The Fear of Allah has to come with the Love of Allah



Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Sultanul Awliya, Medet.

Our aim and intention is to become a servant to our Lord. There are two titles, either you will have the title saying a servant of the Lord and  you will go out from this world, or another one  is slave to sheytan, servant to his ego, the love of dunya. All these three it comes into one category that if you go out with that title from this dunya, you are in trouble in the grave. And majority of the people, they don’t want to think about grave. They said, ‘we will see when we get there.’ Or they keep themselves so high thinking that, ‘I’m already in safety.’ Don’t make that mistake. Not you, not me, No one. Until last breath, you don’t have nothing in  your hand. You may do everything right in this world while you are living,  but so many people, in the last breath of their lives, they turn around, sheytan put the hook on them and they went out from this world without the faith.

So many in this world today, you are going and there are people building huge tombs for them. Don’t look at from outside,  look what’s in there. Look what’s underneath there. Look what’s happening there. How are we going to look? Huh, that is enough sign that is showing that we have not reached to the station that is called Mukmin. Because Mukmin, Holy Prophet  (asws) is saying, ‘Be careful from the vision of a believer. He will look with the Nur of Allah.’ You cannot fool that one. When he looks up, he will see up to Sidratul Muntaha, when he looks down, he will see all the way down to seven levels down. When he looks east,  he will see east, west, north, south. Everything comes in front of him. That one is a believer, and that believer still has no right to take guarantee about himself. What do you think, which one of you here or which one of this people on this face of earth today that he is going to claim that he is better than Umar (ra)?

When Holy Prophet (asws) was passing from this world, he gives the names of munafiqs,the hypocrites to another Sahabi and he said to him, ‘keep this with you. Don’t say to anybody.’ But all other Sahabis they know that Holy Prophet whispered the names of themunafiqs to that one. Umar (ra) is also knowing and always coming to him and saying to him, ‘please tell me, please.’ He was one of the greatest Khalifah, and he was saying to him, ‘please tell me, is my name in that book mentioned as a Hypocrite? Please tell me.’ And that one is saying to him, ‘I cannot tell you. Holy Prophet gave me that secret. It’s going to the grave with me. I’m not telling you.’

Hmm, today’s people, mashaAllah, astarghfirullah. There’s no Islam today. Islam is gone. People they are making Islam according to their ego. They are making Islam, whatever fits to them it’s okay, whatever doesn’t fit to them, it’s forbidden, put it aside. No, you cannot. So that time, you are not a Muslim muslim. That time you are Christian muslim, you are Jewish muslim, you are unbeliever muslim. Whichever you follow, whatever kind of lifestyle you admire, that’s what you will become that time. Whatever is inside of you, it will appear outside. Yes. Our Grandsheykh, may Allah bless him and grant him higher station always, one time he was saying, ‘when I look at the person behind (his back /head) I can tell you, Haji Fuat (he was saying to my father) how intelligent that one is.’ And he said, ‘ O my Sheykh, when you look at his back you can tell this, what about his face?’ ‘Huh! his face is his book. Whatever is in the heart, it reflects there. I can see.’ Those ones they can see. Yes. Because they look with the Nur of Allah. You can hide much as you want, you cannot hide yourself. When you enter into their association, if you have an evil ideas and dirty ideas, dirty smell comes to them. Don’t think that you are going to fool them in any way. Impossible. You can put all the perfume in the world, that’s the smell coming from the ego.

One time again, our great Grandsheykh, Sheykh Abdullah Daghestani, he was sitting and all of a sudden he got up from his room, he went outside. There was a small toilet outside. In the old days, that’s how it is, not this luxury, there’s a hole there and you look there and all the smell there is coming out and you can see everything in there too. When you are a small child, that’s how you use to go when you don’t have toilet inside the house, we have to walk all the way where the river is. Toilet has to be all the way in the corner. So you will pray not to have our toilet night time because we have to walk over there in the dark. And when you walk and you come back, you have to have a wudhu. It is so cold. And everytime, we are going, we are making wudhu, but any days that I don’t make wudhu and I come back and I said, ‘I’m so lazy now, I’m not going to make wudhu because I’m going to miss my sleep.’ When I’m walking in, I’m seeing my father sitting like this and looking saying, ‘did you make wudhu?’ I say to him, ‘no I didn’t.’ He said, ‘go make wudhu.’ So I have to go back. Alhamdulillah, that’s how we were brought up. That’s how we are living,Alhamdulillah. I never step on the floor without wudhu.


So Grandsheykh, he got up from that association and he ran to the toilet, and staying in the toilet, not coming out. And one of his murid came saying, ‘Grandsheykh, there is some prince that came, some seyids that call themselves seyids from the Arab world, they came to visit you, to kiss your hand.’

He said, ‘plese go away! Let them sit over them, and let them to get tired and to go away!’

‘Grandsheykh, they come to get your blessings.’

‘No! I rather sit inside this toilet all my life. When they were approaching from far distance, the dirty smell that’s coming was so bad that I almost faint, so I came to the toilet. It’s better here.’ How are you going to fool the believer that time? Those are believers. Yes, definitely, they are believers.  So, yes, we have two titles. One is called servant of Allah. They got that title, servant of Allah, and they went out from this world. That’s what you, me and everyone should aim, to say, ‘servant of Allah’  or slave to sheytan, to his ego, to this dunya. So the Grandsheykh, alhamdulilah, saying to my father, ‘when I look at his face, I can read his book. Everything is there. Whatever  is in the heart, it is reflecting. Alhamdulillah, he’s just passing to us, time to time just to drop some things.

We are in this world, not for this world. We are coming to this world, we didn’t come to this world, we are going out from this world, it’s not because we want to go out. We are in this world, to earn that title, to be servant of Allah. We have not came to this world. We have been sent to this world. We are not going out from this world, somebody is taking us out from this world. Today we are above the ground, tomorrow, we may be under. When you are walking, think, you may be under this ground tomorrow. Tonight you make thesalatul janazah al-ghaibin, this is one of the big sunnat of the Holy Prophet (asws), but imams and sheykhs, they are fighting for this now, saying, ‘is it okay or not? Should we do it or not?

This is a sunnat. And Holy Prophet is saying, ‘when my sunnats is going to be forgotten, if you are taking one of that sunnat, you will be rewarded in the judgement day  as a hundred martyrs reward.’ Just it looks very simple, it’s something very big, salatul janazah al-ghaibin, in twenty four hours time, whoever pass from this world, how many of them they passed, nobody still know them, they are staying in their house, they are going to blow up, one week later, their children, their love ones – people, they have no more love ones, their love is only dunya. Their love is connected to their ego. If it fits to their ego, it’s okay. If it doesn’t fit to their ego, their love disappear right away. No, that’s not what Islam is teaching us. Holy prophet is teaching us, saying to us, ‘if you are a believer, when there is a needle or the thorn, something hurts the believer on the other side of the world, you must feel the same pain.’ Definitely we are not feeling pain today. Muslims they are not feeling pain today. And they are just turning around and torturing each other. Nothing else.

We must wake up because we are living the last days on earth. We are the last nations on this face of earth. We are in the ahir of ahir zaman. It’s nothing between us and dajjal. Dajjal is already working now. Dajjal is already taking people to his sides. His deputies are working. Be careful and watch whichever side you are going to fall. Real people, they don’t say anything anymore. They just pull themselves  back and they sit and wait. And say, ‘now it’s your test. You want to run to the wrong side, run to the wrong side. You want to be in the right side, sit and wait. And be patient.’ Holy Prophet is saying, ‘to live in ahir zaman that time, to keep the faith is just like carrying a fire in your hand.’

‘Ya Rasulullah, how they are going to do?’

He said, ‘it is so hard, but they cannot drop that fire. They are going to pass from one hand to another. It’s going to burn them, you are going to bear it. When you are not able to bear it on this hand, you are going to put it on that hand. You are going to pass it until Sahibul zaman appears and Isa (as) coming, finishing all the fitnah and everything will be alright.’ Otherwise, if you are saying to me, ‘I am living in luxury, and I feel comfortable and  everything is okay, and I’m running to change this world,’ than I’m saying, you must be either Mahdi or you are just fooling people. Because Holy Prophet is ordering, saying, that time, pull yourself back. All those people who believes, they should become together and try to disconnect yourself from those wrong activities, wrong people. Keep that. Little that you know, live according to that. Don’t go searching so much because you are going to get so much confuse.

So much confusion in the world today under the name of Haqq, but it’s not. ‘Eh, I’m reading Sheykh Sahih Bukhari saying…’ Where is this Sahih Bukhari anymore? Say. Where is this Sahih Muslim? Already they destroy everything. All the books are destroyed. So many books, the Quran e-Kerim, also they are taking the ayats from inside, you are not seeing.

All Imams in this world today, they have been banned. Go ask every Imam. They have been banned to read on the Jummah khutba. From the time of the Holy Prophet (asws), until now, they are reciting that ‘Innaddina Indallahil Islam,’ that ayat is forbidden in Turkey, in Egypt, in south, everywhere, because Christian and Jewsih world has forced to say, ‘how are we going to communicate if you are saying only religion in the presence of Allah is Islam?’ And they managed to use the leaders, and they have removed that ayatfrom the Jummah khutba. Go and search, all those imams that you love and  you like. You want me to give their names, their group names? I’ll give it to you. But it’s not necessary now. But go and listen if they are saying that. They are not saying it.

So, all the ayats, Jihad ayats in the Quran e-kerim, they are not mentioning it. Just like they cover it up. Wake up to yourself. We just enter to the fight, to the war, Haqq andBatil. Definitely Batil, it’s going to be finished. Haqq is going to rise. If there’s one left in this world, Allah swt is saying, ‘one, I’m going to raise this religion again with that one.’ And you should think that that one might be you. That is the faith that you have to carry. You should think that, ‘okay, everything that is around me has turned into kufr, and I’m  the only one left.’ You should think that, ‘I’m going to work so hard that Allah may raise this religion with me.’ That’s what Umar (ra) said. He said, ‘if there is something, if somebody left in this world, weakest one, it’s that one, me.’ And if Allah is saying,’if there’s only one person,is the strongest one, that one is me again.’ He said that, ‘if Allah is saying that the whole world is entering to the Paradise except one person entering into the hell, you must think that that one is you. And if He is saying that if the whole world, people they are entering into the hell and there’s only one who is entering into Paradise, you must think that that one is you again.’ That is the balance of the faith. Otherwise, today’s faith is shaky. Little money, little job, little this, little that, people they are changing their faith, they are changing their side.

People today they are changing Sheykhs like they are changing clothes. That shows that you didn’t understand nothing. That shows that you are not reading the wada khutba, the last sermon of the Holy Prophet (asws). That shows that. But, we are living the last days on the face of earth. Confusion is going to get bigger. Those who is holding tightly, they should not be worried.  There’s going to be an Atomic war, definitely there’s going to. Armageddon is going to happen. Believers should not worry. Believers has to know that, ‘I am in the right side and I’m not worried if the atom (bomb) is going to burn me. But I’m going to stay because I’m holding, at least, in the right side.’ That’s how you are going to keep your faith. Alhamdulillah, if you do that, you will be the winner.

borderhave faith


Allah brought us here to this mountain today again, for one reason. We come from different parts of the world. For one reason, it’s not because of my father that has passed away. He was a servant of Allah. He became a servant. And not here, it’s only ten people,  in so many places that I’m not there, there’s thousands of people celebrating there, makingmaulid, praying for him. They are giving food, giving sweets for his sake. Alhamdulillah.What made these men to reach here? That he was a servant. But amongst his people, nobody really know. They already stepping on his head, and he never turned to say, ‘why you are doing? This is my position, you don’t push me around.’ He never did it. He is always running around, serving people. But that is showing. We are not planning this, we are not making any organisation.

One incident happened, that  one time I came out from the Izmir, it’s one of the worse city in Turkey against Islam. Their mayors, governors, everyone is against Islam and they hate to see somebody like me in this suite, they attack you physically. They hate to see somebody with a beard and the head cover. They are thinking that they are one of the most advance city. And that Jummah I said to Falahuddin, ‘let’s go to the main mosque that is right in the capital, right in the middle of the city.’ Even Falahuddin was saying to me, ‘Sheykh, you know.’ I said, ‘I know. Let’s go.’ And I was wearing the jubbah and all this, and we went. Even Imams and everyone was looking  and staring at us. Everyone is so nervous. Nobody gives salam to us.We sit down, we listened to khutba, we came out, nobody is giving salam. Everyone is running away. Just like I am somebody carrying a disease, and they are running away. So, I said to him, ‘let’s go a little more deeper where their headquarter is.’ And we are walking and there’s a road passing from there, like five cars, big road and I’m standing waiting for the light, to pass. People coming next to us, high class ladies wearing nice skirts and everything, you know how it is,  man with their briefcase, I’m looking at them, so strong, so fierce, but they don’t dare to say something so close. I see far distance this brown, new Mercedes coming, latest model and he was on the third lane. He started  cutting, coming corners to come to the side that is going to come near. Soon as he started cutting far distance, I said to Falahuddin, this one is doing intentionally to pass next to us and to curse to us, and I’m watching him and before I finish my word, they are coming and one of them pull himself out from the car, half of it and he’s cursing. I’m just looking at him, smiling. And when he came, the traffic was going very slow, I smiled to him and said, ‘you must be loving your car so much.’ He’s responding, cursing back at us. Then I said, ‘you will be hurt with that car,’ I don’t know what made me to say that. Before turning left and right, this dump truck came from nowhere, hit him right in the middle, crushed him and dragged him right in front of us. They were going crazy. They were looking at me. I’m smiling and said, ‘you like it something will happen with the car.’ Their owner goes, ‘I don’t have any insurance.’ I said, ‘it hurt you so much? It’s only a hundred thousand dollars. It’s okay.’ I walked away.

So Falahuddin was very upset that day. He said, ‘we didn’t do anything to them. They went out of their way to curse to us, and look what happen.’ I said, Allah doesn’t like sometimes, some things. When we don’t response, it’s more bad. What happened? He tried to make, give sweets, Turkish lokma that you make it hot and distribute it to the people in the streets for this kind of activity. But the things that they are trying to do is that several years in that place, he couldn’t get permission, he used some other people and said, ‘Sheykh this year, you know the place that they were cursing to us? We put a big sign, huge sign, we close the whole road and  we are giving lokma to people, thousands of people eating and praying for Haji Fuat saying, ‘we are remembering Seyid Haji Fuat Rabbani.’ Who’s making them to remember? Allah is making it.

They are trying to remove the names of Sahabis. Impossible. Everytime, it’s going up and up and up. So many people came during the time of Sahabis too. So many Kings and those people that they were ruling the world, Qisras, the Byzantine Emperors, the Majusi leaders, everyone, they were Kings, Rulers. How many of them, how many people knows in this world their name? It’s gone. Finished. But the whole world knows Bilal el-Habashi. The believers and unbelievers they know. They hear his name. They hear the names of Sahabis. But they were slaves. They were not high class people, high class so many people are saying, ‘you are not high class. You are low class.’ Hasha Astarghfirullah. We are servants. We are not doctor or lawyer,  doesn’t matter. Look what it says there. ‘servant of Allah,’ that’s what is most important.

servant of Allah

So, that time happened and the people, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin, those who became servant to Allah, He is keeping their names up always, and imagine if He is keeping their names up in dunya, what will happen in the Judgement day? You think on it. So,insyaAllah ar-Rahman, our aim, we don’t claim anything. Eh, we are just trying to be servant to Allah and that Siratul Mustaqim, that we try to hold on tightly to the sunnats of the Rasulullah (asws). The Sunnat is not just to talk. Today’s people, majority talking sunnat. Saying Ahli sunnat and I’m watching Ahlil sunnat, they are doing every wrong things that the wahabbi  is putting on them and calling themselves, ‘I am Sunni.’  I’m saying, ‘where is your sunnat then? You are sunni, where is your Sunnat? How you are appearing, how you are living sunnat?’

Hmm, sunnat is the lifestyle of the Holy Prophet (asws). Hadiths is the word of the Holy Prophet (asws). Sunnat is the lifestyle: How did he eat, how did he walk, how did he pray, how did he dress, what did he do. This unbelievers, they are not caring for Islam to remove Islam away. They are running to remove sunnats of the Rasulullah (asws) away. And the Muslims are helping them. Nothing else. If you remove everything that the Prophet (asws) was using,  they don’t care if one hundred thousand, not one million people they are in the same masjid, they don’t care. Because now they know that everyone is giving commentary and understanding about Quran e-kerim according to their own ego. Nothing else. That’s exactly what everyone is doing today too. According to their own ego. According only to their understanding, they are giving commentary about hadiths e-sherif, about thesunnats of the Rasulullah (asws). When you say to them, we are not saying, they are attacking us, saying to us, we are sitting nice and comfortable, not bothering anybody, they are attacking, saying, ‘why you are going with the Turban, with the beard around? You are not doing anything to Islam!’ I say, ‘MashaAllah, what are you doing for Islam? You are appearing just like unbelievers, and, how are you doing it? I don’t even know, if you are in the street, that I should give you salam, if you are a muslim or not. Hmm, so at least, I am appearing as of Muslim.’ And they turn around, you look at them, they are just like woman. No moustache, no beard now. Imams and Sheykhs. I’m not talking about people that they are under the authorities of others. If you are working for somebody, don’t make no mistakes today too, you are in a different category of a slave. Don’t think that you are a free man.

Holy Prophet is giving us, teaching us, what kind of jobs we should be busy with. Are you busy with that? No. Why is Holy Prophet telling us that we should be busy with this kind of job? Because that gives you freedom in your religion to be able to carry what Prophet (asws) is giving to you. If you are going and working under the authority of the Yahudi and Yahudi is saying to you, not Yahudi, today in every Muslim country go, Imams they cannot keep their beard anymore. And now, they cannot keep the beard and they are attacking the beard and they said, ‘well the Yahudis they have, and the goat, they have a beard too.’ And I said, definitely! The Yahudi and the goat has it too and the Orthodox Christians, they have it too. You know who doesn’t have it? Who? Catholic priest.

Hmm, sit and think on it. As you like. 124 000 Prophets came to earth. They all have beard and Angels are praying on those ones that they are keeping their beard. Hundred year ago, Christians, Jews, everyone, they have the beard. Today, nobody, Muslims, they shave everything now. They used to go inside the masjid with the kufi , now they don’t have kufi too. Who opens their head inside their worship place?  Christians. They cannot go with the head cover. If they have, they have to take it out. So, yes, we call ourselves Ahli sunnat, but we do not what ahli sunnat do, not even what so many things that the wahabbi is doing, the Christians and the unbelievers they are doing. That’s what it is. So wake up to yourself. If we don’t turn back to the sunnats of the Rasulullah (asws), there will be no safety.

Sahabi e-kiram, they didn’t come around to say, ‘I know this much and I know that much.’ They didn’t say, ‘I know Quran e-kerim brother.’ They didn’t say, ‘Brother, you know whatayat says?’ They were hearing from the Holy Prophet (asws). Giving the ayats and they were just waiting for the Holy Prophet (asws) to give the explanation of the  ayats, through his hadiths shariff, and so many times, through the lifestyle and they never said, ‘I know this ayat said this.’ You cannot find in any book, any book that the sahabis said, ‘this ayatis saying this and this is it.’ Every sahabi is saying, ‘Rasulullah (asws) said this and I heard.’ They never said, ‘I know.’

Today’s ignorant 21st century people, their knowledge is depending only on internet and google search, you can have not google, you can have thousands of books too, all those books, they have been poisoned. As I’ve said earlier, no khutbah today, go everywhere, noJumuah khutbah, any imams is standing up to say now, ‘Innaddina Indallahil Islam.’ They are not using that ayats now because the west is forcing. But the muslims are sleeping.


Wake up, if you are in ghaflat, ghaflat is a heedless station, drunken station. and if you are living with that ghaflat, and if Azrail is coming to you in that ghaflat, you are in big trouble. The grave is waiting. Holy Prophet (asws), he has been sent, to give the good news and he has been sent, to give warning. All his deputies in this world, from that time until now, until judgement day,  that’s what they are going to say. They are going to give the good news to the believers, to say, ‘ you are doing this good, the reward is this. And they are going to give warning to themselves and to the believers, saying, ‘be careful.’  Eh everyone is saying, ‘eh Allah is so merciful.’ Definitely Allah is merciful, and He has sent His ayats, He has sent His book, He has sent His Prophet to tell us what we have to do, how we are going to live. That is His mercy. Now, you choose a side to yourself. If you want to live the way that Allah and His Prophet is ordering, not only that, to follow the footsteps of the Sahaba e-Kiram. Everyone is also saying, ‘I’m doing only what the Prophet says.’ How do you know the Prophet (asws)? You build a connections? So many ignorants they said, ‘I’m calling the Prophet.’ So many ignorant today they say, ‘Khizr is my Sheykh. I’m talking to Khizr, 24 hours a day.’ Masha’Allah.

Another miracle of Holy Prophet (asws) saying, ‘in the ahir zaman, they are going to read a lot. So much that they are going to read, but the are going to become completely ignorant with the knowledge that they have read. When you go to their masjid, you are going to see that they are not even going to give salam to you. They are only going to give salams to the ones that they know each other. When you see them, that they are running away from the sunnat, don’t sit with them. Don’t talk to them. Don’t give salam to them. Pull yourself away from them.’ This is a hadiths, talking about the ahir of ahir zaman. Before the appearance of Dajjal. Then it is not too much time left. Takbir to be taken by Mahdi (as) and dajjal to appear, the master ones. The deputies, they are already here, working.

So wake up to yourself. There are two doors out from this world. Doesn’t matter dajjal coming or not coming. If Azrail coming tonight, are you going from the right side door or the left side? You enter through one door, everyone of us enter through one door, and now in that road, it became fork, if you don’t have the right guide, definitely you choose the left road. If you have the right guide, you are continuing on the right road, you are going out through the right door. So, your jannat and your jahannam, it is in your hand. It is so hard to enter to jahannam, but today’s people they are running to enter. It is more easier to enter to jannat. because Allah swt is giving us certain orders, and His Holy Prophet is saying to us, ‘do this, I am guaranteeing you, I am waiting for you in front of the door of the jannat.’ So run to get the title that says, ‘Servant of Allah.’

Look at yourself, what you are busy with. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘The way you live, that’s how you will die. The way you will die, that’s how you will be buried. The way you will be buried, that’s how you will be raised to the Judgment day.’ And he is saying that so many people, they are not even going to be raised in the Judgment day in the human form anymore. How did you die? Which characteristics of the ego that you die with? Because ego has hundreds and thousands of characteristics. Which characteristics of the ego that you die with? That’s what you will be buried with in there and that’s how you will be there. You turn into that animal shape. So many, the grave is not even accepting them. Alhamdulillah, we are talking about salatul janazah al ghaibin, you are not making salatul janazah al ghaibin? This is one of the sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws), that the people that passed away in this 24 hours time and nobody knows yet, at least if there are good ones, the angels they will go and they will pick them up. Believe, you will find safety. Only thing you have to keep in your heart, the fear of Allah. Doesn’t matter who you are, what you are, the fear of Allah has to come above anything and everything else.

The fear of Allah has to come with the love of Allah. Both. But always you have to know, that is your Lord. He is not your baby, He is not your father, just like Christians. He is your Lord. We are going to be obedient. We are going to run to be obedient. Any actions that is coming in front of us, you are going to run to hold on, to be obedient to our Lord.  Maybe that action is going to give us the title, saying, ‘servant of Allah.’ There are five hundred good deeds in Islam, eight hundred bad ones. Only one you have to do to get that title saying, ‘servant of Allah.’ You don’t know where Allah has kept that secret.Who knows, maybe you give so much money to masjid, you build masjids, you do everything, but when you are walking in the streets, there’s one stone there, maybe you just have to remove the stone from the street, thinking that maybe a blind man coming behind and he may fall down, so let me just remove this away, maybe that action is going to make you to become beloved to Allah.

‘Sheykh, we are building masjid. So that’s not going to be counted?’ You are bargaining with Allah? Who makes you rich? Who give you the money? ‘I work for it.’ Who give you the health? Everything belongs to Him. So for Allah, nothing is small or big. Everything is same. The One that creates all these galaxies or one mosquitoes, both are the same. He can create the mosquitoes and all the galaxies and everything in it, same way. But, think on it. Think. He has created Adam (as) completely different than anything and everything else. That’s where the sheytan, all his knowledge is putting him down, and he became blind. He didn’t see, that he knew the knowledge that Allah swt said, ‘Kun Fayakun – be and everything it happened,’ including himself, including the angels, the Paradise, the throne, everything. But to Adam (as), he didn’t say ‘Kun Fayakun.’ He changed things. He moved things from one place to another place.  He sent angels to the earth. He took dirt from the earth. He mixed it up. He turned them into a clay. He put a shape. He spend time. If you are going to say with His Divine hands,  He put a shape to Adam (as). Then, He blow him from His holy breath, not from Himself, don’t make no mistake. Allah swt is not sharing anything from Himself to His creation. If He were to put something from Himself to Adam, then one day Adam say, ‘yes I am Allah.’ Just a drop from His Holy breath, that breath enter into him and it gave life to him, and then sheytan looked at him. All this knowledge, he was so blind to see, to say, ‘He created me, saying, ‘be.’ He created this one, it took Him seven days.’ Seven day is different secret there. I’m not  going to enter into that one now. Seven days.


‘Seven days. Everyday He did something else there. He used His Divine hand, He put shape, then He blow something to that one, and now, I’m saying to Him I am better than this one, cos I’m made from fire and that one is made from clay.’  You see how foolish sheytan became? He see himself higher and bigger. Why? Because he said, ‘because You created me from the smokeless fire.’ And you are telling the master which one is better? How did you know that fire is better than the earth? The ego. The proudness. Everything. And when he looked at Adam (as) laying down like this, no life, he’s saying, ‘huh! this one, I’m better than this one.’ Adam (as) mouth is open, sheytan entered through there, circled around inside, came down from the bottom. That’s why Holy Prophet is saying, ‘sheytan circle inside your blood veins.’ And you help him in so many ways to circle inside. As I said earlier now, today’s  Imams and the Sheykhs they are not using miswaks but they replace the miswaks with something else: Sheytan’s pacifier (cigarrete). They are putting it in their mouth. This nation is welcoming sheytan into their blood veins, circling around, 24hours a day (through smoking cigarrete). Didn’t  you see that? Say, is it haram to eat fire? It is haram. How are you putting cigarrete in  your mouth and you are saying it ishalal? Squareheads. I’m not saying anything to that one. Because they know  so much, just like sheytan, knowing so much knowledge, but just like a donkey carrying loads of books in their back.

So only way out, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, especially in the ahir Zaman, follow mysunnat and the sunnat of my Sahabi. Not only the sunnat of the Holy Prophet. No. ‘thesunnat of my Sahabi.’ When he is saying the sunnat of the Sahabi, it’s the sunnat of theTabi’in. The sunnat of the Tabi’in, you must find someone now connected to that lineage. Otherwise, you are going to be lost. Impossible to follow by yourself. Sheytan, definitely is clever than you and I. He fooled Adam (as) that he has been created through Divine hands, and he fooled  him and bring him out from the Paradise to the earth. You think he’s not going to fool you? Astaghfirullah al-Azim wa atubu ilaih. This much should be enough for you and for me for tonight. Waminallahu Taufiq. We are asking help and more strong life from people surrounding our Sheykh, to bring this kufr down. To bring kufr everywhere down. And we are asking our Lord Allah swt to give us the permission to put that flag of Islam top of this white house, that this country will turn into Islam. Fatiha. Amin.

Sahibul Saif

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 Sohbet on the Occassion of the Urs of  Haji Fuat ar-Rabbani (Ks)
by SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya GrandShaykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Hakkani Hz
Friday 24 Shawwal 1429
October 24, 2008
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi, Siddiki Center, New York

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