Is consultation with your Sheykh the only way out when you find yourself stuck?



Question: Sometimes you find yourself being stuck with something and you are able to push yourself out of it, but sometimes you’re not. Is consultation with your Sheykh at that point the only way to get yourself out of that state or are there any steps that one can take?


Well, if you have a Sheykh to consult with, that is the best way. That is the best thing that you can do. If you don’t have a Sheykh then you have to try with your own effort. You may pass, you may fail, because, what are you doing? With your own effort, you’re going to try to remember what this person said, what this person’s advice is. You’re still going to consult, but to a thousand different things in your own head. If you have a Sheykh it’s one and that one is connected. We are not connected and the people who gave us all the advice, they are not connected. You can do this or this or this or this. Now, consultation with the Sheykh is not just physical consultation. Somebody just told me, ‘I have a problem, now I cannot do this.’ I say ‘you cannot do this?’ He says, ‘yes, it’s impossible for me to do this.’ And I said, well, ‘what about this and you do this?’ And he says, ‘yeah, if I do this and this, it can.’ ‘Then what about this and this? Now, you don’t have a problem.’ He says, ‘well, I just… I’m sorry for being a problem to you, but I didn’t want to consult you because I don’t want to trouble you.’ Understand? ‘Because now, it seems that everything I have to consult you with.’ I said it’s okay if you don’t consult, but you learn and you make progress and you don’t repeat the same mistakes. But you seem to be doing that and whenever you make those mistake and you repeat it, it becomes from one problem, it becomes a hundred problems and now it’s presented to me. Now we have to try to fix it too, with the support of our Sheykh.

So, instead of it becoming so big, why didn’t you come from the beginning? Why don’t people do that? Sometimes people say it’s shyness, it’s this, it’s that, but a lot of times it’s ego too. You’re not consulting. Is it working? If it is working that means you are consulting through the heart. It’s not working. Consult through the tongue. The Sheykh may be nice to you to talk, sometimes he will delay. Sometimes he will pretend it’s not there, sometimes he will yell at you. It doesn’t matter now. You’re not looking for the form. You’re looking to the essence of that advice. And if you are really sincere and you are doing it and you are really awake, you’re understanding, ‘ah,’ you say, ‘this is the situation the Sheykh is solving this way, ah, this is very interesting, he’s solving like this,’ you already have a pattern there, you have a way, you have the principles, the foundations of that. Hah. Okay.

So next time something like that happens, you know how to use that pattern, the foundations, to solve another problem. Then you realize, too, ‘okay, I want to be as hundred percent as possible, but I know, so many things it cannot be hundred percent. It has to be,’ now you learn how to shift, you learn how to, with that foundation, you learn how to make a different building, according to this climate. You make a different building according to this terrain. You’re doing a different building, same foundations, for a different person. Then, if you’re sharp enough, you take and you are able to do, that’s when ijaza is given to you, permission is given to you because they say, without losing the principles, without being a tyrant, he is able, now, to use this and to build something. Give him permission. That, of course, is not for, it is for everybody in a general sense. But in a very specific sense, it is not for everybody.

So, once you understand it is then you are going to take that. But, which means that before you consult too, it is not, some people, they just, without thinking, they just have a problem and they say ‘what can I do?’ some people, they make their own problems, and they show it to them as if it’s their problems, it’s the Sheykh’s problem. You’re thinking, how to solve this, you’re thinking this way, this way, this, it’s not working, something is not clicking, then you ask. There’s something else. Because you’re trying to solve the puzzle, now the Sheykh is going to say, ‘try this move.’ You’re doing it, ah, it is open. But because you have made that so many steps to doing that, he’s just pushing you a little bit, it is sticking inside of you. The way of solving that, it sticks inside of you because you’ve taken all those steps and all he had to do was to show you a different step and you got it.

If you don’t do all those steps and you just come and say, ‘what can I do?’ he can show you a hundred steps, it’s not going to stick. You are not going to remember, you will not understand, because you’re not taking the trouble, now, to understand it first. Selam Aleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
12 Muharram 1437
October 13, 2016.
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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