Look through the eyes of your Master



If we think we are clean, that’s the problem. If you think you are smart, you are not going to learn anything. If you think you don’t know something, that’s the time you will know everything. Because more you know, more you are going to say, ‘I don’t know.’ More you become an expert in your own field, whether you are doing carpentry or you are a scientist, more you discover there’s so much more to know. Like our Sheykh used to say, everyone is an ignorant one. We are all jahil for the knowledge that we don’t know. You may know something, but the knowledge that you don’t know, that you are ignorant one.

What do we want? We want to know more? Then we must say, we don’t know. We are ignorant. We are all dirty. The problem is, when we think that we are clean, then we try to clean up other people without looking at ourselves, then we are trying to say, people are lower than us because we happen to do this and to do that, big problem comes. The ego  gets itself involve. How are you going to clean the heart? Yes, you make the zikr. More zikr that you do, you are going to clean the heart. But you got to know what is in the heart for you to get clean out from. The one who is looking into his heart and seeing, ‘I have this weakness, I do this bad habits,’ then that time when he makes the zikr of Allah, when he says astaghfirullah, when he calls the name of Allah, then he wants to get rid of that wrong characteristic, then that zikr becomes something. Don’t think you are coming to make zikr because we are all Saints, we are all Holy people, we make zikr, we are spiritual people. No. More you are seeing everyday these are the things that I have to improve on, more you are going to become better. But if you are awake today and you are in ghaflat and you don’t know why you are living for, you are not going to win anything.

A good businessman is the one who opens up his store and he says, ‘yesterday I made this much money, today I must make more. What are the things that is preventing me from making more, is all these things that I must look to it, I must improve it.’ In dunya, we are always thinking. We are never satisfied. Correct? We are working and we are thinking, and we are not satisfied. ‘Ah, if only I can have more. I can get a better job. More income. More…’ If we take only ten percent of that kind of care into our spirit, into our spirituality, we are going to gain so much more. The dunya will open, and the ahiret, definitely it’s going to open that time.

So, we want to clean ourselves. And the one who wants purity, to purify, he cleans himself but he is not waiting for people to say, ‘how clean you are.’ He is going to look with the eyes of a Master. You know there are so many different kinds of knives that people make, you open a knife catalog, oh so many different kinds of knives. How do you know which one is a good one and which one is just for show knife that you use it one time it’s going to break? You are going to do some research on it. And if you have Master of knives there, you are going to go to the master, you are going to know what his knives are, you are going to use that as an example, to look at the kind of knife that you want to buy. The situation is, you always have to look at the eyes of a master. Who is our master? The Holy Prophet (asws). He is our Master. We have to look through his eyes. We have to look through the eyes of his inheritors, those who came after him. That time, if we are looking, then we are going to say, we don’t care what the world says. If the world curse at you, it doesn’t matter. If the whole world praises you, it doesn’t matter. Because you are looking to yourself. You are looking to see, ‘I cleaned it.’ Everybody says, ‘wow, what a nice clean thing it is that you have done,’ but you are going to look through the eyes of your Master and you are going to see, ‘look there is still one spot here, one spot here, one thumb print here, one finger print there. I have to polish it.’ Maybe no one else is going to see it. It doesn’t matter. Because who sees it? Allah sees it. And Allah is not looking at our outward form. He is looking to our heart. He is not looking at how much that we are doing too. He is looking at how sincere that we are doing it. Are we doing it by force or are we doing it because we want to please Him. Because that time a small work that we are doing  will be more valuable than the huge work that we are doing not with sincerity.


May Allah make us to live with sincerity and to die with sincerity. Insya’Allah. This is very  difficult to find because these days, everyone is for show. And everyone is for showing. Whatever they do, they show. Whatever they do, they show. Correct or no? They buy food, before they eat, they take pictures and they show. It doesn’t matter, maybe that dish taste really bad, but it doesn’t matter. They show it to everyone, to show off to people. Whereas, in real Muslim culture, it is very bad manners to show other people what you are eating, isn’t it? Forget about showing what you are eating, if your neighbor smells what you are cooking, you are obligated to share your food. Muslims, we don’t wait till our neighbor smell the food, we share it anyway. Because with sharing, comes more barakat, comes more rewards.

Imagine now, people they are taking pictures of the food that they are eating and they are sending it to other people. Maybe that one is a starving one, maybe that one is a sick one, maybe that one is looking to eat that kind of food and he is not getting and he is crying, you know what, there are millions of people like that. Like those sheytans living in Aleppo, those ones who are really really suffering and starving in the month of Ramazan, those sheytan that are living on the other side of Aleppo will take picture of the food of their iftar and send to the starving children and starving people, and said, ‘ohh, look what we are eating. Why don’t you come and eat? We have so much food, we have kebab, we have pilaf, we have fish, we have everything,’ and those people they are dying. Who is doing this? Unbelievers? Muslims are doing it. Who is teaching that? Definitely not the Holy Prophet (asws) is teaching this. So this is coming from the ego. The same kind of stupidity, the same kind of ignorance, the same kind of evil, just like Yazid’s army who are telling each other, ‘quickly,  let us kill Hazreti Hussain, otherwise we are going to miss the Zuhr prayer.’ To kill the grandson of the Prophet (asws) is a huge sin, they are not looking at that, they are looking to the Zuhr prayer.

So everything is for show. Before they do anything, they are going to take pictures, showing to people, so that people will have, one way or another, envy in their heart. They are only showing the best pictures of themselves. If an alien were to come to this world and he just check Facebook, he is going to say, ‘what a Paradise this world is! Everyone is smiling. Nice food. Best time, best friends, great times. Every time you see pictures say, Great times! Must be a Paradise.’ But it is worse than a hell in this world that we have made for ourselves. So we are not those people who are doing things for show. In fact, in Islam we are saying, don’t do anything for show. If you do something for show, then the blessings is taken away from you. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘even if you do something good, what your right hand does, your left hand must not know.’ Because once you do it just to show off, it’s already corrupted there. But we have fallen into the tricks and the traps of the unbelievers. They are doing everything, it’s for show. Fund raising, Muslims never thinking twice about fund raising anymore. That is against to the Sunnah. ‘Why not? Jews and Christians they are doing, Muslims must do fund raising too.’ That is not the way. And now they are fund raising, Imam before he begins the khutba, he is going to talk about money. During the khutba he talks about money, after the Jumma khutba he is going to talk about money. ‘Put, put in the box. We have to do this. We have to do that.’ Finish. Following their tradition, because they see, ‘okay one thousand people coming, if everyone gives fifty dollars, how many we are getting? Fifty thousand. If everyone gives ten dollars, it’s going to be ten thousand people coming.’ So they say, ‘but they are not going to put the money in the box. So, we are going to take the box and pass it through them during the khutba time.’  Instead of listening to the khutba, they are passing a box to put money in. There is no honor anymore. And so many people, they cannot afford it. But because people are passing, and this one is putting twenty, this putting a hundred, he is feeling now shame and shy. Now he is going to put something there and it is becoming very ashamed for him, but his heart is broken. Because he is forced to do it. Do you think Allah like it?

Whose tradition is this? It’s not Islamic tradition. It’s a Christian tradition. So we should not look at Islam in Sunnah only to go up and down five times a day, we should not look at Sunnah just by what you are wearing. We should go and look at Sunnah by the manners and the behavior that we have as Muslims. And this behavior that we have, was cultivated for one thousand four hundred years. We should not just lose it just  like that. It is in everyone’s memory. We should remember, Insya’Allah. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
2 Rabiul Ahir 1438
December 30, 2016 
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)



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