Remembrance of Allah


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There was a Khalifah, I believe he was from the Ummawis, yeah, some good ones there. The Khalifah’s duties, now, as a Khalifah, to take care of the whole entire ummat supersedes his own personal duties. That’s why so many Khalifah, people are judging,  ‘oh, they don’t go to Hajj.’ The Khalifah is taking care of the Hajj. The Khalifah is making sure you can go to the Hajj. Now who has the bigger reward then?

But there was a hadiths of the Prophet (asws) where he says, ‘the one who jumps on his horse and goes to the market place and he remembers Allah and he gives Shahadat, when he comes back, he gets reward as if he has made seventy Hajj.’ And there was a Khalifah who really believed that. He was doing everything, because he couldn’t go to the Hajj, he just jumped on his horse, going to the market place, saying the Shahadat and came back. And he gets the reward.  Our reward is according to the intention. This is not for everyone. Of course we are not saying, don’t go to the Hajj. That’s why certain lesson of Tasawwuf is not meant for everyone because people are stuck. ‘Oh you are saying don’t go to the Hajj? You are saying this is more important.’ That you are still being very rabbinical, argumentative with that, then you are not ready to receive what is there for you.

So the remembrance of death now, if you are not looking into your everyday life, life where you are not remembering death at all, when? When you are eating. Nobody thinks of death when they are eating and when they are disposing off whatever they have eaten. Nobody remembers death then. These two places especially the Awliya Allah, they are very keen on. They remember. Because now, when you are eating you are satisfying your nafs. Of course, it is your bodily function, it is your desires, that’s why you say BismillahirRahmanirRahim. And to sit and to eat with a Sheykh now, especially in the Dergah, you are training now your ego in that space of a time when your ego wants to go wild or it is natural for the ego to go wild, just coming, talking, yum..yum..yum..eating but  huh, the sofra of the Sheykh, it is like the surgeon’s table, you are getting surgery there. And we are not even doing things that are heavy. Say ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim,’ and eat. Now you are making zikr, you are making meditation. The food that you are eating, understand what is it that you are eating. And if Allah wants, He can take our life now. To give shukr to Allah swt because He is Razaq. It’s not just to say ‘Alhamdulillah.’ It is to show that shukr.

Now to remember Allah, to remember Allah when you are sitting on that ‘throne’ in the bathroom, that is everyone’s maqam, we are all carrying our toilet inside of us. If we haven’t gotten rid of that toilet inside of us, how are we going to be ahle Jannat. In Jannat, there is no toilet, there is not dirtiness. Holy Prophet (asws), there is no dirtiness that enters his body or leaves from his body while he was here on earth, and there are high level Saints who are like that. It is our intention at least, don’t say ‘how is that possible…da..da..da..’  Don’t. Ask yourself, how is it possible, I was nothing then I became something. Ask yourself, how was it possible that we come from a drop of dirty water and we became something, to challenge Allah. That Allah swt is saying, swearing, ‘We have created man,’ in Surahtul Yasin, ‘ from a drop of dirty water, and now he makes himself to be an enemy to Us? To challenge Our authority?’

So if we are not living life remembering that we are servants, then we are going to live our life thinking that we are Rabb. And to be Rabb in the presence of the only Rabb, that constitutes partnership. The AwliyaAllah, they are afraid when they enter into the bathroom. They are afraid and they are praying, ‘let that not be my last breath in the bathroom.’ That is how they remember Allah. I’m not saying that you go and you make a zikr. But what a humiliating, what a dirty position that is, and there’s so many that their lives are taken in that position. That is not a blessing. Definitely that is not a blessing. So they are careful. Those in the way of Tasawwuf, they are going to be very careful. They are not just going to assume everything is okay, everything is love,  everything is understood. They are careful. This is what it means by manners. They are careful what they speak. They are careful how they sit. They are careful how they interact with people. They are careful how they are perceived by their Lord. This is what it meant when Allah swt saying, ‘we have sent the Quran to the mountains, and the mountains they refused.’ What mountain? This physical mountain that Allah is sending? But we have send it to Man and he took. So, we are following those mountains. That at least, modern day geology has shown that as huge as the mountain is, on the surface of the world, that much at least they are under the surface of the world. The mountains are the ones that hold this world into place. They are pegs, they are Qutub. Qutub, they are nails, they are axes, that if you remove the nails, no matter how huge, big and strong the structure is, it will fall, it will come down. The nails are the ones who are keeping everything intact. We are following those mountains. This is the way of Tasawwuf. We are following those mountains. And when those mountains, they are removed from this world and they don’t say Allah anymore, that’s when this world world is going to fall.


So remembrance of Allah serve so many purposes, but especially when you are going crazy in your own daily life, remember death. Remember death. Remember, looking at the child, looking at  your son, looking at your daughter, looking at your father, looking at your mother, saying, ‘Azrail may come.’ That time, whatever joy that is  excessive is going to be  within boundaries that is halal. Whatever that is excessive also, that is not good, you are going to pull back. Maybe you have some anger, some frustration, you are going to pull back. This is what keeps you in faith. That time, faith is not only when you are praying, faith is not only when you are pulling your tasbih, faith is when all the sheytan and your ego they are attacking you and you find that life buoy, you find that firm handhold, you find that Urwatul Wuthqa to hold on to, not to lose your faith. It doesn’t matter how many years you have driven your car, how great you are a driver, it matters in that split second whether you are going to make that accident or not, correct? The one who is preparing himself for that accident, chances are he’s going to be prepared, of course. The one who is not prepared for that accident, he’s going to be shocked and he’s going to be in trouble. We are preparing for that, insya’Allah.

So, anything may happen. Allah gives and Allah takes. But to understand that in a real sense, honestly and sincerely, it’s not that easy and it’s also not something that is given to everyone naturally like that. You have to inculcate it, you have to practice it. Because people make a difference between their personal life and their religious life, religious life and their spiritual life, their spiritual life and their life in this dunya. And Islam, it is a completion. May Allah make our faith complete, Insya’Allah. WaminaAllahu Taufiq, Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum warahmatullah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
19 Muharram 1438
October 20, 2016.
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