We are taught Naksibendi Zikr is to be made silently. Why do Osmanli Naksibendi make loud Zikr?


Question: I am a murid of different Naksibendi order in Turkey, we are taught that Naksibendi zikir is to be made silently. Why do the Osmanli Naksibendis make loud Zikr? Also, why are you located in the Us and who is your Shaykh? 


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. The Naksibendi murid should not be too much concerned with the method. He must understand the Hikmat behind the method, behind the action. If you don’t understand the Hikma and especially today if you don’t accept the Hikma because you say “No, no, no, no. This is the rule”, in the first place Tarikat and Tasawwuf it is like a tree. It has roots but it keeps growing and it keeps changing according to the situation according to what is needed. The roots are there, the roots never change.

Let me give you one example. The Osmanli Naksibendis, for instance, we have pictures of our Sheykh everywhere, pictures of our Sheykh, pictures of the EvliyaAllah, pictures everywhere. So many different Jamaats and different Tarikats, they don’t understand that because immediately they are saying, “well, there is a law for that and the law is saying pictures are haram”. But you are not understanding the hikmat behind it. Such a way of understanding, we know coming from the Wahabis and we accept because they are like that. But coming from people of Tasawwuf who are not understanding the hikmat behind it, then we say have more intelligence and have more wisdom.

Naksibend means to have the Naks, to have a Naks, to have a seal, to have a what, embroidery, to have a seal, I don’t want to use the word tattoo. The Naks, Naks of who? Of Allah. How you are going to have the Naks of Allah, some people are saying because Allah doesn’t have a face like in creation, so they say the Naks of Allah, we are going to imagine Alif Lam Lam Ha on our heart, just concentrate Allah, Allah, Allah, that is there. But that is again it’s another thing. It is not the real thing. How you are going to have the Naks of Allah if you don’t have the Naks of the Prophet (asws). Correct? You cannot. Again, how are you going to have the Naks of Prophet (asws), the naks on your heart? What, just by concentrating Mim Ha Mim Dal? 

In the old days, in this order, the murid he travels hundreds of miles to go see his Sheykh, to take beyat and because he has so prepared himself, he has so cleaned himself, he is like a bunch of very very dry wood, he is ready. That when he meets his Sheykh, the Sheykh just gives a little bit of a spark the whole bundle of wood just catches into a fire into a flames. Which means that once they are so ready once they see their Sheykh for the first time, they close their eyes, a Naks is already there. And every time they close their eyes they see nothing but their Sheykh, because knowing and understanding their Sheykh is going to lead them to the Prophet and Allah (swt). We are people of protocol. We know that is the protocol. May be they only see their Sheykh one time and never again in their whole life they are going to him, but there is already a Naks. Today’s Murids, we are so weak, we see our Sheykh 24 hours, nothing (Sheykh points to the heart). But we need to see. We need to see (Sheykh points to Sahib ul Saif’s picture). Expecially in these days, when sheytan and dunya made their Naks on our heart every single day. You do something good, you see something very good, next thing you see, you see very bad, all the goodness is taken out, all the Nur is taken out.


So now there is a Hikmat to the way that we are doing things. Understanding that the patient, those who are sick they are not there for the medicine, the medicine is there for the patient. The Sheykh is there, the Sheykh is there not for himself, the Sheykh is there for you, for us. The medicine is for the patient. So now to get that medicine, to fight against all the other sheytanic naks that we are seeing every single day that we are putting in our minds and in our hearts, to have the picture of our Sheykh it is necessary because he is not reminding us of our nafs, of ego, of sheytan, nothing. It’s just of Allah and Prophet (asws).

So now there was a law, silent Zikir. Do you know why there was a law? In the Naksibendi way why the silent Zikir was there? Especially if you put the life of Ahmed Farooqi Sirhindi (ks) Imam ur Rabbani, that he is the what? Grand Sheykh from the Naksibendi order, he is the Mujaddid al Sani, correct? What did he do? The Naksibendi order went to Hind and he cleaned up the whole of India, putting real Islam, real Tasawwuf, taking out all other deviant ways that people still had Islam, they still had Tasawwuf but they made deviation, taking from here taking from there adding things going off all other Tarikats. Because things were so corrupt at that time that Imam ul Rabbani, he says the only way that we can fix this is to put very severe laws in order to save the ummat. I am not saying the silent Zikir is from him but I am trying to make you understand how laws are put. Yes, laws even inside of Tarikat, because people were off they were always singing and dancing. They were off dealing with all sorts of knowledges not from this world, because people were drunk leaving Shariat. Once you leave Shariat no matter how high your station is you don’t have protection. You leave Shariat, no matter how high your station is spiritually you think, if there is no protection  you will fall. That time you are just going to be tricked by sheytan and your ego and you are going to trick people around you.

One of the Sultan ul Evliyah, Sultan ul Evliyah Abdul Khadir Gilani (ks), a vision was given to him, not a vision a reality was given to him when the Ma’idah came, the table filled with food heavenly food after he was doing so much riyadah and so much worship, coming from the Paradises, it looks like. And everything was heavenly food on that mydah on that table but everything was made from gold and other things and voice coming saying, “Oh my servant you have passed your tests now the bounty that we have given to our Prophets we are giving to you. Eat from this heavenly food”. And Hz. Abdul Khadir Gilani (ks), GhousulAzam saying “O you maulun sheytan get the…out of here”. That if anyone of us not a table coming down from gold not food coming down if we just see one light here we get so excited, see one little light there we get so excited. We say “Oh it is Prophet. It is Angel. It is Allah”. What if something like that came to us we will definitely fail the test but he didn’t. He says, “sheytan get the hell out of here”. To say that you have to have certainty because at that station if it is coming from Allah and you say that you have made Shirik right away. How did he know? How did he know that this was coming from sheytan ?because he says Shariat of the Rasulullah (asws), never Prophet (asws) ate from gold and silver when he is here in this world. So when that came to him to eat when he is still in this world he says it must come from sheytan not coming from Allah, meaning there is a Shariat there that protects.

So those at that time there was no Shariat because everyone was Tarikat, Marifat, Hakikat, Sufiyat whatever yat yat yat they have, they can add on. First thing they do they say, “no need of Shariat. No need to pray five times a day. That’s low level. No need to fast. No need to do anything now”. Then once there is no Shariat it becomes very corrupt just like that fruit that does not have a skin, the inside the fruit becomes rotten it needs the skin to cover to protect. So Imam Rabbani (ks) he says, because everyone is deviated so much, in his Dergah, in his order, at that time he was a Grand Sheykh of that order, he says in the Naksibendi way no singing, no dancing no listening to qawwali. Only reading Quran and even the Zikir, you are not going to make the Hadra, it’s going to be a silent Zikir. Because they deviated so much now to bring it back you have to make very strong actions.

Now, what is the Hikmat of this way that we are saying it loudly? Sheykh Effendi had said this so many times. This is not the first time that he says this question. The Hikmat is, this is the Tarikat that all forty Tarikats they are going to come into. This is the Tarikat that all other Tarikats they must come into this way, and this is the Tarikat of Hz Mehdi (as) and Isa (as). And in their time the Tarikat, just the name not the way, the name will change to Tarikat ul Muhammadiyah. It is not that there is no Naksibendi, no. It doesn’t matter because in the Prophet’s time (asws) there was no Naksibendi. There was no Naksibendi. Because Naksibendi is coming from Hz. Abu Bakar Siddique who took it from the Prophet (asws). So this is Tarikat of the Prophet (asws), you understand? It had no name in the time of the Hz. Abu Bakar Siddique. Just to put some label there they call it Siddiqiya. Then it changed to other Grand Sheykh Salman Farsi, Salmaniyah. It changed, it kept changing until the permission and the order came with Shah Naksibend to say now this way that has always not been concerned with names and labels, because the way is most important, now it is necessary. Before it was not necessary, now it is necessary. Now you must change it to Naksibendi order until judgement day. And this is what we are doing.

So the silent Zikir it was necessary then, but now for the time of Mehdi (as) for the time of this dajjalic era, it is necessary now to say a loud Zikir, to pull people. It is not just Naksibendi that is mainly in say India or mainly it is in Turkey, mainly it is here, mainly it is, no. Now it is like the time of the Prophet (asws), it is open to the whole world, now it is open to everyone and for that reason there are people who come, coming from Islamic backgrounds, people who come not from Islamic backgrounds, there are people who have some knowledge, people who don’t have, now it is necessary to have a loud Zikir so that everyone can participate. And everyone participating knowing that the loud Zikir it is necessary for these times because everything in this world now it is very loud, whether visually or verbally or imagistically, everything is very big and very loud but it’s all coming not from Rahman it’s coming from sheytan. To fight against that, because the murids Naksibendis also, so much loudness is coming and it is disturbing the heart. It is not easy to make, the Sheykhs they do silent Zikir of course. But to combat against that loudness against that noise you have to have the voice of Zikrullah that you start changing the way that you are hearing, changing the way that you are moving, changing the way that you are speaking. So it is necessary to have it in a physical way.

Of course we are here in the United States because of the prayers and the wishes and the order of the EvliyaAllah. Islam will rise from the west, the sun is going to rise from the west and the United States will have a very big role to play in the fight against good and evil that is going to come. Don’t look at the present situation. And our Sheykh is SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Al Kibrisi Al RabbaniKhalifah of Sheykh Mewlana Muhammad Nazim Adil Hakkani. We are following him. We have always been following him. He is following Sheykh Mewlana, and he is preparing us for the time of Mehdi (as), to make our today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today, for us in these days of fitnah and dirtiness, to come on top of a mountain, to run away from this dunya and to run away from our ego. But at the same time on the top of a mountain to watch and to bear witness what this world is going through and to look at ourselves, to understand what we are going through and to fix our selves, following the advice of the Prophet (asws) saying “in the AhirZaman don’t run around too much the person who has the most faith is the one who is going to come to the top of the mountain with one sheep and he going to wait and prepare himself until SahibulZaman appears”.

Osmanli Dergah

Our Jamaat is international because our Sheykh he is an Osmanli. And the Osmanlis they were not nationalists. They were just like the Sahab e-Kiram who were international. Because now Islam also and Tasawwuf, it has a beginning, it has a past, it has a present, It also has a future. But so many don’t know that. There is no vision and there is no secret. Understanding now what is our next step, not just personally or as a community, what is the next step of this world. How is the world, what is the world going to enter into and what is our role in that and what we have to do. We are here preparing for that and may Allah accept our weak service.

Our way it is open. Our Dergah it is open for Muslim, Christian, Jew, Believer, Unbeliever, Hindu, Budhist it doesn’t matter. We are here, we are not hating anyone and we are not asking for any power or any violence or any force and anything, we are inviting people to come. You like you come, you don’t like you stay. Welcome to those who come and farewell to those who leave. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al Fateha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmathullah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
8 Zul Qaida 1437
August 11, 2016.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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