Arrested For Saying “Allah”


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People, they are taking for granted, and they are not understanding the value what Allah is granting them sometimes. Just 10 year ago today, just this time, 28th, which month we are in now? June? Oh, 28th June 2001, I was in turkey and I was in Izmir, and our Ikhwan, they were so happy that I was there and yes it was early celebrations of Miraj again, or I think it was the Prophet’s Birthday that time. And we were just there, this is what we are doing, saying, ‘Allah’, and ‘Subhanallah.’ Of course I know, the rest of them they didn’t know, because if I was going to tell them, who knows, maybe they will not be there. But, before we know, the doors are breaking in, and army and police, and television, and everyone are coming like, “now we got the killers!” And I was just very cool and calm with the police and everyone, because I know what the intention is that they came for.

The people that is surrounding me, sitting, making zikr, they got little bit energy. They got up, they were ready to fall into the hands of the tricks and the traps of sheytan. I said, “sit down!” They all sit down, so I said to the chief of the police, I said, “I know you and you know me. So, first thing, this televisions is a private television. They just entered into my house without my permission. So, you kick him out, put him out; then you show me a paper that you could enter into my house.” So, he got very upset to me and he said, “ I am the law here.” So, I said yeah, you are the ashkiya, you are the rebel, you are the new rebels. The governments became rebel so they taking video to show television whose making the video of me, and anyway I’m very tough and rough with them, but I know they have plans. I’m looking at the police and everyone they have the machine guns and they are ready to shoot. So, they are going to make a big mess, because they’re preparing underground for army to take over again. So, I got some inspiration right away, and I said, “NO! I’m not going to fall for that,” and I just walked out and said, “if you want me, let’s go.” So, they were shocked. They didn’t know what to do.

What I’m trying to say is, that if you are here for free, and you can say as much as you want, “Allah,” and you are sleeping. And those people, they knew all, any minute that the door can be broken in and they can be arrested, and they can lose their job, and they will be in so much trouble; and they did, so many of them. So, did you understand the value that you are in? The value that Allah has grant to you? Are you still going to be so sad? Not happy? Maybe I should send you to Turkey, to see if that time you are going to go to zikir at all that time, knowing that any minute the police, they can break into the house. No, you are not going to come, definitely. Because now, I’m see here like this, that time you are not going to. Well, nothing is going to change. It is going to continue. As I did say to them, not you, but the whole world’s government can come together, you cannot stop us from saying “Allah!” We are going to. So, we did.

Alhamdulillah. But for all those people, they went to their house. I was the only one who was arrested, and I was the only one they were preparing to torture. Understand? I didn’t give up for nothing. I just took them for a ride, all night long, questioning this and that, so many things. (Do you think) I wasn’t tired? I was tired. Energy came. I didn’t stop. Nothing is stopping me, from that time until now. So, they brought me to the court saying that I open dergah, I declare that I’m a sheikh, and I did this and I did that, and I said, “I didn’t declare any one of those things, but now I’m going to do it, because you are putting me in jail because of this and this?” “I am going to open dergahs now! I am going to do this what you are accusing me with, so this way you will not be a liar.”

And, Alhamdulillah, yes, from that time, I had only a handful of people. They became a little spoiled there too. Now they understand they value. And now, I almost have the whole city underground; through phone; that’s ok. So, if you sacrifice yourself for Allah, Allah( jalla wa alaa ) makes things easy for you. Even the hardships, it becomes easy. I didn’t give up from so many things. They push me left and right, I went along, I found myself in jail cell. They prepare so much plans to kill me, this and that. I said, “You (Allah) are the One. If my life is end, You are going to take it, so I have no problems with that.”

I went to the jail and the whole jail turned to start making zikr now. For ten years now, in that jail, people are making zikr. Things have changed there. But, today is the 10th anniversary of that day, that night. I remember a night like this, it was so hot. Then, when they put me in the car, they were taking me, and it was Isha prayer. And I’m saying to Allah, I said, “remember, tonight I am not making Isha prayer, and I am not responsible in the Judgment Day, because You are having these creatures to arrest me, because I am remembering Your name. For that, I am not going to pray.” Those couple of Police guys, they were so scared. They had faith in their hearts saying, “sheykh, please, don’t pray bad for us.” I said, “No. You are arresting me? Wait to see what’s going to happen! You’re not letting me to pray huh? I am saying, ‘Allah,’ and you are not letting me to pray huh?”

And we are passing through the streets of Izmir; gays and lesbians in the streets screaming, and I said, “look at this. You’re not arresting them. You’re arresting me, and you’re calling yourself a believer too? Your system is crashing down!” Your government is going to crash down. Everything is going to crash down.

Since that day, everything changed. That government came to an end. Shows and television came to an end. The national security called. They put me to the national security call. “What was the crime?” I said to them, “I am the soldier of Allah.” That is the crime. So, the prosecutor is saying to me, “change these words, because you are going to be in jail for a long time.” I said to him, “If I stay in the jail for the rest of my life, I am not changing these words.” He said, “you are crazy. I have so many imams that came here like this. They went along and now they are out there (free).” I said, “You are right. That’s why the system is still running like this, and you’re still prosecuting people like me. For that, this is going to change, and I am staying. And, I am going to stay and do whatever it takes.” I said. “You cannot do nothing to me. I know.” I said, “I received a note from there (above). You cannot even touch my hair this time. I have no fear from you. I have no fear from your government, and I have no respect to your laws now. Either you are going to change these laws, or Allah is going to take you completely down.” And, that is exactly what happened to them. Alhamdulillah.

10 years passed. They ask me, “who are you?” I said, “I am Ottoman, and I am very proud to be Ottoman.” And, they hate to you. That time they say, “are you crazy? Ottoman? Ottoman is gone with the history; never it is coming back.” Now, millions are waiting, saying, “it is coming back.” Something is happening. Something is waiting, definitely. It’s coming back. They shouldn’t stop. They cannot, because it is Allah’s will.

So, I went through so much hardship. It’s ok. I didn’t do it for people. I did it for Allah. So many people that they were with me there, they came to the court; first appearances in the court. In the first appearance in the court, they didn’t even recognize me. None of them recognized me (Sheykh laughs), except two persons, they recognized me. The rest, they didn’t know me. But, they knew me for 15 years maybe; but they didn’t know me that night, because it fit to that; not to know. I just smiled. In front of me, they were saying to the prosecutor, and I looked, “Ya Rabbi, never put me into this situation. It’s better to take my life now.” So, Alhamdulillah, I didn’t change anything from myself to them. I smiled to them. They pushed me around. They put chains on my hands. They tied the chains so hard that the blood is not circulating anymore. Intentionally they did it. I just smiled to them. Alhamdulillah, so many things changed. I didn’t give up. I am not going to give up. So now, they said, “we arrest him two times. First time we tortured him. He came back more strong. Second time, we couldn’t even torture him, so it’s better that we ban him.” So, they banned me now. I cannot enter.

I will enter soon. I will. So, for what? Not for you. Not for me. For Allah. Things are going to change. Either you are going to be a part in it, or you’re just going to watch from a distance. But, be a part. It is better to leave. People say I have honor. Your honor is as much as you keep your promise to your Lord. That is your honor. If you keep your promise to your Lord, that is your honor. Nothing else. They said so many words there. They said, “this sheykh is crazy,” this and that. I said, “yea. It fits to me to be crazy.” And Allah swt made things so easy for me that it looked like I wasn’t the prisoner; they were the prisoner. I was just sitting. They have guns. They have everything, but they were prisoners. I was seeing and thinking, “Subhanallah, these people, they are prisoners.”

Yes, so be free. When will you be free? When you submit yourself to Allah, you will be free. You will be free in the jail too. You will be free in the jail cell. So, I went to the jail. The first judge that was going to arrest me that night, they keep me; they keep all the notes and everything, and the judge who was supposed to be arresting me, I know now the next day they are going to arrest me. So, I come to the court. They want to take out my turban, my jubbah, to go in front of the judge, but the door is open, I’m standing there, and the judge is seeing me, and the police is saying to me, “he will not take you inside like this.” I said to him, “who wants to see him (the judge)? Let the shaytans to see him and go to hell.” So, the judge is looking at me. My lawyer is standing next to me and saying, “speak a little bit quiet because he’s hearing you.” I said, “so what? I want him to hear me anyway.” He said, “but I’m not going to be able to defend you.” I said, “defend yourself. Don’t worry. I know what I am doing.” I went inside. They couldn’t take me. I said, “I am not arrested yet. You’re not going to touch nothing, unless you are going to touch by force. Then, you will be breaking every law, so do it. But, I don’t know what I’m going to do. My hands are a tool too. I can kick back just like you. So, they took me inside like that. So, the judge is looking at me and saying, “In our country, it is our laws!” I said, “so what, of course it’s going to be your laws.” I said, “who cares for your laws? I am not bothering your laws. He said, “you are wearing turban!” I said, “yea, I am, because I am not your citizen. You gave me visa. If you don’t want me coming here like this, all you gotta do is submit a paper to the United Nations to say, “we don’t want anybody here with turbans.” I said, “there are thousands of people entering every day. I said, “first, that is wrong. Second, you should have wait until I walk in the streets to arrest me. You come to my house and you arrest me with the turban.” I said, “I didn’t walk in the streets.” He is screaming saying, “you are calling azaan from your house.” I said, “of course I was.” “NO YOU CANNOT!!,” he’s screaming. I said to him, “Mr. Judge, no country in the world even in Russia, they were able to do this. They couldn’t enter into the people’s house to say to them what they are going to do. I said to him, “in my house, if I want, I will wear a turban. If I want, I walk naked! I said, “in my house if I want, I call azaan. If I want, I play and I dance. It’s not your business.”

As soon as I said that, “TAKE HIM! (judge shouted) HE’S ARRESTED!” And I said, “go to hell (in our Cypriot language).” He said, “what did you say!?” “This is what I said.” “What that means!? (Judge)”

So now, my lawyer is running back and forth to save me, so he goes, “one minute please, don’t just arrest him, this is what happened.” Judge: “Say.” Lawyer: “You see, my client, he is living in America for over 30 years, so he forgot the Turkish words. He didn’t mean that. He made me state it.” Sheykh Effendi to Lawyer: “What are you talking about? I speak better Turkish then you and him (judge). (sheykh laughs) I said, “you speak broken Turkish, the secular Turkish. I speak Ottoman Turkish. I speak better than you.” Judge: “Take him!” Sheykh Effendi: “Go to hell (in Cypriot language). I am going anyway.”

So, I go out. Before I am coming to the jail, the jail warden and everybody heard the news; “somebody is coming so we must crush this one down.” So I came in. I’m coming and looking, “grrrr”, coming like wolves; not wolves, wolves have honor. They are coming like coyotes and jackals. I went inside. So, right away they come and take out the turban. I said, “hey, stop it. I know the person who is first. First, you have to take my fingerprints. Later this, and later that. Later I am going to give you step by step, don’t worry. But the warden is looking behind the glass, so I say, “who cares, let him go to help too.” So, he’s looking at me.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say to you is, I didn’t bend down nothing for them; not a drop, knowing what I am challenging. What am I challenging, and it can be so much trouble too, but I said, “this way or that way, it is going to be anyways.” So then, the time of prayers, I start standing on the corner and I started calling azaan. First azaan I call; second azaan, when I’m ready to call, all the wardens and guards came, they called me outside and they said, “sheykh, you cannot call azaan here.” I said, “I cannot?” They said, “no.” “But outside I hear minaret and they calling azaan.” He says, “but here you cannot.” I said, “what is this? Is this Russia or Israel? Isn’t it Turkey here?” He says, “it’s against the law. I said, “I don’t accept your laws. I’m going to call azaan.” I said, “check my records to understand why I am in jail. I was calling azaan, that’s why I’m here! Don’t you see!?” He goes to me, “but if you continue calling azaan, we are going to have to put you to the cell.” So, I thought I was already in the cell. There was a small cell, and I was in it. So, I said, “I’m already in the cell.”

He goes to me, “no, that is not like this.” I said, “how it is?” He goes, “we put you to a cell that only has a metal bed, and we take all your clothes out, you will be naked, and you will be locked from everything. You don’t get food. You get only a little bit of food one time a day,” and he says, “they come and they wash you with a pressure hose when you are ready to sleep, and, and ,and (continuing), torturing. I said, “good, so take me there.” He says, “you are crazy.” I said, “take me there, because I am going to continue calling azaan.”

I said, “here I am calling five times (azaan), if you put me in there, I’m going to call 25 times. Every time when I’m calling, the governor is going to fall down from his bed. He’s going to hear me there. I said, “put me in there now.” He says, “Oh now we are in trouble.” He says, “Sheykh, please go back to your room and keep the volume a little bit down.” I said, “No, I’m going to call azaan for the whole jail to hear that the time is for prayer.” So, anyway, that continued. Every single day, I had some excitement, special excitement, everyday something or the other was happening, so I got to be in awakening station, Alhamdulillah. So I keep my life continuing, and going. I didn’t give up. Not then and not now, and I’m not going to. Anyone who is standing in front of me, whether it is my mother or it’s my father, if it’s my children, I will say, “move.” If they don’t move, I will crush and walk. This is it!

I want everybody to hear this. I live for Allah. I’m going to die for Allah. This is a news for the whole world. So, if you are with me, you have to be in awakening station, otherwise go home and sleep, because I just realized it, I never thought that this was so hard, but I just realize it that working for Allah is pretty hard. But for me, it has never been hard. Working myself is very hard. Working for my ego is very hard, but working for Allah is very easy. He is the best Boss that I have ever met. But I see that so many, they come with so much excitement that they want to walk with me, and they fail sometime later. It’s ok, I have no problem with it, but sit and stay quiet, because I may send someone behind to pick up again on the road. Don’t run with me. You cannot. Those who can, welcome. Who (are those)? Those whose happy with themselves and those whose happy with their Lord. Those who today, they eat and they drink, and they say, “Alhamdulillah Ya Rabbi, You want to take my life? Take. If you want me to live, let me live for better, for tomorrow.” If you are like that, welcome. You are going to walk. If not, stay a little bit to the side.

So, ten years ago, this day, I went through too, too, too, too much of these kinds of (difficult) times, but look, today we are celebrating Mi’raj again. Alhamdulillah. I never gave up. In the jail, I celebrated by myself. Sometime later, I brought all those guards who were against me, and then they started bringing me so many things from outside, whatever I want. They start serving me so nicely. So I said to them, “look, you got to pray, you got to make zikr, you got to do this, you got to do that.” So, they became murids. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalimeen.

So, Allah has His plans. You have your plans and Allah has His plans. If your plan doesn’t fit to the plan of Allah, don’t think, just pull back and submit yourself or you are going to suffer, because you cannot change Allah’s plan. Allah’s plan is going to work, and there is some people who have the blueprint of that plan. Allah is promising to us that one time in this world, only for one time, the whole world, everyone who is living in it, one time, they are all going to say, “Allah.” Meaning that the whole world, one time, they are all going to come united and live in the way of Allah. That is going to happen in our time. If you are ready, you will be one of those. If not, you will be taken away. Yes, it is going to happen. It is such an honor to the people, because Allah is making His work to work on the earth. He is using His creatures: you and me, and others; He uses His Prophet. And, He is saying to us, “I give you the authority of the earth and the skies in your hand;” in YOUR hand. So, if we submit ourselves, then you will become the winner, Dunya and Ahirat. If not, definitely you are losing the Dunya. Who knows how much you lose from Ahirat.

Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu. Good Night to you all. So, I am remembering. I am not forgetting. I didn’t forget a single night. It’s not that I remember now. Some people are remembering now. I didn’t and I will not. I forgive them but I don’t forget, because I see the hate that they have to Allah and His Prophet. That’s what the mankind is: hating to Allah and His Prophet. That gives me power more. So, Inshallah, yes, we are weak ones, but with Allah jalla wa alaa, the most powerful ones, the most powerful. So, we didn’t start yesterday. You know it, and step by step Insha’Allah we are going. Welcome to you and good night to you. Happy Mi’raj to you. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu.

Sahibulsaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi

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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Hakkani al-Kibrisi Hz,
Khalifah of GrandShaykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Hakkani Hz
On The 10th Anniversary Of His Arrest In Izmir, Turkey
Sohbet On June 28th

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  1. Zainab says:

    SubhanAllah! May Allah increase Shaykh Effendi’s darajaat.

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