Rahmat, Mercy And Compassion Is Lifted In This End Of Time


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Those ones they are running to get this knowledge, there are so many people running to get this kind of knowledge. This is not spirituality. Spirituality has to do with your spirit, how to bring it close to Allah. This is knowledge, it may even be knowledge of the Malaikat, knowledge of the Heavens, but it’s not your knowledge. You are running after it, in these days definitely sheytan will find it easy to pull, because sheytan is supporting dajjal and the dajjal is coming to give this kind of knowledge to people.

First they say no Shariat, no right and wrong, no Amr bil Ma’roof wa Nahi ‘anil Munkar, no. ‘Don’t judge brother. There’s no right or wrong. We have to unite. Haqq and batil has to be together. That time you accept everything. That is love. That is what Allah is, Allah is love. Prophet (asws) is unconditional love.’ Allah has put conditions to love. Allah is the Creator of love. But people are thinking they have more love than Allah and they have more mercy than Allah.  There is a Haqq and there is a Batil and it is clear. Nobody can say, ‘oh, I don’t know. I’m not going to judge. It is okay.’ It is not okay, but of course, up to today’s scholars, everything is okay. Because what the world is saying, it’s okay, they say it’s okay.

So the son of Harun, what is his name? Qarun, taking it and with that knowledge, he is making so much gold and he’s making that golden calf and the golden calf became alive, and Musa (as) having Shariat and Tarikat in his hands, and as the Quran e-Kerim is saying,  what did he do? He threw the Books at them. And he went back to Allah swt and he says ‘Ya Rabbi, my people they are not ready for spirituality.’ Allah gave him Shariat and Tarikat. ‘My people they are not ready for spirituality. Give them Shariat.’ Because the people that their spirits are awake, they don’t need to know what is right and what is wrong. They don’t need for someone to tell them. They don’t need for someone to say, ‘this is law for this, law for this, law for this,’ they know. Because they are close to Allah. They know what pleases Allah and what doesn’t please Allah. Those are the ones that Allah swt said in a Hadiths e-Qudsi, ‘ My servant draws nearer to Me when he performs the supererogatory prayers the, Nafila ibadah.’ Meaning the worship that you do that is not law that is given to you, because it’s force to you, ‘My servant draws nearer to Me.’ He doesn’t need someone to tell him this is the law, you have to do this. His heart is working. When his heart is working, Allah is saying, ‘he will see with My eyes, he will hear with my ears, he will speak with my tongue. I will be the tongue that he speaks with. I will be his ears that he hears. I will be his feet that he walks.’ This is Hadiths e-Qudsi.

Of course today’s Muslims mentality they say, ‘oh, this is shirk. How can Allah be your ear or your tongue.’ Because they are trained, today’s Muslims they are trained to deny everything. Not faith. They are first not taught faith. They are first taught doubt. ‘Question everything. What sameena wa ata’ana? First, question. Question even your parent’s faith. What, they go to Sheykh? Question their faith. That is a shirk. They go and they visit maqams of the Holy people? Question that. In fact, if they do all those things, if they celebrate Maulid, if they do zikr, all this is bida’at. Bida’at will lead to Dalalah and it’s going to enter into Jahannam, so may as well kill them. Kill. qatal wajib. It is wajib to kill because they are doing big wrong.’ That is the mentality of the wahabbis. They didn’t go to kill non-muslims. They didn’t go to kill Jews and Christians and unbelievers. They went first the believers. They went and they stopped the Hajj and they massacred the Hajj, people who were performing the Hajj and the floor of the Ka’ba it was completely wet with blood. Because they say, ‘this people they commit shirk, qatal wajib.’ What else? ‘ If they do any disobedience, they miss their prayer, they don’t fast,  kill them.’ Fatwa after fatwa after fatwa.

The Khalifah cut off their heads but the unbelievers took their heads and buried it. Kept supporting it until the head grew another body and that body, now supported by the unbelievers, cut off the heads of the Muslims, the Khalifah. And now it’s sitting there in the Haramain like a big Jalut, like a big monster, sitting there saying, ‘whatever I build, that thing is representing me. Ka’ba doesn’t represent us. What we need to build? Build as tall building as possible so that the Ka’ba becomes a dwarf and these tall buildings, make them to be sharp like the teeth of a dog.’ And who are they who just built them? They were barefoot and naked before. Turned the deserts to become green, build all these tall buildings, and the slaves, the mistress, the slave is going to give birth to her mistress. Fulfill all the prophecies of the ahir Zaman. 

modern Mecca

This is in our life time. So that people who go to the Ka’aba, ‘yeah, Ka’ba, but you know what, honey? We can stay in the hotel, we can see the Ka’ba there too. We can eat our nice dinner and the Ka’ba is there. SubhanaAllah. I feel so close to the Ka’ba.’ Don’t you know, in Shariat it is forbidden to build anything higher than the Ka’ba? But now you are in the twentieth floor, timeshare, and your Ka’ba is at your feet. Oh, so much knowledge, no barakat. All the sources of power in Mecca and Medina, completely destroyed. What are they? Jannatul Baqi, Jannatul Muala. Completely destroyed until it became just like the time of the Jahiliyyah, just stones here and there, everywhere. So there is no power now coming down. Inside the Ka’ba they ripped everything anyway. The put Italian marble inside. But Muslims love it. They say, ‘SubhanaAllah. Look at this technology. Now we show them that we have technology. We have power.’

And Muslims are contributing to the destruction of Mecca and Medina, that all the Sultans from the time of Hz Abu Bakar as-Siddique (ra), from the time of the first Khalifah, from the time of the Ummawis, to the Abbassids,  to the Ottoman Sultans that they have built and built and built, they took everything away and they throw it to garbage. They say there is no such thing as Tabarruk. Tabarruk, what they find from their own mushrik ancestors, if they find something that predates Islam, they say, ‘oh, this is great.’ They put it in museum, they touch it, they clean it very nicely, they put it nice behind glass, people go there to make ziyaret. But anything from the time of the Holy Prophet (asws) they finish. This hatred  of the Prophet (asws) is not ahle sunnah. Impossible. It’s impossible.

They say, ‘no, love the Prophet (asws) and you are going to start to worship him.’ We loved him. Fourteen hundred years, in every Muslim country, give me one instance that one Muslim said that Muhammad (asws) is Allah.  This is another miracle. Because you deny the Prophet, you deny your rahmat. There is no rahmat in this world anymore. There is no compassion. There is no mercy. There is no mercy, how you can be sitting there enjoying all the luxury, performing Umrah or Hajj, knowing that there are hundreds and thousands of your fellow Muslims from Holy lands, from Holy lands, Shams is a Holy land that Prophet (asws) praised, that they become refugees and they have nothing. How does that sit with you? ‘Well, what are we going to do?’ Feel something. ‘I cannot change.’ You cannot change it, change it with your tongue. If not, at least in your heart. No heart. Heartless Muslims have become. Heartless.  So what if you can afford it? What system are you supporting? Oh, that dajjalic system.  Yeah, and we are seeing the result.

We have to have a heart. We have to feel. We just finished the Ramazan. It’s supposed to make us to feel, how hungry people are, how poor people are. Majority, they don’t feel it. They say they feel, because right after the sun set, they jump into their banquets and feasts and luxuries. Don’t let me get started on how much food is wasted during Ramazan, in Muslim restaurant, hmm? How much it is wasted state wide. Now we are going to enter into the time of Hajj, that’s why we are speaking about this. This is reminder for you and for me. This is real. We are not making stuff up. Maybe we should just finish trying to listen to the hadiths of the Prophet (asws), talking about the time of hajj. You know that hadiths? What is the Prophet (asws) saying? (Murid answers:) ‘In the end of time, the rich will go to Hajj as a vacation, the scholars will go to hajj to show off their knowledge,  and the middle class people will go to Hajj for their business and the poor they will go there to beg.’ That those who go, only a handful of their Hajj is going to be accepted. This is the state of the ahir Zaman. This is for you and for me. I’m not saying we are exempt. Everyone of us. It’s for you and for me. Because the believer, he fears from Allah. The believer, he hopes in Allah. The believer does not only have hope from Allah. He fears Allah. It is between hope and fear.

Nobody is teaching fear this days. Because the jamaat doesn’t like it. If they hear something the Imam is speaking they don’t like it, next general meeting, they bring him down. ‘Bring another imam that we pay that they can speak what we want to hear. Speak spiritual matter, nice safe things. Not anything that is going to cause you to wake up and to understand. Praise us.’ We should be careful. The fitnah of dajjal, it is very very very great. We are living in the time of the fitnah of dajjal. If you think, ‘no, no, no, no. Dajjal is not touching me.’ You are living, like they say, in La La land. Because the Sahaba e-Kiram they fear from that and Prophet (asws) is saying, everyone is going to be tested, even the ones in their graves are going to be tested. ‘What test? Everything is okay, Hoja Effendi. What do you mean? I have my Sheykh, I have my Allah. My Prophet is never going to allow you to do that.’ So you find yourself exempt from that hadiths, it doesn’t concern you. Be careful. That is showing arrogance and that is showing foolishness.

The fitnah of dajjal is very great in these days. This is important. To save our faith and our religion from this fitnah. This is what our Sheykh is concentrating on. If you like, take. If you don’t like, leave. Welcome to those who come, farewell to those who leave. As you like. WaminAllahu Taufiq, al-Fatiha.

A. Hoja florida

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
10  Zul Qaida 1437
August 13, 2016.

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