Taqwa – To have Faith and to live according to that Faith



Anyone who says they don’t have faith, they don’t have Iman, they are lying. Do you know why? They have faith in themselves, don’t they? Do they have faith in themselves? Everyone who says they don’t have faith but we are looking, or they say ‘I don’t believe,’ they believe. They just don’t believe in Allah. They don’t believe in the Prophet, they don’t believe in Haqq, but they believe in something. There is no such thing as a neutrality in this world. They say, ‘I don’t have an Iman.’ They have Iman but they only have Iman in themselves. They have faith only in themselves. Or they have faith in a doctor, or they have faith in their family, or they have faith in their children, or they have faith in this political system, or they have faith in money, or they have faith that happiness will solve everything.

Everybody believes in love, don’t they? You ever met a person who say they don’t believe in love? So they all have faith. They all believe in something. Belief is something that Allah swt has put into the heart of man. They believe. It is inside of a man to believe. And they believe, when they don’t believe in the things that they should be believing in, then they start believing in the things that they shouldn’t be believing in, that’s when the whole problem starts. Because nothing that we have is ours. This life is not ours. It is given to us. This breath is not ours. It is given to us. There is an originator. If it belongs to us, if we are in full control of it, then the man may say, ‘I want to enter into this world not as a man but as a woman.’ Woman may say, ‘not as a woman but as a man.’ Some may say, ‘not black, white.’ Everyone is going to say ‘I want to be rich,’ maybe. If you are in control. But you are not in control. Your breath is not being controlled by you. Which is why, to be conscious of your breath, to know, to breathe in, not just to be conscious, to know, ‘oh I breathe in, oh I breathe out.’ No.

Whether you are conscious or not conscious of your breath, it’s happening without your control. But when you are conscious that you are breathing in and you are remembering the One who has given you breath, the one who gave you from His Holy breath to you, once you remember that, that is completely different. Then, that breath becomes Holy. Breathing in, because you are breathing in with the remembrance of Allah and you are breathing out with the remembrance of Allah. That time, that one is not a prisoner between two breaths.

We all are prisoner between two breaths. The one who says he controls his breathing, then we say,  ‘then don’t breathe.’ If you say you control it, then don’t breathe, or just breathe in. Or just breathe out. Or what happens when we sleep, are we controlling our breath then? What happen when we are unconscious, are we controlling our breath? So, there is someone who is controlling us and man has been given that secret to find out the reason for his creation, to discover. And to discover the reason of his creation, to go deep into it. People are saying, reason for your being in this world is so that you can study, be smart, get a good job, become rich and have family. That is not what our Creator is saying. That’s what people around us are saying, that’s what society is saying, that’s what our parents are saying, correct? If that is a reason of our creation, then everybody who does it they are going to make this world to be a Paradise. But anyone who just runs after this world to make this world into a Paradise, they turn this world into a hell. Everyone who runs to make this world into a Paradise for themselves, they run and they make this world into a hell. Even if you want to make this world a Paradise, for your own people, for your own family, for your own tribe, for your own country, you turn this world into a hell. Because that time you are separating yourself from everyone else that Allah has also created, that is just like you. You are separated. But once you say ‘No, in my belief,’ and the belief is saying there is no separation now, all of us we are ummati Muhammad (asws), all of us, there is no separation. I cannot say, ‘it’s okay, I cannot cheat my people but I can cheat your people. You shouldn’t cheat the believers but you should cheat and lie and fool the unbelievers,’ that person is not following the sunnat of the Prophet (asws), that person is practicing thing that is outside of Islam. Because Prophet (asws), he was not sent to the Muslims. Because he was the only Muslim. He was sent to the whole ummat. And time and time again it is showing in his own lifetime, do not make a separation between you and us, between your clan and my clan, your tribe and my tribe, between the ajams and the Arabs. There is no separation. The ajam is not superior, the Arab is not superior, except what? Taqwa. Now we come into Taqwa.


Taqwa, to have faith and to live according to that faith. Taqwa to what? Taqwa innallah. Taqwa to Allah. Person who doesn’t believe in anything, he believes in himself. So that belief is there. That belief, the search for the belief, the search for the originator of that belief, search for the Creator, is not given to anything else, no other creature in the world except to man because he has been created to search and to find his Lord, and to discover his Lord and to know his Lord and to worship his Lord. This is the reason of our creation. That’s why Maulana Rumi (qs) is saying what? People who are coming and saying, ‘we want to learn what Tasawwuf is, what Sufism is, what spirituality is,’ he looks at the person and he says, ‘have you ever fallen in love?’ They say, ‘no.’ He says, ‘go and fall in love first then come back.’ He didn’t say to fall in love just with the woman, or for the woman to the man. He said, ‘did you ever fall in love?’ because so many people, these days especially, they don’t love people. They love things. They love the material. They love the power. They love themselves. Do you understand? They are worshiping themselves. Everyday, they are looking at themselves and they are saying, ‘what do you think of me? And what do I think of you, myself?’ Before they do anything, they are going to take selfish,  I mean selfies. Before they do anything, they are just going to show themselves. Before they eat, instead of saying BismillahirRahmanirRahim, Fatiha, they take pictures. Muslims are doing this. Has Muslim forgotten the lifestyle of the Prophet (asws)? They are going up and down praying five times a day, but every characteristics of their life and how they are holding on to their life and the values of their lifestyle, they are following the unbelievers. They are following this materialistic world.

So we are saying, you don’t have faith, you believe in yourself, good. Follow that belief. Once you finish with that belief of yourself, once you know that you are not to be trusted, once you know that you cannot bring yourself to what you want, that time, come back to us. We will show you another way. You are not satisfied, go ahead and do it until you hit your head against a brick wall, you are never going to be satisfied because you think there is something, there is something, there is something. We say, there is nothing. You are not going to believe. Go ahead, run, charge, break your head, then you realize. Oh, now you wake up? Good. Now come. You want to come? Come. We will teach you couple of things. It’s not us, it’s not our teaching. It’s our Sheykh’s. It is our Grandsheykh’s, it our Prophet’s, coming from Allah.

So, La Ilaha Illallah. There is no Ilah except for Allah.  There is nothing deserving of worship. If you still have not discovered the Ilah is you, then you haven’t make one step in Tarikat. That Ilah, don’t look outside. That Ilah is you. You are challenging Allah. You are  declaring your own power against to Allah’s power. You are declaring you exist the way that Allah exist. That is a shirk. That is a hidden shirk. So now, we are here in Tarikat because Allah swt is showing, for the ummat to believe in Allah, first they have to believe in the Prophet (asws), correct? Showing. Now, to come Allah to have proper believe, proper believe in Allah, not just any believe. So many people say we believe. We believe in god, we believe in creator. But to have a proper believe in Allah, then that time you have to follow the one that Allah has sent. Once you start following the one that Allah has sent, slowly you start to have taqwa, you start to have your shahadat.

Shahadat, it is not to have hours and hours of lecture on shahadat or to have so much talks on aqidah. Shahadat, it is to witness. No one can talk about shahadat if they have not witness. Scholars can talk about it but have you witness Allah? You are claiming you witness Allah right? Ašhadu an la ilaha illa-llah. Have you witnessed? No. Then you shouldn’t talk about it. What have we witness? At least we witness our ego. Correct? Ašhadu an la ilaha, if you have not witness your ego and to say no to your ego, to the Ilahs that is yourself, you will never reach to Ilallah. So our Sheykh he is keeping us busy with that. The Naksibendi way must keep us busy with that, to remove the veils between us and Allah, to be able to move to Allah. Don’t be busy with what is behind those veils, how Allah is, what is His zat, what is His….Be busy with removing the veils. That is His business, as He is. Your business is to remove the veils, so that you can witness.

May Allah increase our Iman, increase our knowledge, and increase our shukr and our protection in this Holy Month. Yes, every month is Holy. Don’t say, ‘Oh, Safar is a cursed month.’ No. Safar is a Holy month. The curses are coming down on that but if you are treating this month Holy, if you are making more zikr, because people when they hear it is a Holy month they run to make zikr and they run to recite Quran, they run to make more namaz, that’s what makes the month Holy, correct? If we hear some months is Holy that’s what we are running  to do. If we are running to do that in this month of Safar, this month will be Holy to you. There will be a protection, Insya’Allah. May Allah forgive me and bless you, Insya’Allah, for the sake of our Sheykh SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, for the sake of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Hakkani, may Allah increase their station and always have their feet on our neck, may we always be strong and continue in this way, may all the strong people come, may all those ones who are two face and who are making a fitna, may they leave from us Insya’Allah. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Safar 1438
November 3, 2016.
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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