‘The one who betrays his Effendi, there’s not going to be any Syafaat for him’


Question: In the Hujatul Wada, Prophet (asws) said, ‘those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; and may the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly.’ But I believe that the Sahabis understanding is the highest understanding and their level of Iman is the highest. Can you explain this?

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It is not that meaning. It’s not the meaning that they are going to understand it literally better than you, the Sahabis. The meaning is that, those ones who is going to come later, maybe they will appreciate this more.

What do the Prophet (asws) say in the, for example, Hujatul wada? What was the last thing that he said? Let us bring it. They always hide this part. We are going to bring it up. ‘The ones who betrays his Effendi, there is no syafaat for him.’ This is in the Hujatul wada, in the farewell sermons. The Wahhabi always cut this part, sunni wahabbi kind,  wahabbi sufi kind, also they don’t like this part, because it’s all about Allah. It’s not about Prophet, it’s not about your Sheykh. It’s all about Allah. Some even saying, the purpose of your Sheykh is to bring you to Allah, it’s not to just collect people around you, they say, like an army. But it’s to bring you to Allah. Who are we that we are so important that they, the most honored one in creation, their reason of creation is to bring us to Allah? Do you understand? This is a subtle point.

So, Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the one who betrays  his Effendi, there’s not going to be any syafaat for him.’ For those ones, they understood that very well. Of course, because all 124000 Sahabis, they took beyat. They pledge their allegiance to the Holy Prophet (asws), they did not betray. And especially at that time, they all understood that. But later on when you see some betrayal happening, and later some more betrayal happening, when we see, with the fall of the Khilafat, almost the entire ummat, the Muslims betray the Khalifah, when we are living in the times where they say, ‘you don’t have to follow any Effendi, follow Allah.’ Then those ones who are following the Prophet (asws) and looking at the Hujatul wida, he will appreciate this even more. This will make more sense to him. Then he’s going to look at those golden words and he’s going to say, ‘now, I must make these words to be part of my life.’ This is a forgotten sunnat and the one who does that, to revive a forgotten sunnat in the ahir Zaman, he gets the reward of a hundred martyrs, of the Sahabi Ikiram, of that time. So tell me now, which one is going to understand that better? Do you understand? They are going to understand it better.

So, like the Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘I can’t wait to see my brothers.’ He is saying, ‘Ah, I can’t wait to see my brothers.’ And the companions, the Sahabis were saying, ‘aren’t we your brothers ya Rasulullah?’ those ones who lived with him, fought with him, give everything up for him as he did for them too. They said, ‘aren’t we your brothers?’ He said, ‘no, you are my companions. My brothers are the ones who are going to come in ahir Zaman, that they will love me and they will follow me, without seeing me.’ And in another hadiths saying, ‘faith in the ahir Zaman it is like holding a live coal in your hand.’ Those ones in the ahir Zaman who don’t drop, so many these days they drop their faith. Little bit hot, they drop. Little bit hot, they drop. But the believers they are going to change it from one hand to  another. The ones that the Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘blessed is the one who has seen me. But seventy times more blessed are those who love me and follow me without seeing me.’

So, Abu Jahil also saw the Prophet (asws). But do you think he is blessed? No. That’s why we have so many people coming in our Jamaat, they have never met Sheykh Effendi, only seen his video, seen his pictures. So many of them they are also saying to me, ‘if only we have met him, ah, ah, so lucky those ones who have met him and kissed his hands, kissed his feet, sat with him.’ I’m saying, everything comes in its own time, own place and own special blessings. There are so many who sat with him too, who kissed his hands, prayed behind him, did everything, but they are not here. They left. Either they betray or they change. You think anything is going to happen? Any blessings is there? Of course there’s going to be blessings because they were there with Sheykh Effendi. But what about those who continue? You are going to tell me there’s going to be less blessings for them? What about those who continue without seeing him?

Ah. That’s why sometimes it’s much easier to connect to him, those ones who has never met him than those who have. Much easier. Because we are making the wasila to be easier for you to connect. May we have the connection, may Allah forgive us for being weak and destroying that connection now and again, every time in reality. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws). Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Muharram 1438
October 6, 2016.
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