When a person is on the verge of losing everything, how does he be patient and give thanks to Allah?


Question: When a person of this Tarikat is on the verge of losing almost everything, how does he or she be patient and give thanks to Allah?

Sheykh LH

You want me to wash you up, huh? You seriously want me to wash you up? Maybe I’m not going to answer this question, I’m going to say sit down and think and go to sejdah and say astarghfirullah. You’re still able to type this question. You haven’t lost your fingers yet. You’re still able to ask this question. You still haven’t lost your reasoning yet. You’re still able to not think and to just put forward a question. You’re still showing you are still living in luxury enough to be arrogant and not to think. Everything? What does that mean? What is everything? Your health, your home, your loved ones everything? So to you, everything is that. Your health, your home, your income, that is everything. Then you are not a believer. What is everything for a believer? What is the only thing that is most important for a believer? His faith, his belief. You still have your belief?

Everything will pass. Whether it is taken away from you or you give it up or you die, and we are all going to end up in that grave, everything will lost anyway. So what is going to stay? Our faith is going to stay? Don’t tell me that you had it worse than the Sahabi e-Kiram who, yes, they lost everything. But they never complained because they had the Holy Prophet (asws). You are on the verge of losing everything. Do you still have your faith? ‘Yeah, but…’ that means your faith is not the most important thing to you, everything is. I’m saying astarghfirullah. I’m saying may Allah not test me. And you should say astarghfirullah. You don’t want to be tested. Who has lost everything? You are not even close to what Ayyub (a.s) has gone through. Don’t say you are going to lose everything. Ayyub (a.s), he had everything. He was a Prophet, he had faith and he had sons and he had families and he had wealth, he had land, he had power, he had everything. Then what happened? Did he do something bad that Allah swt took everything away from him? Nothing; he is a Prophet. He is maksum. All Prophets, they never commit a wrong thing, they never commit a sin. They are all protected. Certain things they may have done, it is to show us, to give us a lesson. Allah is making this Prophet to do that, to teach us.

He had everything, and sheytan saying to Allah, ‘Your Prophet only worships You, only has faith because he has everything. If he has nothing, he is not going to worship You.’ And Allah swt is saying, ‘then I give you permission. Take away everything from him,’ so you understand, it wasn’t Allah who was taking, too, it was sheytan. And Allah is saying, ‘you will find him patient.’ His sons, his daughters, his families start dying on him. He lost his wealth. He lost his property, he lost everything. He had a wife, one wife who was taking care of him. He started to lose his health. He was afflicted with boils that were filled with pus that were smelling, he was in complete pain and his wife, because he was too heavy for her, brought him to stay in a cave up in the mountains, coming sometimes to go and to take care of him. And still, Ayyub (a.s), he was patient. He didn’t put up his hand and say, ‘why?’ he was patient.

‘Oh, but that’s a Prophet, that’s not me.’ So you are not following a Prophet? Who are you following, sheytan? That Prophet is there in the Quran e- Kerim for us to take lesson and guidance from, and believe me we are not even given one millionth of a test that Ayyub (a.s) went through. So you are not using him as a role model, who’s your role model, the people of Dunya? Who is your role model, millionaires? Who’s your role mode, Hollywood? Who’s your role model, sheytan, your nafs? Then that time, that is a different sohbet I’m going to give. And in each boil that Ayyub (a.s) had, there was a worm. There was one tiny worm, a maggot that was just eating into his flesh. Eating, going inside. Every time it touches, the pain, Evliyaullah saying if that pain of Ayyub (a.s), one pain was given to this whole world, this whole world is going to die. And he was suffering from it, still he was patient and one day, when he was alone, the worm that was eating inside his flesh, one of them fell down. He picked it up and he put it back inside. There was some protection from that pain, because Allah gives people who are patient extra protection that people that are not patient they will never understand, they will never feel. But when Ayyub (a.s), he took and he put that little worm back, and when that worm bit him, and that worm travelled all the way to his heart and it bit him, that one bite, the pain from that one bite made all his pain, everything else to be forgotten, because it was so terrible.

Just one tear fell from his eye and it fell down to the floor and Allah swt addressed His Prophet and He’s saying, ‘Ya Ayyub, are you complaining about Us?’ and Ayyub (a.s)is saying, ‘it is known to You, ya Rabbi. I am not. But I am crying because he’s reaching to my heart and once he eats through my heart I will die and I cannot worship you anymore. This is why I am crying. And Allah is saying, ‘ya Ayyub, when that worm fell down to the ground, that was Our Mercy. But when you picked it up and you put it back, that was your doing.’ This is a test for a Prophet.  Sheytan came and gave him all that torture. And Allah swt is saying, ‘don’t you see? He still has faith.’ Because of his faith, Allah swt restored everything that he had lost. He had his faith and for him, his faith was the most important thing.

We are following Tarikat, we are following Islam, our role models should be the Prophets and should be the Evliyaullah, should be the Sahabi e-Kiram. It should not be what we see on television. It should not be what our father and our mother they tell us what our lives are going to be, our friends or the internet or Facebook, it should not. If you say, ‘I don’t want to follow Tarikat,’ then these words don’t apply to you so much, I will give a different sohbet then, that time. May Allah make it easy for you. Say Astarghfirullah. You will find Allah forgiving you. Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
4 Jamadial Ahir 1438
March 3, 2017

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