Our Sheykh Is Going To Teach Us Taqwa



Slowly when you are seeing your Sheykh and everyone’s faces and, slowly, when you look  at your Sheykh, your Sheykh’s face also changes into so many people that you know and people that you love, or people that have an impact on you. Slowly, you are getting a nashq on to your heart, you’re getting that stamp, like what we said, wherever you turn, there is his face. We are not saying, of course, those ones who are too deaf, dumb and blind, they’re going to say, ‘oh, he’s saying his Sheykh is Allah.’ No. That is Ayatul Kerim Allah swt is saying, ‘wherever you turn, there is his face.’ Because the Sheykh, like the Prophet, he is not a Prophet but he is a representative of the Prophet, he is going to teach us, make us to understand what is taqwa, how to be aware of Allah, how to be aware of Allah and to see Allah everywhere. We are not saying you are seeing-seeing Allah, but you are going to understand that ‘this is coming from Allah,’ Allah is not absent in that. You want to make Allah present.

So once you start seeing that, then you’re getting that nashq. That carries a lot of responsibility too. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you may lose it, because it comes with some responsibility and things you have to do, because now, if you are seeing your Sheykh in other people’s faces, then what? Then what? We all feel this, and what we’re feeling is what the Sahabi e- Kiram they felt when the Holy Prophet (asws) passed. They see each other, they start crying because each other they remind, they remind them of the Holy Prophet (asws). So, if the Murids, we look at each other, especially those ones with a strong connection to Sheykh Effendi who said, we just say ‘ah, Sheykh Effendi,’ then the Sakina enters into our hearts, the contentment, for a split second, you’re taken out from this existence, when you are lifted. If two people remembering Allah, third one Allah is saying, ‘I will be.’ That’s why it’s important to be in sohbet, because we need to look at those ones who are always looking at their Sheykh and the imprint of that Sheykh is now in them. Because that Sheykh is now going to teach us, going to point us, going to make the Qibla, to who? To Allah, not to himself. First to the Holy Prophet (asws). There is nothing in existence except Allah, ‘La ilaha illallah’, and Allah is affirming, ‘Muhammadur Rasullah.’

So, Prophet (asws), that is his reality. And we start to understand that a little bit, then our faith will move a little bit, and that time, we are going to be closer a little bit more, your heart will start working. That time, you will have a little bit more submission. Doesn’t matter then that time whether that one is smiling at you or yelling at you, whether he is offering you a rose or a thorn of a rose, you understand it’s coming from his hands, there is something there. This is a very important step to go through. So many people they fail, they cannot, because they only like the roses from the Sheykh. They don’t like the thorns.

So, if you are going through this, you are starting to see, then that time your love is going to overtake you, of course. That time this worry about this dunya and the trouble of your ego and the sheytan and your desire, it disappears. It cannot stay in the same heart. It cannot. It’s impossible. You are reminded, ah, it overtakes everything. Now, how are we going to get that to stay? That is when the work it has to come. It is there until sheytan starts entering again, are we going to open the door or we are going to close or we are going to fight. Are we going to guard this or not? Because now, the Sheykh continues. The Sheykh appoints and he continues. The Sheykh is not just appointing his namesake. Not just to say, ‘this one is the one who is going to succeed.’ But that one must be doing the job of the Sheykh. Just like Hz Abu Bakar Siddiq (ra). He is not just getting the title of the Khalifah, he is continuing the mission of the Prophet (asws), fighting against kufr. Same thing as Hz Umar, same thing with Hz Usman, same thing with Hz Ali, continuing, fighting against kufr, unbelief.

If you are fighting against the kufr, continuing what your Sheykh is doing, then you have not too much things to worry about. But if you are just sitting down and you are just enjoying yourself doing other things, then take the title and sit on it. It’s okay. We are doing the job. We don’t care. Like Sheykh Effendi was when he was here, he didn’t care who called him what. But he was definitely doing the job of the Sheykh. He was doing the job of more than a Sheykh. So he is enough for us. Even when he has passed now, certain things are going to become stronger. It cannot get weaker. It has to get stronger. This is the Uwais connection. Certain things are going to be very clear and he is going to make it easy, within our grasp too. We are nothing. We are no one. But he has picked us and he has trained us, all of us

Allah swt is saying, ‘remember Me and I will remember you.’ You remember the Prophet, he will remember you. But the Prophet (asws) said, ‘you give me salams once, I will give salams to you ten times.’ What about the Lord of generosity? You remember Him one time, you think He is not going to remember us? This is what it means, ‘remember Me and I will remember you.’ It doesn’t mean that oh, when you forget about Allah, Allah is going to forget you. No. Allah does not forget. Hasha astarghfirullah. But if you remember Him, then Allah will specially remember you.

May Allah forgive us in this new year that is coming. We are hoping to make the remembrance of our Sheykh be something that is stronger that we are doing. And to continue his legacy, continue his work as much as we can. World ends tomorrow, doesn’t matter. Prophet (asws) is saying,  ‘if your job is to plant date trees, and you know that the world is going to end tomorrow, plant the date tree.’ The date tree takes forty years for it to give fruit. What are we doing now? We are planting date trees.  We are continuing our work. Whatever is going to happen, Allah is in charge. We just have to make ourselves to be ready. So that when it happens, when we pass from this world, they say, ‘what were you doing? The last thing that you were doing?’ ‘We are going and we were doing your order, Ya Rabbi, the order of Your Prophet. We are planting the date trees.’ Plant the date trees, It’s okay. Hayr, this much is enough. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Alfatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Muharram 1438
October 6, 2016.
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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