Laylatul Raghaib: Put Those Ones Whom Allah Loves Into Our Heart


Hoja courage

We are asking permission from our Sheykh to speak. We are not going to speak from our self or from our own ego. Whatever that is necessary he is going to send us Insya’Allah ar-Rahman. This Tarikat is based on association.  You don’t have association, you will not have Tasawwuf, you will not have faith, you will not have Iman, you will not have Islam. The Sahaba e-Kiram, they achieved the highest level of faith through association with the Prophet (asws).

You ask a question (Sheykh speaks to a murid) – What it means to be a murid? A murid is looking for his murad. What is your murad? How you say murad? What is the meaning of that? Your goal or your aim. What is your goal or your aim, that’s what you are going to find. That is what is a murid, the one who looks for his goal. What is our goal? To be with our Sheykh. You understand? It goes around like this (in a circle), it’s not just like this (straight). It goes around like this. So those ones with different aims, they are going to find those different aims. But what is our aim? Our aim is our Sheykh. Why is that? Only with him that we are going to find Prophet (asws). Why is that? Only with the Prophet (asws), we are going to find Allah. Finish.

So if you, your goal, your aim, your murad is to have maqams, maybe you’ll find it. But you are not going to have that one, your murad, your goal, our Sheykh.  You’ll not have him, you’ll not have Prophet, you’ll not have Allah. But you have high station. If your aim is to be praised, you may get that. If your aim is to be in front, you may get that.  If your aim is anything else, you may get it. I’m saying you may get it. I’m not saying it is good for you. Allah is Kerim. In this way too whatever you are looking for, you are going to find.  Whatever man is looking for, he is going to find. If he is not looking for that, he is not going to find. You can stay in this way for one hundred years, if your aim is not your Sheykh you will never find him. If you don’t find your Sheykh, you cannot find yourself, you are going to be lost.  You will be lost in your own, in your own what? In your own ocean. That’s the time you are going to say, ‘it’s me. It’s me and Allah.  It’s me. Only me and the Prophet (asws). It’s me, only  me and the Sheykh.’ Because the one whose aim is with the Sheykh, he’s never going to say, ‘I’m partner to my Sheykh.’ Never. He’s going to say, ‘me, I’m nothing. Look at all these ones, they are something. I am nothing. I must be like them, better than them,  not to have envy in my heart but to go and to learn from them.’ This is my aim, everyday I’m waking up, and going back to sleep, later to know what have I done for the sake of my Sheykh,  what have I failed, what have I succeeded? Some days you remember most, some days less, but that is never, that is never broken.

Once you understand that secret, then it is very easy for the himmet and the medet of the Sheykh to come, very  quickly. That time, it is  not so much also what you are doing. It’s not what we do, do we understand? It is how much they give. But how much they give depends on how sincere we are. It’s not how much we do. If we are sincere, we do one, sincerity is going to say, ‘I must do more. I must do more.’ Sincerity is going to say, ‘whatever I’m doing, it is not enough. And my aim, yes, is to please you.’

This is the night, I wasn’t intending to speak, to give a sohbet, because so many things we have to do also. You guys are so lazy. At least I’m catching you one or two nights a year making you to worship pass twelve o’clock. Alhamdulillah. But they are making us to speak. I wasn’t interested. So I have to speak. Tonight is the night of Raghaib. Raghaib, it is especially celebrated by which alam? The alam of the Angels. Don’t now say, ‘oh, Hoja is now talking about Angels.’ I’m talking about hadiths. Because this is the night that you are going to see the Angels are emptying out from every part of creation, from this world, from all the thousands of alams, from the Heavenly stations, and they are all collecting themselves and grouping themselves around where? Around the Ka’aba.  Because tonight is the night of wishes. What you wish for, what is your intention. You understand this is coming? What is our intention, what is our wish. And they celebrating because this is the night that the secrets and the light of the Holy Prophet (asws) is passed from his father to his mother, meaning that is only going to make open, the Ka’aba, it is there and they are gathering there. And who are they? Who are the Angels that they are making dua, for who? For themselves? Never. It is always for the servants of Allah, those ones whom Allah loves, those ones who are trying to be sincere, they are praying for them. Insya’Allah they are praying for us.

They are gathering around the physical Ka’aba. Ka’aba is, never any split second it is empty from the angels. But that is just the physical Ka’aba. Imagine now, the Ka’aba, the throne of Allah that is in your heart. That Allah has ordered the Angels, to do what? To say, ‘if you want to see Me, go down to the world, to the earth and find those servant of Mine that are constantly remembering Me, they have Me in their hearts, go and find them, you will find Me there.’ Are we understanding? If we are keeping in our hearts all sorts of wrong things, like they were keeping in the Mecca, in the Haram e-Sharif, that in the Ka’aba they are keeping all the idols there, you may have the angels coming but you also have sheytan circling around, you have the ego circling around, you have so many wrong desires circling around. If you are not understanding how to get rid of it, it is not going to be free. And understand, this was also the mission of the Holy Prophet (asws), to clean the Haramayn,  to clean Mecca, to clean the Ka’aba from all the wrong things that people were worshiping. What is more beloved to Allah SWT? A stone or the heart? Imagine what you do when you clean your heart? Imagine who is coming to circle around you, to come together.

So tonight, be that heart that the angels are going to come to gather together to remember their Lord, because they are looking in the heart of Hazreti Insan, in the heart of that one who is created to become the Khalifah of Allah. That time you will have light. That time you will have ease. This is our intention. What is that intention? To clean our hearts. I’m not here thinking I’m going to clean my heart, I’m going to make the Angels to come. No. I’m going to clean my heart, so that my heart is going to be clean enough, so Sheykh Effendi can be there. ‘Oh, what are you talking about?’ I say, No, from him, Insya’Allah, when we work to enter into his heart, we are going to be with Allah. We are going to be with Allah SWT. Are you understanding? So many people are not going to understand what I’m saying.  But this is a secret of the heart. Talking so much, always saying is we want to get rid of all the wrong things and put those ones whom Allah loves into our heart, that time, we can do something for Allah. Take away all those things that Allah hates, take it out, don’t put it in our heart.

May Allah forgive me, Insya’Allah. May Allah bless you. May Allah make our hearts to be clean. May our Sheykh always be in our heart. We are asking to be in the heart of our Sheykh, because in his heart is the Holy Prophet (asws), is Allah SWT. We want to be in his heart, we are very weak ones, we are asking to be strong Insya’Allah, we are asking to be sincere. WaminaAllahu Taufiq. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha. Amin. So tonight is the night of wishes. Wish for that. Insya’Allah ar-Rahman. Clean yourself up. Increase your istighfar, saying astaghfirullahaladzim wa atubu ilai. Sit down somewhere, you’re worshipping. Understand all the things that we want to change from. Don’t just be worshipping in ghaflat. Don’t just be worshipping, just asking things from this dunya.


We are on a mission of our Sheykh.  And he has a very huge mission. We should not be asking for the straw of this world. We should be asking for the wheat of the Hereafter. Then with that wheat, this month we want to plant it. Don’t eat it. If  you eat wheat like that you are going to have a stomachache. Plant it. Then one, becomes seven, and out of that seven it is going to be  so much coming. So keep planting, Insya’Allah. That is my intention. You are welcome Insya’Allah. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu. This much is enough. We still have the whole night ahead of us. We are intending to do a couple of things. Anyone who is wishing to be with us, you are welcome.  If you are very far away from us, just sit somewhere quiet, take your tasbih out, don’t circle around anywhere, don’t go on that sheytan tablet, your iPhone or this phone or that, just for this night remove everything, sit with your tasbih in your hand and connect yourself.  Fix your signal with your Sheykh. That time, you will gain something.

This is a very holy night. Like I said, whatever that is going to come tonight, has never ever Allah SWT has created and He has brought down. This year especially, if you are here at the Dergah, you are here coming into the surrounding of the Dergah, you notice even the air was very different, the moisture, the rain that was softly coming down, it was very different from all the rest of the time that we have experience the rain here. We are asking for the water to clean us. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Fatiha. SelamAleykum

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
2 Rejab 1438
March 30, 2017 
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