A War Fought With Full Passion And Love For The Sake Of Khilafat


Normal Days

This is not normal times. Once you make a difference between this is normal times and that is not going to be normal times, once you make a separation, ‘well, when that time comes, I’m going to be ready,’ once you make that mistake, you will never be ready. When are you going to be ready? When you say the abnormal time, it is not what is going to happen, it is now.

What is normal now? What is normal? America became normal? Breh, what other proof do you need? World became normal? You know all of this, but yet people majority they are living their lives normally. It’s not because there’s not enough signs from Allah. It’s because you’re blind. Your hearts are dead. If you’re alive, if you’re not sleeping, one sign it is enough for you. One thing that happens to you, it is enough for you to tell you that this is coming from Allah, I have to wake up. One word it is enough. Like what we said before, once you see the minaret, you understand that there is a town. You don’t need a thousand words, a thousand signs, one it is enough.

But if your heart is dead and you’re not looking at that as a sign, then one thousand signs come in front of you, you still think there is nothing there. Like I said, if only you’re going to say, ‘well, it’s snowing today, there is ice everywhere,’ then immediately you are going to remember Quran or Sunnah, Quran or hadith. Then you say, ‘ah, hadith, crawl over ice and snow in the time of Mahdi (a.s). Maybe this is a test for me. I have to try to make it, over ice and snow.’ Breh, if you cannot even go in your car, and that’s not too much, there was a storm before, now it’s nothing, the roads are clear. You cannot even do that, how are you going to crawl over ice and snow that time? Impossible. Impossible. You’re going to make up excuse too. ‘Eh, it’s okay, I have bayat in my heart. Or I can take it through the internet. I’m connected.’ Isn’t it? Sheytan always gives excuses. Sheytan never says no. he just gives you maybe. Waswasa, do you understand? Doubt.

So these are the things that, as Tarikat people, you don’t wait for the sky to crack open for you to understand. Everyday simple things that happen to you, you think that’s not coming from Allah? It is coming from Allah. You take that as a lesson; there will be a billion lessons for you to learn from then. Believe me. There is going to be. This is how you are going to learn. And you’re not going to learn if you spend majority of your time at home, not to be in the Dergah. You will not be able to learn. ‘I read sohbet.’ Not the same. Not the same. You have to be here. But the problem is when you start separating. ‘Oh, that is sohbet, this is life.’ If you’re not putting the sohbet in your life, then what good is that sohbet? Some, they’re listening to sohbet, they’re listening every day, but still they have so many problems with people. They cannot even control their anger and their stubbornness. When they like, they blow up, after they finish blowing up, they say, ‘I’m sorry. Yeah, that wasn’t me.’

You recognize people like that, that they are so filled with anger and resentment that now sheytan is saying, ‘everyone is just going around, saying things about you. Conspiring against you. You are alone, everyone is your enemy.’ Sheytan will make you think. Last point, sheytan will say, ‘you see? Even the Sheykh is your enemy. Allah is your enemy.’ Make you fall into depression. That is the logic he’s going to use, Hasha. So everything you’re going to, sheytan will say, ‘you know why he did that? Because of this, because he hates you, because…’ thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, and we’re saying, you want to think, you want to say, consult. Don’t make sohbet with your sheytan. Don’t make sohbet with your ego. Make sohbet with some of the people that you trust. Make sohbet with those who are close to the Sheykh. You can make sohbet with Hoja. You can consult. You don’t want to, you want to do it on your own. ‘Oh, I don’t want to bother him,’ again from sheytan and your ego. ‘I don’t want to complain, I don’t want to bother.’ You don’t want to bother, you don’t want to complain, the problem finished or no? It didn’t. It got worse. That is coming from sheytan. It’s just your ego not wanting to come. Are you understanding? Good people especially, don’t touch them. Should not. Because they are under a certain protection. I hope you understand. We all should understand, take it from me. Because we have to take lesson from everything that is around us. If you’re not going to take lesson, read as much Quran as you want. All the Quran, majority is saying is take lesson, take lesson and take lesson from the Ummat of 124,000 Prophets, whatever they did, take lesson from that. You don’t want to take lesson. Then, you can swallow the Quran, it’s not going to give you any benefit.

The syuhada of Canakkale. You think so many of them, they went to school like you and me? You think they’re running to attend Islamic conferences like you or me? You think they’re posting on internet, giving fatwa, giving sohbet, giving nasihat 24 hours like you and me? Yet, they have Allah. And they ran to Allah. And the Prophet (asws) is holding all of them in his Jubbah. They don’t know too much. We know so much. We talk too much. But they did and they were happy. Don’t think they were miserable going to war too. None of them were. None. They were not miserable. When we hear a little bit like that, ‘augh,’ we get so… none of them. They didn’t think, ‘ahh, I’m about to get married, you know. Why this has to happen?’ ‘I’m about to get a job. Why is this happening?’ ‘I’m about to move, I’m about to have a life…’ none of them said that. In fact, that song that we are singing every time Canakkale comes, it’s saying, ‘they have just been married, some of them. We are just engaged, some of us.’ Do you know that they were lining up to register their names to fight in that war, the war protecting the khilafat, the war for Islam? They were not running away.  They were running towards. And they were lining up for days just so they can register.

The whole university, all their students became soldiers for that war, and all of them became syahid. They were in one battalion and they were all finished. I believe it was Istanbul university, if I’m not wrong. And for a long time, they painted everything black in that university. There were high school, high schools, do you understand? That all their kids, they were just going to that war, high schools. And all of them just became syahid. There were mothers that they had one son, two sons, three sons and they keep sending them to that war.

How are you going to have this feeling of sacrifice if you’re just sitting there in your home on a day like this, and you’re not even coming, forget about coming, so many they’re not even picking up the phone to say, ‘please make doa for us. We cannot come. Pray for us.’ Very few. I don’t need phone calls. Allah knows, so many times I run away from them. But this is not, whether you reach me or you don’t reach me, you made that effort, Allah is Syahid, Allah is witnessing. You made that effort to try to reach me. You are going to get the reward. So many become so foolish and so egotistical that we say, don’t do this, you are only harming yourself, ‘eh, I don’t like it. Why you have to wash us up all the time? I’m not going to Dergah anymore. All we hear is wash up.’ You don’t get wash up, you will never be clean. You want to stay dirty, just let me know. I will just leave it like that. You have a relationship with Sheykh Effendi, that is your relationship with Sheykh Effendi. It was private between two. I’m not there. If I’m not there, I’m not responsible. Now, you have to build that relationship with each other, you have to build a relationship with me. Allah knows I have to build a relationship with you, every single one of you. And I don’t treat you the same. Each according to your station.

So now, the syahids. Very least we can do, when that war, 253,000, you can imagine, 253,000 young boys and men. That they went with full passion and love for the sake of the Khilafat, for the sake of Islam and they finished there. That they were coming with almost nothing, they had no bread, they had no ammunition, still they were fighting and they were just going up to be shot down, going up again to be shot down, they were building a wall, do you understand, to protect khilafat, to protect Islam, to protect the Islam that we, in this nice comfortable situation we are enjoying.


They were going up, just dying and piling up one on top of another just so that they cannot pass through. That there was a kid. His hair was red. And they were writing letters back and forth because a lot of things is documented. They were writing letters back and forth from their parents, and going back and forth, and this kid with the red hair, his friends were teasing him, saying, ‘oh mother,’ he’s writing, ‘please, my friends are teasing me because I have red hair because you put henna on my hair. Next time, if you’re sending anyone, one of my brothers,’ you understand? Saying, ‘you send one of my brothers, please don’t put henna on his head because all his friends they are going to laugh at him.’

The mother wrote back, saying, ‘my dear son, don’t tell me not to put henna on the hair of your brother who is going to come. You tell them whoever is making fun of you, that in our tradition, in our village, we only put henna on three occasions. We put henna on our girls when they get married because she is going to be kurban from the family. And we put henna on the sheep, the rams when we are going to make the kurban. And we put henna on the hair of our young boys who are going to make kurban for themselves for the sake of Allah, to the war. It’s our tradition, don’t tell me not to do it, oh my son.’

The kid passed. He became syahid before the letter reached him and his sergeant got hold of the letter and he read it, and he cried. There were so many incidences. And these are real people. They have journal, because if you know, if you go through the military, there is a time when you are always with people and you are also always alone and you think about what is really necessary, what is really important. So they left a lot of writings, a lot of journals. A lot of diaries. What do you think they were writing? You think they’re writing what we’re writing in our journal filled with dirtiness, filled only with desires? They were writing how happy they were to give up their life for the sake of Allah. They were writing and they were drawing the Zulfiqar. They were writing, ‘La ilaha illallah, muhammadur Rasulullah.’ They were writing ‘Ya Allah.’ ‘Oh my Prophet, here I come to meet you soon.’ They didn’t watch YouTube videos to come to the passion. They didn’t go to conferences. They didn’t go to resorts, Sufi resorts. They didn’t sit with scholars to know this. They had a living, breathing, holy heart.

We must go back to that tradition, how to have a living, holy heart. To have what Sheykh Mevlana is calling qalbun salim. At least once a year, we’re going to sit and we’re going to understand. They were not doing it for nationalism. They were not doing it for their mothers or their fathers, or for their loved ones. They were doing this for Islam. We have lost that. Which war that is fought since the khilafat, which war, which conflict that is fought since the khilafat it is for the sake of Allah? It is for the sake of nationalism, sake of the country, patriotism, for the sake of pulling up every flag except for the flag of Islam, the flag of the Holy Prophet (asws).

Astaghfirullah al-adzim wa atubu ilaih. What can we do? Recite something for them, be with them. Remember them. You remember them, they will remember you. Insha’Allah, may Allah forgive me and bless you, al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu

Sheykh Lokman

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz 
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
19 Jamadial Ahir 1438
March 18, 2017

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