What Are You Searching For?



What do you want? What are you searching for? I ask one of our brothers what is he searching for, what does he want? So many people, they get stuck with this. They take a long time to answer. Why is that? We don’t take a long time to take it, we don’t take a long time to have a desire and to fulfill that desire, everyday, every week, every month, every year, our whole lives. And some, they want to give a very intelligent answer, a spiritual answer. We should give an answer that is sincere.

‘What are you looking for?’ I asked him and he said, I’m paraphrasing a little bit, he said, ‘I’m looking for my originality.’ Then I asked him again, he gives slightly different answer, looking for the pleasure of Allah. Similar but they are a little bit different here and there. But look at that answer and look to see how we are spending today. Take that answer and see how we are spending this week, this month, this year. Does it fit? It doesn’t. How do we make it fit? Thinking, maybe finding Allah is to run away to some mountain, sit in a cave and to find Allah? That is not the way too. Allah is not in a cave on top of a mountain. He is not in the desert, He is not in the sea. Allah’s power it is everywhere. And Allah’s power is in those ones who represent Allah. This is the secret that has been given to mankind. The power of the servant of Allah, the power and the honor of the sons of Adam, those ones who have become Rabbani, those ones who have become Lordly, those ones that they look to their Lord and they speak. When they speak, like Allah SWT is saying, ‘I will be his tongue that he speaks from, I will be his hands, I will be his feet.’ But to reach to that station, we cannot live through days and weeks and months and years, not knowing what we are looking for. Hesitating.

Hesitate, it’s okay, maybe. But not even knowing, to live life as a robot, to live life worse than an animal, to live life without any feeling, any taste, any vision, any understanding, but live just day by day, wake up, go to work, come back from work, sit in front of the television, go to sleep. Day after day, without any reason, without spending time waking up to be with your Lord. Without spending any time, when you are working, to work and to be with your Lord. Don’t try to spend time to be with your Lord, watching TV. It doesn’t work like that. Even when you say there’s some religious programe going on, you are seeing one religion, cut the commercial, dunya. Selling you the dunya. Now you are not going out to the market place, in the old days you have to go to the  market place, to have people to sell things to you. Now, they are coming to your own homes. Before we have one television, we cannot carry that television everywhere, but now they have given us that sheytan box that everyone can fit into their pocket, that everywhere you can just check, everywhere you can be busy with this dunya and with your desires.

So what we are looking for? Because what you are looking for is going to give meaning to your life. You are looking for the dunya, you’ll find meaning in the dunya. But the dunya is passing. The dunya is like a carcass. You are looking for knowledge, it’s good, look for knowledge. But don’t look for knowledge that is from the dunya. These words are for people in Tarikat. They are not for people outside. So when we speak like this, I don’t have to explain myself over and over again, we are not people who are against to knowledge. We are not. We are looking at the highest level of  knowledge. Of course we need the knowledge, but we are looking at the highest level knowledge. So what are you looking for? That is going to give you meaning. Make sure that the meaning that you take, to inform your life, it is from the Creator, it is not from your ego. The ego can give meaning too, the dunya can give meaning, sheytan can give meaning, your desires can give meaning, it doesn’t mean that it is correct. So what we are looking for? It’s a good answer. I like your answer. You are looking to our originality. Everyone must come back to our originality. But what is our originality? What is that?

Our originality is what? Allah. Innalilahi wa innailaihi rajiun. And we are going back to Him. This whole journey that we are making,  is a journey to return. But when we are returning back to Him, we want to return also not as a baby, do you understand? We want to return to Him as a servant. To return to Him as a servant, Allah is saying, you become a servant, I will make you to be a Sultan. I will make you to become Lordly, I will make you to speak from My words, to touch from My power, to walk, to do everything and Allah will dress us with that Majesty to become Khalifatullah. Does the journey end there? No, it doesn’t. To understand that we are going to go back to our originality, we must believe and we must know that right now we are fake. We are not real. Our words, our thoughts, our actions, is not real. We are trying to find that reality, which is why we are holding on to the friends of Allah, that is why we are holding on to the Holy Prophet (asws). That’s why we are holding on to our Sheykh because these are the real people. These are the real ones. And what is our originality? Don’t say originality is Allah, no. Hasha Astaghfirullah. One Holy breath that He put in Hz Adam (as) to give him life.

We are asking Allah that in this way of Tassawuf, in this way of Tarikat, in this way of our Sheykh, that we don’t lose our direction. That we don’t build faith on ourselves. That we don’t start believing in ourselves. That we believe in that guide that is going to bring us that reality. When do you start believing in yourself? You don’t. Once you see the reflection of your guide in yourself, you believe in that. Once you see the reflection of the words that you speak that is coming from your guide, that is coming from the Holy Prophet (asws), from Allah swt, that time you become real. You are not fake anymore. It is not something that you put on. It is something that we have to take off. This fakeness that we have to take off. You are not putting it on, you are taking it off. Then slowly you are understanding where you are coming from too. When that verse is saying, that ayat is saying,  we are coming from Allah, we are returning to Allah, then we start to understand, from where from Allah. From the Holy Prophet (asws). Where the Holy Prophet (asws)? From his inheritors. Which one? This is part of understanding originality. Otherwise on the Day of Judgment, you are going to be amongst the people who don’t know their originality, who don’t know their lineage, who don’t know where they belong to.  On the Day of Judgment, everyone is going to come in ranks, in safs, behind a flag. Everyone will have an Imam. Those who are not finding an Imam here,  they will find that sheytan is their Imam on the Day of Judgment. Still an Imam. But you are not going to be behind those ones that Allah SWT loves and has appointed with His mercy for you, for us. Because we are running away from them. We are running to our sheytan, we are running to our ego.


So what is it that we want? Yes, we want to come back to our originality. This is not our originality. Hold on, insya’Allah. Sit in the sohbet of our Sheykh, sit in the sohbet of the Evliyaullah,  when you hear them speak about things that make you to understand yourself, and understand the fakeness and the traps of your ego, sit with them. If they are making you to learn more about yourself, sit with them. You can know everything that is to know in the knowledge of this world, or in the knowledge of all the other worlds, you can have the knowledge of the four Books, and a hundred and four Books, but if you don’t know yourself, that we have fail to know yourself. When you know yourself, you will know your Lord. May Allah forgive me, may Allah bless our Sheykh, Insya’Allah. This much is enough. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
27 Jamadial Awwal 1438
February 24, 2017

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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