Muslims fighting each other when they stop being a ummah



Muslims have always been fighting each other? They have, they have been split up and they were fighting each other. We stop becoming an ummat. What is the khutba saying? What is the khutba saying about this, about the ummat? We are talking, everyone is split up, everyone is fighting each other, that’s true. Is it surprising to us? Of course it is not surprising to us.

Holy Prophet (asws) had said 1400 years ago, Islam is going to be divided into seventy-three different groups. He said it. I’m not surprise. Seventy-three different groups, Muslims are going to be divided. He didn’t leave it open. He said, ‘but only one group is going to be saved.’ One group. Again he did not leave it open. They asked him,  ‘which group is that Ya Rasulullah?’ and he said, ‘the ones who follow my sunnat.’ And he did not leave it open. Again, he said, ‘the ones who follow my sunnat and the sunnat of my Sahabbis.’ Meaning what? To follow the sunnat of Rasulullah (asws), we have to follow the chain. You have to follow his Sahabis, the Sahabis teaching that to the Tabi’ins, those who follow, and the Tabi’ins  teaching that to the Tabi‘ut Tabi’in, continuing until Judgment day.

We are not Sahabis. We cannot call ourselves Sahabis. Those who call themselves salafis, they are claiming they are Sahabbis. Because the title of salafis, it is only held by the Sahabi e-Kiram. At least if they say we are Tabi’in or Tabi‘ut tabi’in, we say okay technically you are right, because you are the ones who follow the one who follow. So anyway, when did this disruptions happen? Prophet (asws) has said 1400 years ago. He had said everything, everything that is going to happen he had said, until Judgment Day. And he had said it, it wasn’t a private gathering, he said it to a very large group of people and he spoke. He spoke and he spoke and he spoke through the entire day. And the Sahabis were saying, ‘those of us who remember, they remember. Those who forgot, they forgot.’ And he said. He did not leave anything hidden, until Judgment day.

So this is that secret knowledge. It’s not given to anyone. But those ones who have that knowledge, and they will do something about it. Not just having that knowledge and just sitting or fighting on the internet with each other, ‘ I have knowledge. I have secrets. You don’t have secret.’  They are doing something. What are they supposed to do? Is it to condemn people? Is it to pronounce takfir on people? Or to make fitnah with people? Or to go around and just to find fault with people. These days, people are doing that. Muslims are doing that. They visit each other and they are just looking with crooked eyes, they are only seeing all the wrong things. It’s happening? Of course, it’s happening amongst us. That is hypocrisy.  That is wrong. You see something wrong, there is a reason why Allah is showing that. You are seeing something wrong, maybe you are seeing something from you. Oh, we forgot spirituality all of a sudden huh? This is a spiritual value of it. Isn’t it? But people are judging. Oh, if we have Muslims judging, Sufis judging, what do you expect the whole world to do? It’s finished.  But how did this happen? How did this break up and people starting fighting with each other, killing each other, how did it happen? Did it happen 500 years ago? No. Did it happen 300 years ago? Did it happen a hundred years ago? Not even one hundred years ago.

1923, the office of the Khilafat was abolished. Who is the Sultan? Khutba is saying, who is the Sultan? He is a shadow of Allah on earth.  Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, the one who hate the Sultan, Allah hates him. Are we understanding how heavy these words are? Yet ask the majority of the Muslims, do you want the Sultan? ‘Huh! Sultan? We want president. We want arab spring. What Sultan? You want us to bring us back?’ Yeah, back to that peace. Back to that ummah. Back to that civilization. Not forward to this barbarism.

ottoman sultan1

So there’s no more sword. The sword it is sheathed. It’s not taken out. That’s what Hazreti Umar used to do. Before he give the khutba, he used to take out his sword and he said, ‘you better listen to me now.’ Who was he doing this to? Unbelievers? He was doing it to the Sahabis. Do you understand? Who was sitting there? Hazreti Usman was sitting there. Hazreti Ali was sitting there. Hazreti Abu Hurairah was sitting there, the Sahabis. He was saying, ‘you better listen to me.’ That is the Sultan that he is the sword of Allah and he’s a shadow of Allah. Then that time you can keep people, whenever there is  confusion, it can be stopped. Some confusion, it can be stopped. I’m not saying we are romanticizing fourteen, thirteen hundred years. No. There’s so many other things that happened that were wrong. They burned the Ka’aba. Yazid burned the Ka’aba. And the ibadis they took the Hajar Aswad and they ran, the extreme Shi’is.  Hajar Aswad was not there. But, there was always a Khalifah and there was always a Sultan. And Sheykh Maulana Hz and Sheykh Effendi, they have been talking about the Ottomans all their lives, how they are ruling Islam properly for six hundred years, giving everyone their rights, letting even the religious minorities to rule by their own laws. That so many of them, they have a choice, either if you do something wrong you can be ruled by the laws of say, Musa (as) or the laws of the Christian laws. So many of them, they say, we opt to go to the Shariat court because they understand that the Islamic law it is very merciful.

So why we start all this fighting? Because the Khilafat was removed. Then what happens? Then Muslims, instead of trying to bring the Khilafat back, they ally themselves with the tyrants, yes, who removed the Khilafat. That continues up till today.

(Question from Murid: But what about those people who take over Aleppo, they also say, ‘La ilaha illallah Muhammadur rasulullah’)

So what? So what? Yazid army they were slaughtering Hazreti Hussain and his family, Ahle Bayt. Can we understand? The grandchildren of the Prophet (asws). They were saying La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah. In fact they were saying to each other, ‘kill them quickly. Otherwise we are going to miss zuhr. So what? In fact, how many times we’ve heard this? There is a hadiths e-Qudsi, Allah swt is sending an angel to punish a city because it has transgressed its limits, because it has become zalim. And Allah swt is saying, ‘I have forbidden tyranny to Myself.’ Allah is saying, ‘I have made zulm to be a zalim haram to Me.’ Allah is saying. So zulm it is not for you. Allah was going to send punishment through His angel, on the city, saying, ‘they have passed their limits. Punish all of them.’ And the Angels is saying, ‘it is known to you Ya Rabbi, there is one man there and he is worshipping to You day and night. He’s a believer. He makes zikr, he makes namaz, he reads the Quran, he does everything.’ And Allah swt in His knowledge is saying, ‘for that one, punish him ten times more.’ Oh, why? Because he did not stand up for Haqq. Because he decided to just let the whole city do whatever that they want. They are his people. That one, meaning those ones who are given the authority to speak. Those ones who are given the authority to say what is Haqq and what is Batil, that authority is not given to everyone. But at least, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying what? You see something wrong correct it with your hands. If you cannot correct it with your hands, correct it with your tongue. If you cannot, correct it inside your heart with your heart but know that is the lowest level of faith. That is the lowest level of faith.

Nowadays we cannot even have any thinking in our heart about so many things that are wrong. You say, ‘gays they are wrong.’ You cannot think. ‘That is wrong, brother please don’t judge them.’ We are not judging.  He’s a good person, but the action it is wrong. So many other things, they say, ‘don’t judge.’ Meaning we cannot even think it now. So where is our faith?

So they are saying La ilaha ilallah Muhammadur Rasulullah. So what? That’s exactly what Hazreti Abu Bakar as-Siddiq did. That’s why we need to know our religion. Does this tie up with spirituality and everything? Everything, it ties up. Because this has to do with understanding what are the tricks and the traps of dajjal. This is a fitnah box, here (Sheykh shows a mobile phone) correct? How are we using this? That’s important to know. We have to understand where we are going to be, on which side. We have to understand which age we are living in. If we are preparing ourselves for the fitnah of dajjal, then we have to understand where is he. It is not something  that is simple. ‘Oh please, you keep talking about this, you are going to get us all paranoid.’ No. No one here is paranoid. No one here is always looking behind your shoulder. In fact they are looking inside. Because we already stay away from those things that confuse us. That’s why we are here. Correct or not? I mean  I live in Manhattan, I live in New York city for over ten years and half of that time I live in Harlem. And we know how difficult it is if we are living in that materialism, how difficult it is to hold our faith. You do something good, we feel something strong, you look wrong, everything finishes. Correct? You look here wrong, you think wrong, because everything is wrong. It’s different here. That’s why I said before, it’s more free here. At least, the spirit can breathe a little bit. You have to try hard to find, to see wrong things.  Over there, you cannot even look to the ground. They print cards, wrong pictures and they put it in the ground. So even if you don’t want to look anywhere, you just look to the ground, there’s wrong there too.

Hazreti Abu Bakar as-Siddiq, he was the one that was most merciful. Hadiths is saying. The most halim, that his own daughter, Hazreti Aisha is saying to the Prophet (asws), ‘do not make my father to become the imam. Because he’s too soft. He will recite and he will just cry, he will just cry. But he went to war. And when the Holy Prophet (asws), one of the last thing that he said was, ‘ continue with that battalion to the Byzantine to Rome. Don’t pull out.’ And when Prophet (asws) was veiled, the whole of Arabia, listen very carefully, the whole of Arabia they became murtad. They betrayed the Prophet (asws). They betrayed him. And they not only betrayed him, they were going to come to attack Mecca and Medina and to finish the Muslims. That Hazreti Umar was saying, ‘ ya Abu Bakr, we need the troops here for defense, otherwise these animals they are going to come to get us.’ And Hazreti Abu Bakar, the halim salim one turned to Hazreti Umar and he said, ‘Ya Umar, what happen, you became a women? Prophet says we have to keep going. We will.’ And what else did he do? You were saying, these people were saying, ‘La ilaha ilallah Muhammadur Rasulullah.’ There was one war that he went to. It wasn’t to unbelievers. It was to Muslims, that these days, SubhanaAllah you are going to see majority of Muslims saying, ‘brother, please don’t fight brother. Muslim and Muslim fighting is no good brother. We should talk it over. We should….’ Eh, they are going  to pronounce takfir on the Sahabi e-kiram if they understand what the Sahabi e-kiram went through, what they had to go through. He went to war with a group of Muslims and he said to his troops and he said, ‘today we are going to war against our own brothers. They say La ilaha ilallah. We say La ilaha ilallah. They pray five times a day, we pray five times a day. We give zakat, they give zakat,’ ah, zakat, that was the cause. Because that group of people, they say we are not going to give zakat. We do everything else but we are not going to give zakat to Hazreti Abu Bakar as-Siddiq. And hz Abu Bakar as-Siddiq is saying, ‘we are going to war with them. They look exactly like you, they pray like you, they fast like you, they go to the Hajj like you. When they are fighting, they are going to say Ya Allah!’ and he says, ‘but when we fight them, we are going to say, Ya Muhamamd.’

This is not a story. This is real. And the time that is going to come with Mahdi (as). Mahdi (as) is going to carry that Furqan, the Sahibul Furqan. That sword of separation, the  sword of truth that is going to separate. For what reason? Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘ if you are holding a new born child, when Mahdi (as) takes the Takbir, drop your child.’ Meaning whatever that we love, whatever that we are attached to, if it is going to be a hindrance between us and Mahdi (as), he says, drop it. If we are not learning it now, the time is going to come, where we are going to , because of our own, so much mercy that we have, “mercy” you know, not real mercy, we think that we are more mercy than Hz Abu Bakar Siddique, we think that we are more mercy than Hazreti Abu Bakar Siddique, more mercy than Holy Prophet (asws), more mercy than Allah, we are going to be amongst the tyrant because of that. And we are going to lose a lot. If we don’t know now, if we are not sure of what is right and what is wrong, that is one of the fitnah of dajjal, to say there’s no right and wrong, there’s no black and white. Everything is grey, everything is acceptable, everything is okay. It is not. This is not what our Sheykh are teaching. Do you understand?

So, so many groups they are all saying that. Doesn’t  matter. People can say. But those ones who are sincerely saying it, they are not going to do. They are going to say then they are going to do what they say.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
23 Rabiul Awwal 1438
December 23, 2016  
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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