We have been sent to this world to earn our Akhirat


Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin. Wasalatu wa salamu ala rasulina Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain nahmadulllahu ta’ala wa nastaghfiruhu wa nashadu an-lailaha ilallahu wahdahu la sharika lah wa nashadu anna sayyidina Muhammadin abduhu wa habibuhu wa rasuluhu salallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa azwajihi wa ashabihi wa atbaihi.

Khulafail Rashidin mahdin min ba’di wuzerail immeti alal tahkik. Khususan minhum alal amidi khulafai rasulillahi ala tahqeeq. Umara il mu’mineen. Hazreti abu bakr wa umar wa uthman wa ali. Wa ala baqiyati wa sahabai wa tabieen, ridwanallahu ta’ala alayhim ajmain.Ya ayyuhal mu’minun al hadirun, ittaqullaha ta’ala wa ati’uh. Inna allaha ma allathina-ttaqaw wal-lathina hum muhsinun. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. Wa Salatu wa Salamu ala Ashrafil Ambiya’i wa Imam al-Mursaleen, Sayyidina wa Mawlana Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain.

All praises are due to Allah, Lord of the Universes. All praises are due to Allah Who created the Heavens and the Earth and all that is between them. All praises are due to Allah Who created the sun, the moon, the stars, and set them in their orbits. All praises are due to Allah Who created the Bani Adam in Ahsani Taqwim. All praises are due to Allah Who sent Sayyidina Muhammad (asws) as the Guide to the Sirat al-Mustaqim.

And may all peace and blessings be upon the Sultan of Creation, the Imam of the Messengers, the Master of the Prophets, the Intercessor of the Day of Judgment, the Possessor of the Maqam al-Mahmud, Sayyidina Muhammad (asws), and upon his noble family and blessed companions, especially upon the Four Khulafa-e-Rashideen, Hz. Abu Bakr el-Siddiq, Hz. Umar el-Faruq, Hz. Osman el-Ghani, and Hz. Ali el-Murtaza, and all those who follow them until the Last Day.


Ya Ayyuhal Mu’minoon! O Believers! Welcome to you on this Holy Day of Jummah, the Last Jummah of the Holy Month of Muharram. O Believers! Allah (swt) is saying in Surah al-A’raf: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Do not be from the Ghafiloon. (7:205). Sadaqallahul Adzim. Don not be from those who are heedless. So we must be awake and aware. And part of being awake and aware is to know where we are. O Believers! We are about to enter into the Month of Safar. And Safar, it is a month where the believers have to be extra careful. Sultan el-Evliya Sheykh Mawlana Muhammad Nazim Adil el-Hakkani (ks) is saying about the month of Safar: It is the heaviest month. In this month many troubles come because it’s Safar. In the month of Safar many troubles come. It is said that seven hundred thousand troubles come.

And our Sheykh, Sahib el-Sayf Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani (ks) is saying: Safar is always coming down with its heaviness and with the punishments. The Nation of Muhammad (asws) must be careful. The whole month this year may hit left and right. Seven hundred thousand curses are coming down during that month. In the old days people were doing very special things just to save themselves from that cursing that is coming down. If you are not doing anything, don’t run around in the streets wild if it’s for nothing. Sit in your home, pray and make some more extra zikir. If it’s not necessary, don’t run in the streets.

So we have to be careful in these days that are approaching to us, in order to be in safety and protection.

O Believers! We are going to die. No matter what religion a person is, no matter what his ethnicity is, no matter how rich he is or how poor he is, that person is going to die. That is the Law of Allah (swt) from the time that He sent mankind to this world until the end. He is saying in the Holy Quran, in Surah Aal-e-Imran: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your full compensation on the Day of Resurrection. So he who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has attained [his desire]. And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion. (3:185). Sadaqallahul Adzim.

And after we die, we are going to have to stand in front of our Lord on the Day of Judgment. O Believers! We must remember death, and we must remember that one day we are going to stand and be taken to account for what we did in this life. Not only for what we did, but for what our intentions are. If we forget that we are going to die, if we forget that we are going to stand on the Masyhar of the Day of Judgment, then definitely we are going to live heedless and headless. But if we remember our Lord and we remember the end that is in front of us, that time we are going to build Taqwa in our hearts and live properly.

Because this dunya, this is the chance that we have from Allah (swt) to live properly and to reach safety. After we die, there is no more chance. And Allah (swt) is describing the regret, the fire of regret (Nar-i-Hasret) that our Sheykh was always telling us about. Allah (swt) is telling us the words that the people who are burning with the fire of regret are going to say on the Day of Judgment, and the answer that is going to be given to them.

In Surah al-Mu’minoon Allah is telling us what is going to happen saying about such people, and this is a lesson for all of us. It is not for such people. It is for us. If we take this lesson, we will not fall into the category of such people. If we say this doesn’t apply to us, we will fall into the category of such people. May Allah protect us from that. BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Allah swt is saying: When death comes to one of them he says, “send me back that I might do good deeds in that which I left behind.” No! It is only a  word he is saying- and behind them is a barrier until the Day they are resurrected. So when the Trumpet is blown, there will be no relationships between them that Day, nor will they ask about each other. And those whose scales are heavy with good deeds, they are the winners. But the ones whose scales are light- those are the ones who have lost their souls, being in hell forever. The Fire will burn their faces, and they will look like they are smiling, with their lips displaced. It will be said to them, “Were My verses not recited to you, and you used to deny them?” They will say, “our Lord! Our wretchedness overcame us, and we were a people astray. Our Lord! Bring us out of this. If we ever return to evil, then we would indeed be wrongdoers.” He, Allah will say: “Remain despised therein and do not speak to Me. Indeed, there was a group of My servants who used to say: ‘Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us and have Mercy upon us, and You are the Best of those who show Mercy.’ But you took them as a joke, so much that you forgot My Zikr while you were laughing at them. Indeed, I have rewarded them This Day for their patience and being constant- they are the ones who have attained success.” He will say: “How many years did you stay on the earth?” They will say: “ We remained a day or a part of a day, but ask those who keep account.” He will say: “You stayed only a little- if only you had known. Did you think that I had just created you uselessly, and that you would not be brought back to Us?” So exalted is Allah, the King, the Truth; there is no ilah but He, the Lord of the Throne of Honor. (23:99-116). Sadaqallahul Adzim.

O Believers! These are the Words of Allah (swt) as sent to His Habib Sayyidina Muhammad (asws). These are the Words of Truth. That scene, it is going to happen on the Day of Judgment. That conversation, it is going to happen. And the way we live in this dunya, it is going to determine which side of that conversation we are going to be on. Either we are going to be from those who led a wrong lifestyle who Allah is saying to them- “Do not speak to Me.” Or we are going to be from those that Allah (swt) says were remembering Him, and who are going to reach to success on that Day.

Today, no one is reading these ayats of the Quran. Especially the ones who call themselves very spiritual, very Sufi. They are not reading these ayats of the Quran. They are saying, Allah is just Love. Love, love, love and unconditional love. Allah has put so many conditions to that love. They are saying, ‘Allah is not going to punish you. Allah is not going to burn you. Live however you like. Live as an animal, Allah loves you still.’ They are falling into the trap that the Christians fell into for thousands of years, saying that Hell is not real, that it is just a symbol. Saying just have love in your heart and you will reach to safety. That is the trap of sheytan.

Seyh Efendi is describing that trick saying: And worry, yes, you must worry, we must worry for Akhirat. We have been sent to this world to earn our Akhirat. Did you earn your Akhirat today? At least did you make promise today to live for Akhirat? Everything that you do in this world, did you promise today that you are doing it for the sake of Allah, preparing yourself for Akhirat? If you are doing that then you have no worry. You have only one worry. Akhirat. The hereafter. That never ends. That is the one that keeps pushing you continuously forward. That is the time that people will know too, `This one ran for Allah’.

If you are running for Dunya then your energy is going to finish and when the energy is finishing then your hope is going to finish and Sheytan is coming to you saying, `Don’t worry. Your Lord is so Merciful. You don’t have to do it. He’s going to forgive you’. This is what he is saying. Who’s saying this? Allah is saying this to us, `This is how that Sheytan is coming to you to fool you. Yes, your Lord is Merciful with you when you have the breath of life and carrying it. That’s a mercy to wake up, to shake yourself up to say, `What is it that I’m doing? When am I going to wake up?’ Ask that question to yourself. If you didn’t yet then start right now. Push yourself now. Don’t leave it for tomorrow because tomorrow may be too late.


O Believers! We have the breath of life now. And the time to live correctly is now. As Allah (swt) is saying in Surah al-Hadid: BismillahirRahamanirRahim Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the Zikr of Allah and what has come down of the Truth? And let them not be like those who were given the Scripture before, and a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are defiantly disobedient. (57:16). Sadaqallahul Adzim.

These Ayats, these Hadith, these Sohbets from our Sheykh, they are all there for us to wake up from ghaflat and to live as servants. Because the only way to pass through this life and be successful in the next life is to leave with the title of a servant. And the intelligent man must think, who am I going to serve? Saying, Servant of Allah- yes, we must be servants of Allah. But our example is the Sahaba-e-Kiram. And what did they call themselves- Servants of the Prophet (asws)

We are not living in the time of the Holy Prophet (asws)- so let us to serve his Inheritors. Let us to serve his Friends. Let us to serve the Friends of Allah. And if we stay in their service, then we will be in the Most Blessed Company in the Day of Judgment. We are not so arrogant to say, yes, I am going to save myself on the Day of Judgment, No. We want to be saved by those whom Allah (swt) has given the Rank of Shafaat to. We want to be saved by those Whom Allah allows to intercede on the Day of Judgment. And the Greatest Intercessor is Sayyidina Muhammad (asws). That all of the other Prophets on the Day of Judgment, they are going to have so much Fear from Allah that they will not approach to ask for Shafaat. But Holy Prophet (asws) will come and as he says in his Hadith Sherif: When I see Allah (swt) I will fall down in sajdah before Him, and He will leave me (in sajdah) as long as He wills, and then He will say, ‘O Muhammad, lift up your head and speak, for you will be listened to, and intercede, for your intercession will be accepted, and ask (for anything) for it will be granted. That is our Holy Prophet (asws). And his inheritors have also been given that rank. Our Sheykh has that rank. And Allah (swt) is saying in a Hadith Qudsi that He will ask his servants on Judgment Day: Did you love one of my Awliya’, so that I can join you with him?

Our Sheykh is a Friend of Allah. To be with him in the next life, it is to be in the company of the Awliya and Rasulallah (asws). And to reach that, we must love him. Loving him, it is not just to say I love you. Loving him is to show that love through service. Loving him is to continue his mission. Loving him is to honor and respect that which he has left to us. Insha’Allah, if we live that way, that time we will be joined to him in Ahiret. Amin. 

Sheykh Lokman Effendi

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Jumma Khutba by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz 
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
27 Muharram 1438
October 28, 2016.
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