When the taste and enjoyment of this world becomes sour and fake, know that your Lord has pulled you closer



“I am with people that they are fighting very hard against to their ego and against to their sheytan just to remember You (Allah). And I remember how hard it was just to remember You when I was in the world, in the Dunya, where I look around and everyone else is forgetting You, and pulling me to forget You, and only to remember my Nafs (ego). I don’t wish to be one of those ones Ya Rabbi who wakes up on the Day of Judgment and is going to say, ‘Oh, my Nafs, my Nafs.’” And, how Allah (SWT) is pulling us away from that jungle and putting us here, that our heart can find satisfaction. Maybe a little bit here and there, falling down, for some people, up and down. “That’s okay Ya Rabbi,” you have to say. Don’t complain, because everyone is just trying their best. And, I feel very safe knowing that I have a Sheykh who is there to guide me. I am not alone. I am not alone trying to find out how to live this life. I am here with my Sheykh and with my community that whenever I stumble and I fall, somebody is there to pick me up and to say, ‘I fell like that one time. Let me show you a different way to walk.’ It is very freeing to the spirit, very freeing to the soul, because you are going through your days not with the attacks of the Dunya and of sheytan. Your ego will attack you. Of course, your ego has been attacking you from before too, but over here the ego is already weakened, because it doesn’t have the Dunya, it doesn’t have sheytan, like this or like that, and it doesn’t have the desires because we’re not here in the Dergah to run after the Dunya, or to run after our desires. Everything that is give, the Dunya and our desires, it is just within limits. And, within limits, it is Halal; it is blessed. Beyond those limits, then it becomes forbidden, it becomes dangerous. Because we are not Buddhists to say, to destroy our desires, to destroy our Nafs, to destroy everything, to say that there is nothing. No. We are Muslims and there is a mercy in Islam.

And it is understanding the human side of mankind, the human side of the Prophet (AS), and through understanding that, understanding the mercy of Allah (SWT). Don’t say Allah has a human side. Say, that we have been given the promise of inheriting some of the Divine qualities of Allah. Do you understand? Now, some people are going to get very upset and say, “how do you mean you have Divine qualities?” We are speaking. Does Allah speak? Yes. We are hearing. Does Allah hear? Yes. Are we thinking that our speaking, it is the only way of speaking? If you think that the way that the humans speak, it is the only way of speaking you must be the most ignorant and arrogant person, because everything in this world speaks. Now, Science is slowly catching up to spirituality. They are saying even the trees, they speak to each other. The winds, they speak to each other. Everything in creation, they speak to each other and they speak to their Lord, Allah (SWT). But human kind, it is special, because we’re not from other creation. We have been created only to represent Allah, to know Allah, and to worship Allah. So, whatever the representative has, that Sultan, that Padshah, that Malik, that King, that emperor must have, because the ambassador, the Vekil, the Khalifah is only representing the True Ruler. And the True Ruler will give the Khalifah some qualities coming from Himself, that is not of Himself.


So, Allah (SWT), He speaks, but not in the way that we speak. He hears, but in the real sense of hearing, the real sense of speaking. We are only speaking and hearing in this Dunya level. So, I am not even saying we’re hearing and speaking in the animal level. Because definitely the animals, they see and they hear and they speak in a much more advanced level then the human beings can. The dog can hear sixty times better than the human. They can smell better. The eagle can see, but every animal has a quality that mankind doesn’t have, which in  reality, when the man is starting to think, “Yes, we belong to the animal world.” But, we dont’ belong to the animal world. We are lower thant he animal world, because Allah (SWT) is not giving us any of those qualities that makes us to become from this world. This is another proof to say that we are not created for the world. When it’s cold, the man has to wear a coat; warm, he has to take it out. You see the birds putting on a coat and taking it out, or the cats, or any animal? Our place is not from this world.

Our place is not of this world. Even physically, it is suppose to tell us something; that physically our characteristics, it is closer to another relm, another world not of this world. We sink into lower than an animal when we are not understanding what that animal level is according to the laws of Allah in the animal world, because the animal world is very strict. They say Shariat is very strict. Have you every tried the law of the jungle? You think Shariat is strict? In the law of the jungle, there is no mercy. there’s no mercy. The mother will kill the child. Correct? You see in the animal world, there is no mercy. It is all about survival. So, we fall into a lower level than that when we don’t carry the laws that Allah (SWT) has placed on us. When the animals, they don’t carry the laws that are according to their kind, according to their area, according to that species, what happesn to them? The finish. The animals themselves will jump on them and kill them, and finish them. And, when mankind is not fulfilling the laws that Allah (SWT) has given to us, meaning that we let our desires and our Nafs to run free, we are only destroying ourselves and we are destroying everything around us. And, that is the position that is lower than the animals.

We are in Tarikat, we are in Tasawwuf to understand, make no mistake, especially not in this Jemaat, it is not to concentrate on our spirit, on your soul, on our Ruh, on spiritual matters. Last time I checked, it’s about removing the veils from your heart. Last time I checked, this Tariqat is about removing the veils from your heart. Who is talking about veils now? Everyone is speaking about what lies behind the veils. Everyone is speaking about the secrets behind the secrets, behind the secrets, behind the secrets. But, not one is speaking about the veils. Either they don’t know the veils or maybe they removed all veils. If you removed all veils, you are in Ahle-Jannat. Everywhere you go it’s going to be Jannat, but this world is turning more and more and more into Jahannum.

And, don’t think Jannat is wild too where everyone can do as they like. Everyone is so happy and filled with love that they can do as they like. No. There is a rank. The Day of Judgment, we are going to appear before Allah (SWT) in ranks. We are going to be behind an Imam, behind a flag. You think after the Day of Judgment, there is no Imam, there’s no flag, there’s no nothing? That still continues. Allah (SWT)’s words is eternal saying, ‘There is a Knower above every Knower.’ Yes, in Paradise it is still the same.
We look at the veils that is blocking our heart. We understand what those veils are we’re working to remove them. Are we saying we can remove them? No, then that is arrogance too. We cannot remove nothing. We’re asking Allah to help us to remove them. That is the time the removal, it is going to be effective. It is going to be sincere. And, you’re removing the veil, not to look what is behind those veils. You are removing those veils, because it is blocking your heart. Let what is behind those veils, that is Allah’s business, that is the Prophet (AS)’s business. Our business is to come closer to Allah, to remove those veils. That, no one is speaking.


This world is not Ahle Jannat. Every single day it is getting worse and worse. Of course, now like what we said, Sheykh Efendi putting inspiration to our heart, we’re saying certain events happen in certain parts of the world, in certain countries. There’s so much hope and there’s so much joy, but I say, “look and watch.” They are even going to deny Mehdi (AS). They are going to deny that this is Ahir Zaman, because Ahir Zaman is when all hope is gone, except for Hz. Mehdi (AS). You cannot do anything. Only Mehdi (AS) will fix the matter, because the matter, it is so complete, it is so mixed into each other, that no person, no regime, no ideology can fix this. It is only heavenly power. And, this is heavenly knowledge saying what is going to happen and what to do.

Of course these days, from the highest level of religious authorities, they’re saying, “there’s no such thing as a Savior in Islam.” Have you heard about that? “Anyone who is saying that this is Ahir Zaman, they are lying. There’s no signs of Ahir Zaman.” Definitely then you are working with Dajjal. How many more proofs do you want? Even if the sun rises from the West, you’re going to say, “no, no, no. This is not what it means.” It will be, and the sun is rising from the West. Alhamdulillah.

We are looking at ourselves, we are remembering death, we are remembering our Sheykh who passed, and our concern must be, when we meet each other next, what report are we going to give? Understand in that is also a mercy, because isn’t that what a believer is going to do? What a believer must be thinking? Whether he has a Sheykh or no Sheykh, whether he believes or doesn’t believe, that one day he is going to be in the presence of Allah (SWT), and Allah is going to say, “What is your report?” And, that is the day that we are going to receive our report card. They are going to give it to us. Those who are in the right way, Allah is going to give the report from the right Hand. The bad ones, in the left hand. Better ones, from the front. Worse ones, from behind. And that time, Sheykh Efendi is saying, “Don’t look that we are going to be getting from in front or from the right. That is not removing your veils. You’re going to put more veils of arrogance.” We must put ourselves where we may be the ones receiving from the left or behind. And, the Evliya’Allah are saying, “If you receive from behind, you are in very big trouble, because there is no permission for you to turn around and get it. You have to take your hand and put it through your stomach, and push it through, to take the book from behind.” How many of us are opening the books in the morning and the evening to say, “what is my book today?” We should be busy with that.

We must wake up remembering our Lord, and we must go to sleep remembering our Lord, and we must ask for His mercy and for His forgiveness. Insha’Allah that time, more mercy will be given to us and we will come back to our originality. And, our originality is not from this world. You start having feelings. You start building bridges for the hereafter. The taste of this world is going to get more and more sour for you. The enjoyment of this world is going to get more and more fake for you. If you reach to those points, know that your Lord is pulling closer to you. Walk along that path Insha’Allah, and may our living in this world and our passing from this world be only for the sake of our Lord (SWT), for the sake of the Holy Prophet (AS), and for the sake of our Sheykh, Sahib el Sayf. El-Fatiha. Ameen. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
October 29, 2017  stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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