Look To Fix Your Weaknesses



None of us here we are we being tested. Don’t think that things that happened to us, heavy things that happened to us sometimes, we are being tested. What are we being tested with? Hunger? That is the first test of the ego isn’t it? Which one of us we are hungry because we don’t have food. We are tested with what? Allah is saying, we are going to test you. We are tested with what? With our children? We are being tested with our wealth? We have everything that we need, everything that we want here on top of the mountain. Why Allah is going to test His creatures that are so weak and so foolish and so helpless? It’s like the minister of education is testing the kindergarten kid. Get your mind away from this first. It is not a test.

Why do things happen to us that we think that they are bad, that we know that they are bad? Allah swt has already given us the answer. Where is it coming from, Allah? It is coming from our nafs. What is Sheykh Effendi teaching us all these years to watch out for? Allah’s test? Is he warning us about Allah’s test and making us to study for Allah’s test, to prepare for Allah’s test? He is making us to understand our ego and not to be fooled by our ego. Especially in the last few years of Sheykh Effendi’s life here, he is concentrating, on what? So many wrong things, bad things, happen to us because of what? Don’t say, ‘because I’m doing the wrong things,’ also because Sheykh Effendi, alhamdulillah, he has said everyone’s intention here is good. So we don’t intend to do something that is bad. Maybe, because we feel that we are praying, we are making zikr, we are coming for sohbet, like this or like that, then something happens that we don’t like, maybe we feel like we are being tested. Who is saying this? Sheykh Effendi was concentrating on what, especially in the last few years? Ghaflat. Ghaflat.

Ghaflat has nothing to do with intention too. Ghaflat is being heedless. Ghaflat will take faith away from us. Ghaflat will bring us to Jahannam when we are meant for Jannat. When does a man reach to the station of ghaflat? When he stops being careful. When does a man become careless? When he becomes what? Confident. When he is not living in this world, as we are in Tarikat, we’re not living among friends. I’m talking about this whole world. We’re not living amongst Awliya. I know so many, in this way maybe,  they’re thinking they’re Awliya because they enter into Tarikat. We’re living amongst enemies. This dunya is an enemy. Our desires inside of us, don’t think you know what your desires are. It changes too, every moment. Every day it changes. You think you’ve come to a certain station just because you do so many things? There is a desire in that too. Who is going to tell you what it is? Who is going to warn you? You are going to warn yourself? In this way, you start doing that, sheytan will interfere. Sheytan is going to be your Sheykh, because you’re starting to administer yourself, starting to become a doctor to yourself. ‘Oh, I read Sheykh Effendi‘s sohbets. I look at his YouTube videos.’ Eh, look at YouTube videos and cut out your own heart. See if that’s going to happen to you.

So what is this ghaflat? This ghaflat is thinking always you are right and everyone is wrong, being confident. This is the way of spirituality. We’re not talking about people outside, we’re not talking about people who are not taking bayat. This is the way of breaking your heart, yes. This is the way of hardship, yes. This is the way that the poets from Hz Rumi to Saadi Shiraz to all the other ones that when they speak about people who enter into this way and they die and they bleed and they suffer. This is the way. Walking in this world as if it is a minefield. I said this last week. Not physically walking. Now, you’re living your life, you have a job, you have a family, you have responsibilities, it is included now, in this. It is a minefield. You are going to watch yourself. Because like you said, sometimes so many things it happens back-to-back, and you lose your temper. Okay, you say astaghfilrullah, you lose your temper that time. But do you know why you lost your temper? What is the reason? Do you understand why things are happening back-to-back to you? Okay, you’re saying, ‘I don’t understand, I know, I’m trying to see it is coming from my ego, but I don’t understand.’ No need for you to understand then. Get up and finish your work. Why you have to understand everything? Do you understand how air is entering into our body and circling around everywhere and coming out? We’re doing that 24 hours, breathing in and breathing out. You think for nothing Sheykh Effendi is saying, ‘if Allah is not giving the permission, air is not going to enter, we cannot breathe in, we die. If Allah is not giving permission, we cannot breathe out and we die,’? When is the permission given? When? Do we ever think?

So where it’s saying that you enter into this way, every question you have, everything you must understand before you do? Things are happening back-to-back. You really cannot see that it’s from your ego. You really cannot see that it is because of your ghaflat, because of your carelessness, because of your heedlessness things are happening to you? Or you cannot see that, maybe as Allah swt is saying, things that you dislike that is happening to you, there is good in that, things that you like, maybe there is bad in that. You’re looking at everything, you’re not understanding. No need to understand. Back off. Do your work. What is the work that we are doing anyway? Normal, regular, average, small work we are doing. Do you understand?

Wanting to understand everything and to figure out everything, that is also coming from the ego. Sameena wa ata’na, whatever happened to that, we hear and we obey? This is not the words of the Prophet (asws), but this is Ayatul Kerim. Allah is saying what are the characteristics of a believer, ‘we hear and we obey.’ We hear, we understand and we obey. Sometimes you don’t understand, just hear. Understanding is going to come later too. Why you have to understand everything? All you know is, ‘ah, maybe I had a very bad week, I don’t understand. I believe, Allah swt is saying everything bad is coming from me. Let me just be simple like that.’ So many of us we are so simple in our work, with our daily lives, but we are so complicated with Allah. SubhanaAllah.  What is this? Allah likes complicated servants?

Just say, ‘astaghfirullah. I’m asking Ya Rabbi for me to understand, to do this work better, to become a better servant. If it is not for me, don’t make me to understand.’ Once you get into this attitude, so many things bothering you, it will not stick. Maybe it bothers you but it will not stick. So many issues that you think that you have to know, it’s not that important to you because now you are starting to know yourself, what is your goal what is your aim, what is it that you are trying to do today. Like I said yesterday, never forget we are here to worship. Everything else that we are doing, it means nothing. We are here to worship. Everything else that we are doing, it is to fill up the time. If Angel of death comes and take our life right now, he is not going to ask, ‘what did you do to your patients, huh doctor?’ He is not going to ask, ‘did you feed your child today or not?’ He is not going to ask, ‘who did you fight with today? He is going to ask, ‘who is your Lord?’ Huh, now your Lord, who is that One? What is that One? What is our Lord? If we are busy with Allah, our heart is going to speak when Angel of Death ask, because we are being busy about Allah, we are always asking, we are always speaking, we are always worshiping and remembering. Then the heart is going to say because you put Allah in your heart. You are busy with that.


We cannot say that we are busy with Allah. We are busy with dunya. We are busy with each other. We are busy with jealousy and hatred. These days, we are busy with politics, twenty-four hours. Do you think Allah is going to ask, ‘ah, what is going to happen to you, what happened to you in this time, why didn’t you go up in front of Trump and say something to him?’ Yeah, when you move carefully you are going to discover there are a lot of minefields around there. When you don’t move carefully, you are just going to run. Like they say what? Fools rush in where Angels they fear to tread. Are we being careful? Are we being careful today if our life is acceptable to Allah SWT? Are we being careful today, to say, ‘today I spent more time thinking about my Lord than thinking about what to eat.’? The donkey remembers our Lord 30 000 times a day. Say, anyone of us, we make 30 000 times, thinking about our Lord?

Now, knowing all these things, you think all the other earlier questions now it’s going to matter so much too. No. And when it comes maybe it’s going to hold you  a little bit but you are going to remember what the sohbet, and you are going to say, ‘look, it really doesn’t matter.’ Pull back. Once you start doing that, because the problem that is coming, that we make to ourselves, it’s not that big too. We are just making it to be big. When we clear up everything, ‘eh, it’s that? That’s it? All this fighting in the world, what is this for? Piece of bread.’ Then you are going to understand the power of your spirit. That time you understand now how Allah is sending Rahmat to you, not to be caught up, not to live your life that is worshiping to other lords except for your Lord.

We are here to worship. Whole world can be burning. We are here to worship. That is the most important thing. And we must ask ourselves everyday, ‘ what did I do for my Lord today? Did I worship Him? Did I remember Him?’ We are all following Sheykhs, then we must make that connection. May Allah keep our connection strong. Look to see what is weak and fix it. Don’t look to see what is strong. Look to see what is weak, and fix it. That time, it will be strong. If you are looking only at the strength that you have, the weakness is going to get you from behind and it’s going to cut off everything. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
28 Rabi al-Ahir 1438
January 26, 2017

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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