10th of Muharram –Remember The Ones who Came Before


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Medet Ya Sayyidi Sultan Awliya, Medet. We are asking help and support from our Sheykh, Sahibul Maqam, to make us to speak something that it will benefit us. Not just to speak for the sake of speaking. I never want to do that, and I’m running away from shows. No show. Live. This is real. First thing, the man has to know is that he’s living in the real world. It’s temporary but it’s real.

Wake up and get up from that heedless station. Men, women, young, old. Whatever the expectation from this world that you are expecting and running after, it’s about to finish. Whatever is necessary for you and it is needed for you, Allah swt has prepared it. If a man wants peace in this world and when he’s finding that peace in this world, to take that peace with him to the grave and to hereafter, he must run, of course in the old days, people they said, ‘mankind, man’ everyone understands this is addressing to me, to everyone who is listening, men and women. New generation, innovation, feminism, communism, kemalism, all this ‘isms’ bring people to a heedless station. You are speaking and they are sitting and they are thinking, ‘this is not for me.’

This words that I’m saying now is for me and for you and to everyone who’s listening, who’s going to listen. Males and females, doesn’t matter if I say, ‘man.’ That’s what Allah is addressing. ‘Mankind. Insan.’ We are addressing to everyone. Don’t think, ‘oh! I am not in this. I am separated from this.’ That time, you already became Firaun. The Firaun they are thinking that they are separated. A special order is going to come to them. A special order came to whole mankind, to special Prophets. Prophets came to tell man how to live in this world. How to prepare himself to go out from this world. The Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad (asws), the most beloved one in Divine Presence, Allah swt,was sent last. It’s another favor for whole mankind, saying, ‘hold on to that one.If you are holding on to that one tightly, you are finding peace in the world, you are finding safety in the world, you will be learning how to live in this world, you will be able to take that peace with you to the grave and to go here. Otherwise, no peace in dunya. If you didn’t find the peace in dunya, how are you going to find it in the grave? You must bring it with you there. Whatever you sent to the grave, that’s what you are going to find.

Peace missions everywhere. People are running saying, ‘we are making peace.’ What? ‘Giving water. And giving bread.’ That’s only one little peace, work, that you have to do, that Allah has given to you. That doesn’t bring peace. From Prime Minister to President, everyone is running to find peace saying, ‘we must have peace. In order to have peace, we must get rid of this one. We must get rid of that one. Get rid of this one, get rid of the whole world.’ Get rid of your Ego! That time you will find peace. Get the control of your ego in your hand. That time you’ll find peace. You will not be serving your ego, you will be serving the Lord that has created you, Heaven and the Earth. That time, the peace will be sent to you. It is not in the hand of the man that is going to give to you. No. The peace will be sent to you to your heart. It’s coming that time. If you are not running to do the orders of Allah and His Prophet, not you are with the Holy people, if you are sitting with the Prophet, you are not going to find peace.

This is what had happened. Every time when one Prophet came to mankind, they became disobedient to them, they rise against to them. What did he say to them? He said to them, ‘leave your ego, turn your way to the Heaven.’ No Prophet said to the people, ‘come on,’ giving invitation to enter to a hell and everyone to start attacking that one. They said to them, ‘we are giving invitation to enter to Paradise. Come. In order to enter to Paradise, you have to do this and this and that. If you don’t do these orders, you are not entering to Paradise.’ It didn’t fit to their ego. They didn’t want to get rid of it, the wrong characteristics that they have learnt or they have been brought up with. So they became disobedient to the Prophet. And that disobedience, knowing that the Seals of the Prophet is going to come, the last Prophet, no more prophet coming to the earth, it made them to be disobedient to that Prophet too. And it’s finished. All those who were disobedient to that one is finished. No safety. No safety in dunya, no safety in ahirat. Not if you are ruling America, you can rule the whole world, no safety, no peace.

Firaun have ruled the world once. There was no peace to him. Namrud ruled the world once, there was no peace to him. There was no peace that time, there is no peace now. Where they are buried, no peace to them.So that, it is in our hand now. Allah swt grant that permission to us. Check yourself. Look. Don’t get fool.Don’t get dizzy by what other people is saying to you. Look at yourself. Understand who you are, what you are. Don’t look to a mirror, in Turkish they say, ‘looking at a mirror, looking at yourself, thinking that you are the only one in this creation.’ No. we are only just one from this six billion people, and your value doesn’t come to you, you have no value with your shape, you have no value with your clothes, you have no value with your worldly titles. You have no value. That doesn’t give you any value because you are coming from this and from that. The value comes to you with your faith and how much you are running after that faith, and how strong you are holding that faith. That time, you will become valuable. You will become valuable to your Lord Allah swt. If you are valuable to that One, doesn’t matter anything else around that time. This is what we have to wake up and wake our own self up from that heedless station. The mankind has fallen into that heedless station. More they are falling into that heedless station, more they are fighting with each other, eating each other, not accepting, no one is accepting anything. Same thing they did it in the Prophet’s time again.

What is it that we are running after? That’s what we have to do and that’s what we have to understand, that’s what we have to know. What is it that we are running after? Are we running after this dunya? Or we are running after Mawla? Are we running after Allah and hereafter life? Or we are running after this world? If you are running after this world or not, you are living in it. The favors of the world is going to reach to you even if you don’t want it. Even if you run away, it’s going to reach to you. Whatever Allah has provided for you, it’s going to come to you. But the other side is saying, ‘it is not coming, you are going to earn it in this world.’

So we are gather here together for one reason, for the sake of Allah. Something brought us here together today. What is it that brought us today? Ashura. 10th Muharram. Holy day.


Holy days, Holy nights. What happened during these days? This is what we have to understand. That’s what I’ve been asking. People they are not understanding, and I’ve been sitting and thinking and trying to understand, ‘why people are going back to heedlessness all the time?’ And only thing I’m finding all the time is ego that is standing on the way. Nothing else. So many times, people they know the importance of that day. But they are not understanding the value that they have. So this is what we have to understand. This is what we have to sit and to think to understand the grant that has came to us from our Lord Allah swt.

In the 10th Muharram, it is something very big for whole mankind and as we speak before, from Adam (as), Allah has accepted his asking of forgiveness on that day. So the mercy is reaching to the mankind during that day. 10th Muharram is second time when mankind turned around and became disobedient to their Prophet again. Then Allah swt has ordered to His prophet, ‘build the ship.’ And he build the ship. No magic happened around that Prophet. Don’t think that the ship was built in a magic way. No. He used his hands, he used hammers, he used nails, he cut woods, he carried woods, day and night work, put the ship together, for what? For himself? Not for himself. He put the ship together for the mankind saying, ‘You just received the anger of Allah swt. You became disobedient and continuously became disobedient. And now you just received it. You are going to be punished through the flood. At least come and help me to build the ship that you will enter inside. Allah created reasons inside reasons. Allah is creating reasons to forgive His nations.’ They became more disobedient. They let the old Prophet to work by himself with a couple of people around to build that ship. Then they came attacking in every way again. What happened?

Last call saying to them, ‘enter to the ship because the flood is coming.You are not seeing but it is coming. I am that one that Allah swt is giving me order and is saying it is going to come. Enter.’

They said, ‘you lost your mind! Don’t you see how beautiful, nice sunshine today is. Flood is going to come? You’ve completely lost your mind.’ Instantly everything started changing. He is crying to his own son saying, ‘My son, enter to the ship for safety.’ When he went couple of times saying, insisting on his son, order coming to him, ‘Leave him!’ Allah’s order is reaching. Be careful. We must be careful. Every one of us. He is watching us now.Saying to him, ‘Leave him! He is your son, I am the one who has created him. He is not from your family. Leave him.’ And he is a Prophet, one of the holiest Prophet. One of the biggest Prophet. ‘Astarghfirullah Ya Rabbi.’ He pulled himself out saying, ‘this much I can say.’ He pulled himself out, and that nation perished. Think on it some other time what is the meaning of being perished, not now.

Then Allah swt mercy reached to those people, those who were obedient to their Prophet and those who were disobedient but at the last minute they entered to that ship. Safety. Their safety, Allah is teaching lesson to us. He could have just moved them out from the earth, standing in the air, and everything falling into the flood, or putting veil around them, finish, nothing touching them. He’s teaching us the cause and effect and He is teaching us that you have to do this and you have to do that. You have to work on it, you have to put things together. And that Prophet did. He put the ship, now the mercy. He put the ship, everything is flooded. The ship was in the water. There is no place to land. Everywhere is water. Isn’t it mercy coming from Allah again? That the water disappearing and the land appearing. Another mercy reaching. What will happen to them if they stand on that sea forever?

Setting down to the ship, another mercy coming, reaching. Mankind coming out from there, multiplying, becoming generation again, turning their way again, becoming disobedient to Allah and to His Prophet again.Then Allah is continuing sending Prophets, reminding. He’s sending Musa (as), Ibrahim (as), all other Prophets and finally sending them Isa (as). Every time Prophet is coming, they were insisting with those Prophets saying, ‘we’ve got to change this thing. This doesn’t fit to our belief. We must change it like that.’ The Prophets were saying, ‘No. These are the orders coming from your Lord. You cannot change nothing. You have to live according to this.’ Those who wanted to change, as today’s Muslims who are running, saying, ‘we have to moderate Islam.’ Moderating Islam huh? Moderating Islam is moderating Islam like Christianity, making another version of Christianity. Cutting and chopping off everything from every side, according to your ego. Anyone who wants to do that, welcome. Try, to see how far you are going to go. This world swallow millions and billions of scholars too. It will swallow you and me too. So, if it fits to them, they run. If it didn’t fit, they left again. Then the Prophets they left from this world. Isa (as) left. Now insisting, they are insisting, ‘we are not accepting the other Prophet because now we fixed this religion according to the way we want.’ And they say, ‘Christianity is the religion of peace. We are giving peace.’ Eh, peace? Where is that? Show that peace, where? Everyone is suffering. The rabbis is suffering, the priests they are suffering, all those Imams they are suffering. They are running after the foolishness, they are suffering. They are going to suffer unless they turn their way back to Allah and His Prophet. There’s no other way.

So now, we know that. At least we understand that, we are talking about it. What we are doing on it? Are we entering to that ship? Or we are saying, ‘oh, it’s okay, the ship is there but I’m going to come when I want.’ Allah and His Prophet is ordering to us, ‘enter to the ship of Islam. Enter. Enter to the ship of Islam.’ Meaning, live according to the rules and the laws of Islam. Leave everything else to the side.

So many people came right after the prophet. And so many incidents happened, so much mercy is in it and right after the Prophet, one big incident happened that yes, whatever mankind is calling himself, Shi’ite, Sunni, whatever they are calling, they all agree on this day, 10th Muharram. Yes, they are not separating on it. The only thing that they are separating is that they start hating each other more. Nothing else. It’s not for you and for me to hate. It’s for you and for me to understand what those people they went through and why they went through. That’s what we have to understand. And it’s another secret, subhanaAllah, coming with so much heaviness this 10th Muharram also, that this 10th Muharram is fitting to the day that Ali (ra), on the 28th January also he has become martyred, 28th January. Some books they said 24th but that might be the day that they attacked him and he passed away on the 28th. That’s what is coming to my heart. But, it doesn’t change the reality, one day early or one day later. During these days, these people that they are the role models, they live correct Islam, they hold on Islam very tightly, they didn’t bother anyone, they give light to whole mankind, in the end, they give their lives. They give their lives.Why they did that? And if it is for us now, what we will do?

wake up flood of nuh

You will know what you will do. You know what you will do. Don’t fool yourself. As I was saying in the beginning, wake up to yourself to the real world. You are living real now. And wake up and to say, ‘If I were in that situation, what will I do?’ If you are in this heedless station, definitely, you will run away. Like 4000 people, overnight they were sitting with Hazreti Hussain and next day, they know that for sure they are going to attack them and they all left. Up till that day they said, that minute they said, ‘we will die for you.’ And Hazreti Hussain looked at them, he said to them that night, ‘tomorrow, it’s coming to me, that it’s real. Most of you are here because you love me but you are not ready to sacrifice your life in the way that we are doing. But you are feeling shame of thinking that how it’s going to count if you leave now. So when that night time is setting, use that darkness and go away if your heart is not a hundred percent. Because tomorrow is the day.’ And that’s what happened. And all those they stood and said, ‘No. we don’t leave you Ya Hussain.’ But when morning comes, they looked around, there’s only seventy, eighty people there left and most of them, they were his children and his grandchildren.

Yes. Why did he sacrifice his life? Why did they sacrifice? For what they sacrifice their life to? They could have just stand there and go along with a couple of things what Muawiya was saying and just live in comfortable lifestyle. But Hazreti Hussain said, ‘No. I am a role model. I will not live with the tyrant. You are the ruler of Islam, you have the ruling. I will not live with you then. I go out from this mess. Because you are not living according to Islam and I am not going to live under your ruling.’ And all those who invited him, we know the history, if you don’t know go check later. That’s the problem, Muslims today they don’t know their history. They don’t understand anything about it. They just sit and look, like the sheep they are looking to the shepherd that is playing the flute and going away. Not understanding. Understand why it happened and what happened and why this people they stood up knowing until last minute that they are going to be taken away from this world and they didn’t give up.Why?

This is what we have to understand. And when we are understanding that, that time we have to sit down, those days, we have to sit down, the memory, remembering them, we have to put ourselves into that situation. Not just say, ‘oh…I love them.’ Huh! love? What is love? It became game now. Everyone is saying, ‘I love you. You don’t love me?’ What is the love understanding now. Hmm?

Mankind lost their direction. We must come back to our own self because there is something very heavy about to happen. Very, very heavy. When Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, “I ask Allah swt not to punish my nation as He did with the flood that He had punished the nation of Nuh (as). He promised me that He will not punish my nation through the flood. But He said to me, ‘Ya Muhammad, your nations in the last days, they are going to invent a fire and they are going to punish each other with that fire. That is going to be the flood of fire and billions of people is going to sink into that fire.’”

That fire is going to swallow them and it’s almost about to happen, those days. As Nuh (as) was screaming and crying for their nation, saying to them, ‘enter to this ship. This ship is the safety, there is no other safety,’ that’s what we are saying to the mankind. Enter to the ship. Only way for safety is holding on tightly to your faith. And holding on tightly to your faith is not to say, ‘ I know.’ It is to live according to that faith. And it’s about time to start getting rid of the wrong habits, the wrong understandings, wrong learning, wrong teachings and wrong brought up. And to look and to understand in every situation you are entering, to look, to understand to say, ‘how I will do this if the Prophet is with me or if my Sheykh is with me, how I will live?’ That time, you will find the answer. Otherwise, we may sit now again until Judgement day and speaking. If we are not taking the words to apply to our lives, then more problem every single day, more heaviness is coming to mankind. All those who is hearing, and they are not taking anything, any actions according to that, then more troubles is coming to them, because the more you know, more you are responsible.

So insyaAllah ar-Rahman, we are here tonight to make the Maulid. Maulid, remembering, reading, sending blessings, sending greetings, sending Salawats, sending Fatihas, sending Qurans to the spirit of those people who passed away in the way of Islam, all martyrs. And tonight as we say earlier, that is fitting to Hazreti Ali (ra) passed away from this world. But also, my grandfather passed during this day, and (we are) meditating little bit on it. They didn’t do nothing, those people, wrong too. Their own wrong things that they did to themselves and their Lord is to them not to us. But, they were not going making demonstrations, as people thinking, running in the streets. No. They knew that certain things happening in Cyprus that it’s affecting and it’s closing the doors and the roads, everything, for Islam. The British is forcing, and they just decided to take the flags of Islam in the Turkish land and to stand in the center of the city for them to understand, ‘Yes, there are people living here and they are here, there are accepting this,’ and as British, they are always using their cruelty as they did in the sub-continent countries, when they see them gathering from everywhere, they started giving announcement to separate. They didn’t, and the British started shooting randomly, just like that. And the bullets reached to one of the lady, Sherife Hanim. I don’t know them, I didn’t see them. I was just four month old, maybe, and it (the bullet) reached to my grandfather and they started falling. The British started rolling the tanks, throwing tear gas and everything, to separate people. So during that situation, people they were trying to take the wounded away, and the news that I heard from my father was that my grandfather was wounded. Both of them, they were wounded. They both fell into the same area, my grandfather and Sherife Hanim, so the tank came and rolled on them, crushing their bodies.

All these people, they did all these, just because of one thing, saying to, ‘we are holding on tightly to our faith.’ And because they stand that strongly, they give their lives, Islam reached to us today. So how much are we supposed to be appreciating that? And how much are we supposed to be understanding the value? They give their lives, they give their wealth, they give their health, they give everything that they had. Everything they have, they give. And last, what is most beloved to a man? His life. They give their life. Where are we?

Osmanli Dergahi flag

Yes, we must sit and we must think. It is easy for us to say, ‘we are Ottomans.’ We are not living like Ottomans too. We must run, we must hold on tightly. Every single day, we must force ourselves little bit more, little bit more. Don’t worry. More you are forcing yourself, you are not getting more weaker, you are just getting more stronger. More you are forcing, Allah swt sending more energy, more power to you. If you are taking this, blessings to you and to all those. If not, as you like. Blessings to you and to me and to everyone and all those ones, that they sacrifice their life and all those, that they are right now in some part, some way, some parts of this world, that they are ready to sacrifice their life. Some of them, they have got fooled by some wrong idea people, but they are still sincere in the way of their faith, so we are praying for them too that Allah swt sent the Sahibul Zaman, Mahdi (as), insyaAllah ar-Rahman, that we will hold on tightly to him and to come to safety. Amin, Amin, Amin. Ahamdulillahir Rabil Alamin. Al-Fateha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
10 Muharram 1428
January 28, 2007

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