Understand The Reality Of What You Have In Front Of You


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Everything in this world is teaching us you can become better, correct? Whether it is your job, whether it is what you own or what you think or what you feel, you always want to become better. Even if it is a wrong thing that you are involved in, say, these days there are so many thieves and robbers, high level and low level, everywhere, never the thieves or the robber is going to say this is enough. Because the greediness is taking over and they want to have more and they want to have more. And everything is showing how to get there. You turn on the television, all it takes, all it gives you is just more desires.

You think you don’t have a desire, you watch something, it gives you that desire. And it knows how to pull it out, it knows how to give the right image, the right color, the right music, the right everything, so it pulls it out from you. Even if you have the best of life, they say, ‘you are not really happy. You are going to be happy if you buy this car. Look, so many happy people, don’t you see, buying this car. You buy this car, it comes with the woman, it comes with the family, it comes with the high class.’  So it never teaches you how to be content and how to be satisfied and how to give thanks. Because if you are always looking for more, you never give thanks, you never say thank you, you are going to say, ‘this is it? That’s it? I want more! This is not enough.’

To say thank you means, whatever that You have given me it is more than enough. You are rich, they are going to show you lifestyle of the super-rich and it’s going to give you nothing but negativity inside of you. You are not going to be satisfied because part of the happiness is satisfaction. That is only one part of it. It’s satisfaction. But what are the Prophet and the Evliyaullah they are teaching us? They are saying, when you compare yourself with other people based on this worldly matters, compare yourself with the ones who have little. This world is saying, compare yourself to those ones who have more. Evliyaullah they are saying, compare yourself with those who have little. Then you’ll become more happy. Then you are going to become more satisfied. You are going to understand the reality of what you have in front of you. Because it is not in the material thing that is there, it is in the barakat, it is in the blessings, it is in your relationship to what is given to you from the One who has given you. Because whatever that we get, it is not through our means. It is not through other people. It is coming from Ya Razaq, the One who is giving, to the hands of those ones who are going to give it to us. Definitely we have to thank those who give to us, then Allah is going to accept the thanks that we are giving to Him.

So you are looking at this world, teaching you, because we want to be believers. We are not here in Tarikat, or in religion, to learn how to become people of this world.  We are in religion, especially in Tarikat, we are understanding that this world, it is nothing but illusion and delusion. It is not real. It is temporary. We are not temporary.  We are coming from a reality and we are returning back to that reality.  This is just a temporary stop that we are passing through. We are traveler, passing through. You ever see anyone when they are waiting for the bus, they are putting one couch there, one kitchen sink, one stove, one television, one bed and they are being very comfortable waiting for the bus? No. It’s a bus stop. In fact, more things you have with you, more difficult it is for you to travel. These days they are very smart. The very rich people, they don’t even carry anything. Just maybe they carry one card. These days there’s no more card because they know from the face, they know from the eyes, they say this is your identity.

Passing through this world. This is not just understanding, ‘oh ya, ya, ya, I know that.’ It is putting this understanding into your life everyday. That when you are faced with some difficulties, you are going to say, ‘ahh, this too is going to pass.’ What is it saying in Turkish? Bu da geçer. This too will pass. There is a big wisdom in that coming from the Prophets. And in Tasawwuf, in Tarikat, we are taking the wisdom of all the Prophets. Because the Holy Prophet (asws), he is the one who revives the religion that was given not 1400 years ago, but from the time of Adam (as). Seven thousand years ago. 124 000 Prophets, their ummat they forget  those teachings, we are remembering those teachings, the ummat of the Holy Prophet (asws). We are remembering those Prophets. We are saying, we love you and we are following you.Your followers is not following, doesn’t matter, we are following Adam (as). We are following Nuh (as). We are following  Ibrahim (as). We are following all 70 000 Prophets of the Bani Israel. We are following the Holy Prophet (asws). And we are giving each of them their respect and their love that is due to them. Allah SWT is saying what? And we make no distinction between them. The ayat of amana Rasul. We don’t make any distinction.

So we are taking their teachings. And this too shall pass. That wisdom is coming from who? The wise. Who? Which Prophet? Say (Sheykh ask murids at the Dergah). Huh, you guys are not listening too. I’m giving you point by point. I’m talking, I’m being very nice, opening, I’m saying from the Prophets, earlier Prophets. I’m mentioning the Prophets of the Bani Israel. Hazreti Suleyman (as). What did he ask? He ask, giving a challenge to the people, saying, ‘you are going to give me something that when I see it, if I’m happy, I will be sad. And if I’m sad, I’m going to be happy. Something that is going to remind me of my reality.’ So that one came back to him and gave him a ring. This is similar to the story. I’m not going to open so much, but this is one of the secrets of that ring, of that ring of Suleyman (as) that is mentioned in the Quran e-Kerim. Yes, it says, ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim.’ But in all knowledge is in BismillahirRahmanirRahim. And this is one of it. And what is written on that ring? ‘This, too, shall pass.’ So when you are filled with heaviness of this world, you are going to look at that and you are going to remember that, and he remembered it, and saying, ‘this is going to pass.’ So it’s going to bring lightness to you. When you are so filled with just the happiness of this world, satisfied with just what is happening in this world, you look and you are going to understand, ‘this is, also, is going to pass.’

detachment from dunya

Where are we returning to, if everything is passing? We are returning to the One who has no beginning and the One who has no end. The One who is not passing. Hayy and Qayyum, Allah swt Reminding us where we came from and where we’re going so that we’re not stuck in this world, in this bus stop of this world. So we need to understand.

So the Prophets, they are saying, and the Evliyaullah, ‘whatever you achieved in this world, don’t compare yourself to the one who has more. Compare yourself to the one who has less. You will get the secret of this world and the secret of the hereafter.’ But now, even religious teachers and Imams and Sheykhs and priests and rabbis they are saying, ‘don’t be satisfied with what you have from this world. Compare yourself to those who have more.’ But Evliya they are saying, ‘when you look to the matters of Ahiret, to your Ibadat, to your worship, to your faith, don’t compare to that one who is worse than you. Compare with that one who is better than you.’

So, when you look at spirituality, you’re not going to compare yourself to the one who has less and to praise yourself, to say, ‘I’m alright, you know? At least I don’t kill, I don’t cheat, I don’t rob.’ Who’s saying you don’t kill, you don’t cheat or you don’t rob? All our hands are stained in these days. ‘I don’t kill.’ You don’t kill, but you’re supporting a system that kills, you are also guilty. Whether it is through giving directly or it is using the resources, that is tyrannizing people, we are guilty. So they say, ‘you want to look at how good you are? Compare yourself to the one that is better, don’t compare yourself to the one that s worse. Look at the Prophets and look at the Evliyaullah. They are your guides. That is not paranoia. That is not negativity. That is purifying. That is going up to higher stations. That is cleaning yourself. All other things that is making you to become negative and making you to become paranoid, and there are some who are like that. They have a Sheykh, they have a Tarikat, but they always question. ‘No, no, no, I’m not questioning, I’m just wondering.’ Same. ‘no, no, no, I’m not questioning, I’m not wondering, I’m just saying.’ Same. Whatever word you want to put there, you’re just playing games with yourself, you know. Because you are not being satisfied, you are not having trust and faith, all you need to do, all you want to do, all you are doing is complain. And you are trying to reach to something that maybe it’s not for you. You think whatever it is that you want, it is good for you, it is the best for you? No.

We are living in Ahir Zaman. Yes, we are going to speak more about Ahir Zaman, because nobody seems to be speaking about Ahir Zaman in these days. Everybody is looking these days are new days. Fresh days, clean days. Better days they are ahead. I’m saying which planet are you living on? This is Ahir Zaman. And one of the signs of Ahir Zaman is, you are going to see that majority of the people, they are not going to believe it is Ahir Zaman. Where the voices that are going to remind people, they are going to be silent. They are either going to be silenced because of the dunya or because of the fear. Whatever reason.  They are not reminding. Some, only bringing good news. So you are only taking that one half of the Sunnah. Prophet (asws) brought the good news and he was also a warner. You are not warning. We are seeing, sheytan also bringing good news. Dajjal also bringing good news to us. Sheytan and dajjal they are not warning us this is ahir Zaman. They are bringing good news. Better and better and better everyday. New things, new technology, new life. Those ones who are only promising good things, we are saying, which side you are on?

dunya (2)

Don’t forget, this is not only ahir Zaman, this is the second jahiliyah. The first jahiliyah, Holy Prophet (asws), he was a warner. He brought good news to who? To the believers. But were the believers living in Paradise? No they were not. They were suffering. Were they living in Paradise in this world? They were not. They were suffering. Because Holy Prophet (asws) himself he was suffering. Showing us, man is weak. Showing us that, ‘you see, I’m just like you. I’m with you. I’m in you. This is second jahiliyyah. Holy Prophet (asws), he was a what? He was a warner, warning majority, warning the whole world, warning, saying, ‘wake up. Wake up.’ We are sleeping. So there must be the voices who are warning. But the voices who are warning, they must have faith. They must say, ‘I must stand up. Whole world is going to go against me, I must stand up and speak the truth. I’m not going to be afraid. Maybe they are going to say, ‘ everyone to be quiet. Don’t speak.’ But that one has to speak. You cannot have him saying, ‘everyone to be quiet, me too I’m going to be quiet.’ May Allah protect us, Insya’Allah. Give us more faith to live the truth and to die with the truth Insya’Allah. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Jamadial Ahir 1438
March 2, 2017

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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