Allah has given us enough power to rule


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Every difficulty should make us to become clearer. Every difficulty should make us to become more higher in faith. Not every difficulty is going to make us to become weaker and weaker. This is a believer. As Allah is saying, swearing, after every difficulty there is going to be ease. So, we are asking now for strength.

You go through some difficulty, if you are not taking lesson from it, if you are not looking at that difficulty according to the eye of the friends of Allah, the eyes of belief, according to the way Holy Prophet (asws) is guiding us, then we are going to look at that difficulty just according to the eyes of dunya and our ego. And for the ego, like what Sheykh Effendi is saying, if it has no difficulty, it will start fighting with its own self, fighting with the clothes that it’s wearing. Understand? So going through every difficulty, it is going to give you more strength. Ease will come after that.

The believer, he cannot, Sheykh Effendi has said so many times, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, believer’s today must be better than yesterday, tomorrow has to be better than today. The believer cannot repeat the same things, cannot enter into the same hole again and again. It doesn’t mean that the believer enters one time, he’s not going to enter again. We go up and down definitely but we must come to a time when we finish, when we are going to make some progress from there, some wrong actions, some wrong thinking. We said, ‘oh we cannot, it is a habit.’ It is a habit of the ego. It is not a habit of the spirit. So which one are we trying to follow? If we are going to understand the habits of the spirit, then we must have that guide, we must have the Prophet (asws) in front of us, to be leading us. Otherwise, we are going to be lost. Like what the khutba is saying, people are just grappling in dark, not knowing. And this is one of the signs of the ahir Zaman. The one who kills and the one who gets killed, they don’t know for what reason, that Sheykh Maulana had said, this is the time of dark darkness, you don’t know who is a friend, and you don’t know who is an enemy anymore. And definitely, this is one of those time that the difficulty that the ummat is facing, it is not as great as the difficulty that this ummat faced in the first jahilliyah. It is not that great. It is not the same, or in fourteen hundred years, the challenges that the ummat faced. It’s not.  The darkness and the confusion, that is greater, not that the test that Allah swt is putting this ummat to go through. If you understand a little bit of what the ummat went through during the earlier times, and how they survived from it, complete massacre of whole cities. I’m not talking about half city here, city here but capitals of Islam, completely finished. And Allah is continuing to favor this ummat now, giving it so much.

We have resources. We can’t say that we don’t have enough resources that whatever challenges that we are facing, that we are not able to solve the problems. We have so many problems, we have so many leaders, we have so much education, we have so much money, but the confusion that is happening in this time, it is unprecedented. It has never happened before. Not fourteen hundred years, not seven thousand years, the confusion that is happening. And so much of the confusion, no one can say Allah is the one, astaghfirullah, who is making it to happen. We are not those ones that when something good happened, to say, ‘I deserve it’ something bad happened we shake our fist at Allah and say, ‘why do you let it to happen?’ That is a very low level kind of religion. Low level kind of spirituality. The kind that the relationship to Allah is still, ‘oh you are big daddy. Whatever I ask, you have to give to me.’

Allah swt has created us as His Khalifas, saying, ‘now you have everything. You have the whole world around you and you have the whole world inside of you. I have given you intelligence that I grant from Myself. I have given you everything that I grant from Myself,’ don’t think that because we speak, and one of Allah’s name His attributes is the One who speaks, it’s the same, Allah hears and the way we hear, it’s the same. But every attribute that we have, it is just like one ray of light, an echo, a drop in that. And Allah is saying, I have given you everything. Now you are a Khalifah. Now stand up and rule. Rule. You have to rule this world, first you have to rule your ego, you have to rule your nafs. And every Prophet came to teach the ummat how to rule themselves. Not to fall to become a victim to this dunya, to their desires or to sheytan. Definitely not to the ego.

So when you look at it, this whole world, it’s about rulership. Because we are being created to rule. But first, you have to learn how to rule yourself. Then you can apply the same thing to ruling anything else that is in existence. It’s very easy that time. But we decide not to be understanding what that Khilafat is.  Because we are being created to be Khalifah, the representative of Allah. Understand that. We are not also from those religion or those teachings that say, ‘oh, only one particular race is going to represent Allah. The rest they are garbage. The rest, they are animal.’ No, we are not those. Islam is saying, we have sent Messengers to every nation. Every nation in the face of this world had a messenger. Meaning every nation in this world, they had Divine guidance. And now, the whole race of this world, everyone, black, white, green, yellow, we all belong to one nation. We are not divided.  One ummat,  Ummati Muhammad (asws). And everyone is given the same opportunity to reach to Allah. Alhamdulillah.

So ruling yourself, you have to learn how to do that. And once we are able to rule ourselves, we will understand more the Greatness of Allah swt. Now, no one is ruling. They let their ego and their desires, their dunya and sheytan to rule them. That’s why there is confusion everywhere. In the old days, people feel shame to do wrong things. Now, people are shame to do right things, saying, ‘this kind of things is on all Holy Books, but we cannot say it. I feel ashamed and shy to say it. Because society is saying completely otherwise.’ He is saying all these shy and shameful act it is permitted.

So today is the last jumma of  Rabiul ahir. We are going to enter into Jumadil Awwal, Insya’Allah. we are talking  about Khilafat. Because today is the day that the Ottoman Empire was established, the Khilafat was established. And we are remembering, we are asking Allah to bless all those ones in that Empire, to bless all the Sultan, to bless everyone who is supporting them, to bless all the Alims and the Ulamas and the Evliya Allah that is in that Empire, and we are asking them through the Medet of our Sheykh, we are asking them for their support, to put their feet on our neck, Insya’Allah, to make us to continue what they have set up underground, that we are not those ones who have deviated. We are those ones who are completely following, as much as we can, knowing that we are weak ones, but remembering them, and continuing that.

May Allah bless them, may Allah bless you, may Allah forgive me Insya’Allah, for the sake of our Sheykh, may Allah raise his station higher and higher, al-Fatiha. Amin. Tamam. This much is enough. Understand one thing, if you want one thing that you can take away from this, Allah has given us enough power to rule. We must rule. We cannot be tricked by this world, we cannot be tricked by our ego, to just live the life of animals, worse than animals, unthinking people, unfeeling people. We must learn that. Insya’Allah, that time, we will come closer to Allah. SelamAleykum Warahmatullahi wabarakatu. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
29 Rabi al-Ahir 1438
January 27, 2017

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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