How do we have more belief in our Shaykh that they will make things easier for us?



Question: How do we have more belief in our Shaykh that they will open things up for us and make things easier?

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Those are two different things, too. It’s like you are asking for more belief in our Sheykh so that whatever you want will be easy and will open up for you. So your belief in your Sheykh has a condition. How do I have more belief so that things will open up for me and so that things will be easier for me? What’s wrong with just believing in your Sheykh because he’s representing haqq? So, it means that if things don’t become easy for you, if things don’t open up for you, your faith in your Sheykh is going to lessen? So if thing don’t work out for you so well, your faith in the Prophet, your faith in Allah is going to lessen? The Prophets, they lived such difficult lives, yet their faith is the strongest. They never asked for this world. But if we‘re thinking like this, if the Prophets were to think like this, Astaghfirullah, then there would be no faith. Now, we come to a question, why do you want to believe in a Sheykh? So many people, they believe in the Sheykh because they believe that the Sheykh can answer their prayers. I am not saying this is wrong, I am just saying what it is. The Sheykh is there to answer their wishes, just like in the west, they have fairy god mothers. So it is still bound by superstition, like Santa Claus. This is exactly the kind of understanding that Hz Rabia wanted to destroy, that she says, ‘I want to burn Paradise and I want to put out the fires of hell because people are only worshiping Allah for paradise, love of paradise, and they are only worshiping Allah for fear of hell, but they are not loving Allah and worshiping Him because He deserves to be worshiped.’

So, it’s time for us to think back a little bit, what is our relationship, what kind of a master is that, who is not going to know what his servant needs, that his servant has to beg and ask him for him to give? Allah is such a Master? Hasha Astaghfirullah. He is the Most Generous. In fact, He’s said, ‘I’ve created your provisions thousands of years before I created you.’ Provisions mean what we need to sustain ourselves. So, again, what is the reason of our creation? The reason of our creation is to live in this world and to ask Allah for the best of this world and to ask Allah for the best of the hereafter, that is the reason of our creation? That is a dua, but what is the reason? And what is the best of this world according to the Prophets and the best of the hereafter according to the Prophets? And what is the best of this world according to the munafiqs and what is the best of this world according to the munafiqs? Same words, different people, completely different understanding, correct or no?

So, again, whose glasses are you using, whose vision are you using? If you’re using the vision of the munafiqs or egoistic people or Ahle Dunya, the best of this dunya is everything that the ego wants, that is the best. Is that what the Prophets meant, asking for the best of this dunya? Or, maybe, they meant, asking for the best of this dunya to take what is necessary for our faith, what is not necessary we don’t want it, because it will take our faith away, this dunya will swallow us. That is the best, because the Prophets, they don’t speak something that don’t practice, and look at their lives, that’s exactly what it is. And what did the Prophets, when they speak about the Akhirat, what do they want from the Akhirat? Do the Prophets speak that they want palaces, that they want paradises, that they want huris, that they want this and they want that? What do they want? They speak about such things, yes; to those that paradise means that. But when they speak about the hereafter, what did they speak about? Allah. Allah.

So, that is the best of the hereafter. Oh, the Alims and the Ulamas of this world. Because they are in the pocket of the regimes of these people of tyranny and the people of dunya, they said, ‘No, the best of this world means all the luxury that you imagine you must run to get, it is sanctioned by religion. This kind of thinking that just enough, just okay, just…. This kind of thinking is backward, this is what brought Islam down, the Muslims to fall back.’ Allah, Allah. Until how long do they think we are going to be idiots, to believe in this kind of rhetoric? Until how long? Until how long are you are going to tell us that the Wahhabi poison is the fault of the Muslims? Until how long? Until how long are you going to tell us that this Isis-Misis, terrorism memorism is because of the Muslims and because of Islam? How long? How long you think we are going to believe it?

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We are not going to believe it because it is not the truth. Islam had cut of those kinds of evil heads. The Muslims and the Khalifah. But who made them to come out to divide the Ummat? How long do you think we are going to be drowned in this kind of ignorance? So yes, this is the result of, also, sincerity. You will not get tricked, you understand? You do not allow yourself to get tricked by yourself, by your ego. So, when someone speaks, when you hear something, when they print something, when the news is out there, you will understand the truth behind it, because you see with the vision of Allah, the believer sees with the Nur of Allah, he doesn’t get tricked. May we always be surrounded by those ones Insya’Allah.

We are trying to be candidates of those ones, we are not. Like I said, we want to be in their Jama’at, in their sohbet, Insya’Allah, so we can learn from them how they are doing things, we can copy a little bit then we can get some idea, some feeling, some faith in that.

May Allah forgive me. Wa min Allahu Taufiq, Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
21 Zul Hijja 1437
September 23, 2016.
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