Knowing that things are going to get worse before the coming of Mahdi (as), how do we stop feeling bad and how do we maintain hope?


Question: Knowing that things are going to get worse before the coming of Mahdi (as), how do we stop feeling bad and how do we maintain hope?

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With the permission of our Sheykh we may speak a couple of words, only with his permission that we may say something that is going to benefit us. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘either say something that is going to benefit you and others or else keep silent. I prefer to keep silent, but because order has been given for me to say something, then we may say Insya’Allah, only with the permission and the blessings of our Sheykh, according to his teachings, coming down from the Holy Prophet (asws).

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Destur. So, you are saying, knowing that things are bad and knowing that things are going to get worse, also knowing that Mahdi (as) is going to come, how do we stop feeling bad and how do we maintain hope? So I’m asking you, hope for what? If we are hoping that everything will go back to normal, if we are hoping that it’s very bad now because of these things and we are hoping that in the future we are going to have more better life in this world, that is a wrong hope.

What should the believer hope for? Unbelievers hope for something, should not be the same thing as what the believers are hoping for. Hypocrites, they hope for something. It should not be the same as what the believers hope for. What do we hope for? Are the believers here for this dunya? Dajjal or not dajjal, Mahdi or not Mahdi (as) coming, are we for this dunya? The believers hope for what? Are we made for this dunya? Does the believer hope to continue for this dunya? No. But we are in this dunya now, and the believers are looking, the believers must look. Believers are not those ones who hide themselves in a Ivory tower they are saying, and just reading books and just making dua and just making a zikr, and not knowing what is happening in this world, not knowing what kind of evil is happening in this world and not knowing what is our place in this world to respond to this. Now, religion has become that, especially Tarikat has become that – don’t get  involve in anything. Since when? Since Prophet (asws)?

Did  Prophet (asws) come to say, ‘no, no, don’t get  involve in anything, just sit and pray and have unconditional love.’? Very big words now. Everyone talks about unconditional love. Who is saying this? Which ayat is saying this? Which ayat? Which Holy Book? Let’s not stick to just Ummul Kitab. Which Holy Book? 104 Books, four major Books, a hundred Suhuf, where it’s saying there must be unconditional love, Allah is showing unconditional love, Prophet is showing unconditional love, that we must show unconditional love, where? Which Prophet is saying this? Which companion is saying this? Which Awliya is saying this? Not self declared Awliyas these days. Because the Awliya Allah, they will not deviate from what the Prophet and what Allah swt has put down.

Are there conditions to belief or no? There’s condition to belief, so there’s no condition to love? As far as I check, love is not in Iman, Ihsan and Islam. If there are conditions to love, if there are conditions to faith,  conditions to Iman, and conditions to Islam,  there must be conditions to love too. Nobody understands what the word conditions mean and they don’t understand what that love mean. All they do is to take from cliché words here and there and string them up together, wear the right clothes, say the right things, and  people will applaud. They say, ‘we love this kind of Islam.’

Allah has put conditions. The Prophet has put conditions. You cannot behave like a wild animal and say, “but You say, ‘you must love Me unconditionally,’ so I’ll get off from whatever responsibility that my actions and my thoughts and my deeds they have produced.” So we must run away from all those kinds of wrong thinking.

Now the believers, that we are trying to be believers, what is our hope for this world? Are we looking for hope in this world? No. Like I said, whether dajjal is coming or not, he is here, by the way. Whether Mahdi (as) is coming or not, soon. Does a believer have any hope for this world? No. He does not have hope for this world. And the believer now, if you are looking and you are understanding things that is happening in this world, what is your hope? If you say, ‘my hope is just for me to live life comfortably you know, in the pursuit of happiness,’ again it’s not coming from ayat. It’s just coming from somewhere that you take.

So now, you are thinking what? What are you trying to do now? What is the believer, what is he looking at? Say, right now, in this world right now, the believer knows everything and watching everything that is happening in this world, what does he hope for? He should not hope for comfort and just happiness for himself.  That is wrong. That is very selfish. So what do you hope for?

Let me ask you, what is it that we are hoping for in this world right now? You are saying, this world is very evil, this world is very dark, knowing things are coming, and I’m saying, okay you are looking at all these things, you know and you say things are going to get worse, so what are you hoping for? (Murid answer: Justice) Oh, SubhanaAllah, finally we wake up? What is Mahdi (as) coming to give us? Forty wives? For us to have mansions, for us to have karamats? That means you have no ideas, you have no feelings for what is happening to your own brothers, your own sisters, here in this world right now. Thinking selfishly, inside of Tarikat. Isn’t there cruelty in this world? Unprecedented? Isn’t there absolute tyranny already in this world? So nobody is interested in that. You are only interested in your own selfish things. If that is your aim, if you are saying everything in this world right now, everything is messed up, and innocent people they are suffering, your heart must move to say, ‘Ya Rabbi.’ That’s what we are praying for everyday, isn’t it? Mahdi (as) to come, for what? To give us new hope? Big luxurious cars? Nice houses? Nice wives? What? To bring justice back into this world. To end all this tyranny. That is our prayer. Are you hoping for that? Are you praying for that? Really, are you being sincere? If you are being sincere, if you are really being sincere, and you are saying, ‘I have this plans, I have this feelings, I have this intentions also for this dunya. Things are going to get worse and I’m praying that Mahdi (as) comes. If he comes, we know everything is going to be over.’ Very good, because my life, means nothing if it’s not for Allah. Inna solati wanusuki wamahyaya wamamati lillahi rabbil alamiin, my life and my death, my worship and everything, must be for the sake of Allah. Isn’t that what believers are supposed to believe?

Things are going to get worse and worse and worse. Knowing that there must be complete darkness before the light appears, Mahdi (as) is going to come to finish all these darkness. Then you really believe. When you believe that, you say, ‘my life can end tomorrow,’ test yourself. I have plans, everything will end tomorrow. Can you take it or not? Whether if you can take it or not, if it ends tomorrow, game over anyway. But you yourself, are you putting yourself in that situation, in that mindset? Who is thinking of death? If you are thinking of death seriously, then that time you are going to say, ‘what does it matter what I hope for in this world? Allah’s will has to come.’ And He wills for tyranny to end and justice to reestablish according  to the way of the Prophet. Not justice according to the way of mankind, not justice according to our ego, according to dunya or conventions or ideology or regimes. Do you understand? A way, justice coming down again in the way of the Prophet. Are we living for that? We must. We are believers, we must. Everything else is not necessary. If you start thinking that way, maybe you’ll be, how they say, synthetical with Mahdi (as), same wavelength maybe. Because he’s coming to end the tyranny and to pull us out from this mess anyway. Then that time you are going to see the mess, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter too much. They are not going to stop you because you are going to see that is the end goal. And if we start understanding that and holding on tightly to that, we will be, Insya’Allah ar-Rahman in that list.

You cannot believe in Mahdi (as) and have love for him and ask him to come back, to come, if you are not understanding and believing in Dajjal.  Believing in dajjal meaning that we are living in a completely evil world that has been ruled by the anti-Christ already. I see so many people talking about dajjal this and Mahdi (as) this, but we are seeing your lifestyle, your ideas, the way you live, the way you carry yourself, it’s like there is no dajjal. The way you talk, it’s like this world is fill with love. You know who talks like that? Dajjal is going to talk like that. He’s going to say everything is unconditional, no conditions, no shariat, no Tarikat, no religion, no nothing, no rules. Free. Love. That is exactly what dajjal is going to bring.

Shariat is conditions, isn’t it? Be careful. Because there’s so many in sheep’s clothing, they look very nice, but they are wolves. Look for those ones who look rough, who look like wolves, but inside they are sheep, leading people to safety, not more to the fire. We are holding on to our Sheykh. Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, that time, it doesn’t matter what is happening. We are holding on tightly and we know what our intention, what our goal is, where we want to go. Do you understand?

Wa minAllahu Taufiq, may Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
24 Safar 1438
November 24, 2016 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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