What is the reason for facing difficulties when trying to do something good? Is there ever an end to the difficulties in path of doing good?


Question: What is the reason for facing difficulties when trying to do something good? Is there ever an end to the difficulties in path of doing good? How can I overcome these difficulties and stay strong?


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Look to your Prophet. Don’t look anywhere else. If you look in the world you are going to say, ‘well if you are doing something good and there’s difficulty in the way then why bother?’You will lose your faith. If you look through the eye and the knowledge of the world, you are going to say, ‘any difficulty in the world, it is bad. Anything that brings to you joy and pleasure and happiness, it is good.’ Don’t listen to that. If you are a believer, if you are a Muslim, especially it makes it a little bit easier, look to your Prophet (asws).

Look to the Prophets, 124 000 Prophets, they are the ones most beloved to Allah, they are the ones who love Allah most, all of them their lives is the most difficult lives. Even those ones who were ruling, they have the most difficult lives, here in this world. Because this world is our enemy. This world is not our friend. This world is a trap. This world will chew you up and spit you out. This world, it is evil. And if we get too comfortable in this world, either they are preparing a very big trap for us or we become one with our enemies. 124000 Prophets they all faced difficulties. The Holy Prophet (asws) he went through every difficulties that every person went through. Look to his life. When you look to his life and the lives of his companions, and the lives of the Evliyaullah, and you understand the difficulties that they are going through, understanding their faith and understand their reasons why, then we are following in that way, we will not find it difficult.

These are not difficulties. I don’t like to play with semantics, but these are not difficulties, these are certain challenges that a person of faith you have to have. Because if there’s no challenges in this way, then you are not going to be polished and you are not going to be cleaned and cut to become something that is beautiful. You’ll still be that piece of glass looking object in the ground. With these difficulties, that object in the ground, which is a diamond, will have to go through not only tremendous pressure for thousands of years, but after it has become that object, that entity, then it has to be polished and cut a thousand times to become something that is going to be of value. And that is of value that only the Kings and emperors will take and understand and give value to it.

So the Prophets they went through that. If we are calling ourselves believers in the way of the Prophet, then we are going to understand that these are not challenges. These are the things that is going to shape us, these are the things that are going to polish us, these are the things that is going to cut us, to at least first to make us to understand that this world is not a Paradise, this world is not our home. If we have not build a relationship to our home, our original home, that death and our life will be very difficult. But if you build that relationship already, this life even if it is very difficult, it is going to be easy because you understand the wisdom of it. Because you know even if I live in this world one thousand years, and it is complete hell, one day I’m going to be free. After this I’m going to be free forever. And that gives you hope. What kind of hope does the other man that he has who lives in this world for a thousand years, with every kind of pleasure but he knows that after this he is going to enter into disaster forever. That thousand years of pleasure, how is it going to taste to him? There is no taste, because he knows all this is going to end. Every single moment is just going to bring him closer and closer to that end.

Difficulties will end, Insya’Allah. Do you know when it’s going to end? When we die. It’s going to end. Because if we are in this spiritual way, we are engaged completely until our last seven breathe maybe, in the greatest struggle, in the biggest jihad, that is against to our nafs, continuously. And the time when our nafs is not going to have any control over us like that, is when in our last seven breathe, we finish and we escape now to that other world, we leave this behind. That’s the time it’s going to end, that’s the time that difficulties will end and we are entering into just the beginning of an endless journey back to our Lord that is going to bring us endless and infinite pleasure and happiness and visions and opening. But for those ones who are running away from their Lord, and running into that pleasures and that desires and into this dunya, then that death is just the beginning of a complete disaster. Disaster is not punishment because you do something bad and I have to punish you. No. Because everyone’s return is back to Allah. But because now, you did not wake up to prepare for that return while you are still in this world, the wake up call that came in 104 Books, in 124 000 Prophets, that comes with hundreds and thousands of Saints and the friends of Allah, and you are still not waking up with all those messages that Allah send to you, Allah speaking to you, the Angels speaking to you, your heart, your intelligence, your conscience speaking to you, you are still not getting yourself ready, that time they will make you ready because your destination is back but they’ll make you ready in the grave and in the fire. That is not punishment. That is to make us ready. May Allah not test us with that.

Be with people that are strong, the people in this way, you will be strong. You cannot be by yourself. It is very difficult to be by yourself. Only Allah is alone. Ahad. We cannot be alone. The order is to be a Jamaat, to gather, ya Jami. To be together. Insya’Allah. It is not to be identical, No. But to be together, to have now to take support and to learn from each other. And that time you will be able to understand and overcome these difficulties.  Then that time the return is going to be very sweet. Difficulties happening, challenges happening, you say, ‘EyAllah. This is another chance for me to understand my Lord more. This is another chance for me to understand myself more. This is another chance for me to have more knowledge, because of these difficulties that are happening.’ But like I said, we shouldn’t ask for it. We are asking Allah not to test us. But this is our intention, that when it comes, that Allah make us to be sincere, make us to be ready for that. WaminaAllahu Taufiq. Al-fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
7 Rabiul Ahir 1438
January 5, 2017  stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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