The Aim Of a Murid


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Alhamdulillah, we are first asking Allah swt to protect our association from the sheytan that are outside and inside, from our own egos. We are here to remember Allah, to give the highest praising to the Holy Prophet (asws), to remember our Sheykh and to ask from those Mubarak ones, from our Sheykh, permission to speak. If we don’t have the permission to speak, we shouldn’t speak. If it’s up to me, I don’t want to talk at all. Just be quiet, sit one corner, be busy. But he left us all with some work to do, some burden to carry, then we have to, as much as it is our capacity. But we are asking for their permission to speak. We are asking for their permission to send us something that is going to benefit us. There’s a lot of things that we see that is in front of us. 99.9% it’s not benefiting us.  Benefit us how? Through our ego, everything benefit our ego. But benefiting us in our journey back to Allah, very few things.

What are the things that is stopping us in our journey? Journey back to Allah, what are we going to bring to Allah? So you are asking the question (Sheykh ask a murid): What the Murid has to, what is his goal, for a Murid, for every single day of his life?

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. First, now we are speaking in the Naksibendi way, to you. Do we fit into that category of a Murid? Do we? Hmm? Let me tell you a story. Our GrandSheykh Abdullah, it was during the Hajj, he was circling around the Ka’ba and there was one ma’zub there, half of it is gone because they witness certain things, so the brain cannot carry too much, short circuit, now they are lost there. They see things but they cannot carry regular responsibilities. They are stuck there too. But they are close to Allah. Turning to Sultan Evliyaullah and saying, ‘O Sheykh, are you a Muslim?’ Leave murids, Muslim. Our Sheykh turned to him, our GrandSheykh of the Naksibendi order. He said, ‘my son, all these years I’ve been asking myself that same question, every single day,  am I a Muslim?’ ‘Ha, ha, ha, ha.’ The ma’zub was so happy, laughing, jumping up and down. “You are the first one to give me the correct answer. I ask so many Sheykhs, so many alims, so many scholars, they turned to me with such anger, with such arrogance, with such pride, and said, ‘how dare you ask me that question if I’m a Muslim. Of course I am! Don’t you see I’m making Hajj?’ but you, you give the correct answer.” Because our Sheykh is Sheykh Abdullah.

So you ask me the question, what a murid has to be concentrating on? What is his goal every single day? First what is a murid? What is a murid? What is a Muslim? What is a mukmin? And what is a murid? Do you understand? Because we are giving answer according to Tarikat, we are not giving answer according to Fiqh. We are not giving answer according to philosophy. We are giving answer according to Tasawwuf. What is a Muslim? The one who has surrendered to Allah. Have we surrendered to Allah? Something to ask. Just because we pray five times a day, doesn’t mean we surrender, correct? A mukmin, a believer, what a high title that is, a believer, that Allah is saying, ‘Only the believers they are going to praise the Prophet (asws). Allah and His angels send salutation to the Prophet. O you who believe,’ He didn’t say O you Muslim. He says O you who believe. These days so many they are not believing. In the name of Islam, they are not believing. I know people that, we just passed the month of Mawlid, they have Mawlid in their houses, their relatives get up and they go to the rooms and close the door. They are saying, these are all bida’at. It’s happening in our generation. They dare to do this. Never in 1400 years. The believers.

A murid, murid is looking for his murad. But like what we say earlier today, in the sohbet, who is really entering into Tarikat searching for something? Searching for their murad, searching for their reason, searching for their secret that Allah as given? Half entering into Tarikat because the Sheykh is like Santa Clause. His there, any dua that you want him to make he can make, but don’t you dare interfere into my life. The other half entering into Tarikat, already claiming one way or another that they are special, that they are Saint. That’s why they enter to Tarikat. So what is Murad? What are you looking for, what are you searching for? It’s going to take some time.


First we have to know ourselves. The alcoholic who is searching for liquor, it doesn’t make him a murid. You understand? The one who is chasing after his own ego, or the ones who don’t even understand what is an ego, how he is going to find his secrets? Secret is never going to be given. Because that one that is going to be given that secret, he has to achieve, at least following the  way of the trustworthy one, he has to be trustworthy. Because that secret, you will start discovering yourself, you are going to discover your Lord. You think that time when you discover your Lord, then you know your Lord, of course Allah swt can never be discovered completely, but once you start knowing your Lord, fulfilling the reason of your creation, what is this world, what are the secrets of this world, what are the secrets of the eighteen thousand alam, he is not going to look at Paradise, he is not going to look anywhere. Everything is a distraction for him that time. Because he is looking for Allah. But he is not looking for Allah like so many of us, when I said, why you want to look for Allah? Yeah, I’m that kind who is going to ask you.

‘I’m looking for Allah.’ Why are you looking for Allah? What you are going to do when you find Allah? So many is saying, ‘I’m looking for Prophet. I want  Prophet to come and visit me.’ Who are you that Prophet (asws), habibullah, he is going to come to visit you? He visits, what are you going to do? Just to smile? So understanding now, as servant, what is our duty, what is the service, what is our work, what is our mission? That is key. If you don’t know, you are just going to be wasting time. Is it a blessing? Of course it is a blessing. But here, I’m speaking to you from the Naksibendi way. Just like you say, I want to meet the President. Well, maybe you say I don’t want to meet president Trump, but who knows, maybe so many people they are saying we don’t like him, but maybe, I bet you if he calls on the phone and say, ‘I want you to go to the white house now,’ everyone is going to jump up and down, saying, ‘he’s calling us. Don’t say no.’ Our ego will like it. So many Muslims are like that. So many Muslim leaders they are like that. Correct or not? May Allah not test us with that power. May Allah not test us with that burden.

So we are not Muslim leaders, not you, not me.  Very small group, quiet, we just want to become humble servants to Allah swt. We are watching everything that is happening in this world. We must. Because we are living in the ahir Zaman. And this world, this dunya it is our enemy. Know your friends, keep your friends close,  but keep your enemy closer. In Tarikat we are supposed to know our dunya. What is our dunya? You haven’t discover the dunya? Chances are, they are not going to give you that secret. Because you haven’t discover it yet. That means you don’t know your enemy, your enemy may trick you, will give you that treasure, that secret, and you are going to be tricked by the enemy. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying what? Those who cheat and those who get cheated, they are not from one of us. So it is a responsibility now.

To be a good person, everybody wants to be a good person. That’s something else. To be a good Muslims, everybody wants to be a good Muslim. That’s something else. Now you are saying about being a murid, following a Sheykh now, in this order, following the Sultan ul Evliya, preparing ourselves, in this ahir Zaman, understanding what is the fitna of dajjal and understanding what is Mahdi (as) going to offer and what it is that we have to prepare. This is makrifat, but how many people are listening. So our aim, like what we said earlier, if everyday you are discovering new things about yourself, because Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the one who knows himself, he knows his Lord.’ We are not Wahhabis to say that the hadiths is sahi or this or that. We don’t follow books. We follow the man who writes the book, and we are following the greatest one, and he didn’t write nothing. In fact, he didn’t know how to read or write, and the book was sent to him, from him and to him. Saying, ‘the one who knows himself he knows his Lord.’ So you start knowing yourself and knowing the dunya,  the dirtiness of your attraction to the dunya, the dirtiness of your attraction to sheytan. Don’t say we don’t. We do. Especially in Naksibendi way, you think you don’t have it, don’t worry, they’ll squeeze it out from you. Because it is there.

Nafsu, sheytan, hawa, dunya. Nafs especially, you have not discovered it, you cannot discover Allah. So what we are saying about earlier? If you are not understanding what are the veils that is between you and Allah, what stops it, it doesn’t matter how much worship that you do, how much sadaqah that you give, how much zikr that you are doing, because it’s just like a man in this house he is collecting so much gold, he’s locking his front door, he is putting gates, he is putting security and everything but his back door is open. The ego is inside of us and if we are not understanding how it opens the door to sheytan, especially in times when we are very weak, how it tricks us, that time we waste everything that we are doing. People can go up very high, and they come down very low because they don’t know how to secure. We are not looking to collect gold. We are looking just to make sure that our house is secure. If you do that, little that you do, according to that sincerity, Allah will reward us.


We are not looking to our effort. What is our effort? Nothing. We just finish the zikr, what is that worth in Divine Presence, really? Common now. It doesn’t really worth too much. Our prayers, doesn’t really worth too much. Because if we know what we are, then we are going to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, we are your weak servant.’ We are not going to say, ‘we are Your strong servant. We are Your strong servant, we just finish zikr. So bless us.’ Astaghfirullah. What are we doing now when we do that? We are discovering. This is not fake modesty. This is understanding. We are discovering the ilahs, that is a veil between us and Allah. Ilallah, we have not reached. Because we are still busy with the ilahs, with the nafsu, dunya, sheytan, hawa, with the ilahs, with the anger, with the jealousy, the stubbornness,  the envy that we have and the hundreds and thousands of tricks and traps, the ilahs. You are not getting rid of it? You are not saying La ilaha, you’ll never reach to Illallah.

So what does a murid have to do, to concentrate everyday? Be simple. I give you something very simple that is for you and for me. This is for me too. First it is for me, then to anyone else who is listening. You are going to ask yourself, like what the Turks they do, they are taking from the Ottoman times, they put something right at the door: What have you done for the sake of Allah today? What is your goal everyday? Your goal everyday is more to know Allah, and more to know yourself. More to know yourself, more to know Allah. So you are going to ask, ‘what did I do for the sake of Allah today?’ if you answer it really, sincerely, you will come to a very good understanding of yourself and your ego. ‘Oh I pray. I pray for Allah.’ Allah is not in need of our prayer. Allah is not in need of anything. If all humankind, everyone, that Allah can in a split second, He is saying subhana wa ta’ala, make everyone to become worshiper and Muslims to fall (in sejdah), Allah is not going to be more magnified. If no one worship Him, He is not going to become small. We are not doing anything. The prayer, the fasting, zakat, Hajj, all our obligations that we are doing, it is for us. It is not for Allah. This is the conversation between Kalimullah Hz Musa (as) and Allah swt. Hz Musa is saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, then what can I do for You? I cannot do anything for You.’ Allah swt is saying, ‘yes you can. Love those ones whom I love and leave those ones whom I leave.’

Now we come deeper into Tasawwuf to understand what love is. Don’t look to television of magazine, or YouTube to understand what love is. Look to what the Prophet (asws) is saying. One person said to him, ‘Ya Rasulullah, I love you.’ He turned and he said to that one, ‘then prepare yourself for hardship.’ Not like today’s people who talk too much. Simple, prepare yourself for hardship. Does it make sense? Of course, because Prophet (asws) said that.  Who are the ones that Allah SWT love most? Himself (asws). Is his life filled with happiness, the way that we understand, worldly happiness? He had the most hard life. 124000 Prophets, still had a hard life. These are the ones that Allah love most and they love Allah most.

So Tasawwuf, it is the way of the Prophet. Especially Tasawwuf, in the time of the Prophet (asws) continuing, we are taking the sunnat, from the earlier Prophets as well. Which is why in Tasawwuf, you can see people from other religions, they get pulled and they say this is what we believe in and you are giving it more perfect, complete understanding. But if you see Sheykh going to the feet of other ones, once you have the full moon, where else can you look?

‘Love those ones whom I love and leave those ones whom I leave.’ Love, it carries a lot of difficulties. Huh, welcome to the path of heartbreak, of course  you have to. So, may Allah make it easy. We are not asking for this. But this is the nature of the way. Do you understand? So I’m saying, because you are still very new (Sheykh speaks to a murid), so if you are going to meet some hardship across the way, you are going to meet some loneliness, you are going to meet some moments where you feel  that nobody understands and you are all alone, there’s helplessness, there’s hopelessness, there’s this or that, it has been walked by so many of us, and it is to be expected. If the way of Tasawwuf, you are just going to see vision and rainbows every step of the way, and you are going to be happy and you are going to have prosperity, because Muslims got very jealous from Christians and jews also, they are looking for years they have prosperity gospel, you know prosperity gospel? Some Christians believe, more Allah loves you, the more He is going to give you money, basically, so some Muslims they get very jealous with that, so they want to preach similar kind, prosperity Quran or something, and they run after the dunya. Anyway, may Allah protect us from all of that.

So you are just going to check with yourself everyday, what have I done for the sake of Allah? How do I increase my love for those ones that Allah swt love? How do I increase the feeling of leaving alone those things that Allah leave? Check yourself. Understand. This is not the way, we are going to talk about it, so much about it. You have to walk a little bit. Then you are going to understand. May Allah forgive me, may Allah bless you Insya’Allah. May Allah bless our Holy Prophet (asws), Sultan ul-Awliya, and SahibulSaif, for the sake of this night. May Allah bring away fitnah from our hearts and in our community, may Allah swt grant us more faith and more understanding and more strength, Insya’Allah and more clarity to bring the sincere people to come together Insya’Allah, for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws). Al-Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
14 Rabiul Ahir 1438
January 12, 2017 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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