How does one know that he is having full submission to his Sheykh?



Destur, Medet. Tarikatuna sohbet wa fil khayrul min jamiyah. This Tarikat is based on association. Association. And you will learn your religion, you will learn dunya, you are going to learn Akhirat, only through association. So our brother has a question. Say your question.

Murid: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. How does one know that he is having full submission to his Sheykh?

How does a person know if he has full submission to his Sheykh? The one who thinks he has full submission to his Sheykh, that one is not to be trusted. We are Murids. What is the gauge to say you have full submission? Let’s look, forget about everything else, let’s look at the Sahabi e-Kiram. Let’s look at Hz Umar (ra), that no one can say he does not have full submission. Correct? Can anyone say that? I know there are so many, so many so-called Muslims or Muslims who say he does not have full submission; those are the Shias that they hate him. Put that aside because the difference also is not, just, ideological. The difference is not just accepting who is going to be the Khalifah, who is going to be the Imam, who is going to succeed Prophet (asws). And we make no distinction between them. This is Ayat ul Kerim. Between the Prophets, we make no distinction.

Do we make any distinction between the Sahabi e-Kiram to say one is lower than the other, or one is a hypocrite, astarghfilrullah? Or one, we slander? We don’t. We keep our peace. Allah has already blessed them in so many Ayats. Holy Prophet (asws) has already blessed them in so many Ayats. Hypocrites it is different, they are known at that time and today. And those who earned the title of the Sahabis, which is the Companions, second only to the Prophets in their rank, in the Sight of Allah swt, those ones we don’t touch. The Turks, the Ottomans, they have very good edep. They don’t just say, ‘Bilal, Umar,’ they, at least, they say ‘Hazreti Umar. Hazreti Bilal (ra).’ So Hz Umar, the one who says for our benefit, ‘ya Rasulullah, I love you more than anyone else except for myself.’ And when Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘ya Umar, if you don’t love me more than you love yourself,’ and this is another word to the Wahhabis because they say, ’you cannot have excessive love to the Prophet (asws), it’s going to bring you to shirk,’ 1400 years, we’ve had excessive love. Never it is going to bring us to shirk, because ‘Muhammadur Rasulullah.’ We never confuse Allah and the Prophet (asws). Only square-heads they are going to make confusion.

Then when Hz Umar heard that he says, ‘ya Rasulullah, I love you more than I love myself.’ Do you think Hz Umar is the kind of person he is just going to change his mind just like that if he doesn’t mean it? He is the one who has stood in front of arrows, between himself and the Prophet (asws), he has sacrificed everything in the way of the Prophet (asws), and his own life.  Can anyone doubt his sincerity? No. Can anyone doubt his submission? No. Who doubts his submission? Himself. As we said before, the hypocrites they were already known from that time until now. They were already known. There’s a full list that the Holy Prophet (asws) gave to one Sahabi. A list of all the munafiqs. And Prophet said to him, ‘don’t open this.’ And that Sahabi did not open it. When others they came to him and they asked him, he said, ‘I cannot speak. I cannot. Prophet says I cannot speak so I’m not going to speak.’ ‘But we need it for this!’ He says, ‘I cannot speak. I gave a promise to the Prophet (asws).’ But through signs people knew. Because when there was a Sahabi who passed, when he attended the funeral prayer, the jenazah, then everybody knew that Sahabi was a Sahabi. If he doesn’t attend the funeral prayer everybody knew, that one must be something wrong. He is a hypocrite.

So Hz Umar, he had full submission to the Prophet (asws). Yet, when he heard there was a list of munafiqs, he was the first one to go up to that Sahabi and ask him. ‘Tell me,’ he said, ‘am I on that list or not? Tell me if I am on that list.’ And that Sahabi could’ve easily told him, ‘no, you are not Umar, what are you thinking?’  He didn’t. He said, ‘I cannot tell you.’ This is the same Hz Umar who paid a person to walk ahead of him when he was the Khalifah and to shout to him to say, ‘ya Umar, remember, you are going to die.’ Every time he appears in public, because Hz Umar comes with so much Heybat, he doesn’t need clothes, he doesn’t need horses, he doesn’t need because he comes with that heybat and yet this is the one who hired someone, pay him money from his own pocket, to shout to him and to say, ‘ya Umar, don’t forget, you are going to die.’ And one day, when Hz Umar looked and he saw his white beard, he called the man, he gave him six months’ pay in advance and he said, ‘from now on, you don’t have to tell me anymore because what I have here, it is a reminder of death, that I am going to die.’ The Ottoman Sultans they carried that tradition. The Ottoman Sultans, in their glory and their grandeur, in their majesty, when they make a procession, when he’s going out in public, there is always somebody who says, ‘ya Sultan, don’t forget, Allah is higher than you.’

So that one is walking like this (with his head bowed down), understanding he is a servant to the Prophet (asws). You see, they had manners. They don’t even say that they are servants to Allah. Of course they are servants to Allah, but they know if you love that one, if that one loves you Allah will love you, guaranteed. Just based on that love. Not too much that you can do. Which is why Sultan Selim Han, when he went and he took over Mecca and Medina, and he broke off one feather that was used as a broom in the Rauza e-Sherif and he put it in his turban, that is the tradition that we are carrying, and he pierced his ear. Because at that time, only the slaves they pierced their ear, to show that you belong to someone. Of course, today people are slaves to their ego and to the dunya, so they are piercing here, piercing here, piercing here and piercing here, everywhere they pierce. Pierce, pierce, pierce, to show that they are servants of sheytan. But he pierced, the Sultan, to say, ‘now I am khatim of Rasulullah.’ So he had manners. So Hz Umar, he went. He had full submission. Now, Murids how do we know? Question your submission. As long as you are questioning your submission and you are running to try and fix it, then you are not going to fall into the tricks and traps of your ego. That moment you think that you have full submission, ‘oh, I have full submission,’ you are going to be tested. And believe me, if they give us a test, we will all fail. Fail, just like that, we will fail.

hoja deferance.jpg

We are all very weak. So we need to test our submission. Then, easy to say that our submission, when we are awake, when we’re filled with energy, when everything is fine, our belies are full, we have what we want, sun is shining, nice temperature, nice climate, we say, ‘I love you.’ But when they poke you a little bit, that’s the time the ones closest to you they’ll turn into the biggest Firauns, they turn into the biggest sheytans. You see, when the Sheykh is just touching you because you’re doing something wrong, touching you to pull you away from the fire that you are going to enter, that time, you see, all kindness from them gone, all mercy from them gone, all love, where is the love? Where is the love? Gone. Love is not to be tested when everything is nice and you say, ‘I love you and you love me,’ love is when there is hardship. Then you are going to see, where is the love that you are going to have? So it is very hard, people are thinking the path of love it is very easy. Have you been burnt?  Do you know how painful it is, for this world, when you fall in love with someone and that someone is not loving you back? Do you know how painful it is? Imagine that one thousand times more painful.

So don’t ask for that. Think it’s so easy? You know how it is when you’re in love with someone and that one is not returning love to you? You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t do anything. You think the love it is very easy, the Divine love? These days everything has become cheap anyway. With one word, with one action, with one thing they say, straightaway you can have Divine union with Allah. Allah Allah. Then we should see everyone having union with Allah. This place should turn into a Paradise, but it’s not. The way they make it sound anything you do, anything, any small thing you do, Divine union. MashaAllah. Then if everyone has achieved union with Allah, why is this world turning into a hell every single day? Something is wrong. Eh, I don’t mean, maybe, the areas of unbelief. Areas of belief. Muslim, forget about Muslim countries, look at Muslim communities. Look at in the masjids, look at in the dergahs. Look in the Muslim communities, look in the Muslim houses. Murid houses. There’s no union. Maybe you’re still in union with your nafs.

So that submission it is very difficult. It is very painful. And they are going to show you where you are going to submit not in areas where you understand. It’s in areas that you don’t understand. What I mean by that is they will show you something and you think that this is completely unrelated to Tasawwuf, completely unrelated. But everything is related. So, as long as we are questioning ourselves. As long as we are questioning our iman and we’re looking out, then that time you will be in safety. When you don’t question it anymore and you assume, when you think, that’s when your ego and sheytan will take you for a ride, very easily. So it’s not so easy. People think, submission; when the Sheykh says, ‘jump,’ you jump. No. Like that, we can say so many times, in so many easy ways. Not jump, they say, ‘oh, I’m going to do anything for you. I’ll jump into a lake of fire for you.’ I’m looking across the table and I say, ‘come.’ ‘Uh, me?’ You’re not jumping. ‘Yes, come here.’ ‘Ehh…’ going around the whole room before coming to me. That’s not jumping. So at least now, ha, now we know we have to be more connected, we have to be sharper. We have to.

So insha’Allah, may we have more submission to our Sheykh. And Allah swt is saying, ‘we will test you with the things that you love.’ You are going to be tested with the things that you love. So if you are really serious about this, you must know, ‘what do I love? What are the things that I love? This, this, this, myself.’ Yes, you are going to be tested with that. So prepare, at least, to be offering that before you are tested. If you offer that and you say, don’t offer it, don’t be so macho and to say, ‘yes, take everything ya Rabbi,’ no, don’t. Just say, ‘ya Rabbi, I am a weak one. I need Your Mercy, and don’t send me any tests because I’m going to fail. But I need more of Your Mercy and Your Guidance.’ That time even if the test comes, it’s going to come with help, telling you how to go.

Wa min Allahu Taufiq, may Allah forgive me and bless all of you, Al Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
10 Jamadial Awwal 1438
February 9, 2017

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