Stay Away From The Curses and Heaviness of Safar


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The month of Safar, it is around the corner. It is coming. The month of Safar is coming with its own heaviness, tens of thousands, some say forty thousand, some Awliya Allah saying seventy thousand bala, la’nat, it descends to the world. It may come all together into that month or it just descends and slowly slowly from this Safar to the next Safar it is going to be given. When it is coming to you, and which one of us here, in reality, honestly saying that we are not deserving of this curse that is coming down? From individual to groups, communities, to nations, to the whole world, there is so much evil that is happening in this world.The world is getting ready for a second flood. You understand?

In the first flood of Nuh (as), that was water. But the water was like acid. It was burning, that when the dove and the crow they came out to look for dry land, and have no doubt, even the crow’s color was completely pure white. It wasn’t black. Like the dove, it was white. Nuh (as) saying, ‘go and find dry land,’ and they went and the dove it is seeing some dry land, landing there, the water was still there little bit touching the leg burning the leg, up till today it is red as if it is being burnt, taking some leaves to show to Nuh (as). But the crow, the crow is seeing so many dead bodies and for forty days and forty nights, it is forbidden in the ship of Nuh (as) to eat any meat, like you are in seclusion, it ate some meat, its whole body turned black. Because it ate from the raw carcass, dead meat. Coming back, all the nur is out and Nuh (as) put the curse on them. The flood of Nuh, that he ask for his people, because there was no way that they were going to be able to turn.

Our Prophet (asws), he is a Prophet of Mercy who loves us and he is understanding how weak we are and how disobedient we are going to be in the Ahir Zaman. But still he is asking Allah swt not to punish his nation like he punished the nation of Nuh (as) with the flood. And Allah swt is saying, ‘don’t worry O My beloved one, they will not be punished by the flood of water. They will punish themselves, they will invent a weapon and they are going to punish themselves. Not from Me,’ Allah is saying, ‘but they are getting ready, they will have these weapons that will destroy themselves by a flood of fire.’ This world, everyday it is moving, moving, moving closer to that.

In this month of Safar, don’t go out too much. Whatever that is necessary, and when you go, it is important before you leave the house to recite twenty-one times Ayatul Kursi. To give sadaqah especially. The Sadaqah it is going to protect you against unseen accidents. Even maybe something is happening, but they are looking, maybe you are going to get completely, but some invincible hand is going to come to save you. Keep yourself clean. Don’t fight with each other. Do your work properly. Sit and watch. Because the month of Safar, in reality for a believer, he’s not going to get so fearful. He’s going to be careful but he is going to take the opportunity to pull himself back a little bit because after the month of Safar, it is a month of what? RabiulAwwal. It is a month of mercy. And he is going to sit to prepare himself for the month of mercy. The month of Maulid, the month of the Holy Prophet (asws). The month of the spring time of blessings that is going to come.


Protect especially your children from nazar. Insya’Allah that time, when you have this few things that you are doing, whatever extra thing that you want to do, you may do. But whatever few things that you have, keep it properly Insya’Allah. Then that time, you now don’t have to fear too much whatever that is going to happen. But be careful at the same time, because these are very heavy days. These are very dark days. These  are very evil days. And remind yourself of that. Don’t just look, ‘oh, this is so nice, living in Dergah, living in Sheykh Effendi’s house.’ Once in a while, look. You are looking, using that technology for a wrong reason too. Look to see how the whole world is suffering, it is burning. Look how much Allah is blessing us. Remind yourself of that. Remind yourself when you are eating, when you are preparing. Remind yourself, when you are with your children. Remind them. Right now, like this or like that, there’s seven billion people living in this world. Do you know how many billion people in this world, they are under the line of poverty, that they are earning two dollars a day or less, do you know how many? More than five billion.

So how much should we be thanking Allah? More thanks you have, more protections you are going to build around you against the evil and against the curse that is going to come. Because when you complain, when you don’t understand, you may have the best protection but from the inside, you are opening it. From the inside you are opening the door to sheytan to enter. Otherwise sheytan cannot enter, he cannot break through that. But because you complain, because you are not showing the respect, because you are not showing the proper edep, especially to the food. I’m checking to see also, I’m around people and every time, this is Sheykh Effendi’s sunnat, which every sunnat that he is taking of course from GrandSheykh and Holy Prophet (asws), even you are walking on the street and you see one penny on the ground, pick it up. Because that is money. That is rizq. Maybe it’s one penny. Pick it up. Because you are too proud to pick up one penny huh? What if it’s a dollar? What if it’s a hundred dollar? So what’s the difference between a penny and a hundred dollar? It’s only a matter of perspective. But I’m seeing sometimes people, they have pennies everywhere around them and they are just walking, they are just stepping.

You are eating, you are teaching your children, ‘ah, you want more honey?’ ‘No!’ ‘Oh, it’s okay. I’m going to throw to garbage,’ or ‘I’m going to throw it to the animal.’ It’s not animal food. You are going to teach them, it’s not finishing, next time give less. It’s not finishing, give less than that. Teach them, I’m talking about when they are old enough of course, that this food that we are getting and we are throwing to garbage, billions of people, billions of people they don’t have. Now how much more curse is going to come to us if we are not teaching our children how to appreciate, if you yourself you are not doing it. You are just eating and just leftover, I don’t see so many of you you make sunnat too. Or sometimes you make sunnat here but you don’t make sunnat at home. Then why you are coming here? For show.

Simple, you are doing it three times, five times a day, seven days a week, thirty five times, three hundred and sixty five days a year, how many is that? Huh, I have so many human calculator, they cannot calculate. Maybe about a little under two thousand times. Two thousand times you are going to waste.Do you know the things that you use at home, bleach, heavy cleaners, you are touching it, you don’t use it five times a day, maybe a couple of times a week you may touch it, do you know that your body picks up on that and it stores it inside. That if you go to a real doctor, he’s going to say you have this much toxic, you have this much poison. You’ll say, ‘I didn’t touch it. I didn’t eat it, I didn’t play. I just touch it a little bit and I wash my hand.’ But still it has an effect on you and it builds up.’ And what about what we are doing? Wasting. We should not be wasting.

This month, look to see. Then slowly from that, you are going to look, you are not going to waste your breath so much. You are not going to waste your time so much. You are not going to waste your thought thinking about malayani things so much. You are not going to waste all your movements here and there so much. You are going to pull back. You are going to save. Then when you watch in these holy months,  in these very tough months, you watch yourself with that, because you are training, in the month of Rabiulawwal, you already know how to behave. Then that time, the blessings will come very easily. Insya’Allah,. Other than that make sure, like I said ayatul kursi, you are going o recite Fatiha, eleven ikhlas. Give sadaqah, that is very important. Because I’m saying recite, recite, but so many people they are not reciting. To give sadaqah every single day, it is important.  And teach your children how to give sadaqah. Give them your money, tell them, ‘put inside the box.’ Make them to become more use to doing it. Insya’Allah.

May Allah send us more protection Insya’Allah, for us and the believers, to make us to become more awake Insya’Allah. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya, Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul Kerim. Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26 Muharram 1438
October 27, 2016.
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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