Islam Is More Than A Religion


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So many Muslims are now saying for instance, it’s not necessary to look like a Muslim. It’s not necessary to look like a Muslim. Your religion, it is private. Why are you keeping your beard? Why are you wearing a kufi? ‘Allah forbids,’ they are saying, ‘that you wear a Turban.’ Why are you wearing Muslims clothes? No such things. Some are even saying, ‘no such thing as hijab. There is no hijab in the Quran.’ Correct?

Some scholars are saying, ‘there is no such things as Muslim clothes. There is no such things are Sunnah clothes,’ they are saying. And the Muslims who are liking the lifestyle of the west but they want to keep their religion, this is very convenient for them. They say, ‘now, we have a dalil. Now we have a fatwa. But this scholars who say that, we can just be like non Muslims in their lifestyle but our religion is still Islam. This is perfect. We want that.’ And everyone of us, maybe in one way or another, we have thought of that too. Especially the example of the Muslims in external that they are showing in the media,  are all negative images. You never see person wearing a turban, wearing Muslim clothes, as a person who is filled with mercy or compassion or doing good things, you don’t. Forget about Hollywood depiction of Muslims and Arab. Everytime you see someone dress as a Muslim, he’s a terrorist, or he’s violent, or he’s stupid. But when you see, even the scholars, now that’s why you see this move towards the scholars, they like to change their dressing. They like to wear different costume, as pan-religious as possible.

That’s what they love. Don’t look too, too, too, Muslims. Wear robe, make it look a little bit Christian, little bit jewish. You wear a sash, it is also Sunnah to wear the scarf, especially wear it over your shoulder, right shoulder, that’s what the ba’alwis that they are pushing for that kind of Sunnah.  They say, ‘well instead of that, let’s wear it long like this so that it kind of look like,’ I don’t know what it’s call, the Christian priest they wear the long scarf also. You want to wear a kufi? Let’s make it small, small, small, small, small, perch on top of your head. Still a kufi. Hmm, don’t wear Islamic, wear white shirt, no collar, and wear a suit. And this is west. Ohh, the eastern ones, like in Turkey they are light years ahead of what the scholars here are doing. Light years ahead.

So, Islam has become a religion instead of a lifestyle. It has become a religion. Private. Separate. Instead of a deen, a lifestyle. Understand? So we are following. Whatever it is you see them doing, we are doing it. So ahle Sunnah? Ahle Sunnah is finish. It’s finish. ‘We are, no. We are ahle Sunnah scholars.’ I say, really? ‘Yeah, we are not Wahhabi.’ Oh, MashaAllah. Really? Who is your Imam? ‘We are following, like, Imam Malik.’ MashaAllah. Imam Malik, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imamul Shafie, Imam ul-Hanafi, all of them, some of them if not all of them, they were all martyred for going against the Khalifah and the Sultan, because that is their silent protest. Not against the faith of the Sultan. But against the wrong practices that they say, ‘we cannot, we are scholars. We are alims. We cannot be complicit with that. We’ll be responsible for that.’ So these modern days scholars, they say we are the inheritors of these Imams, they are tripping over each other to have a selfie next to a dictator.

So ahle Sunnah is finish. Tarikat? Oh, Tarikat finished long time ago. What happened? They picked a dictator that banned real Tarikat and they supported all the foolish ones. There are foolish Tarikats? Of course there are. They are not real, but they are foolish. Those ones who only deals with magic, those ones who only deals with singing and dancing, those ones who don’t pose a threat to the injustice that the regime is following. Those ones, we want. Those other wants that makes you to wake up and say and understand and live the life of Hazreti Umar and Hazreti Ali, and Hazreti Usman and Hazreti Abu Bakr, we don’t want those ones. Let them just fool each other, writing tahweez, demanding money, have zikr, have mahfils. It’s okay. As long as they don’t wake up the Jamaat and the ummat to understand the yoke of injustice that is on us. Let them give as much salawats as they want. Nothing is going to change. You understand? So Tarikat is finish.


What Sheykh Effendi is saying, the higher that you are going in your makam, more danger you are going to feel, that you are going to see. It’s not more higher you go, more drunk you are going to be. That’s already showing that you are not a Saint. Because every Prophet that came into this world, does not give us any good news of this world. They gave any good news of this world? They gave good news of the ahirat and they gave the warning of this world. Today’s Sheykh, oh they give good news about this world. Because, ‘oh our maqam is assured. Yani.’ Astaghfirullah. And foolish people, that they are so educated Muslims, they think that they are so liberal, they are so smart, but they become so prejudice because they are just seeing all these bad examples of people, scholars bad example, of Sheykh’s bad example, of pir, and they say this must be it. Then you are just like those ones who are looking at the media depiction of Muslims and saying all Muslims are terrorist. You are the same thing. You are too lazy to sit and to understand and to research. Because it fits into your philosophy huh.

Believe in the Holy Prophet (asws). Believe in his inheritors. There are still. So, just like they play around with the rules of Allah, these Jews, correct or no? Hmm, the order came down to them that women must cover up. That’s the order of every Prophet that came, that women must cover up. ‘Cover up? We can cover up with anything. You can cover up with hair, to look like you are not covered up but that is cover up. So what we are going to do, we are going to tell our women to shave off their hair and to wear a wig. So you get the best of both world.’

‘Take a cow and sacrifice it.’

‘Oh, male or female?’


‘Oh, young or old?’


‘Red or white, or this or that?’

Do you understand? Are we becoming like that? Of course we are. We are becoming even worse. While the non-Muslims they are running to have the world Hijab day, to stand in solidarity with the Muslim women who wear the Hijab and they are oppressed, our Muslim women are going around tearing the hijab off from their sisters and say, ‘this is a symbol of oppression.’ The world hijab day, even they have men they are wearing hijab (Sheykh laughs), foolish ones. They are saying we stand in solidarity, and our own Muslim women are saying, ‘no, this is backward.’ We are worse than that.

Of course we are happy with Allah SWT that is still showing us mercy. We are not, people are looking at us and listening to the sohbet, coming once in a while, not too intelligent ones, they listen and say, ‘wow, this people must be so angry people. They are angry all the time. They are complaining all the time. They are so hard all the time. Militaristic all the time.’  I say, of course, because the way that you judge us is the way that sheytan judge Adam (as). Just from the outside. Just from the outside. It’s okay. If that is your level, what can we do. Judge us from the outside. You want to gossip? Go ahead. You want to slander us, go ahead. We are going to give you trays and trays of dates and sweets.

Like there was this one person, he was very upset with me because we came and we make zikir and some people from his jamaat they are very happy with us. Jealousy, you know. It happens. We always go there, we always try to be nice and humble, but you know what, when you wear the Turban and the Jubbah and you are carrying a cane, no matter how humble you are, you still look like a Lion in front of the jackals. You understand?

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So they are coming to our zikr and wanting to insult us. They say, ‘we have a very very very very big present for you.’ I say, really? He say, ‘yeah, all of us got together to bring you a very very very important present.’ I say, huh, MashaAllah. I already know. What is it? And all because maybe I’m sitting on a chair and he is sitting on the floor. You want to sit on this chair? Sit on this chair. It’s really not that comfortable. I sat on the floor for years. This chair, a little bit someone tip you, you can fall. You are sitting on the floor, can you fall?  I’m speaking to him about riwayats, and he said, ‘oh please, please. I know all this stories when you are still not born yet.’ These are not stories. These are realities. So it doesn’t matter your age or your intelligence, or your high spiritual maqam, if your ego tricks you, it’s finished. Then I say, what? And he said ‘oh, I want to bring you this chocolate.’ He just bring me a chocolate like that. Okay. Very good. ‘and I bring you some meringue.’ You know meringue? It’s some dessert that they make from egg white and sugar and it’s very crunchy. And they say be careful because our people we are like eggs, we are very delicate, you step on us, we will break then we will never forgive you. And they are giving us. Everybody (started laughing), ‘hahahaha, look, look very big present, look I just bring you one Hershey bar, look.’

It doesn’t matter. And I said, once upon a time the Shah Iran, he sent a delegation and his delegation and his ambassador went to the court of the Sultan and the Khalifah of the Ottoman. And they brought with them a very very very big and important, and precious, and valuable present to the Khalifah. It was in a box. It was very beautiful. And when they make that big presentation, they opened it and the whole court started smelling, how to put it delicately, like your waste, like a toilet, because they put a piece of dirt in there. And it is mean to insult the Sultan. So the whole court was filled with that smell. It’s meant to insult the Sultan. So the Sultan now just smile. He said, ‘send our ambassador there.’

He sent him and another box given to the Shah of Iran. Big procession happened. Everyone was waiting. Maybe they are going to attack us. Because we insulted the Khalifah. Now they are going to have their revenge. So everyone was very defensive. The Ottoman ambassador went and he brought out a beautiful jewel box, much better than the Shah of Iran brought. And he opened the box, everyone is waiting, the Shah was cowering, maybe there is an explosive there, maybe they thought it’s a suicide bomber. I don’t know. But when it was open, it was a piece of Rose Lokma, lokum, Turkish delight made from pure rose extract, and the whole palace started to smell like rose. I was saying this story to that person. Because he gave me a present. And the Sultan’s Ambassodor said, ‘this is a gift from our Sultan. And he is saying, we can only give what we ourselves we eat.’

So I took that meringue and I said to them, and this is what the Ottomans they do to people of your race and your ethnicity that we have been doing: “Nom, nom, nom (Sheykh demonstrates eating the meringue)” I’m eating it. And I take my rose and I said, ‘It’s okay. Take this. Don’t get upset.’ But it has no smell. Because it’s American rose, what can I do. Does he get it? AllahuAlam. It doesn’t matter. Those who get it, they get it.

WaminAllahu Taufiq. Alfatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
11 Jamadial Ahir 1438
March 10, 2017

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