This Religion Is Standing Strong Through The Sacrifices of The Holy Ones


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Our knowledge next to their knowledge is nothing but a drop in their oceans. So we are asking him, our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, to send us something, to be with us, something that is going to give us benefit, to raise our spirit, to make us to become stronger against to Sheytan and this dunya, this ego and our hawa, to come closer to Allah and His beloved ones, InsyaAllah.

We just finished the Kurban, Eid ul-Adha, that is commemorating not only the sacrifice of Ismail (a.s.) but the life of sacrifices of Hz Ibrahim (a.s.) and connecting directly from Ismail (a.s.) to the Holy Prophet (asws). Because Hz Ismail (a.s.) is the result of the dua of Hz Ibrahim, that Hz Ibrahim (a.s.) is going to be the father of over seventy thousand Prophets. Yes, that was his responsibility, that was his duty, and especially the father or the grandfather of the last Prophet (asws), that seventy thousand prophets were given to his other son, Hz Ishaq (a.s.), that so many they are making mistake and confusion saying the sacrifice is Ishaq. It is not Ishaq. It is Ismail that is his first son. Even the Bible is saying that. Ah, people say. Doesn’t matter. Let them to say.

And, now, the ninth of Dhul Hijjah, correct? What is the month after Dhul Hijjah? Muharram and the tenth of Muharram. We’re looking, almost thirty-odd days, we are going to witness, now, on the tenth of Muharram, on the day of Ashura, that one of the many events that has taken place in this world, one of the events is the event of Karbala, on the day of Ashura. But like I said, that day of Ashura, it’s not the only event that happened on that day. On the day of Ashura, Adam (a.s.) was forgiven and he was reunited. On the day of Ashura, Suleiman (a.s.), his kingdom was returned to him. On the day of Ashura, the Bani Israel they were saved from the cruelty and the tyranny of Firaun. There’s so many other events with so many other Prophets. Idris (a.s.), Isa (a.s.). Every Prophet, almost, that is a very major event that happens. That is the day, especially, the day of forgiveness. But that is also the day that Hz Husain, with over seventy of his family members, they were martyred and they were sacrificed. It has so many secrets. Now, we look from one sacrifice, thirty days ago, to another sacrifice.

If we look at the lives of all the Prophets, it is nothing but sacrifice. If you look at the lives of all the Prophets, regular people are going to say, ‘this is the worst life ever.’ Regular people are going to say, including Muslims they are going to say, ‘this is a cursed life. They know nothing but misery and torture and pain and suffering.’ But that’s the life of every Prophet because Allah swt has reserved them for Him. For Him and for Ahirat.

Karbala happened. Number one, we are people who believe in Amantu. Amantu billahi wa mala’ikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi al-yaum al-akhiri wa al-qadri khayrihi wa sharrihi min Allah ta’ala… We are the people who believe in Allah, the Angels, the Books. We are also a people who believe in the destiny, good and bad, it is coming with the knowledge or with the permission of Allah swt. Now, the day of Karbala, it was destined. And if mankind is still not understanding, if Muslims are still not understanding how Allah, despite, yes, the betrayal of Muslims on the Ahlul Bayt, let’s not talk about too much, now, what Ahlul Bayt means. Ahlul Bayt, people of the house, people of the house of the Prophet (asws), who lived the life of the Prophet, and the Prophet was the greatest martyr.He was a martyr, that those ones who are following in his footsteps, those ones who belong to his house, they live their lives filled with sacrifices, and majority of them, they go as martyrs. But they never complain. They never say, ‘why?’, they never want revenge. They never say to Allah, ‘now, we want our justice.’ Because they understand. Because everything that they’re doing, their lives and their properties, their wives, their children, everything, Inna salati wa nusuki wa mahyaya wa mamati…’ Their prayers, their ibadat, their lives and their deaths are only for Allah. That is the prayer of Hz Ibrahim (a.s.) and we are the millet of Hz Ibrahim.

That’s why the people of this nation, we are not afraid to die for Allah. And, the role models of that, the first ones to be our role models is the Ahle Bayt. To show the sacrifice, that they are sacrificing themselves for the nation now. Allah swt, through His extreme Mercy, He could have put a very heavy punishment on the nation because of that. Correct? But, don’t think that those ones who betrayed Hz Husain they are not being punished. Up till today they’re still punishing themselves. Up till today, they are still beating themselves up and hurting themselves and bleeding. But the understanding, there, of Karbala is also something that, InsyaAllah, one day we are going to go deeper into.

Because Hz Husain, he was following the footsteps of his grandfather, the Holy Prophet (asws). He was making Hijjrah. He was not challenging the authority. He was making Hijjrah. Although people wanted him to challenge and said, ‘we support you,’ he knows. He was not a young man in his twenties or his thirties when he made that Hijjrah. He was a man filled with experience in life and understanding people’s character, but there was a bigger secret to where he was moving. He wasn’t just moving to, say, Karbala. He was moving to somewhere else because the Prophets, they have a vision.

The Prophets, they are not looking at their lives for five, ten years, for one, two generations. They have a vision and that vision is a vision of Allah. And everything is preparing for the Ahir Zaman. And their migration was also in preparation for the Ahir Zaman. But so many other things happened there, people that we know and we don’t know. So many other things that we accept and we don’t accept, we may not open it so much, because people are not going to accept things. Now, the lesson for us is understanding now, that there is more responsibility for us, as the Ummat of the Holy Prophet (asws). There is more responsibility for us to live up to the prayer of our father Hz Ibrahim, ‘our lives and our deaths are only for You.’

That responsibility is placed more heavily on this nation. And if we look to the history of our nation, from Badr to Canakkale, this religion is standing strong through the sacrifices of these Holy ones. Where are we in this? This is our question. Where are we in this? What is our sacrifice? What, we think, we are praying five times a day, that is sacrifice? We’re fasting one month a year. That is sacrifice? We’re going to the Hajj, that is sacrifice? What kind of Hajj? The Hajj that the authorities they are making every year they are charging more and more and more? That people are saying, right after the oil revenue, the revenue from the Hajj it is the biggest revenue, profit that they’re making. That you’re going against to what Holy Prophet (asws) is doing. You are going back to the Jahiliyya days, O Arabs, because you’re only making Hajj for the rich people. Poor people, you’re kicking them away.

So, we are in preparation of the Ahir Zaman. So, what sacrifice are we doing now? What is our sacrifice? What, we’re praying, we’re fasting, we’re going to Hajj, this is a sacrifice to Allah? It is not a sacrifice to Allah. As Allah swt had asked Musa (a.s.), ‘what have you done for Me, ya Musa?’ Musa (a.s.) said the same things. ‘I pray, I fasted, I paid Zakat, I went to the Hajj.’ Of course Musa (a.s.) did that. In his own Shariat, in his own way, every Prophet did that. And Allah swt says, ‘no ya Musa. Everything that you’ve described, it is only for you. You ‘re doing it only for you, not for Me. The prayer, it is cleaning you. It is not for Me. The Zakat, it is cleaning your wealth and is going to give you more wealth. It is not for Me. Everything, it is for you, it is not for Me.’ ‘Then, what can I do for You, ya Rabbi?’ and Allah swt is saying, ‘love whom I love and leave those ones whom I leave.’

Ah, now, if we love those whom Allah loves, we’re looking at their example. Now, when we look at the Holy Prophet’s example, the Ahlul Bayt’s example, they are our role models and our lives should model after them. This is the meaning of that. And when the Muslims, we are fearing death and we have Hubud dunya, this is the end. It’s finished. This is exactly what is happening.

There is a Hadiths. Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘I fear for my nation. One day is going to come, one day is going to come where the enemies are going to come to their sofra and the enemies are going to come like wild animals to tear at their sofra,’ sofra meaning the empire, the people, the ummat, our resources. ‘Everything that the Muslims have, unbelievers are going to come to tear that to pieces.’ And the Sahabi e- Kiram are saying, ‘ya Rasulullah, is it because we are going to be so less?’ he says, ‘no. In fact, you are going to be more.’ ‘Is it because we don’t have people to support us?’ ‘You have people.’ ‘Is it because we don’t have resources?’ I’m paraphrasing to say they are asking him, what is the reason? He says, ‘no. We are going to be a people that is going to be so vast in numbers, so deep in our pockets, we have so much wealth, so much resources, technology, everything. Name it. But still the enemy is going to attack us and finish us off.’ And they asked him, ‘what is the reason for that?’ and he said, ‘because they hate death and they love this world. The fear of death, the hatred of death, and the Hubud Dunya.’


If you look at the examples of the Prophets and the Ahlul Bayt, we are going to shift our lives. And the Ashura is entering ten days after the new year. We finish the year with sacrifice and we begin the year with sacrifice. The person who is understanding just this alone, his life is going to turn around and he’s going to look at his problems, he’s going to look at his desires, he’s going to look at his aim and he’s going to reorient that. That is a compass now. When we stop using the Prophets as compasses, then that time, the dunya is going to guide us. Our desire is going to guide us, sheytan will guide us, our ego will guide us and they will guide us to Jahannam. Here and hereafter. May Allah make us to wake up and to understand, may Allah forgive me and bless you InsyaAllah. Wa min Allahu Taufiq, al Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
  13 Zul Hijja 1437
September 15, 2016.
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