Safety is only in being under the feet of the Holy ones



May Allah accept, for the sake of tonight, for the sake of our Sheykh, the Holy ones and the Prophet (asws), to accept all our zikr that we have made since the past year. We are not claiming anything, our zikr is not worth to be offered to Divine Presence, but with the himmet of our Sheykh and our Grandsheykh and the Holy ones, insya’Allah, it may be included with their remembrance of Allah, and that way, we will be in safety.

Safety is only in being under the feet of the Holy ones. If you are outside from the feet of the Holy ones, your ego will step on you. Your sheytan will step on you. This Dunya will crush you, definitely, and the desires are going to crush you. If we are not under the feet of the Holy ones, we’re going to be in very big trouble, because under their feet is under the protection and in these days, that is all that we are looking for. Just protection. Protect our faith, the most important thing. Don’t look so much how to protect the dunya. This dunya is passing and every day, things are getting worse. Protect our faith, it is the most important thing. Run to the areas where there is faith. Run to the people who are trying to carry that faith. Run to the people who are running to be under the feet of the Holy ones. Run away from those who are not believing in Holy people. Run away from them because they are under the feet of their ego and definitely sheytan is going to crush you too if you follow.

We must make in our hearts, at least, very clearly what is Haqq and what is batil, not to accept anything that is batil. We cannot change with our hands, we cannot change with our tongue so many wrong things that is happening in this world right now. Don’t worry. The Owner of the Time, the Owner of Help will come. But he’s going to look to those ones who have clarity in their hearts. He’s going to look to those ones who have the separation of Haqq and batil in their hearts. He’s not going to be with those ones who have confusion in their hearts, confusing Haqq for batil and batil for Haqq. Never forget, Hz Mehdi (as) is going to come to bring the Furqan, he’s going to come to separate. Because right now, everything is in duhan, everything is in heavy clouds, dark clouds, clouds of sorrow. Fitnah it is everywhere because it is the tool of Dajjal, to teach us nothing but confusion. And those agents, those ones who are speaking for confusion and are making the Muslims not to believe that there is a Haqq or there is a batil but to believe that everything is relative, everything is okay as long as there is love in your heart, everything is going to be okay. It is not okay. Only love to Allah is acceptable. Not love to your ego. Not love to sheytan, not love to this dunya, not love to our desires. Only love to Allah and those ones whom Allah loves, we will find safety. Never forget Hz Mehdi (as) is going to come and he’s going to cut off the heads of, first, seventy thousand scholars, in Islam. Because seventy thousand scholars in Islam, they are teaching the Ummat only to go to the wrong side. Speaking from both sides of their mouth, speaking from a split tongue. Speaking under the feet of the tyrants, speaking under their protection.

We cannot change them. Mehdi (as) will. But we must know what is right or wrong in our hearts. And we must hold on to those ones who are making the separation. We have no hatred for no one. We have no fight with no one. What we have hatred for and fight is tyranny. Zulm. Oppression. Taking away the rights of people. And the first one that we are going to look that takes away the rights of people, it is ourselves. ‘What have I done today, what did I do the last year that I took  the rights of people, that I took, first, the rights of my Lord?’ Our Lord has rights. Listen carefully. Our Prophet has rights. The Awliya Allah, they have rights on us. But the selfish 21st century arrogant and stubborn Muslim only look to his rights. We must look to see how we have fulfilled the rights of our Lord. Don’t look to see how our ego’s rights must be fulfilled. You like some things in Islam but you don’t like other things in Islam, huh? That is, yes, definitely between you and Allah. But once you say, ‘well, this is my decision, this is not a wrong or right decision, this is just my decision,’ and you are making the whole world to be witness to that and you’re pulling people away from what is Haqq and batil, that time, be careful.

Be careful because if you don’t know what is right or wrong in your heart, you don’t have faith that time. Faith is not just believing in Allah. Faith is not just believing in Allah, Amantu billahi wa mala’ikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi. What does it mean to believe in Allah if you believe you like some things about Allah and you don’t like other things about Allah? And instead of saying, ‘yes, I am too weak to carry; I cannot do that,’ you say, ‘so what? So what? I’m like that, I want to, Allah will understand.’ Yeah, Allah understands very much. Allah understands that either you speak from His Will or you speak from the will of your nafs. Allah makes it very clear for everyone to understand that too. No one on Judgment Day is going to come to the Presence of Allah swt and to say, ‘well, I have been tricked, I don’t know.’ Everybody knows. You cannot even say ‘sheytan did it,’ because sheytan is only whispering to us. Do you think your Lord is not speaking to you? Do you think your Prophet is not speaking to you, the Angels are not speaking to you? Do you think the Awliya Allah they are not screaming at you at every moment to say, ‘turn back to the right way, turn back. Don’t look to your nafs as your kibla. Don’t look to this world and what this world is saying today what is right and what is wrong as your guide, your direction, your kibla. Look to those ones that are only looking straight to Allah, to the Prophet, to the Awliya Allah, even if it kills you. Even if it hurts you. It will hurt you, it only hurts your nafs, it will not hurt your spirit.

Go according to the whims and the trends and the fashion of today, of this world, of this world’s morality, go with that. But you’re not going to find a good end to that, because this world, once you understand that this world is an enemy, we are going to start distrusting what this world is saying. But this world has become our best friend. This world, we have fallen in love with it. We should not. We should understand what is this world now. and if you look with a glimpse of how the Awliya Allah looks to this world, you don’t want to live even for one more second. You say, ‘Ya Rabbi, everywhere I turn, it is nothing but oppression and evil and corruption and disobedience, and I am part of it. Take me away from this world.’ But if you still look to this world, it is so beautiful, it is so nice, that means you are living in a bubble. Yes, because you live here, I’m not even going to say because you live here and you are not living in, say, Syria or Kashmir or Palestine. No need to look. Because people have no heart anymore. They are seeing this everyday but nothing is moving them. Thank Allah that we are not living across the proverbial train tracks, the more needful people, living here in our town, in our city, in our country. Thank Allah, if we are not being shukr, if we are not making enough shukr, if we are not being in the state of shukr, it will lead us to shirk. Because when we are not thanking our Lord Allah swt, we start thinking that we are the ones who are going to make our fate, we are the one that is going to make something out of nothing, we are the one who is going to make this world to be what we want it to be. Once we do that, we are pushing aside the Owner of this world.

Sheykh pray for the ummat

May Allah take away the love of this world from our hearts. May Allah put this world in our hands. May Allah put this world under our feet, but may Allah not put it in our hearts. May Allah forgive me and bless you, insya’Allah. We are asking that this ummat will wake up. We are asking that this ummat will wake up. We are asking for this ummat to wake up and we are asking for the one with Divine power to come, to correct the imbalance that has been in this world for so long, to bring back justice, to bring back knowledge, to bring back mercy and compassion. Because all these are missing from today, missing in this world today. And we are asking, Ya Rabbi, we want to start it with us. Grant us more mercy, grant us more compassion, grant us more knowledge Ya Rabbi, grant us more understanding so that we will understand what is Haqq and batil and to be always with the one who is defenders of truth, not those ones who are keeping quiet because their mouth are shut, not to be those ones who are keeping quiet while their pockets are full. Not to be those ones who are keeping their mouth quiet because their heart shake when they speak.

May Allah not test us, grant us strength and grant us protection. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Evliya and SahibulSaif. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum Warahmatullahi wabarakatu. Welcome to you. This much is enough, insya’Allah. Happy new year. We need to know what is our past year for us to look forward to this new year. We are asking Allah for us not to repeat the wrong things that we did and for more forgiveness, insya’Allah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
1 Muharram 1438
October 2, 2016.
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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