Karbala: Lesson of Betrayal and Sacrifice


Hoja Effendi on Ashura

We are not claiming that we are the only ones who have Haqq. Never we are claiming that. Everyone has Haqq in them. Everyone does. Muslims have Haqq. You think the non Muslims they don’t have truth in them? Of course they do. But it is a matter of how that Haqq is going to have power or not. Are you going to give the Haqq power or you are going to give the batil power? So everyone has Haqq in them.

We are saying, we are claiming that we are Haqqanis, stand up for the truth, defenders of the Truth. If you defend, you have to have power and you have to have the braveness against to what this whole world is saying, to say that we are going to do the opposite.  Like what we said earlier, there is the way of Haqq and there is the way of batil. If batil is showing love in a certain way, Haqq should not. Haqq must not. Otherwise the people who are looking for Haqq but they are being surrounded by batil, they are going to get very mix signal. Then they would not know. Because the fact is, batil will always try to look like Haqq.  Haqq never should try to look like batil. If the Haqq tries to look like batil, there is something wrong there. Like  I said, there’s some corruption there. So identity is very important. And the identity of Hazreti Huseyn was very distinct at that time. His identity was very different. He was walking away. That was his destiny. That was what was written for him. And that was what the secret was put at that time until today that was given for this ummat to take. What is that? Two things.

Two things that with the Karbala it is showing. One, it is showing betrayal. That is a lesson for us, all of us. Don’t think that we don’t have that or we are free from that. We are not. Like what we spoke about earlier, our way in this Tarikat it is to have certainty. But in order to have certainty you have to have the power to get rid of all uncertainty from your heart. In order to get rid of that uncertainty, you must always be suspicious of your faith. If you are certain of your faith, that is the time sheytan and your ego will fool you.  This way it is teaching us, in order to have certainty you must look for the suspicious things that is in your faith and to get rid of them. We must be suspicious of our faith. As a Saint has said, ‘Only a believer will think that he is a hypocrite. And only a hypocrite will think that he is a believer.’ Of course it is very easy to think this way, it is very hard to follow a teacher and a guide who is going to tell you this way to you. Everyone can sit down theoretically, ‘yeah, yeah, I’m a very bad one. I’m a hypocrite, I’m the worse one, I’m the worse one.’ But if you have someone tell them, ‘you know what? You are an idiot.’ ‘What do you mean I’m an idiot?’ ‘You are a donkey.’ ‘I’m not a donkey!’ Oh, the ego then rise up to Sidratul Muntaha.

Who is our role model in this? Of course Holy prophet (asws) who is teaching us that the root of this evil it is not sheytan, it is our ego, it is our nafs. So dangerous was our nafs that he says, ‘Ya Rabbi, do not leave me in the hands of my nafs, in the hands of my ego even for the blink of an eye.’ But who is our role model of sincerity? Who was that one that he did everything for the sake of Allah and for the sake of Islam, for the sake of the Prophet (asws) but still he was unsure of his faith.

Before the Holy Propet (asws) pass, he gave a list of the munafiqs to one companion. A list of the munafiqs, all the hypocrites that was hidden amongst his sahabis. You think Prophet (asws) did not know? You think the high level Sahabis they also did not know? They know. But they have lutuf. They have subtlety. Now this Sahabis he was given the charge saying, ‘don’t release this name. you have no permission to say, until I pass.’ When word got around that this particular Sahabi he had the list of all the munafiqs, the first one to go up to him, to ask him, was Hazreti Umar (ra). He went and he says, ‘tell me, am I on that list?’ The Sahabi looked at him and smiled and said, ‘I cannot tell you ya Umar.’ He said, ‘Tell me.’ ‘I don’t have permission to tell you.’

Uh, today’s muslims? no one is going to question their sincerity. Everyone thinks they are in Sidratul Muntaha. Everyone thinks they are safe. That’s why they like conferences but they don’t like sohbet. Because conferences, where you pay money, where everyone is paid money, no one is going to tell you that you are a hypocrite and to watch out for the hypocrisy. They are going to give you handouts. They are going to give you a book and book signing, to make you feel very nice. It’s just like Comic-con.  Just like that. But Hz Umar (ra) he was afraid. He did everything, but he asked, ‘am I on that list?’ because only a believer  will think that he is a hypocrite. And only a hypocrite will think that he is a believer.

Our Kalimah is saying, ‘La ilaha ilallah’ non-stop. Because that Ilah appears to us non-stop. That’s why we have to say it.  If we are going to say, saying that, if we have the correct aqidah, Allah is only One. Then why Allah swt is saying, ‘falamanahu Lailaha ilallah,’ from the time of say the Holy Prophet  to now, 1438 years have passed, never those words of La ilaha ilallah is going to finish, never people is going to stop saying it. More we say, more blessings is going to come to us. More nearness is going to come to us. More He is going to polish our heart. because we accumulate this ilahs, just as in the first jahilliyah they accumulate all the ilahs around the Ka’aba. Now, it is time for us to clean this Ka’aba from the ilahs that are around it. Now it is the time for us to get rid of this throne of Allah from other things and other ilahs that we have put there.


It is very fashionable now for everyone to be celebrating Ashura. I’m saying it’s  a fashionable because five year ago, hardly. Ten years ago, you cannot even say. Fifty years ago, they say if you do that, which is not so good by saying this, I’m not supporting this, saying, if you do that they say you are Shia.

Yes, Ahle sunnah, we have always remembered Ashura, especially the Ottomans and especially the Naksibendis. In a time when the Ottoman state was at war with the Safavids, when the time of Ashura came, when most of the other Tarikats that is very strongly holding on to Hz Ali, but because of the politics that was going on at that time, they withdraw themselves, the Naksibendi Sheykhs when to the ad medan and the would recite the poem praising Hz Huseyn and the martyrs of Karbala. Because they are not afraid. Because our rights on Hz Huseyn is more than those ones. Because we understand that two things we have to take from the event of Karbala. One, that we mentioned: betrayal. To look out for betrayal. It is a warning from that time until now that there will always be betrayal especially in this ummat. Watch out for it. And every lost, every failure and every humiliation that has fallen to this ummat, it is because of betrayal. It is not because we have less or we know less. It is because of betrayal. And the confusion of this ahir Zaman, it is because of the betrayal of our leaders.

And the second, the karbala is teaching us, it is sacrifice. To have haqq, to live haqq, look to see to the ahle Bait, look to see that you have haqq in this time, especially in this time. You have to be ready to sacrifice everything. Yes, it is very fashionable these days to remember the Karbala. But there is nothing but hypocrisy. Because you are just taking that as a ritual too. You are not understanding what Hz Huseyn was standing up for. If you did, those ones who are celebrating, big Imams and big Sheykhs, you would stand to the Yazids of this time. You  will stand up to the Yazids of this time and you will say to theYazids of this time, and there are millions. You are going to stand up and say to Yazid of this time, ‘you are on the way of batil.’

So easy to sing. So easy to dance. Very difficult to sacrifice. Because to do that, you have to sacrifice. You will start standing up. For those ones, at that level, they have to stand up. So those ones at that level, the high level, we are very low level people, Alhamdulillah. We want to remain that way in this ahir Zaman. But we have to deal with the Yazid that are inside of us. If we don’t take this lesson, then whatever that have happened fourteen hundred years ago, it was nothing but a performance. That’s why people are making a performance of this. If you are taking that full lesson and you are putting it in your life, you can turn this world into a Paradise.

We are nothing. We are no one. But we are suspicious of our own faith. We are looking everyday to see what it is that is destroying our faith today.  Ahh, my arrogance. What is it? My ghaflat. What is it? My anger. What is it? My fear of everything but except Allah. My laziness, my greed. Look, don’t need to read too many books. Read your book. Sit down and read your book. That time, sit down and apply. When you start doing that, we are preparing ourselves for bigger events that is going to happen. We are preparing ourselves, yes for the return of Hz Huseyn. Because that story did not finish. Our story is not finish yet. The story of Islam is not finish yet. It is continuing. Unless we know what is the mission, what is it that we have to do, everything else like I said is just going to be a story, a performance.

May Allah forgive me and bless you, Insya’Allah. May Allah bless our Sheykh and put him to higher station, to make us to always be under his feet, and to understand what is Haqq and what is batil in these times, not to be confused. And to pull us out from the confusion of this ahir Zaman. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws). Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum Waahmatullah

Now, this is the sunnat on the day of Ashura that we are going to eat something. Ashura, it is call. This is the sunnat from the time of Nuh (as) that on the day of Ashura, when the ship of Nuh landed and they were coming out from that ship to the world, and for the first time in forty days they are seeing the sun. they took the surma and they put it in their eyes. That’s why it is a sunnat in these days to put the surma. The day of Ashura. The other thing is to eat the Ashura. They gathered everything that was in the ship and they put them together and they made them into that. So we are the only ones, muslims, of this nation, that is continuing that sunnat all the way from the time of Nuh (as).

Tarikat makes you to revive not only the sunnat of the Holy Prophet (asws), but the sunnat of the earlier Prophets too. This is what makes the religion more beautiful and more complete. This is what makes all the earlier Prophets to love this nation as well. To fall in love. Because not in even their nation is doing it, you understand? Their nation are not doing it. This is the time when Musa (as) delivered his people, the Bani Israel, from Egypt. But they play around with the calendar so much that they are putting it  completely another day. For what? For dunya, not for ahirat. But we are still fasting on that day,  as the Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘we have more rights on Musa than you do. We have more rights on Isa than them. We have more rights on Hz Ibrahim. We have more rights on all the Prophets then their nations do. These are the days we should wake up a little bit to understand what is this rahmat, what is this Honor that Allah swt has given to us in this nation. And that we have the prayers of a hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets. In this Holy times, we should wake up Insya’Allah ar-Rahman.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
10 Muharram 1437
October 11, 2016.
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