Karbala: Allah forgave and show rahmat to this nation


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On the day of Ashura, in the history of this world, that that is the day of forgiveness. That is the day of blessings. This is the day of forgiveness. This is the day of blessing. But, why on the day of Ashura that we have the martyrdom, the shahadat of Hz Huseyn? How is Allah showing His mercy?

What is the opposite of mercy, rahmat? Laknat. It is the curse. Did we, I’m saying ‘we’ because now we are not pulling ourselves away from those ones who are there too. We are never going to say, as believers that we are better than those ones. We cannot. Those ones were Tabi’ins. They saw the Sahabi e-Kiram. They were just one generation removed from the Holy Prophet (asws). They were seeing Hz Huseyn, the grandson of the Prophet (asws). They were being with him. They love him. And those ones were seeing the Sahabi e-Kiram who saw the Prophet (asws). Just like new murids coming and they are seeing those ones who saw Sheykh Effendi. It’s just a few years had passed. So if someone says that we are better than those ones, I’m saying check your faith again. Not only you have arrogance but you are only fooling yourself. Because Allah swt is giving us examples all throughout history of what the earlier ummats do, not for us to say that we are better than them, but for us to take lesson from them. Because the characteristics of the nafs, the characteristics of evil, of betrayal, it is in everyone, in every age. And if we don’t take lesson, we will become a lesson.

So, on that day, something happened. A big betrayal happened. A betrayal that happened to the beloved of the Prophet (asws), to the Princes of Paradise. Is that not enough for laknat to fall to this nation until Qiyamet? That is. Did Allah swt curse this nation because of that? Allah swt did not curse this nation, He did not curse. What did Allah swt,  what is He showing us with this? He is showing us mercy. But deeper, what is He showing us? That there is always tyranny. There is always oppression. And the duty of the person who is standing on the way of Haqq, is to stand up for oppression one way or another. Don’t think now Hz Huseyn went to challenge Yazid. He did not. His sunnat is the sunnat of his grandfather (asws). It is first, to make hijra. To make hijra and to leave. So now, on that day of karbala, Allah swt is showing that any effort for truth to stand up, there must be some sacrifice. And Allah swt is showing that sacrifice.

Is Allah not watching Karbala? He is. Is He not able to stop? If you say He is not able to stop then we already make a shirk. Is Holy Prophet (asws) not watching? He is. They are letting all these events to happen to teach us, to teach mankind, not just Muslims, until Judgement Day, to teach mankind the nature of people, the nature of human beings, the nature of those who call themselves Muslims, the nature of those who call themselves believers, and to check that and to check ourselves, and to weigh ourselves, and to say ‘where we are in this,’ so that we are not going to say we are better. We are not going to say if we are put in that situation, definitely we are going to be those ones who are fighting against the truth. Because if you are not watching yourself, if you are not knowing yourself, that time your ego can completely trick you, that time. It’s going to give you some reasons, some excuse. Those ones, at the very last minute, they still say, ‘no, we are going to stand up for you ya Huseyn.’ But they have excuse. There’s so many of them thinking that they are going to go to join Yazid. They are going to save their life, save their children. Isn’t that very important? Isn’t that what they are teaching us these days: most important thing is your family. Correct? The most important thing, most holy thing, most valuable thing, it is your family. Those ones, you think they didn’t think the same way? That they are saving their family? Going into Yazid side, but did they find safety? No. They were all finished.

Yazid is saying, ‘you betray the grandson of the Prophet (asws)? Definitely you are going to betray me. Finish them.’ You think, that time what did they win? Dunya or ahirat? None. They didn’t. But Allah swt is not just showing those ones who betray, for us to take lesson. He is also showing how Hz Huseyn is behaving in this situation, and  his family they are behaving in that situation. They are standing up and they are sacrificing. Did he ask for revenge? Did he say, did he blame, did he curse them? He didn’t. Hz Huseyn could have curse them. Did he curse? He didn’t. Hz Huseyn could have curse them. Did he curse? Because it is not in the nature of the Prophet and their zuriyet to curse. It is not. They are always praying.


EvliyaAllah they are saying, on judgement day Hz Fatima is going to come with a cup filled with the blood of Hz Huseyn demanding for justice. And the Holy Prophet (asws) will say, ‘Ya Fatima, today is not the day for justice. Today is the day for intercession.’ This is the characteristic of a believer. We put that aside. Somewhat. Karbala happened 1400 years ago. Did it? Or Karbala still continually happening? Karbala is still happening. There is still a small group of believers who are running away from tyranny and they are being sacrificed. There is still oppression. What are you doing now to stand up to the oppression? Same people who are beating themselves up until the blood comes out, crying for Hz Huseyn, cursing the companions of the Prophet for not standing up for Hz Huseyn, cursing Hz Muawiyah and cursing to Yazid, cursing to everyone, those same ones are they standing up against the tyranny that is happening today? No. Those same ones, their government and their regime who is based on the principle of that religion that they say this is Islam, belonging to the love of Hz Ali, they are together with those ones who have been known to be open enemies to Islam, killing and destroying the Muslims for hundred of years. So this is when the truth becomes a ritual. The truth it becomes a habit with no meaning when you don’t make that connection. When you don’t say that, ‘whatever happened, it is still happening in a different  way, what is this, and we should do something. The same way they do it, we should do something too. We should try to do something.’ This is when it becomes a ritual. And the Prophets they came to take something and to make that connection to the people so the people can connect. When there is no guide, when there is no connection, the you are going to see Ashura or Karbala, is just a ritual you are going through, something happened 1400, but you are not seeing Karbala is still happening today. There are thousands of people who are bleeding and who are dying, their lives are being killed, ironically, in some parts of the world, by the same ones who claimed that they love Hz Ali and Hz Huseyn.

So don’t you think, by the betrayal that had happened 1400 years ago, we deserve the punishment of Allah, that Allah swt is not punishing us. Why do you think Allah swt is not punishing us? Because the Holy Prophet (asws) is not asking for it. Because Hz Huseyn himself is not asking for it. So we take all these event in this history, as a lesson. Not to say it happened and to hate those ones. We will miss the lesson when we say that those ones who betrayed. We will miss the lesson when we don’t see those ones as yourself, as you are having that quality that is inside of you. There’s not only Karbala that happened. There’s so many times in history that it’s been happening where there is complete betrayal to their Prophet, to the families of the Prophet, to the Muslims. There are other events, very big events that happened too. Now, if we are just going to take one event and politicize it and to make that to define us, then it is off balance. The love that you show to someone is not based on the hate that you show to his enemies. It is not. The love that you show to someone, it is not based on the hate of his enemies. The love that you show to someone, it is based on the hatred of those qualities of his enemies that you see in yourself that you are trying to get rid of. That is when that sacrifice, it becomes real. You start sacrificing yourself. You start sacrificing that instinct to fly, to run, to flee, to betray, to say, ‘this doesn’t concern me.’ And it is still happening every day.

So many people they are in this way also because it’s not balanced, they think the world is off balance. It’s off balance. And to try to find balance, they decide to make their own balance. They said, ‘I’m looking to see what the Prophets they left.’ So, in making their own balance, the world becomes even more off balance. So, now we have people who are going to celebrate the Day of Ashura, but they are not doing it the way, that way that the Ahle Sunnah are doing it. They are doing it the way that those ones who hate the Ahle Sunnah are doing it. Do you understand what it means to hate Ahle Sunnah? It means you hate the traditions of the Prophet (asws).

So now you are copying. What benefits are you going to get? We have our own traditions. It is not the tradition of the Prophet (asws) to curse and to hate. It is not. If it is, to curse and to hate the way that these ones say, ‘we love Huseyn and we hate Yazid, curse to him,’ they are cursing even to Hz Umar. They are cursing to Hz Abu Bakr. Hz Usman. They’re cursing, ‘oh, very good to Hz Ayse.’ We say where is the tradition of the Prophet (asws) where he’s cursing like this? So, who is following him more properly? If it is in the tradition to hate and to curse and to look at one event where the unbelievers did something to us, or those of our enemies did something to us and to always remember what they did to us, to remember that anger, that hatred, every year we are going to celebrate or remember Badr and Uhud, especially Uhud and some of the wars that we didn’t do too good in, or the massacre that Genghis and his grandson they did on the Muslims, or everyday we are just going to sit being busy with cursing Abu Jahil and Abu Wahab, and all the enemies of Islam. We are not busy with that. Don’t forget that even Abu Jahil and Abu Lahab, the Prophet (asws) he did not hate them. They are his uncle, and he went to them hundreds of times to bring them to the way of Allah. So what is this tradition of hate? It’s definitely not the ahle Sunnat way.

To understand that something is wrong, to hate that quality, yes. But once we said that quality, that person it is not us, then you are wrong. Once you say that quality and that person is us, you identify, now we have to look into our lives, take that as an example, that time you win. Otherwise sheytan will always confuse you and that time with that self-righteousness, you think you are better than others, you are going to go out and no problem for you to finish them and to kill them. So, we should pray more for shukr and for tauba on the day of Ashura. Because certainly Allah swt forgave this nation and show rahmat to this nation.

May Allah forgive us, insya’Allah. May we not be included in this time to be called those ones who are supporting Yazid. Not to be those ones who are supporting tyrants and oppressors, but to be those ones, especially in these days, who are making the hijra, to live our religion correctly and simply, not to get confused Insya’Allah. Amin. Because so many ones especially, so many in these days everyone speaks very nice. Their words are dripping with honey, I’m looking. Dripping with honey. So sweet. They speak about love, they speak about unconditional love, they speak about Hz Huseyn and all these matters, so sweetly. But we are seeing you are sitting with this modern day Yazid. You are getting fed by the modern day Yazids. You are in the system of the modern day Yazids. You are not standing up to the modern day Yazids, your words are poison. That’s why the modern day Huseynis, they run away. They don’t get themselves too much involve. They know. Because right now, there are Yazids everywhere, especially those ones who are holding power. There are Firauns everywhere, and namruds everywhere. They run to somewhere, to keep quiet and to wait for Sahibul Zaman to come, which was Hz Huseyn and his family’s intention. WaminAllahu Taufiq, al-Fatiha. Amin.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
6 Muharram 1438
October 7, 2016.
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