Today Is Wednesday

AuzubillahiminashaitanirRajim BismillahrRahmanirRahim

Destur, Medet ya SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani.

Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia.

Lokman Hoja.jpg

Today is Wednesday. You know that story? Today is Wednesday? Do you know that one? You know that one (Sheykh ask a Murid)? So your learning is very short. I’m looking at you and you are looking at someone else. Some people, you cannot praise them at all. Once you praise them, they go completely crazy. Some people, you have to praise them all the time. If you don’t praise them, they go completely crazy. Some people, you cannot touch them. You touch them, they’ll go crazy. Some people  you have to beat them continuously. You don’t beat them, they go crazy. Which category we are? That is ma’rifat. And the Sheykh knows how much you can carry and to what station you are supposed to be.

So, you know that story? Today is Wednesday? Either yes or no. That is again the ego. Either yes or no. You know that your answer is not going to be so captivating and so brilliant. You have nothing to offer. Why we are hesitating? To make a big show about us answering something, yes or no? That is again ego. You, me, everyone. We have that characteristic. It is not about you. It is about the answer. You don’t have the answer, say, ‘I don’t have the answer. Please tell me the answer.’ It’s not about you. No one is interested in you or me, or us. No one is interested. We are not that interesting. What is interesting is that light of the Prophet (asws) that we have in us that we are bringing it out. That becomes interesting. This is Tasawwuf talk. That, ehh….aaaahhh….the ego showing, forget about Prophet (asws), it’s not characteristic of Sahaba e-Kiram. It’s not the characteristics of Tabi’in or Tabi’i Tabi’in. It is not. You are following the way of the Prophet (asws), what is so easy? Like some is saying, ‘so easy, just follow one sunnat and you are in fana.’ Just follow one sunnat of the Prophet (asws), you’ll be in Divine union with Allah. We hope that it is true. Because we can’t wait for this world to end from its tyranny and its evil. If that were true, this world must be Paradise because everyone is in Divine union with Allah. But we are seeing this world today is turning into worse and worse Jahannam. That all the wrong things, all the inhabitants of Jahannam from 124 000 Prophets from their ummat, this nation in the ahir Zaman, we are practicing. We are becoming. Correct or not?

Today is Wednesday, teaching us, Tarikat is teaching about what? Obedience. Why is obedience important? You think you can submit if you don’t have obedience? ‘I obey only Allah. I don’t obey you.’ You become sheytan. ‘I obey only Allah, I don’t obey you.’ You become sheytan. Sheytan is saying, ‘I make sejdah only to Allah. I don’t make sejdah to Adam (as) or the clay that he is.’ Inside of Tarikat, you become wahhabi.

obey your rightly guided leader

Obedience is the most important thing. Tarikat is to teach you not to obey to your own nafs. To obey to the guide that has been put on you. ‘where is this? Where is this in the Quran, brother?’ So easy, everyone is just running to the Quran. You should turn around and say, it is there. You look for it, you find it, you let me know. Why I have to find it for you? You are going to deny it anyway. ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Obey Allah, obey your Prophet, and obey your rightly guided leaders.’ This is an open ayat. That those who obeyed the Prophet (asws), after he passed they obeyed those ones that the Prophet left. Those Tabi’i Tabi’in. Tabi’in means those ones who obeyed. Obeyed who? The Sahabis. They are not saying, we obey Prophet. ‘We are obeying the Sahabis.’ The Sahabis, the companions, they obey the Prophet (asws). The Tabi’I Tabi’in, the ones who obeyed those ones who obeyed the Sahabis who obeyed Rasulullah (asws). When we know where we are in this chain, then we are going to put our head down.

But these days, ahir Zaman, never in 1400 years, you claim anyone, no bida’at in 1400 years as big as the bida’at of wahabism, that claim we are in the same level as the Sahabis because we are Salafis. Correct? In fact, some, they start cursing at the Sahabis. I’m not talking about Shias, I’m talking about people who are saying, ‘we are the real Sunnis.’ They are cursing at the Sahabis. Not individuals, we are talking about scholars who have millions of dollars of support given to them, who have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of followers with them. Some even dare, they just come into Islam yesterday, they don’t know how to enter into a toilet, saying all these times that we are saying Tahiyat, the Ahir Tahiyat, when we are praying, ‘Assalamualaika Ya Ayyuhan Nabi Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu,’ that he dare to say, 1400 years all Muslims saying that we are wrong. Because in the understanding of the Arabic is when you address Assalamualaika Ya ayyuhan Nabi, you only say that to a person who is living. Person who has passed from this world, you don’t say Assalamualaika ya Ayyuhan Nabi. Meaning it is in Ahle Sunnat wal-Jamaat understanding and they believe that the Holy Prophet (asws), he is not dead. He is the greatest of the martyrs and the martyrs they are not dead. And he is alive. He is hazir, he is present, and he is nazir, he warns. And that one, that kerpek saying, ‘everyone get it wrong. Because Prophet is dead.’ Hasha astaghfirullah. Because he’s a black hearted one. And he is saying, because Prophet is dead, we must say assalamualaikum. And he’s saying, ‘yeah, okay, they said that during the Prophet’s (asws) time. They did say that, Sahaba e-Kiram said that, but they said that because the Prophet (asws) was still alive physically. When he passed, they didn’t say that.’

So he started cursing. And wahabi they are cursing, their cursing is very heavy. It’s not difference of opinion when they curse. When they curse you and they say you are out of the way, they are saying you are ahle Jahannam. They are saying that you are ahle Jahannam. You are an inhabitant of hell. You are out of Islam, you are in hell, this is wrong. You want me to say more? Fatwas are raised against ahlil Sunnat not in the way of wahabism, the imams raising fatwas to say, ‘your lives it is halal for us to kill. Your children it is halal for us to take, to become slaves, your property it is halal for us.  You do something wrong, a sin that you make, big thing that they say, ‘qatl’al wajib. Kill. Wajib to finish you, to kill you.’ Are we understanding what is this disease? or we are still thinking this is just academic difference. Difference of opinions. Philosophical difference.

So that one is cursing. Isn’t that fulfilling the hadiths of what the Prophet (asws) he said? One of the signs of the ahir Zaman? Fifteen signs, correct?  And one of the signs is what? Last of the Ummat will curse the first. We are seeing it. This is happening in our lifetime. And they get away with it, and they are thriving. Yeah, we are living in those time. To know about ahir Zaman is not just to watch Youtube videos, Arrival, Marival… and then to get filled up, everything is sign of dajjal there. Everything is a sign of dajjal.  Because Allah SWT has already veiled the Khilafat. Khilafat meaning what? His Khalifah. The shadow of Allah on earth. When Allah has removed His shadow, what are we going to get? Complete darkness. Then everything that you are going to see, every stone you are going to turn, you are going to see, Ka Fa Ra, kufr.

So if you don’t understand what is obedience, you will not get submission. If you don’t have submission, we will not have Islam. Obey Allah, obey His Prophet, obey your rightly guided leaders. Leaders that are assigned to us. And the Holy Prophet (asws), he has left us his inheritors. This is not an idea that shoot off from the main way of Islam.  Following a leader, following a guide, Tassawuf, spirituality, it is in the main way, it is in the Siratul Mustaqim, it is inside. It is like, we know we have a backbone, it is the marrow of that, it’s the nerves of that. Backbone is strong, bones are strong, your nerves are sharp, It’s finish. Doesn’t work. It’s strong. There’s no connection now, in reality. Correct? There’s no connection now between the body now and the brain. It’s not ruling. It becomes sick. It becomes very very painful. This is what we are witnessing.

hoja waswasa.jpg

Today is Wednesday. Let me tell you that, the story of today is Wednesday. And for this, majority of the Muslims of 21st century will not understand. They cannot get it. Forget about those who are not understanding Islam. But people whose heart are open, whether they call themselves Christians, Muslims or Jews, or believers or unbeliever, they will understand. Because these are the times of complete confusion, you don’t go by label anymore. And if you don’t build your obedience, you are going to be lost.

Once upon a time, there was a group of hunchbacks. You know hunchbacks? People walking with a hunch. Sheykh Effendi calls it what? He calls it hutchback. Everyone goes according to their kind. So in the old days, everyone who has hunchback, they are together. And there was this hunchback, he was walking one day to the wild side of the area, and he saw a group of people. They were sitting in a circle. They were wearing Turbans, their faces were shining like the moon. He has a very good feeling looking at them and he says, ‘let me come closer to see what they are doing.’ And he comes closer, he hears they are making zikr. And there was one Sheykh that was leading. The Sheykh was going, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah….’ And small of them, in a small group, is saying, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah….’ following what the Sheykh was saying. And that hunchback person say, ‘let me come closer to them, because I have a very nice feeling with them,’ showing now that the hearts of so many people who don’t call themselves Muslims, when they hear the zikr of Allah, their hearts will shake and they like it. But majority of the Muslims, when they hear the Muslims saying Allah, their hearts will darken and they say ‘we don’t even want to sit with them.’

So he sat with them. Then the Sheykh says, ‘Hasbinallah wa nimal wakeel,’ everyone stop and the Sheykh said, ‘Jama’at, recite after me: Today is Wednesday. Today is Wednesday.’ But that day wasn’t Wednesday. That day was Thursday. The whole Jamaat recited, ‘Today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday…’ they make the zikr, ‘today is Wednesday,’ and that hunchback saying, “they were saying Allah before, I join, I like it, it’s nice. Now they are saying, ‘today is Wednesday’ but today is Thursday, but so what? What am I going to lose if I say today is Wednesday. They say ‘Allah,’ I say Allah. They say ‘today is Wednesday,’ then I say today is Wednesday.’ So he said, ‘today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday…”he started making the zikr together with them. After that they finished. ‘Hasbinallah wa nimal wakeel.’ The Sheykh stood up, the Murids go around, they kiss his hand, they sat down again, then the Sheykh says, ‘Ya ikhwan, there is a hunchback here, he wants to be with us. His heart is with us. We say ‘Allah’ he says ‘Allah’. We say today is Wednesday, although today is not Wednesday, he’s repeating. He is being with us. He is not questioning. He is obedient. So what do you say, we are going to take away his hunch from him.’ The Ikhwan they are saying, ‘as you like O my Sheykh.’ He say, ‘we will make it,’ asking Allah. ‘Amin. Fatiha.’ Suddenly that hunch who was sitting always like this (slouching), his whole life he was born like this, he just stood up straight. He was surprised, he was shocked. He started running. All his life he wasn’t able to run. He was just walking like this (with a hunch), now he was running.

He found his friend and he said, ‘you will never believe what happened!’

The friend looked at him, ‘what happened to you?’

He said, ‘you’ll never believe what happened. I met this group, they say ‘Allah,’ I say ‘Allah’. They say, ‘today is Wednesday,’ I say, ‘today is Wednesday.’


‘And they take away my hunch.’

‘Where are they?’

He said, ‘they are over there.’

‘I’m going to go to find them.’

So his friend started running to go to them. He saw them sitting down, seeing them saying, ‘Allah, Allah,’ he sat down, he says, ‘Allah, Allah.’ Then ‘Hasbinallah wa nimal wakeel.’ The Sheykh stopped. Everyone stopped. Then the Sheykh said, ‘today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday….’ All the ikhwans said, ‘today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday, today is Wednesday.’

The hunchback is saying, ‘but today is not Wednesday. They have make a mistake. Today is Thursday. Maybe if I remind them then they are going to change. Today is Thursday.’

‘Today is Wednesday.’

‘Today is Thursday.’





 ‘HasbinaAllah wa nimal wakeel.’ It finished. And the Sheykh says, ‘Ya Ikhwan, we have someone coming with us. And he’s not liking what we are doing. We say today is Wednesday, he says today is Thursday. As if we don’t know that. Huh, because he’s not wanting to be with us, we are going to bring his friend’s hunch and to put it on him.’

Now this one he was hunch back like this (slouching), double hunch he got. He looked up, everything disappeared. He couldn’t find the Jamaat again. He went back crying to his friend. His friend said, ‘what happened to you?’

‘He take your hunch and he put it on me.’

He said, ‘what happened?’

‘They said today is Wednesday.’

‘And? Did you say today is Wednesday?’

‘No, today is Thursday. Today is not Wednesday.’

He said, ‘you see. Don’t you know, these are Holy People. You think you know better than them? Maybe they are trying to do something. You don’t understand. Ride with it for a little bit to see what is going to happen. What are you going to lose? What are you going to lose?’

This is for you, this is for me. What we said yesterday? ‘When you meet an ashkiye, watch your tongue,’ Evliyaullah they are saying. When you meet a bandit, a criminal, a mass murderer, a highway man, watch your tongue. Make sure you speak very nicely to them or else they are going to cut your tongue or they are going to cut your neck off. But the saying says, continuing,  when you are with the Evliya, watch your heart. This is the way of the heart. We must watch what comes in and what goes out.

We are asking protection from Allah SWT, from the evils of our own ego. May Allah keep us in safety. Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
4 Jamadial Ahir 1438
March 3, 2017

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