You said that we should not analyze things by ourselves, or else Sheytan would be directing us. How do I avoid this trap?


Question: You mentioned in the Khutbah that we should not analyze things by ourselves, or else, even though we have a Sheykh, in reality Sheytan would be directing us. How do I know that I don’t fall in this trap?

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You need to be in Sohbet with your Sheykh. Being in Sohbet just doesn’t mean you are going to sit down in front of your computer one hour a week that is your Sohbet. To be in Sohbet with your Sheykh means, now, that he is going to be with you, through your days, through your hours, through your moments. Because being in Sohbet with your Sheykh, to be with your Sheykh there spiritually, it is teaching you, now, how to have Taqwa. It is teaching you that the Prophet (asws), he is everywhere, he is inside of us and he is giving us warning, he is Hazir and Nazir. Warning us meaning guiding us, understand? So, you have to be in Sohbet with your Sheykh.Which means that if a certain situation comes, for example you have a bad habit, wrong habit, and you want to get rid of it, you are now going to understand, from what you’ve heard from your Sheykh, what you’ve seen and what you’ve experienced, now you’re going to put your Sheykh in front of you and that bad habit and you’re going to try to get rid of it.

You’re not going to look at that habit and say, ‘it’s nothing.’ You are not going to look at the bad habit and say, ‘so what?’ You’re going to say, ‘this is wrong that I’m doing and I’m asking for forgiveness.’ And you’re going to move on. You’re going to do something wrong, run to do something right. You’re going to fix it. So, you’ll know what to do. The problem is, will your ego let you to do it? More that you are in Sohbet, more you understand how to control the ego.

Now, you have all the answers, but it is difficult to do, to put the answers into your life. No, no, no, it is not difficult to put the answers into your life, your ego is making it difficult, the Dunya and Sheytan, and hawa, then, you need to understand, what is this ego, and how it tricks. And for that, time and again you have to be in Sohbet, yes, with your Sheykh, but also in Sohbet with the mureeds, with the believers. So that whatever that you are getting, whatever that you are experiencing by yourself, you are not taking it to an extreme. Now you are going to see, what is the ijma, what is the consensus, what is everyone doing. Now, for example, I know when I said those words, some people they’re going to take it to an extreme, they say, ‘now, don’t use your brain. Sheykh Effendi is saying don’t think. Ah, it’s forbidden now. You cannot think…’

This is for mureeds. I’m being really simple now. Cleaning. Clean, clean, clean, clean, all the time. We have to be clean. But there is a way of cleaning. There is a way of cleaning according to the Prophet (asws) too. There is a way of cleaning according to other people. There is a way of cleaning according to the unbelievers. You enter to the bathroom and you clean yourself. There are so many different ways of cleaning. But we are following the way of Allah and His Prophet and we are following the Prophet’s way. What is our Sheykh teaching us? The Prophet’s way.

Now, we cannot say, ‘well, it makes more sense for me to do it like this or differently,’ say, for example, astarghfirullah, ‘instead of using this hand, I’m going to use this hand, or something.’ Or, ‘I’m going to change, instead for using this, I’m going to use this,’ that time, when you do something like that, it is forbidden because you’re starting to think with your ego. You’re not thinking with your Sheykh’s thoughts, with your Sheykh’s intelligence. That time it is forbidden. You see something and you say, ‘ok, do I know how this is done? What did the Prophet say (asws), how to handle this situation? What did our Sheykh say?’ You try to find, you cannot find. Then, you may connect yourself to your Sheykh, and you may do something. Especially if you are around mureeds, then you say, ‘well, I’ve seen someone do something like that, so I’m going to follow.’


This is what sunnat means. So, that time, you are going to do it. But if you know what Allah is saying, what His Prophet is saying, what your Sheykh they are saying to do it, and you don’t want to do it, you want to do it differently, and you don’t have a good excuse, but you want to do it because it’s easier, because your ego is telling you to do it, that time it is forbidden for you to do it. That time, it is going to lead you to the wrong direction, even if you are inside this Tarikat, inside this Jamaat.

So many times, when we do something wrong here, so many times we do it, not so many times, every time, it’s wrong because we didn’t do as Sheykh Effendi says it should be done, and Sheykh Effendi is teaching us what the Prophet (asws) is teaching us. So every time it goes wrong is because we’re not listening to what Sheykh Effendi is saying. I’ve never seen anyone they do something according to what Sheykh Effendi is saying and then it becomes bad.

Sometimes, you’re going to take Sheykh Effendi’s words too literally, you’re going to apply it to the wrong way because, again, you’re following it stubbornly, according to you. Your Sheykh is, yes, he is your Sheykh, but he has so many people underneath him, so many people around him, then he says, like a doctor, doctor is going to say, ‘I’m the doctor, but I have so many doctors under me and I have so many nurses and head nurses, you are going to listen to them,’ you cannot say, ‘I’m not going to listen to them, I’m only going to follow the doctor.’ So, you are going to see, other people they are doing it like this, ‘ok, like that, I’m going to follow.’ Then it is going to be easier, insya’Allah.

So, thinking, how you are going to do this, I’ve already said, you have to be in Sohbet, you have to be in the presence, the huzur, of the Sheykh, in the Jamaat, even if you are very far away, you are going to remember, you are going to put and you are going to make it alive. You’re not going to make it dead.

Alhamdulilah, we have people even if they are alone in their own countries, they’re making their own Dergah. They’re using their own rooms. It’s not the first time, so many times this has happened, they’re sitting there, we say, ‘good, prepare yourself, it’s ok. You’re going to feel that you’re alone. You’re not alone. Sheykh Effendi is sending so many other ones to you, so many other ones to you all the time.And, as much as you are holding on to us, then that time, it is going to be easy. Your faith, it is going to be easier, and you are going to taste it. insya’Allah, may Allah make it easy for us. Selam Aleykum.

We are holding tightly to our Ottoman ancestor

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
  30 Zul Qaida 1437
September 2, 2016.
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