong actions forbidden action, when you are committing that action, when you are committing that haram action, that time faith comes out from your heart and it circles on top of your head. It is not in your heart that time. Because the kufr is there. You are committing the wrong actions, haram actions. Until you regret and you ask forgiveness, the faith doesn’t go back in. If you die during that time when the faith is out of the heart and if you die during that time, you die in the kufr station, no matter what you did up till that time, everything will be erased off, you will die as a jahilliyah death, meaning kufr. You lost everything. So how brave you are, mashaAllah? I’m shivering so many times when I see small things and I say this small things if I am doing, what will happen if I die during this minute? So I say, ‘no, it’s better not to do it.’ It is a question also. It’s not open halal or haram, but I say  it’s better not to do it because I cannot take this chance. If one minute time if I am doing the wrong and Azrail comes to me, I lose everything. I lose dunya and I lose ahirat.

Are you understanding the seriousness of the faith? Are you understanding the reality of the faith? Are you understanding the value of the Shahadat? Or you are still in ghaflat? We are coming back to ghaflat now. So if the person is doing that action that is forbidden, it is haram, and next day he wakes up and he ask forgiveness, the faith comes back to the heart. But Allah and His Prophet is saying,  you are going to pray thirty days, your prayer is not counted as a prayer. You will not be rewarded for the prayers. But you are going to continue to pray. Because that liquor that you just put, it enters in your bloodline, and it takes thirty days to clean up the whole body again. The whole blood it takes thirty days to clean up. So thirty days your prayers are not accepted but you are still going to pray. So, how danger it is but still there is way out from that saying, ‘you are asking forgiveness, and Allah is forgiving you.’ Then you wake up next day. But the ghaflat station, heedlessness that the man is in it, it is another drunk station that is not aware of what’s happening surrounding him, what’s happening with him, what is it he has to do what is that duty that he has to understand, to complete in this life. That is ghaflat.dont-be-heedless

That is ghaflat that so many people they are in that ghaflat and they will not wake up until Angel of Death appears in front of them. And if the Angel of Death appears in front of you and you are living a ghaflat life, no way that you are going to be able to save your faith that time because sheytan and so many other creatures comes around you too that time to fool you. Appears in different forms to you. ‘How do you know Sheykh? Did you die yet and you know?’ You will know when you are going to die, when the Angel of death is going to come to you, you are going to understand what I’m saying to you now. If you want, wait until that time. And that’s what is happening because sheytan is coming, appearing to you through different forms, through your love ones form, trying to take that faith away from you, trying not to make you be busy with the Shahadat, to be busy with some other things, thinking wrong desires again, running to doctors, da..da..da..da, before you know, if the order came to the spirit, ‘leave that body,’ not one doctor, whole doctors in this world, they cannot cure you. You are going to go. Your time is up in dunya. No man, no angel, no creature can help you that time. Because Azrail does not let any angels or anything else to interfere in his job. He is very tough and rough on that matter. If Jibreel is coming to help you, he’s saying to jibreel, ‘know your distance. I have the power to take your life.’ And that’s what going to happen.

In the end, when everyone, Allah is ordering, when Mahdi is coming, Isa (as) is coming and the world becomes Paradise, then people they turn back to their arrogance, and Isa (as) passed from this world, and they start doing so many wrong things, then Allah swt opening one wind from Paradise, just a drop like a needle hole, and that wind comes spreading everywhere, all those believers that they are believing smelling that and going out from this world. Falling down. And that time, the Abdals, Rijalullah, all the Evliyaullah, they go around collecting those ones bodies, preparing and burying them. It will be no single man staying on earth saying ‘Allah.’ So the Qiyamet it happens on top of their heads.

Those days are ahead, in front of us. It didn’t past yet. It is in front of us. That’s why I’m very paranoid looking at people who is still being in ghaflat. That means either you are not believing this sohbet, this reality, or you have lost your faith. There is no other way. You don’t really care. So, there’s big danger waiting for people in front of them. Those who is in awakening station, not with the ones who is ghaflat, the ones who is in awakening station now they  are very fearful from the events that is going to happen in front of them. And you are in it. You are in it. Don’t think that you are hearing on internet, some saying, ‘Mahdi is coming 500 years later.’ Or some is planning to build university of Allah, to teach people 500 years later, or some….huh they are going to be surprised too. What is happening now, they will be surprise. Even dajjal will be surprise. You are still in ghaflat? Good sleeping to you. Continue. Continue that way if you like. The Mercy and the Rahmat and the love will be taken away from those hearts that they are crying for you right now. They are screaming to you right now because of the Mercy and because of the Rahmat. Because they are worrying for you. Huh, that time, they are not going to. They are going to say, ‘this one is another disobedient creature to Allah. So to hell with him.’ Finish. Doesn’t matter how close, if it’s his own mother, if it’s his own child, it doesn’t matter. That time, the mercy and the Rahmat and the love will be taken. They will be completely stranger to that one. That’s how it’s going to be.

We reach to those days. So wake up to yourself. Get up from that heedless station. And whatever it takes, wake yourself up from that heedless station. If it is necessary to punch yourself, punch yourself. If it’s necessary to go under the shower opening the hot water on top of your head, do it. If it’s necessary to dive inside the cold water, do it. Whatever it takes, do it to wake up. Because only you can wake yourself up from the ghaflat station. The leaders of Islam they will just tell you. You are going to wake yourself up. Nobody else.

So the second drunkenness is the ghaflat, which is worse than the first drunkenness that is mentioned in the opening saying to you, ‘don’t drink. It is haram.’ Ghaflat? Ghaflat is haram too. To a believer, ghaflat is haram. Now you are going to ask, ‘Sheykh, which ayat  is saying this?’ Go and look for it your whole life now if you want. Believer is that one who is watching and preparing himself for his Lord. Believer is that one, what he’s doing, what he’s trying to do, he is connected with his Lord and he is saying, ‘does this fit to my Lord? My Lord is just watching me right now. Is He happy with me I am doing this action.’ Say that to yourself. ‘My Lord is watching me right now. Is He happy with me drinking?’ ‘My Lord is watching me right now, prayer time just finish and I’m not praying, is He happy with me now?’ ‘My Lord is watching, right now He is watching, is He happy with me? I’m putting a cigarette in my mouth. Is He happy with me?’ Watch. If He is, do it. If He is not, don’t.

You don’t need to read books. No, you don’t need to read too many books. You don’t need to have somebody giving you advice for every little actions that you are going to do. Ask yourself. Say, ‘I’m doing these actions. does it fit to present to my Lord. He is watching me right now.’ Say, ‘am I going to be able to do this in the Judgement Day in front of everybody, in front of my Lord too?’ If you are going to, if you like it, do it. We have no words to you that time. If you don’t like it, stop. Because that’s exactly what is registering. Maybe nobody is seeing, but the Angels are seeing first. There are two Angels standing, accompanying everyone of you, one on the right, one on the left. Twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours they are with you. Twenty-four hours actions and intentions are written in that book. The right one writes the good deeds, the left one writes the bad deeds.When you are making intention to run to do the wrong actions, the angels notify you someway somehow saying, ‘this is a wrong action.’ Some feeling comes to you that it’s wrong. You feel difficult. You feel tight. You feel guilty.

So many times people in these days they feel guilty but they try to cover their guiltiness, they start screaming to others. No. You feel all these. Your heart is speaking to you but you put the cover and you seal it and you don’t want to hear your heart anymore. Because your ego takes over. That time you run to do it, yes. Otherwise, you cannot. Even if you did that action, now everywhere in Islam there is the leadership, it is not a democracy, voting and choosing. Allah appoints that one. And  in the angels, there’s two angels, one of them is a leader to the other one. One of them has to do things under the order of the other one’s authority. So the left one is under the authority of the right one who is writing the good deeds. And when you commit the wrong actions, the left angel is asking to the right angel saying, ‘can I keep this in the record right now?’ The Angel on the right saying, ‘no, wait one hour.’ One hour passes, you don’t ask forgiveness, the left one asking again to the right one saying, ‘one hour passed, can I keep this record?’ Angel on the right saying, ‘no. wait two hours.’ Two hours later, ‘wait three hours…wait four hours…wait five hours…wait six hours.’ On the seventh hours, right one is saying, ‘this one is complete heedless, ghaflat. Write.’

What that angel is writing now, no man and no authority can change that. But you make that writing with your own willpower, with your own intention. You make that action and you didn’t ask forgiveness during the seven hours and you write that. Now you face that in front of the Judgement Day. Judgement Day you come. Leave the grave, leave the Baqa world, leave the from the grave going to the Judgement place, leave all those difficulties. Those are complete difficulties but you are going to reach to Judgement place. That is the time that you are going to suffer the worse. Yes.

So, this is real. If you like it, take it. If you like it, there is so many other authorities in Islam today, claimed authorities, that they are saying, ‘there is no Judgement Day. There is no grave. Why are you fearing people?’ Some people they just got the, these are very high authorities appointed by government, saying, ‘this lady called me up and she is crying thinking that she’s going to have a grave problem. And I told her that there’s no such a thing like that. Don’t believe anybody. There will be no punishment in the grave. There will be nothing.’ This is a very high authority in Islam. This kind of people, there are so many of them today. So many of them appearing everywhere today saying, ‘there is no Sirat. You are not going to pass through Sirat. There is no all these things that they are saying.’

All these things that you’ve just heard from me, it is the Hadiths e-Shariif of the Holy Prophet (asws). Huh, does people experience it? Eh, so many they have experience that. So many they are seeing that in front of them. So many they are looking into the grave and they can tell you what is the situation of that one in the grave. They don’t need special equipment to see. They already have it. So, wake up to yourself and ask forgiveness from the ghaflat that you are in, and what you are preparing to do wrong, turn around. You may be rewarded because of that, because you turn around. If not, don’t forget, while you are doing that action, don’t forget Allah is watching you. His Prophet may be watching you. Evliyaullah has the right to watch you. Angels definitely are watching you. In reality whole world is watching you, but you are in ghaflat, you are not seeing. Worlds are watching. If Allah swt opening that door, everything is watching you. Only you can shut that doors in the area that is private when you are doing halal, then you shut that door. Even Angels it is forbidden to them to watch you that time. But if it’s haram actions, it is open to everyone.

So, maybe you didn’t know this before, now you heard it. Doesn’t matter if you believe or not. If you believe, you are going to find it for yourself. If you don’t, I am responsible for this words. You have the right in the Judgement Day to stand in front of me, to question me, to hold me by the neck. I have a lot to give to you that time. But believe me, I will not put my neck under the fire for none of you. I will not break the law of Allah swt for no other creature on this face of earth. WaminaAllahu Taufiq. Bihurmatil habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha.


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  SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya GrandShaykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Hakkani Hz
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York

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