How do I become stronger living at the Dergah?


Question:How do I become stronger living at the Dergah?

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This is the weakest generation. But if you say, ‘how do I become a little bit more strong?’ don’t worry, spring time comes and I am going to send you to the barn. Then you are going to be strong inshAllah. You are going to be carrying, if you are carrying one bucket you feel weak, I’m going to give you two buckets and that time you are going to carry it.

This is important. It is not just sitting and making a zikr. Your body has to move. And with the hizmet, the work that we are doing in the Dergah, this is exactly what the Sahabi e-Kiram they were doing when they were building the Madinah. This is exactly what they were doing when they went to Mecca. This is exactly what the Tabi’ins they were doing all the way to Tabi’i Tabi’un to this time. So we are not doing anything that is too much different. Technology may be slightly different,  materials may be different everything, but especially to be in contact with the animals, to use our body to sweat and to say, day time to be working, night time to be making a zikr, listen to sohbet, and that time, your body when it is moving for the sake of Allah swt, the tiredness that comes with it, it’s a blessing and the rest  that comes with it, it’s another blessing. Because we want to be strong for Allah’s sake. We want to be tired for Allah’s sake. Allah knows so many times we were strong and we were tired for the sake of our ego, doing all for the sake of malayani, for no other reason. Now, to taste this, it is important.

I was just thinking, the weather it is like this, and I’m thinking, I’m reading couple of people writing about certain people, certain Sheykhs and the winter time they were taking cold shower and everything, and everyone is very amazed and everything, and I’m saying, Alhamdulillah how our Sheykh is giving us that opportunity because it’s nothing amazing. This is something that we have been doing since the Dergah has been established. I used to tell the story, right here, right here in this spot here, this half was a barn and sheep were running around,  the other half where the women are that was our kitchen. We had pipes running everywhere, there was no insulation, there was no nothing. Winter time comes, everything freezes. We were carrying water, we warm it up to wash the dishes, and when we were washing the dishes, the water that splashed on us it turned to ice. Water that came to our beard it turned to ice. I remember Sheykh Effendi walking past and saw everyone is covered in ice but they didn’t realize it, we weren’t doing it to feel holy or to feel special or to feel that we are making zuhud. No. We had to wash the dishes. That’s all. We don’t think what we were doing is (special), no it something that is necessary to do and he saw and he make a prayer for us. But not only that, we were taking shower in the cold too. There was no heat.

Now it’s what, Alhamdulillah it’s luxury, we have the hot water there. Sheykh Effendi didn’t put it. I put it. The reason is because I don’t want people to get sick. Because people are getting older, that’s it. Cold water, we used to wash with cold water, in the winter time yes we did. And it’s not a big deal. For the sake of Allah, we are doing it for the sake of our Prophet, for the sake of our Sheykh too. Then, if we don’t want icy cold water, we had a stove and we had a big pot there and there’s always water inside and the water is always warm. We all remember this. We take one bucket, filled it up. Five gallon bucket, filled it up with warm water that by the time you bring it to the bathroom it turned cold. But at least it’s different from ice. And we were taking water with that, and we were bathing ourselves, washing ourselves, having a shower from just that one bucket. We felt something. We felt something. Because now, the ego is screaming. We were waking up, making wudhu with the cold water. Our ego is screaming. But we were saying to ourselves, ‘we let you to smile and to laugh as much as you want, and these few times, taste what it is.’ So that give us more faith. That gives us more strength.

We cannot get stuck in that too. Things have to change, things have to move. Now, the difficulty is not the cold water. The difficulty is something else. The challenge is something else. We cannot just say difficulty must be about cold water. Yes, we have cold water, tamam, Alhamdulillah. We have warm water too.  So what? But now the difficulty in building this community. Difficulty is listening to sohbet and putting  it in your lives. Difficulty now in looking to see what is the work, what is the hizmet that is given to you. Do you understand? When you start doing that, you will get more strength, insha’Allah.  Then that time your body will start to change. It is important. The loud zikr it is important, because it is the loud zikr that you do that you must engage the body. It is not silent zikr. We are doing silent zikr everyday, pulling the big tasbih, making zikr khafi everyday. But once a week we are making a loud zikr and that time you have to involve the whole body, we have to be awake. We are not sleeping. So many of you, during zikr, sleeping. You know how to shout passionately when you are telling each other stories, ‘ha, ha, ha, ha!’ laughing, eye so big, so much energy. But when is saying Allah, everybody is so (weak), ‘Allah…Allah…Allah..’ (saying weakly). What is this? Suddenly everyone is so philosophical. Everyone is so meditative.  This is loud zikr, it is not silent. Silent zikr you can be as meditative as you want. But it’s a loud zikr. Because something else is happening to you. On a cellular level something else is happening. It must pump your heart. Your body must move. You must be awake. Then that time when you have these different things happening to you, you will get stronger, your eyes will see better, and I don’t mean just to see with this physical eyes. Your heart will get stronger, it will start to pull the right things because you are not letting it to be lazy.


So these are the things that our Sheykh has been speaking about all his life. Almost every week he’s going to say the same thing, ‘ you guys are sleeping. You have to be waking up…’ We are repeating it. It’s a reminder. Hayr. Don’t worry, this will fix you too. When the time comes, you will get a little bit stronger, insha’Allah. I’m going to send you out from that kitchen. I’m going to send you, say with X  or with Y ( murids who are working at the barn), from day time to night time. Different Rahmat coming, different openings coming. You are going to see now. There’s a time for you to be inside, there’s a time for you to be outside. EyAllah. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
22 Rabiul Awwal 1438
December 22, 2016 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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