How do you know if your veil has been lifted?


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Nawaitul arbain, nawaitul itikaf Nawaitul khalwa, nawaitul uzla, Nawaitu riada, nawaitu suluk. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim. Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel.

We are asking support from our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani to send us something that is going to benefit us, not something that is just going to be malayani. Not something that is not going to benefit us. Something that is going to benefit us in these days until Judgement Day.

Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia. ‘Our Tarikat it is based on association, on Sohbet and the Goodness comes out from that Sohbet,’ this is the Pir of our Tarikat, Shah Naksibendi is saying, this is what our Sheykh they are saying, this is what we are repeating. Our way is based on association. Do you have association? Do you have association with your Sheykh? Do you have association with each other? You don’t have association with each other, you don’t have association with the Sheykh, that time what are you going to gain from the sohbet? Meaning you are not putting your ego down in front of your Sheykh, you are not putting your ego down in front of others, that time you can be in the sohbet of the Prophet (asws), nothing will happen to you. You are just going to listen with your ego. That’s all. That time, we may earn the title of a munafiq. The stubbornness and the arrogance that comes.

We have a question, somebody was asking, thinking about what we said last week, about lifting of the veils: How do you know if your veil has been lifted? And how to be cautious to prevent that veil from coming down again?

I don’t want to talk too much about this in theoretical, conceptual, academic terms. We speak very simply. Because this is the way that our Sheykh is speaking. Very simple. For everyone to understand. There is not going to be any doubt. But in the simplicity of his words, you can go as deep as you want, as high as you want.

So, talking about the veils. How to know if your veils has been lifted and how to prevent that veil from coming down again to you?  But what is a veil? What is the veil? What is this covering preventing us from coming close to Allah swt, to the Holy Prophet (asws) and to our Sheykh, what is this veil? Simple. If we are concentrating on our ego, on our sheytan, on this dunya and on this hawa, our desires, those are the ones who will make and they will manufacture these veils. So what is a veil? To put it very simply, all the bad characteristics of the ego especially, because we are concentrating on that, that is preventing you from coming closer to your Lord. Bad characteristics. So now, you ask a question: How do we know if our veils have been lifted?

It is a very simple question and it is a very simple answer. How are you going to know? You are going to check yourself. That wrong characteristic, that bad characteristic that I have been looking at, that I have identified, that I’m trying to get rid of, is it under control or not? Has it been lifted or not? Or am I still a slave to my ego? Correct? Have you gotten rid of it or not? Do you know what it is?

To know what it is, to identify, to look at it carefully, that is a ma’rifat in these days. That is a hidden knowledge, hidden wisdom in these days. Because majority, they are not entering into Tarikat to know how to get rid of the evil characteristics. They enter into Tarikat to be acknowledged that they are Holy and they are a Saint. Not in  this Jamaat. In this Jamaat, the Jamaat of SahibulSaif, we are concentrating on looking into our ego and trying to get rid of it. If we are still not understanding what it is that we want to get rid of, then we cannot get rid of it. Then there is going to be a veil that is going to stay there forever. You have to be then that time, in consultation with a Sheykh. You have to look and you have to understand and he has to hold a mirror to you. Doesn’t matter what kind of mirror, doesn’t matter what he’s going to show, to reflect. Some day he is going to make it nice, some day he is going to make it very real. But he’s going to show you yourself. Once you know that, you accept it, what are you going to do? Are you going to try to get rid of it or not? You can deny, like sheytan is denying. You can become stubborn and arrogant, like sheytan is being stubborn and arrogant. Your end is just not going to be so good that time. But you understand and you are looking, you are trying to get rid of it, sincerely, but you fall back into the weakness, back and forth, back and forth you are going. That time, because you are holding on to him tightly, he will bring you to a higher station very easily, that you yourself you cannot do. That because you have taken that one step towards Allah, Allah swt is saying we will take ten steps to you. This is what, here, now, we are concentrating on.

Don’t think, ‘oh, yeah, yeah, yeah….I Know, I know, I know, our ego and hawa, and sheytan and nafs and dunya and this,’ very easy you are going to say, you enumerate. No, it’s not going to be so easy. Because, to understand those things, that is another hidden wisdom there. To understand, when someone is going to speak to you, to say that, ‘look at this characteristics, you have them. Get rid of them.’ Majority of the people they are not going to accept that. They say, ‘who are you? This is not Tarikat. Tarikat is to speak nicely to each other all the time. Why are you yelling at me? Why are you being harsh? Why are you this? Why are you that?’ But you are questioning others instead of questioning yourself. No. Tarikat is to prepare us for the afterlife. Before you are being question, we are going to question ourselves. We are going to question ourselves. This is what we are going to do. And this is what we are trying to do. Insya’Allah.


If you know that it has been lifted, if you are trying hard to get rid of this bad characteristic, laziness, laziness, so many they are lazy, you are trying hard, help is going to come to you. You are not doing anything, you are sitting there, then prepare. In this way, it is acceleration. Everything is accelerated. Because right now we are trying to live as we see what our ahirat is going to be. You refuse to change, then you are going to suffer here. You are going to suffer Hereafter. You are changing, you are going to feel the blessing here. And definitely you are going to feel the blessings in the Hereafter. So you see, you are trying to get rid of it, you have gotten rid of it. Good. Move to the next one. Move to the next one. Move to the next one. You are going to feel, ‘everything is good, I’m running, but I have a very high opinion of myself. I don’t like anyone to say anything negative about me. I don’t like anyone to snicker at me, to laugh at me, to point fingers at me, to say anything bad. I don’t like that. I don’t want that. Anyone who is saying it, I’m getting very upset.’ Who are we? Then that is a very big characteristic, very huge veil that we now have to lift, because who are we? Who are we concern with? Allah, His Prophet, our Sheykh. Are we concern about everyone? Who cares? But who’s caring? As believer we should care what our Lord is thinking of us.

‘Oh, I don’t like it. People make fun of me all the time.’ Half of the time, so many people who thinks that people are making fun of them all the time, they are in delusion and illusion anyway. Because you enter into that, once you hook on to that, then you are going to find everything, to validate, to make whatever your assumption, whatever way that you are thinking is true, so you are going to find ways to say, ‘Ahah! This is happening, therefore this is true. That’s why this is happening.’ You are going to look for everything there, just to make your theory to work. Someone from outside is going to shake his head and say, ‘look, don’t go crazy. Sheykh Effendi is making you to go crazy. Don’t.’ ‘No, but this happen because of this, because of this.’ Anyone can think that way. You are free. But not in this way.

If you are not walking this path, you can think anyway that you want. But when you are walking in this path and you are still retaining your egoistic characteristic like that, that’s not going to be too good for you. If you are still holding on to that, we are going to suffer. Because we are not changing. Because here, we are learning the way of the Holy Prophet (asws), learning the way of the AwliyaAllah. The things that we are talking about is not just today or last year, or last ten years. It has been going on for one thousand four hundred years. It has been going on, and we are speaking about wisdom and teachings, thousands of years before that. We are talking about teachings from the time of Adam (as), we are talking about teachings and wisdom all the way from the day of Promises, from the Day of Qalu Bala. And that was the day between Allah and His Khalifah. Nothing else was in existence. That was a day that time and its place was hidden from everything in creation except between Allah and Hz Insan. We are speaking of wisdom from that time of a time before time.

So if you are holding on just to your little ego, that in reality we are nothing in this world. We are a spot in this planet, and this planet is a spot in this universe, and this universe is one of billions and billions of universes, forever expanding, Allah creating. So we should stop making idols of ourselves. Become humble. That way we will learn. Insya’Allah.

May Allah forgive me and bless you.  This much is enough. Al-Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
10 Safar 1438
November 10, 2016.
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