Whoever Resembles a People is One of Them


Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin. Wasalatu wa salamu ala rasulina Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain nahmadulllahu ta’ala wa nastaghfiruhu wa nashadu an-lailaha ilallahu wahdahu la sharika lah wa nashadu anna sayyidina Muhammadin abduhu wa habibuhu wa rasuluhu salallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa azwajihi wa ashabihi wa atbaihi.

Khulafail Rashidin mahdin min ba’di wuzerail immeti alal tahkik. Khususan minhum alal amidi khulafai rasulillahi ala tahqeeq. Umara il mu’mineen. Hazreti abu bakr wa umar wa uthman wa ali. Wa ala baqiyati wa sahabai wa tabieen, ridwanallahu ta’ala alayhim ajmain.Ya ayyuhal mu’minun al hadirun, ittaqullaha ta’ala wa ati’uh. Inna allaha ma allathina-ttaqaw wal-lathina hum muhsinun. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen. Wa Salatu wa Salamu ala Ashrafil Ambiya’i wa Imam al-Mursaleen, Sayyidina wa Mawlana Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmain.

All praises are due to Allah, Lord of the Universes. All praises are due to Allah Who is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and all that is between them. All praises are due to Allah Who created the sun, the moon, and the stars. All praises are due to Allah Who created Adam (AS) from water and clay, and honored the Children of Adam. All praises are due to Allah Who sent the Most Honored One in Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (AS), as the Seal of the Prophethood.

And may all peace and blessings be upon the Imam of the Messengers, the Sultan of the Prophets, the Master of the First and the Last, the Intercessor of the Day of Judgment, the Grandfather of Hasan and Huseyin, Sayyidina Muhammad (AS), and upon his noble family and blessed companions. Especially upon the Four Khulafa-e-Rashideen, Hz. Abu Bakr el-Siddiq, Hz. Umar el-Faruq, Hz. Osman el-Ghani, and Hz. Ali el-Murtaza, and all those who follow them until the Last Day.


Ya Ayyuhal Mu’minoon! O Believers! Welcome to you on this Holy Day of Jummah, the First Jummah of the Month of Rabiul Ahir. Insha’Allah, in this Holy Month, we will commemorate the Urs of Imam Malik, Ghawth al-Azam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani, Shaykh al-Akbar Muhiyuddin ibn Arabi, and of Hujjatul Islam Imam al-Ghazali. May Allah (SWT) be pleased with them all, and may their himmet reach to us.

O Believers! Allah (SWT) is saying in Surah al-Ma’idah: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. This day those who disbelieve have despaired of [defeating] your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. And Holy Prophet (AS) is saying: Whoever imitates a people is one of them.

O Believers! Elhamdulillah, Allah (SWT) has raised us from the Ummat-i-Muhammed. And being from the Ummat-i-Muhammed, it comes with its own honor. Being a Muslim, it comes with dignity. And the Muslim does not look outside of the Sunnah and lifestyle of Rasulallah (AS) for dignity and honor. But the Muslims of the 21st century, we have been fooled. In exactly the way that Holy Prophet (AS) told us 1400 years ago when he said: You will indeed follow the ways of those before you, hand span by hand span, and an arms length after another. Even if they enter into a lizard’s hole, you will follow them.’ The Companions asked, ‘Is it the Jews and the Christians?’ He replied, ‘Who else!

We are in the middle of what is called in this country the “holiday season.” We just passed through 25th December, Christmas, and we are about to enter into the 1st of January, the New Year. Elhamdulillah, we have our own calendar. Our year is 1438. But how many Muslims know that? We are in the month of Rabiul Ahir. Do our children know that? We just passed the Month of Rabiul Awwal, the Month of the Mevlid-i-Nebi. But for many Muslims, this is not enough for them. They do not find satisfaction in their Islamic calendar. We do not find happiness in the holy days and nights of Islam. So we have decided that we must participate in the holidays of the non-Muslims.But we know that celebrating these holidays and participating in them is totally against to the spirit of Islam. So some are finding scholars who will sell their faith in order to make up new fatwas and rulings that will allow us to celebrate and commemorate these holidays.

We should be very clear. To celebrate Christmas, to celebrate New Year’s, to celebrate any holiday that is celebrated by the unbelievers, it is completely against Islam. Hz. Amir ibn al-Aas, the great Sahaba of the Holy Prophet (AS) said: Whoever celebrates the fire-worshipper Persians New Year’s Day (Nowruz) or their carnival and imitates them till his death he will be resurrected with them on the Day of Judgment.

And one of the greatest Shaykhs of the Shafii Mazhab, Imam al-Hafiz ibn-Hajar al-Haytami (RA) says: From amongst the most reprehensible of innovations is the conforming of the Muslims with the Christians in their celebrations through resemblance in their food and the giving and receiving of gifts from them on that day… Indeed the Prophet (AS) has said: {Whosover resembled a people then he is from them}”.

And the great Imam, the Mujaddid, Imam Jalaluddin al-Suyuti (RA) says: From the reprehensible innovations and evil acts is the resemblance of the disbelievers and coming together with them upon their cursed celebrations and festive seasons the way that many of the ignorant Muslims participate with the Christians in their Easter celebrations which are the largest of their celebrations and that which many of the people take part in winter claiming it to be the birth of Sayyiduna Isa (AS) so everything they do in this from the evil acts such as lighting fire preparing special foods, buying candles and other than these is from the evil acts and innovations. Because indeed taking these days as seasons of festivity is from the religion of the Christians and there is no basis for it in Islam. There is no mention of this birth date from the pious predecessors but its origin is taken from the Christians.

And most important for us are the words of our Grandsheykh, Mujaddid Alf-i-Thani, Imam Ahmad Faruq al-Sirhindi al-Rabbani (KS) who has said: It is shirk [polytheism] to respect the festival days of Hindus [also Nowruz, Christmas, and Easter] and to imitate their customs on those days. It causes disbelief. On festival days of disbelievers, the ignorant ones of Muslims do as disbelievers do, think of those days to be Muslims’ festivals, and send presents to one another like disbelievers on those days. They ornament their furniture and meal tables as disbelievers do. They distinguish those nights from other nights. All these are polytheism and disbelief.


O Believers! Make no mistake. This is the sound, undisputed, traditional understanding of the scholars of Islam for fourteen hundred years, with regard to celebrating and participating in any festival that stems from the disbelievers. This is the consensus. To make it clear- we do not celebrate Christmas, or Easter, or Hannukah, or Diwali. We do not say Merry Christmas or Happy Nawruz. Do we interfere into others celebrating? No we don’t. Do we say to them, don’t celebrate? No we don’t. Do we say to them, you are celebrating, and you are unbelievers and you are going to go to hell? No we don’t. But we do not participate in their celebrations, because they are celebrations pertaining to what they believe, and participating in those celebrations is to participate in those incorrect beliefs.

But today, masha’Allah, a new generation of scholars has cropped up who is ready to challenge to Imam Suyuti and Imam al-Rabbani. Not just to challenge them, but to say that they are wrong. Congratulations to them. Everyone will see what they earned on the Judgment Day. And today, scholars are saying, you can and you should say Merry Christmas. Why is that? They are giving several reasons. But when you go to the root, their argument is that we must celebrate Christmas in order to have good relationships with our non-Muslim neighbors. They are saying that to not say Merry Christmas it is rude, and that it will make Muslims look like they have bad edep. But this is what is known in logic as an appeal to emotion. Because the truth of the matter is this; so many Muslims who are living in the west, they want to celebrate Christmas. They see the lights, they hear the carols, they look at everybody smiling and drinking hot chocolate and eating gingerbread cookies, and they say, I want that. And so a scholar can come along and say, you should celebrate Christmas, and the floodgates are opened. That those who say, you should not celebrate, they are fundamentalist, they are backward, that they are terrorist.

First thing, the scholars who are saying that we must celebrate Christmas, they are showing they are completely ignorant to what the history of Christmas is. Because, so many Christians are not accepting Christmas as a holiday. Why is that? First of all, because Isa (AS) was not born on December 25th. This is a fact that Christians accept. Christmas is founded upon the ashes of the old pagan Roman festival, a day when people would commit every type of disgusting sin, this festival is called Saturnalia, a day which was purposely made to turn everything upside down. And when the Roman Empire became Christian, they made that day to be Christmas, to appeal to the non-Christians so that they will find familiarity with this new teachings of Christianity, and come to accept the religion of Christianity.

To even saying the words “Merry Christmas”- nobody said Merry Christmas until the middle of the 1800s when Charles Dickens wrote his Christmas book. So the Christmas Ulema have ignorance upon ignorance. They will say, well, Christmas has just become a secular celebration, it has no religious meaning, so it’s ok for us to celebrate. So they say to us to also celebrate New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day. And that is what’s happening.

Let’s be intelligent. We should look behind the curtain. What is really happening here? What is really happening is part of a movement to neuter and to weaken Muslims. To these scholars, it doesn’t really matter to them when Isa (AS) was born. It doesn’t matter what the history of Christmas is. It doesn’t matter what the Righteous Scholars of the past said about Christmas. What matters to them is that they want to be like the unbelievers. Full stop. And they want other Muslims to be like the unbelievers. Because they believe that Muslims must imitate the non-Muslims in order to be successful in these days. And part of that imitation is to adopt their holidays. And the logical extent of this thinking is that, if we celebrate the birth of Isa (AS), then we must celebrate his crucifixion too- Why not? it is just a day that they are happy, so let us be happy with them. If we celebrate the crucifixion of Isa (AS), then we must celebrate his resurrection too, why not?  And on and on and on, all the way down the lizard hole.

And we see it happening. More and more, we are seeing Muslims putting Christmas trees in their homes, wearing Santa hats, and exchanging presents on that day. These same Muslims, they do not care about Mevlid, the birthday of the Prophet (asws). So many have not even heard about Ragaib, or Leylatul Mi’raj, or Leylatul Beraat, or about Qadr, but they are celebrating Christmas. Shame on those who leave the heritage and inheritance of Islam for the cheap offerings of this dunya. And the idea that, by not celebrating Christmas, if we don’t celebrate Christmas, we cannot have good relations with Christians, it is completely  idiotic, to put it in simple words. Because Muslims, for 1400 years, we have had good relations with Christians.

When Holy Prophet (AS) sent Hz. Jafar al-Tayyar and the other Muslims to Abysinnia, where it was a Christian nation, this was the first Hijra, did they celebrate Christmas and Easter? Or did they explain to the Najashi, to Negus the Abyssinian emperor, what Rasulallah said about Isa (AS)? And based on that da’wah, Najashi he became a Muslim. Look at the story of when Hz. Umar (RA) opened Quds. When he came to approach al-Quds, Hz. Umar was wearing patchy clothes, and the ground was muddy so his clothes became muddy. He was holding the rope of his camel and leading it to the city when Hz. Abu Ubaydah said to him, ‘Ya Ameer al-Mu’mineen, maybe we should change our clothes so that we look like the Christian kings.’ Hz. Umar (RA) hit Hz. Abu Ubaydah hard on the chest and told him, ‘We used to be a disgraced nation. And the only thing that honored us was Islam. If we seek honor elsewhere, we will be disgraced again. The only way for success is the Sunnah of Rasulallah (AS).’

When the Christians of Quds saw Hz. Umar they started crying, because there was a prophecy that the keys of Quds would be handed to a man with 14 patches on his clothes. The clothes of Hz. Umar that day had 14 patches.

Our honor will come only with Islam. it will only come with the sunnah and the lifestyle  of the Holy Prophet (asws). And the honor of Islam was held high for 800 years by the Devlet-i-Aliyye, by the Glorious Ottomans. The ones who are writing fatwas to say Merry Christmas, they come from the lands that rebelled and ran away from the rule of the Ottomans. That is why they don’t know the history of the Khilafat, the History of Islam. And the man who doesn’t know the history of Islam, he doesn’t have the right to speak. During the time of the Ottomans, the Muslims had the best relationship with the Christians. The Muslims gave the Christians their right to worship. The Christian sects that were fighting in their own Christian country, they decided fairly between them, this sect would rather be ruled under Ottoman rule then under the rule of Rome. The Ottoman Muslims they were generous to the Christians, they were neighbors with the Christians, they protected the Christians. That is true respect and that is true tolerance, for hundred of years.

Not to say “Merry Christmas” from a position of weakness in order to gain favor. But to be in a position of power and to show compassion. That is the way of Islam. That is the Way of the Ottomans. Listen to the Ferman, the Declaration of Sultan Mehmet Fatih to the Bosnian Christians: I am, Sultan Mehmet Han the Second. With this Ferman (decree), the Christians of Bosna, are under my protection, and I order: Nobody will harm this people, or their churches. They will live in peace, they will be safe and free. No civil servants of my empire will harm them. Nobody will insult them, put them in danger, harm them, their property, or their churches.  I swear by Allah, the Prophet (asws), and the 124,000 prophets before him, nobody of my people will act against this decree.

That is our example of how we live in peace and how we have good relations with the Christians, with the heybet of Islam. We are not weak people who say whatever people want to hear to make them happy. We are people who follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (AS) and the Way of our Pious Forebearers. And by doing so, Allah (SWT) gives us heybet and honor in the eyes of others. Muslims of today have forgotten that. But Elhamdulillah, through the words of our Grandsheykh and our Sheykh, the inheritors of the Prophet, more and more are waking up. And insha’Allah, we are doing this work to try to spread these teachings, so that more will wake up.

Because Sahib el-Sayf’s, our Sheykh, Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibris el-Rabbani’s mission is to wake people up. He is saying: Sit and think. Allah (SWT) doesn’t send anything to a man who doesn’t deserve it. Sit and think. Watch what happened, how the history is moving. Watch step by step and you will understand. And don’t look at the other nations. Your own nations, look at how they are, and the hope for tomorrow for them is not that great. It’s terrible. All that happened to us, to the Muslims, but why is that? Since we left Allah. Over a hundred years ago we have risen against the ruler that Allah sent to us, the Khalifah, we have risen against him. All nations, Muslim nations rose against him saying, `We don’t want this kind of ruling. We don’t want these kinds of laws. What are these laws? Remove it. We put our own laws’. And now we are okay. In all Muslim nations, things that never happened in their dreams, now it’s happening there worse than the western countries. Watch. I don’t have to tell you. You know how it is. You know better than me. So, what’s in it for us? We are part of it. We have to sit and we have to pray, `Yes Ya Rabbi, we are in it. We are part of it. We are asking for forgiveness.’  Ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT). Say, `Yes, if You give me the power, I will stand up and I will change all these wrong things. And I am starting to change the wrong things with myself. And I am promising to You that I am going to live according to Your laws, not according to my ego’. Then you will be alright. Even if you change nothing, even if the whole world turns upside down, you will be okay. So wake up to yourselves. Today is the good day. Tomorrow worse is coming, the following day worse is coming, the following day worse is coming. But the Holy Prophet (sws) is saying otherwise.

Allah is saying otherwise to the believers, saying, `The Ahir is going to be better’. But it’s not happening better to those people who are claiming that they are believers. Every day that is passing it’s becoming worse. Yes. It’s because something is wrong with the belief. Something is wrong with their faith. Their faith and their action are completely something different. So we must wake up. You must wake up.

wake up flood of nuh

O Believers! O Muslims! This is for you and for me. We must wake up. This is Ahir Zaman, and the hearts are separating between believers and unbelievers. Ya Rabbi– We are asking to be from the side of the believers. Amin.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
2 Rabiul Ahir 1438
December 30, 2016 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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