Nothing from this world gives me satisfaction anymore. Is there any valuable thing to live for in this world?


Question: I feel so weird among society because nobody cares for what I care for. I do not know what to do. Nothing from this world gives me satisfaction anymore. Is there any valuable thing to live for in this world?

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Yes. Live for Allah. Live for His sake. You feel weird in the society, that’s good. It is good. Because every Prophet, they felt weird in the society. Every friend of Allah they feel weird in the society. Every friend of Allah they feel the whole world is not accepting them. They are a stranger in their own family. Now that you have this feeling, don’t run to dunya to try to fill up that emptiness. Run to Maula.

Is there any valuable thing? The friends of Allah, they are valuable. You know why they are valuable? Because Allah has put value to them. They don’t put any value to themselves. Allah has put value to them. When you start giving value to them, when you start giving value to the Holy Prophet (asws), that time Allah will give you such value that those ones whom He loves and who loves Him, they will start loving you too. What else is there to live for? Are we going to live for this dunya? One day they praise us, the next day they bring us down? That we run to build all this world, but when we die, they put us underground? This world that we are putting on top of our head, but once we are underground, it grinds us. We don’t want that too.

We are running away from the punishment of the grave. We want, coming back to your first question: What is Tafakkur? When you sit and you judge yourself. Those ones in the way, everyday is our Judgment Day. We don’t’ wait. Everyday, we sit and we judge ourselves. So from that Judgment and asking for forgiveness, you may experience everyday to be Paradise. You may experience everyday to have that ease. You are living in this world, you are surrounded by people, but you have that ease and peace in your heart. You are surrounded by the fire, but inside your heart it is like a garden. It doesn’t matter. That’s what you want. What is the use of being surrounded by the garden but inside your heart it is nothing but fire? So look to the fire in your heart, take it out and build to build a garden in your heart. This is what Tarikat, this is what our Sheykh is training us to have. Insya’Allah. That’s okay. Hold on to the religion of Islam. It is worth living for, it is worth dying for. Hold on to that even if you feel like you are a stranger. Because if you feel that you are holding on to your Islam, and you are being treated and you feel like a stranger, to know that the Holy Prophet (asws) is giving selams to you. He said, ‘Islam began strange and it will end strange. My selam to the stranger.’

We are here in this Dergah not for dunya, not for anything else, but we are here yes, for our Sheykh, and our Sheykh is teaching us how to love the Prophet and how to love and to serve Allah SWT. But in order to have that we must love each other too. We are loving each other only for the sake of Allah. We have cut ourselves off from family ties. We have cut ourselves off from this world. We are making ties and bonds with ourselves.  And for those ones, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying,  they will be raised on the Day of Judgment on pillars of light, that the Prophets themselves they are going to envy them. May we be worthy to become like those ones, Insya’Allah. We are only asking to be behind our Sheykh.

So, you don’t know what you are living for, come to the Dergah, I’ll send  you to the barn. You take one smell and you say, ‘ahhh… this is life,’ and slowly other things will start hitting you too because the different secrets also comes from that. Understand, every Prophet went through that too. So you are going to start experiencing your faith. Slowly. WaminaAllahu Taufik. Al-Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
27 Jamadial Awwal 1438
February 24, 2017

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