Take lessons from everything that is happening in the World now



Any musibah, any bad things that happens to us or to other people, we say, ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.’ Those ones that on that New Year’s day and they were Muslims and they were celebrating new year and they were dancing in the clubs and they were doing all sorts of other things too of course, we are living in this world, we know what happens there, and another Muslims came to blow them out, right? So what do we say? What can we say? We say Alhamduillah that we are not there, that we are not put under that test. Alhamdulillah that our Sheykh is pulling us out from that kind of situation and that kind of madness, either to be one of those to be jumping up and down, lost in the desires of this world, or those ones who are going to an extreme thinking they are trying to do something for the sake of Allah but they are actually doing something for the sake of their ego and destroying people. Alhamdulillah that our Sheykh has pull us out from that mess to make us to first think about ourselves before passing judgment to other people.

Now, those ones who are up there, they were celebrating, they were dancing, do we agree to that? No, we don’t agree. Are we saying it is correct to do that? No, it is not correct. Is that correct for them to be doing other things? No it is not correct. But are we going to punish them? No. And are we going to say that we are better than them? We know with our own Sheykh’s teaching that Allah, if He did not give us hidaya, we are going to be worse than that. At the same time, are we going to say they are either martyrs or they are going to go to Jahannam? We stay, we are not the ones who are judging. Allah is going to judge. All I know is, they were not sitting around making zikr and a bomb came and blew up. They were doing the complete opposite. We are not going to say, it is good. Of course not, we are not going to say that. Anything that is happening that is violent, anything that is happening because of the evil ones, the games that they are playing, putting disasters and bloodshed into this world, we are not agreeing with it. What is the purpose of that? What is the benefit of that? What is the value of that? What are they hoping to gain? To teach people something? Teach people what? Are they authorize to be teaching? Is that the way to teach? Do you understand? So they are there. We say, ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

Alhamdulillah, we know that if Allah is not giving us guidance, we are going to be worse than that. We know that. Both you and me, correct? And so many of us, maybe at some point, we were in that situation. But who is going to say now that because we are in a masjid, that if we die we are going to go to Jannat, who is going to say now, in that kind of situation we are all going to go straight to Jahannam, who is going to say? Evliyaullah, they don’t put people to Jahannam anyway. Their whole purpose is to give intercession to people, to try to find some goodness in people, to try to find something there to say, ‘ya Rabbi…’ this is what they call it mitigating factor, correct? We are not going to condemn people. Just because you are in a masjid, doesn’t mean that your heart is with Allah. Your body is with Allah but your heart is not. Maybe there are so many people who are doing that. Correct or not? Maybe there are some people that they are going around in this different thing, because they are looking for something that their spirit is searching for, I’m not saying now to search Allah now you have to go to clubs and drink, I’m not saying that at all. But I’m saying that there are some people that they are looking and they don’t know where to turn. So, we stay ourselves out from that fitna and we take lesson from it. We take lesson from that disaster that happened over there which is definitely not the way of the Prophets, it’s not the way of the Sunnah, and we ask Allah that may we be ones that when we pass from this world, we have faith in our heart. No matter where we are, that we have the remembrance of Allah in our heart.


That is why to have a zikr once a week at least, it is very important. To put it in our hearts, to have loud zikr, to drum it in our heart ‘Allah, Allah,’ to remember. Because 24/7, seven days a week, we are saying, ‘Nafs, nafs, nafs… Hawa, hawa…Dunya, dunya…’ we are making the zikr of our ego, we are making the zikr of this world, we are making the zikr of our desire but we are not making a zikr of Allah. That is why Sheykh Effendi, from ever since I can remember him, every Thursday night, he is very particular about people keeping their manners of the Thursday, coming on time, being here, making proper zikr, listening couple of minutes to some sohbets. Not to come, eh, like this or like that, not to be forced to come, but to prepare yourself for that.

We are here in Tarikat to do what? Preparing ourselves for what? We cannot call ourselves dervish, but this is a Dergah. Who lives in a Dergah? Dervish lives in Dergah. And what is a Dergah? The Dergah is a threshold to the Divine Presence. Meaning that the dervish is the one who prepares himself to meet his Lord. We are preparing ourselves for death. We are preparing ourselves, practicing and rehearsing death before death comes. To die before we die. There is so much responsibility that we have. More that you know, more responsibility.  No one is thinking of that. They are scrolling down Facebook to see all sorts of news from here and there but they are not pulling it, really to think, ‘what is this knowledge to do with me? How am I going to use this knowledge and to make me to become closer to Allah? To make me to become the one who is going to be in the Siratul Mustaqim more in the service of my Sheykh, in the service of the Prophet.’ Meaning in ghaflat, knowledge coming to you but it is knowledge that is malayani, it has no benefit. Not because the knowledge itself has no benefit but because you are not using it too. And because you are not using it, why are you interfering into that knowledge? But if you know that knowledge, you are not using it, it is not only non-beneficial and it becomes a curse to you, it will crush you because you carry that burden of that knowledge.

You are looking at everything that is happening in this world now, in your hands, in your fingertips, you see everything but if you are not bringing it to yourself to make you understand, ‘why is Allah showing me this news?’ Who thinks that way? Everyone says it is not Allah who is showing me that news. It’s me. I open up the post. You see how far we are from Allah? If we say Allah is the One who brings the rain, Allah is the One who makes the storm, they say, ‘no don’t say that. It’s nature who is doing that.’ Because you are taught from young, ‘weather forecast, look at the television, everything. Don’t say Allah is interfering into this world.’ We are not those ones who say He created this world than after a while He got tired and He rested and He just let this world to run. He is still King. He is still Sultan. He is still the Ruler and He has given that, He has delegated that job to others too, those ones who are representing Him. So, looking at all these things, we must take lesson from it. We must. We must say, ‘why is Allah showing this? There is something, ah…’ Find one thing in there. Put it in your life. That time you’ll see the signs of Allah everywhere. You are able to read and you are able to understand.

So, everyone is playing games with people’s lives. Just because nothing is happening yet, don’t think Allah is not watching, that the Evaliayullah they are not watching. They are watching very carefully. Every drop of blood is counted. And when the revenge of Allah comes, that time there is no room for any mercy. Now, the doors of Mercy is still open. But we have to know what is right and we have to know what is wrong. We cannot now say in the name of mercy, whatever that is wrong and that is evil that is oppressive, that is taking the rights of others, we accept that too. They are trying to make every wrong thing and every evil thing into just a personal choice. As if it just affects you individually. It doesn’t affect community, it definitely doesn’t affect the world. No. Every forbidden things that Allah SWT has put to us, it affects the whole world, it affects this world and the next world. It affects worlds, if we understand. What we are doing, it affects universes, it affects worlds.

Our existence here, it is just one ray of light coming from our spirit that is always in Divine presence. How many hundreds and thousands of light years now passing from that light coming to this world? This world is asfala safileen, the lowest of the world. How many worlds now that light passing through before it reaches here? When we are doing something correct and good, our reality in Divine presence is going to shine more and the angels that time they will make tawaf around us, praising His Khalifatullah, praising us, making tawaf around us. Qibla, original Qibla. But when we do something wrong, according to our ego, then that reality becomes shrouded, it becomes covered in ugliness, choking the light. Who knows then how many world is suffering because of that. Understand?

So there is some responsibility. Don’t be those, we are not those of modern days scholars that are saying so many things that is against to fourteen hundred years of tradition. It used to be Wahhabi are doing that, now ahle Sunnah scholars are doing it. The ahle Sunnah became so proud saying that, ‘no, Wahhabis is bad! We are good. Wahhabis is bad, we are good.’ Now ahle Sunnah scholars, so many of them they are doing worse things that the Wahhabis scholars are doing. In the name of what? Love. In the name of what? Mercy. Because now, without the furqan, without the separator, people will go to extremes. Without the ones who separates and puts the limits between you and what your ego wants to do, if there is no separator, the ones who doesn’t put a limit, then in the name of goodness you are going to do the worse things. You are going to allow the worse things to happen. Do you understand?

We see something wrong and we say astaghfirullah. We see something wrong and we say, ‘Alhamdulillah Ya Rabbi that I’m not in there.’ We see something wrong and we say, ‘Alhamdulillah, thank You Ya Rabbi that You have saved me from that or else I would have condemned myself.’ And we say, ‘Alhamdulillah, because Your hand reach to me. Your rope reach to me. Your Prophet and the inheritor of the Prophet reach to me.’ Something good that happens, and we say, ‘Alhamdulillah, it is You Ya Rabbi. It is You that is allowing me to do that. That is making me to understand that.’ That time you are going to have balance. You stop worshiping yourself. Understand?

WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha. Amin.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
7 Rabiul Ahir 1438
January 5, 2017  stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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