A Right Way To Follow In The Path Of Knowledge


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Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel. Tariqatuna Sohbet wa Khayru fil Jamiat. Our Tarikat, our way it is based on association. We are in the association of the Holy Prophet (asws), the Sahabi e-Kiram and the inheritors of the Prophet, the Evliyaullah. We are in the association of our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani, and asking him to send us something that we will take benefit from. Not just any knowledge, but knowledge that is going to help us, to bring us light that is going to take us out from this darkness and the confusion that we are in

There are billions and billions and billions of knowledge out there in these days, majority of them bring you more into that confusion. To come out from that confusion, to know what is knowledge that brings you out from that confusion, that is ma’rifat in these days. Like somebody once is saying, ‘Knowledge, it is to know what is useful for you. Everything else it is not useful for you, that is also knowledge.’ So knowledge is to know what is not useful for you. We are not trained to think that way. We used to be. When there is a separation of Haqq and batil, separation of right lifestyle and wrong lifestyle, it is easy to see what is concern us, what doesn’t concern us. With this ahir Zaman and the fitna of dajjal, the fitna and the confusions, everything seems to be important. Everything seems to be the same, everything seems to be equal and we are free to take all these things and we have to take all these things, all knowledge becomes important. It is not.To know what is not important for you, that is knowledge enough. If you are training to become a doctor, the knowledge of a plumber is not useful for you. If you are plumber, the knowledge of a doctor is not useful for you. Now here, we are are looking at your profession. I’m not looking at whether it’s interest or passion or whether you can fix the plumbing in your house or whether your child is sick and you are a plumber and you know what medicine to give. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about your mission, your profession.

Here, in Tarikat, we have a mission. Our mission is not general. Our mission is very specific. It is to identify what is the wrong knowledge, to help us to bring us to Mawla, and what is the right knowledge to bring us to Mawla. Because, Rabbana wa Ilaikal Masir – this whole point is for our return to Allah. How we are going to return to Allah?

So you are saying, you are asking me a question (Sheykh speaks to a murid), why is it easy to concentrate on the knowledge of the dunya, or business of the dunya, or the actions of the dunya, the issues of the dunya and it’s difficult to concentrate on zikr and other things of worship. I say this is what it’s call Jihadul Akbar, the biggest jihad, jihad against yourself. Struggle, Jihad means to struggle. And the biggest struggle is the struggle against to your ego, against to your desires, against to sheytan. The other one is small, it’s lesser. This is greater. We are in the greater jihad : struggle against ourselves. If you find it easy, then you achieved to a certain level. If you don’t have any passion at all and it becomes so easy, then search a little bit more. Something is wrong with you. Because then it’s not a struggle anymore.

So, our work is very specific now, in this time. And this is also depending on the time and the place. What is our mission now in this time, in this place? It is for us to know ourselves, to know what are the veils that are in front of us and to learn how to remove them. This ghaflat, you are saying, where does it come from? It comes from us. But do you understand what feeds it? What feeds the ghaflat? What makes your station of heedlessness to become big and strong and flourish? And what makes your station of heedlessness to become smaller and smaller and smaller and non-existence? We are getting somewhere now.

The potential is in all of us. But whatever power that you give to it, that side it is going to become stronger. If you give more power to your ego, it’s going to be strong. You give more power to your spirit, that’s going to be strong. What gives us ghaflat? What makes us to be in that station? How do you become in the station of heedlessness? How do we become heedless? This is the time when you have to sit down and you have to study yourself. ‘Oh, I was heedless today.’ Why? ‘I miss the time to pray,’ for instance. So you pick one example and you see, why I was heedless? Then you are going to jump to that station too, you are going to say, ‘I’m not even going to blame heedlessness. I’m going to blame myself. I wanted for it to be like that.’ Do you understand? I’m not going to say, ‘oh what happened? I don’t know. I just overslept.’ Is there an excuse given when you oversleep? No, there’s no excuse for missing prayer. Is there anywhere that says if you oversleep it’s okay? You didn’t mean to. No, it is not. So now you are going to say, ‘okay, it’s not heedlessness, astaghfirullah.’ No. You actually did, you overslept. Why did you oversleep? Because you didn’t want to pray. If you wanted to pray, you are going to get up. Now that is a problem. Why you don’t want to pray? Because you are lazy. Why are you lazy? You keep asking yourself, ‘Why, why, why?’ Don’t let yourself get away with things. Then you will come to very deep inside, you start searching the roots, you will find out. You are not going to give yourself any break on this. Do you understand?

Okay Zikr, why am I always falling asleep during the zikr time? Don’t give yourself any break. Let others to give excuse to you, let others to give you a break. You don’t give a break to yourself. You give a break to others. Do you understand?  So you are going to say, ‘why do I fall asleep during the zikr?’why is that?’ Then you will understand a little bit, ‘okay, I was very tired today. I worked very hard.’ And I know, I know some of you guys you work very hard, some of you guys you don’t work at all. Some work very hard. We understand that. Okay. Is that an excuse? You are going to say yourself. No. Don’t give yourself any excuse. Once a week, say twenty minutes, thirty minutes, you are remembering Allah, ‘I cannot stay awake just to remember my Allah? Shame on me!’ Then, you are just going to use your intelligence. On that day, you are not just going to kill yourself to make yourself to be so tired that you come to zikr time that you are going to fall asleep. Or you are going to make sure, ‘I’m really tired, I’m going to do something to wake up.’ Or when you are sitting down you are going to make sure you pinch yourself, you struggle. You struggle, you fight. Welcome to Jihadul Akbar. You fight against to yourself. Don’t give any excuse. Do you understand?

jihad against nafs and ego

We are living in dunya, of course it’s going to be easy for dunya matters, because we are not in ahirat. But once you can get over that hurdle a little bit, it’s going to be easy. Because you are fighting. Allah is saying, ‘take one step to Me, I will take ten steps to you.’ But you are not going to give yourself any excuse. This doesn’t just refer to just issues of ghaflat. Issues of stubbornness. Same. Issues of anger. The Same. You got to find out, ‘why am I angry? Really why am I angry? Why am I angry? Why am I angry?’ You keep digging deeper and deeper and deeper, you will find some very ugly roots there. Pull it out. You are not going to be fooling yourself next time. If your ego cannot fool you, no one’s ego can fool you. Do you understand? Because no one’s ego is bigger than yours. No one’s ego is trying to trick you twenty four hours than your own ego. So you don’t give yourself any excuse. You try to find out. So, when you start doing that, you become stronger in your faith. You have to. And when you are doing that, more you are asking help from Allah SWT. Ask help from Him, saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, this is it, I’m  doing this, I’m not waking up because I’m just lazy and I’m stubborn, and You are still so merciful to me and You are not punishing me. Earlier nations, You used to punish them just like that if they break one single commandment, but we are doing it over and over again.’ So you start thinking. ‘It is because of the mercy of the Holy Prophet (asws) that I’m not being punished. Let me sit down and make hundred Salawat-ul sharif for the sake of the Prophet (asws).’ You see how much mercy Allah is giving to this nation too. Because one wrong thing that we do, He opens ten doors of Mercy. If a man sits down to think, and Tarikat must make a man to sit down to think.  He makes one mistake, he will see ten doors of Mercy in front of him.  More, he must go now into sejdah. Open your heart to your Lord. Say, ‘Ya Rabbi, this is what’s happened. I’m helpless. I’m hopeless. I cannot do anything. My ego is like this, other people’s ego is treating me like this. Help me to come out, or make me to become really strong.’ And the answer will come to you. Insya’Allah ar-Rahman.

Everything that we are doing, that we are saying, is taken from the teachings of our Sheykh. And everything that he’s taking from is from our Sultan ul-Evliya, coming from forty GrandSheykhs. And what is the use of that knowledge if you cannot apply it to the problems that you have today? You cannot use the medicine of eight hundred years ago. You can, but eight hundred years later, even the same sickness is way worse than the sickness of eight hundred years ago. The common cold eight hundred years ago is completely different from today. So now, not only you need updated prescription, but you need to have a doctor that knows the situation. And based on the same prescription, but it becomes slightly different, he will adapt it according to the food, according to the viruses, according to how the person is physically. Because we are weak, in this century, we are weak. So, they are taking it and everyone is holding on tightly to the rope of Allah. But, Holy Prophet (asws) had said, Judaism will be divided into seventy-one different groups. Only one group is correct, all of them they are wrong and heading towards the hellfire. Christianity is going to be divided into seventy-two different groups, one of them is correct, seventy one is going to enter into the hellfire. Islam, the Muslims they will be divided into seventy-three different groups, one of them will be on the right way, seventy-two of them will be heading towards the hellfire. So, the Sahabi e-Kiram asked him, ‘Ya Rasulullah (asws), which group is that?’ And the Holy Prophet (asws) says, ‘those who follow my Sunnah and the Sunnah of my Sahabi.’ That, from 1400 years, openly it is showing, and there are other hadiths that corroborates this also, for example one hadith is saying, ‘ that my ummah they will never agree on the wrong thing as a majority.’ And in another saying, ‘follow the religion of the majority.’

So straight off we know, anything that is minor, anything that is outside of this majority, is questionable. So they asked him, ‘which one is that?’ he says, ‘the one who follows my Sunnah.’ So, Ahle Sunnah, those  who follow the Sunnah and they are in the majority. There’s one particular narration that says that, ‘they are following my Sunnah and they are the majority.’  Alright. So, now we look at what is the majority. We cannot really look at what is the majority today. We have to look at what is the majority for the majority of the times of fourteen hundred years. Do you understand? The majority of the understanding today of Islam is off. Doesn’t matter what labels they use. Shi’i, ahle Sunnah, Sunni, Sufi, majority is off. So many things good, one or two things we say, why do you put this here? This is off. A lot of things very good, very spiritual, but one or two things it’s like they are taking the pillars of the building, everything falls and we say, why is this in here?

I came back from a khutba,  we listen to the Imam speaking very good, he’s talking about Sahabi e-Kiram, he’s talking…respectful, you know, today’s version of respectful. You know, we don’t even refer to each other or your father or your own father, you don’t even refer by name, so we know for fourteen hundred years in the ahle Sunnah way, respect. We don’t call, say, Hazreti Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, we don’t say, Abu Bakr. We say, Hazreti Abu Bakr or Sayidinna Abu Bakr, or master. Correct? But today, they just say, Abu Bkr, Umar, Osman, Ali. They just say like that. Astaghfirullah. Disrespect. But, maybe that’s minor, that’s not minor, because Allah has praised them, you have no reason to disrespect them. ‘I didn’t know.’ Well, you should know, because this is not a secret, this is an open thing. Leave that aside, this one was saying, everything was pretty good, he was giving good khutba good imam, good khutba, what I’m trying to say, a lot of things good, claiming they are ahle Sunnah but couple of things they say it is off. Okay? And the off thing, I’m just saying it’s off, but it’s like I say, they take away one pillar of the building the whole building comes crashing down. He’s saying, praising Hz Abu Bakr  as-Siddiq, saying that, ‘yes, Hz Abu Bakr he is the first man to become a Muslim.’ Then the imam himself on the mimbar say, ‘no, that’s wrong he’s the second man to  become a Muslim. Because the first man is the Prophet Muhammad. He was the first one to become a Muslim. And the second one is Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq.’ Do you understand how it is? You are claiming that there was a time that the Prophet (asws) he was not a Muslim? What’s the matter with you? And he’s just saying that like it’s nothing. I look at the jama’at, they are all sleeping of course, even if they are not sleeping they are listening and say, ‘okay that makes sense. He was the first one.’ So that’s off now. So people can claim.


People can claim that they are ahle Sunnah wal Jamaah. Like today, majority of people claiming they are ahle Sunnah wal Jamaah but we see them doing things and saying things that the majority of the ahle Sunnah wal Jamaah for fourteen hundred years they never do. Now you have to look to that. Not what people are claiming to be. Because we have our ancestors, our predecessors, the Tabi’I Tabi’in, we have to compare to that. Are they doing it? They are not doing it. Why are you doing it? It is wrong. But they are claiming they are the highest ones, the best ones. It is wrong. Huh, you are doing everything properly but you are claiming that you are ahle suffa, you are claiming that you are ahle Tarikat, you must have some secrets. You must have Irsyad to lead people from the darkness to the light. This is what Irsyad is. They are not claiming this is darkness.  They are saying everywhere is light. So there is not irsyad.  They are saying there is no darkness, everything is light, be happy. Majority are not even speaking about dajjal. If they used to , they stopped already. Suddenly dajjal change his mind, ‘I’m not going to go out. Oh, my plans backfire so I’m going to go.’ No he didn’t. Things are getting worse and worse. Dajjal is establishing himself. In fact, dajjal is not going to appear until people think that he’s not going to appear. Just as Hazreti Mahdi (as) he is not going to appear until everyone disbelieves in him. That’s the time he is going to appear. And there is a hadiths of the Holy Prophet (asws), he is saying, in the ahir Zaman, these are the characteristics of the people, of the rulers, of individuals, of families, of communities. He’s being very specific. These are the things that you are going to see. The world, landscapes are going to change, mountains are going to change, deserts are going to change. He makes it very specific. We are seeing all of these. And he said, ‘and these are the characteristics of the Muslims during the Hajj.’ He mentioned that hadiths so many times. We are seeing this.

People are very surprised and shocked when they read Plato’s republic. Excerpts of it becoming very popular today, comparing that with what is happening politically and they are saying this is exactly what it is. But they don’t have that much faith in the words of our Holy Prophet (asws). Prophet (asws) also said, and these are the characteristics of the scholars of the ahir Zaman. And we are seeing that step by step. And one particular hadiths is saying, ‘if you see them saying something that their grandfather and their great grandfathers they are not saying,  run away from them.’ Do you understand? Run away from them.

So seventy-three different groups. Of course  we don’t have seventy-two groups saying, ‘no, no, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I’m wrong,’ only one group saying, ‘I’m right.’ No. Every group is going to claim that they are the right ones. But the conditions, the criterion, Holy Prophet (asws) make it very clear, ‘those who follow my Sunnah and the Sunnah of my Sahabis.’ Because the Sunnah of the Sahabi e-Kiram,  it continues. You break with the Sunnah of the Sahabi e-Kiram saying, ‘this is the Sunnah of the Prophet (asws) we are not going to follow any Sahabis,’ you are wrong. You are going against the words of the Prophet (asws). So we come to this situation now. You are following everything properly but you don’t know how to get from here to there, you don’t have a vision. If you are just a scholar, you don’t have to have a vision. But if you are a murshid, then you have to have a vision. Murshid that does not have a vision, dangerous. When the murshid is saying, everything is fine, very dangerous. Because there is nothing that is fine under the sun these days.

Are we claiming we are in the right way? We are following those ones who are  on the right way. We are following those ones who are under forty Grandsheykhs of the most distinguish Naksibendi order that they are in the Siratul Mustaqim. And we hope that Allah will keep us in the Siratul Mustaqim. We are very weak creatures, may Allah forgive us, may He accept our weak service Insya’Allah, for the sake of His most beloved ones. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Jamadial Awwal 1438
February 2, 2017

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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