Understand the veils that is in front of us



Every time that you are understanding that this is coming from your ego and from your sheytan, that is a veil. If your understanding is coming from your ego, from sheytan, that this is coming from your laziness, from your envy, this is coming from your arrogance, everytime you understand that that is a veil and you fight against it, you don’t give in, you go against it, you are removing one veil. Once you start serving, because understanding all these things is not just sitting down quietly and trying to understand and do it, because nobody ever does anything wrong just sitting quietly. Do you? Nobody lies, nobody cheats, nobody becomes lazy or in ghaflat just sitting quietly. They are active. They do it.

No one is going to get rid of those wrong actions just by sitting quietly. Sitting quietly, you are just turning on the engine. You are putting the gasoline. Now, you must get up and you must go. When you get up and go, make sure you go forward. Don’t go backward. We are sitting here quietly, we are understanding everything nicely, but if you are not using the sohbets now, five minutes later somebody is going to be arrogant, somebody is going to be stubborn, somebody is going to be idiot, then all that gas, all that turning on the engine, all that cleaning your transmission and everything is going to be nothing. Because you still fall to the same mistakes.

What do you want to get rid of? Are we understanding what we want to get rid of? Do you understand who you are? Do you understand what are the things you have to improve?  If you are understanding, you are going to work, you are going to get up, you are going to strive for it, you are going to work, and you are going to say, ‘I’m trying. I’m still falling. I’m getting washed up. That is a big mercy. If you don’t get  washed up, you will not know. I’m getting washed up and I’m doing this. I’m trying very hard to do it. Let me run now to try to do something else.’

This way it is the way of service. Because every Sahabi they did that. They don’t just sit and try to improve themselves. They try to improve the conditions of the ummat. Correct? Have you every heard any Sahabi who say, ‘I’m not going to do anything, I’m just going to step back.’ Those ones who step back, don’t think they didn’t do anything too. Those ahle Sufa, don’t think they don’t do anything too. Hazreti Abu Zar, don’t think he just did nothing. He was the one who was the most vocal maybe, warning those ones who are not following strictly the way of the Prophet (asws). Even if they are high level Sahabis. Because they belong to that level. They can give advice to each other. You cannot give advice to them. So you are doing something now for the community, it’s good. Because so many times, it’s not just sitting and thinking that is going to change you, it is doing something. So many times, you cannot do it by yourself. Something has to be done by you, for someone else for that sickness to be taken away, for that understanding what that veil is. But you must understand what that veil is. You must spend time here. You must listen carefully.

Whether at the sofra when we are eating, or whether when we are working together, you must listen. We try to spend with Sheykh Effendi as much as possible. Why is it so important now to travel with him? Because now when you are travelling, you are actually travelling, now you are making a hijra, you are making a travel for the sake of Allah swt, so many things start bubbling up now. So many times if we travel with him, he is going to wash us up nonstop. And that’s when he is going to show, ‘this is the veil that is in front of you. Learn how to get rid of it. This is another veil if you don’t know. This is another veil if you don’t know. This is another veil if you don’t know.’ Now we know, we are responsible. Those who know, they are responsible. But you must know. I don’t see too many people being busy with that.

What are the things specifically that you are learning how to get rid of? Some people they are very good, they are serving, but they are very lazy with, say ibadat. You by yourself you must know, ‘I’m very lazy.’ So try to do something. Some they are very hardworking with their ibadat, they are worshiping so much, but they are very lazy helping other people. They see dishes there, they just walk away. Understand that that is a veil. Do you understand? Do you want to get rid of it? So in reality you don’t need someone to tell you what your veils are. You know. ‘Yes we have to start from here.’ Later you are going to understand what are the other veils  that you are looking at. Later you are going to understand what are the other Ilahs that you are actually worshiping. Not just the veils that is stopping you. What are the idols that you have put in front of you. Not just veils, idols.

With so much work going on, we marvel at those who are so happy. We are happy with our Lord, of course, but we are not happy with what we are doing or this nation is doing or how this world’s direction is going, how this ummat is. Our happiness must be tied to the conditions of the ummat. If our happiness is just tie to Allah swt, we are the most selfish ones. You are not following the  sunnah of the Prophet (asws) that way. Prophet (asws), of course he is happy with Allah swt. He is the most happy. But he is the most sad, looking at his ummat. He is the most sad, that he say, ‘if you know what I know, you are going to laugh little and you are going to cry a lot. In fact, hadiths e-Sharif is saying, forbidding people from laughing too much because it hardens the heart. The heart becomes hard. Because you find everything funny. You don’t feel anymore. The only feeling you have is it’s funny. People fall, it’s funny. People their heads are going to be chopped off, it’s funny. Everything is funny. Hahahaha…because your heart, it has become hard. Those who were crying a lot and I don’t mean crying in front of others too. You don’t need to cry in front of the world, you don’t need to laugh in front of the world, that is all for show. And those ones who are crying and they are understanding, their hearts are very soft and they are the ones if you look at their faces, you feel very warm and very attracted to them. Because they understand you. They don’t feel that they are exclusive. ‘We are special people. We are only with our exclusive people.’ They are the true inheritors of the Prophet (asws). His worry over his ummat is more than the worry of a mother over her newborn child. Of course it has to be. His first words, ‘La ilaha ilallah, Inni Rasulullah. Ummati, ummati.’ His last word, ‘ummati, ummati.’ His words when he is going to be raised up, ‘O my ummat, O my community, O my nation. Ummati, Ummati.’ He is worrying. Yes, the inheritors of the Prophets, they are going to worry about their nations.


So we are holding on to our Sheykh, Insya’Allah. We have to know what are the veils that is in front of us. Sit down and think, and observe. Don’t just sit down and think. Walk and think. Do and think. Eat and think. Do everything and think! And observe. When you have a chance to be next to a Sheykh, be extra careful what you say, what you hear. Look and understand. Don’t go with your ego. Don’t go with rushing. They are saying, ‘in front of the eskiye,  watch what comes from your tongue. Eskiye, they are bandits. They are robbers. Highway man, murderers, criminals that is roaming around. If they catch you you have to be very careful what you say. They don’t like what you say, they will cut your neck off. And the saying goes,  if you are in the presence of the Awliya, watch your heart. How many of us are being careful? Are we taking everything? They are making everything easy.  Maybe some of them they are even making you to feel that they are nothing. But once you let that down, and you treat them that way, you are going to lose. Insya’Allah we will not be the losers. This much is enough.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26 Muharram 1438
October 27, 2016.
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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